383 chat with the Fibbies



The Fibbies set up shop in the card salon, which pretty much ended any thoughts of fun I might have had during the wait for my turn in the barrel.  Oh well at least I was confident in Jerrod’s ability to keep a secret.  Hell, he had made it all his life being gay without anyone knowing.  We also had a good cover story set up.


Jerrod had agreed to tell a cover story that I fabricated which was close to the truth.  More importantly he agreed to stick to it and then ask for counsel immediately if questioned.  The story was that he worked for me as my bodyguard.  He only knew that we had gone to South America to search for a missing American.  I had told him nothing else and nothing else really came up.  We went down to search for him, we found him and we sent him home.  That was pretty much the end of the story.  What happened at the Monastery had nothing to do with the pirate raid on the cruise ship, so he refused to answer any questions about it.


If asked, I had agree to pay him $5k for the job and $10k if we came under fire.  He expected to get his $10k  upon return to Aster where we both lived.  The story was close enough to the truth, as far as he knew it, that it was indistinguishable from the truth in his mind.  Well except for the casino heist part that was.


As for me I would most likely make it up as I went along.  I had the kind of memory that could not be tripped up.  Still I had to cover all bases and I had to refuse the polygraph as well as any other little tests they came up with.  I didn’t even want to be interviewed by the Fibbies at all, but I felt confident.


As I said earlier, it was my plan to give a statement and immediately invoke my right to counsel.  The trick then was to just shut the fuck up, period.  I also knew to eat or drink nothiing until they figured out what to do with me.


I also planned to go home and trash my fancy computer.  At least the hard drive after I had Peter sweep it.  Just to get any and all the important stuff off it before the fatal crash.


Sylvia could enter all the legit business data onto a new one by hand.  It was also time to change all the email accounts, even though little information had passed through email.  Even less of it could be used by the Fibbies to do me any harm.


I had managed to stay out of the Fed’s clutches up to that point, but I always knew that it was just a matter of time.  It would be nice to say that the farm would take care of it with just an inter agency memo, but such was not the case.  Some of the things I had done since my retirement for the United States Air Force were for entities not covered by the farm.  I had absolutely no intention of bringing the Fibbies down on Swamp Thing.


The only choice I had was to just muddy the waters and refuse to cooperate further.  I had muddied the waters for sure, now it was just a matter of no cooperation, while it seemed as though I was cooperating.  Of course I also had to stand on my constitutional rights just like every other two bit punk I had ever met.


Well hell at least Jennifer was about to have some real fun.  She might even get to assemble her little think tank of lawyers.   The ones she called the Hell’s Angels.  Probably because they all knew how to ride motorcycles from their college days.  They flew in and out of the Tryon International Airport now and then, when one of her clients needed a specialist.  Unfortunately I was usually the client.  She told me to think of them as brain surgeons and transplant specialists.  Guys she called in for a specific case, then sent back to their wives, when she had used them up.


We were probably going to need them, if this turned into piracy on the high seas, I thought with a grin.  Jennifer would be in seventh heaven for sure.  Even if she only had to find someone in Miami  to drive down and tell the Fibbies, “Let my person of interest go.”


Of course none of that might happen.  They might listen to me and send me on my way without any further questions.  Then too I might marry in the spring.  That seemed pretty unlikely as well.   I mean most guys love their computers to view porn, or play online poker, but I don’t think many want to sleep with it.  Okay I was feeling sorry for myself when the Fibby chick came for me.  Actually she came for everyone in my section of cabins.  That included Jerrod, so we walked up the stairs to the main deck together.  All or us wore expressions of dread.  Even those people who still didn’t have a clue, looked as though they were headed to a funeral.


We sat in the folding chairs of the salon while we waited for our turn in the barrel.  Jerrod and I chatted about Dancer and Leon back in Aster.


“So Maxine, have you called Leon or Dancer?” he asked.


“No, why do you ask?” I replied.


“Just wondering how her dance studio is going,” he commented.


“I had forgotten all about that.  I should have called.  Surely we are getting reception now,” I said as I flipped my newly purchased burn phone open.  Before the Fibby chaperon could stop me, I dialed Leon’s number.


“Hello there Dancer,” I said when she answered.


“It has to be you Maxine no one else calls me that.  What in the world are you up to?”


“Jerrod and I are trapped on that cruise ship in Miami.  We are in line now for the FBI exit interview, I think.  Two questions for you,” I said.


“Go right ahead,” Dancer said.


“How is the dance studio thing working out for you?” I asked.


“Too early to tell yet. So what is the other one?” she asked me.


“Would you call Jennifer and tell her that I might need one of her Angels to come get me out of the clutches of the FBI.  Maybe not, but just let her know, so she can give it some thought.  Would you do that for me.”


“Of course, should I call Sylvia as well?” she asked.


“I wouldn’t worry her.  I only called you, because I knew that you wouldn’t worry at all.” I said with a light tone in my voice.


“You are quite right.  If there is anyone who can take care of herself it is you.  So if that is all, I have to go.  I am walking at the mall.”


“Well have a good sweat,” I said.


“I am a lady Maxine, I do not sweat,” she informed me in her condescending tone.  I didn’t even respond, I just cut the connection.


Jerrod smiled, since he knew we were covered.  We continued to chit chat while we waited.  “So Jerrod are you going home for a visit at least?”  I asked   I’m sure he knew we were being filmed by the ships security system at the least.


“Actually nothing there for me any more.  My family has all passed on to the other side.” he said.


“I’m sorry to hear that.  You are young to have lost them all,” I said.


“My parents died from a flu epidemic and my brother and sisters are all communists now.  We have nothing to say to each other.” he said.


“Ah okay, well you are more than welcome to join our little family in Aster,” I informed him.


“Yes that was my plan,  I am thinking now I might like to start a sports club.”he informed me,


“You mean a gym kind of thing?” I asked.


“More than just a place for ladies to work off their extra pounds.  I think a real sports club like we have in Europe.”


“That’s pretty ambitious,” I suggested.  “How big an area do you need for something like that?”


“You would need lots of open space for sure.  Enough for at least an indoor running track.” he said.


“I might find you a track and a place for machines, but no way I can get you an indoor soccer field.”  In the back of my mind Heartland Mill’s old building was rolling around.  It was big enough for a damn nice running track and plenty of room for stair masters and those weight things, but I had no idea what else would fit inside it.  I just couldn’t believe that enough people in a small rural town would be interested.  Then to Heartland wasn’t in the growth alley between Aster and Tryon.  I was ready to give up on it. but I put it in the back of my mind to cook off instead of dismissing it entirely.


“Simon Jerrod,” one of the hall monitors called out.


“Good luck Simon and tell it like it is,” I suggested knowing he wouldn’t.


“Maxine Stone,” A different hall monitor called out a moment later.


“That’s me,” I said as I stood and walked to one of the smaller rooms at the rear of the salon.


When I walked in the slightly chubby man in the relatively inexpensive suits looked up and motioned me to the chair.  “It is customary for a gentleman to stand when I lady enters the room,” I suggested as I continued to stand.


He finally took the hint and stood.  Once he did that, I took the seat.  I did all that just to let him know, that if it was going to be adversarial from the start,  I did not choose to be intimidated by his position.


“Ms Stone would you mind explaining how you came to be on this ship?” he asked.


“It is a mini vacation arranged by a client.  I am sure that in your background check the fact that I am a licensed private investigator came up.” I smiled when I said it.  “I was in South America on business.  When the business ended, the client arranged this trip for me and my associate as a bonus as it were.”


“Who was the client?” he asked.


“I’m sorry you will have to ask my attorney that question.  I will only answer it, if counsel advises me that I must.  However there is quite a bit of CNN footage of me and Mr. Jerrod on file from that time period I believe.  Public record should do to corroborate my story.”


“Very well, what do you know about the robbery at the casino?” he asked.


“Of course I heard the explosions and the machine gun fire night before last.  I have satellite radio and yesterday late in the evening I heard there had been a pirate attack.  That is all I know about it.  I did walk by the casino yesterday while on my morning walk.  I noticed the crime scene tape on the casino door, and the Coast Guard officers standing watch.  Now that is all I know.  Would you care to tell me exactly what happened?” I asked.


“You know I’m not going to do that,” he said.


“In that case I wish to consult with an attorney before I answer any more questions.” I said.


“I haven’t read you your rights or even hinted that you were a suspect in this.  Why do you feel  you need an attorney?” he asked.


“I have been questioned by law enforcement officers before and my attorney assures me I always need an attorney.  She says to tell the authorities all that I know which is pertinent to their investigation, then invoke my right to counsel.  I have now done both.  Are we finished?” I asked.


“Write down your address and phone number before you leave,” he demanded.


“Agent, if you don’t know that already then you are the worst FBI agent in history.”  With that I stood and walked from the room.  I found Jerrod standing outside.  Judging from his smile and quick release all had gone as planned.


I expected to  hear from the FBI again but I really didn’t care.  It was up to them to prove a negative as far as I was concerned.  I would have felt better if Jack and Michael were sleeping with the fish,  They would soon be Jerrod’s problem and his alone once I had delivered to the two of them in Aster.



Jerrod and I shared a cab to the airport.  I dropped him at the commercial terminal, where he had a ticket waiting.  After he was gone, I had the cab deliver me to the general aviation area where a pig shit airlines plane would pick me up for the flight to the Virginia Pig Farm.  The cover for the base really was a pig farm operation.  Probably a pretty good way to dispose of questionable agents as well.




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26 Responses to 383 chat with the Fibbies

  1. jack says:

    a pretty good way to dispose of questionable agents lol Them damn boars and sows will eat anything and don’t take long to do it when they are hungry. Been there and watched that.

    • cindypress says:

      just trying to keep it real lol

      • Walt says:

        Another way of disposal is to invite them to swim in the South American waters where the Piranha fish live. (Or they could be dropped off there). They can devour human flesh in quick time. Only the bones would be left.

        I first learned of them many years ago when an AF plane crashed near an island but in the water. When they found the crew it was only bones, nothing else. What a horrible way to die.

      • cindypress says:

        I have seen that on tv and in movies pretty horrible alright.

    • Heh…I raised hogs in a former lifetime to earn extra money for college. I fed them everything from day old bakery goods to meat scraps (basically guts) from a couple of slaughter houses and butchers . It would be a perfect cover.

  2. Finbar says:

    Canadian serial killer: Robert Pickton, used his pig farm to dispose of up to 49 women.
    Back in the UK, we had a local murderer picked up after the authorities found the finger of his ex-wife, with the wedding ring still attached, in the pig pen…
    Fictional characters like Brick-Top from ‘Snatch’ and also that creepy guy in the wheelchair from ‘Hannibal’ used pigs….

    They’re actually lovely animals, but boy, are the ever efficient when it comes to eating!

    • cindypress says:

      I had heard that and since I wanted to use the farm as a cover story, the smell of pig farms tends to keep tourist at bay and if that were the case they would be there if needed.

      • Mr. T. says:

        I once dated a Pig Farmer. She said it ALL smelled like money to her !
        Personally, I only dated her twice. There was always an odor to her clothing, and especially her shoes and boots.
        You did NOT want to get too close.
        Mr. T.

  3. Keith H. says:

    Hogs will even work over the bones, piranha will just pick em clean. Not to mention that any bones the hogs dont eat will be mixed all in the mud n muck. I have had my fill of hogs, spent most of three days once sifting through a small hog pen looking for bones, the owner feed them old breadby just dumping loads of mixed out of date bread still in the wrapper and the hogs would eat it wrapper and all. A dozen good size hogs will do away with a body over night.

  4. The Mage says:

    I had a thought today. Well… a question really. At the risk of looking foolish I must ask where was the ship when the “pirate attack” occurred? I thought that the ship was in international waters. Second, what is the flag of the cruise ship? I ask this because I was wondering how the FBI has jurisdiction in all of this? Did I miss something?

  5. cindypress says:

    Good questions all….. Only my rationale probably going to have to write it down to fiction in the end. But I think the ship was operating from the port of Miami…. I have no idea where they register these cruise ships that sail in the Caribbean. The casino operator would have been from the usa… The CIA had no legitimate reason to be involved hence Maxine on this one and Swamp thing on the other two…. The FBI and the us Coast guard just seemed to be the most competent entities to do a pirate investigation to me. If someone else has a more reasonable entity I will try to work it into the story line in next episode/

    Again you are correct I should have done more research on who would have investigated. I was thinking the location would have been somewhere around Cuba and headed to Miami

    • The Mage says:


      • cindypress says:

        Now lets see if someone is a better researcher than I. I checked back and there seems to be very little available information on who would have jurisdiction. but If the ship put in at the port of Miami the fbi would be the logical law enforcement agency to take the first steps, I would think. The coast guard might have been an overstep but someone would want to secure the crime scene I would think. The captain would probably call his home office and they would call someone in the area since they don’t have a police force who would they call. Gee all this is interesting.

  6. jack says:

    I think the area of jurisdiction in this case first falls to the coast guard. They are the first responders to all sos calls. They are able to respond with choppers, pumps, cutters and other emergency equipment for ship board emergencies and rescue. Their aircraft and rescue ships and cutters are equipped with radar and weapons systems to handle almost anything not just for rescues. And are also the primary weapon in the drug war at sea.
    The boundaries of International waters is a much clouded thing in a lot of places. some countries claim 200 miles while others are saying 12 miles is the UN rule of sea law.. The registry of the cruse liner is again another issue. If the cruise originated in Miami and ended in Miami with primarily US citizens aboard and the dead were Us citizens the feds are going to demand to do the investigating . It would be unreasonable for the country of registry to hold the passengers until they could get an investigative team on site.

  7. cindypress says:

    So we can agree that it sounds fairly reasonable as written. Thanks

  8. Mr. T. says:

    Isn’t it interesting to see how many ships are NOT registered under US flag?
    Wonder what criteria determined their registry? Taxes would probably be a big factor here.
    Nationality of the owners ? ie: corporation / stock holders ? I have heard that in some countries, the government has a significant financial stake in these ventures to promote investment.
    So how would hmmm. Holland or Norway view having an American FBI team crawl all over THEIR ship?
    I suspect the captain would watch them VERY CLOSELY, and would run interference every which way he could. Maxine would probably be able to wrap herself up in the ship’s protective cloak and just fade away. After all, the captain’s loyalty is to the SHIPLINE, not the FBI…

    • cindypress says:

      This is also true and in this case the loss isnt even to the shipline

    • Enuf says:

      Loyalty to the shipping company is one thing, but US law applies to American citizens no matter where you go. If something a traveling American does is legal in a foreign country but is a crime under US law, getting arrested when you return home is a possibility. This concept has worked well in targeting pedophiles going to Thailand for sex tours, for example.

      Any ship’s crew or officers who are American citizens will be at risk of arrest regardless of the country the ship is registered in. Extradition treaties will play a role, but if the USA arrives on the scene of a reported pirate attack where American citizens were under threat, inside USA or international waters, there will be little any ship company or country of registry could say about us making arrests.

      This has happened as far from the USA as Antarctica.

  9. Enuf says:

    Hate to be a party pooper here but wasn’t this fight in Bolivia? That is a land locked country thousands of miles from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The nearest ocean is to the west, over mountains and Chile to reach the Pacific.

    However, once in the Caribbean or the Gulf any shipboard emergency in range of the US Coast Guard will bring them out whether in US waters or not. Any US flagged ship will bring the attention of US law enforcement, either FBI or US Marshal Service. If information even thinly implies drug or gun running, the DEA and ATF will be represented.

    A pirate attack in those waters, especially one against so large a target, will bring a US military response as well.

    But Bolivia remains a problem if the heroes were to escape by river boat and land someplace to grab a taxi to a cruise ship.

    If the country this party was held in were Columbia, then the whole thing works. The northern coastline is the Caribbean. Sail northeasterly and you head towards the Virgin Islands and US territory. Pulls in the American authorities.

    Say they were to escape on the Rio Magdalena, a major waterway emptying into the Caribbean, and it opens up endless places to stage these scenes. A northbound dash down the river to Soledad, then by hired ride southwesterly to Cartagena and the cruise ship port there.

    That works.


    A deadly land locked trap filled with swarthy dudes in blue coats who answer to the word “Fuego” with volley fire.

    At least that’s how it went for Butch and Sundance 🙂

    • cindypress says:

      Not a party pooper at all. I am flexible that’s why I said two or three times Bolivia or wherever the hell we are. nobody ever seemed to know and obviously I didn’t lol/ And I don’t really know my geography all that well I admit. I just had a map of south america and picked out a couple of names I liked the sound of. Anytime you see anything that is that far off base feel free to point it out.

      I actually appreciate it because his is a community effort. I always said that

    • cindypress says:

      I just looked at the map again and you are absolutely right my apologies

    • cindypress says:

      Thanks again I went back and changed one sentence so that the extraction was from Columbia and all the rest will work as you said. Thanks again when the great American novel is published it won’t be such a glaring error. Of course since that will be after my death I probably won’t give a damn lol

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