388 The meeting and the irishman’s visit



“Maxine I am not going to leave you in a lurch,” Sylvia said after the others had gone.  She and I were sitting alone in the  C&D finishing the coffee and cupcakes.  For some reason it seemed that I could not get enough sugar recently.  I had no idea why that was, but I actually got a craving for sugar.  It was even more strange that after I ate something with a lot of sugar, my operating temperature seemed to rise slightly for an hour or so.


“I didn’t think that you would just walk off.  Hell, if for no other reason than I usually owe you money.” I suggested.  “You know you are involved with the new holding company.  The more you and Jennifer make it like a real company the more shit we can write off.  You know like health insurance and 401K shit like that.


“I know you are good for the money.  I wouldn’t do it because you have been good to me. I know your new auditor is going to set up a benefit package for employees of the holding company.  I’m not sure that the holding company needs any other employees, we do okay subcontracting out our work.


“I need the team members, so I guess I am going to have to put them on the holding company’s payroll somehow.  That’s for you and Al the Auditor to work out.  I have really lost control of, and interest in, the day to day operations of the business.


“I know Maxine.  By the way, you don’t need to include Peter in things if you are doing it for me.  He and I are not seeing each other any more.”  She seemed sad as she told me.


“I’m sorry to hear that, even if I’m not surprised.  Men come and go in a beautiful young woman’s life.  A replacement will show up I’m sure,” I admitted.


“Actually Jerrod has asked me out.  What do you think?” she asked.


“Honey, you know I am the wrong one to ask about romantic problems.  Jerrod is a nice young man, that’s about all I know.  He has shown himself to be a man with a good heart,” I added.


I changed the subject, “Well I have finished all the cupcakes and coffee, so it is time for me to clean up and then leave.”


“I will help you.  By the way, I know you aren’t really in the PI business, but I have made a 10AM appointment for you tomorrow,” Sylvia said.


“What kind of thing is it?” I asked more than a little surprised.


“Divorce kind of thing, you will see tomorrow,” she repeated.


I wondered what in the world the woman could have said to cause Sylvia to put her into my schedule.  Sylvia knew I didn’t do PI work any more.  Even if I did, I would not handle a divorce.


When I got back to the downtown house, I realized that I still had the issue of the storage container office to deal with.  Sylvia obviously had not found a home for the steel boxes or she would have been all excited.  It was her task to do so.


I was sitting there trying to think of a place to put the boxes, when the idea struck me.  What if I had the units fitted out as mini guest houses.  It would need a bed which could easily fit in the rear across the back.  A comfortable chair and night stand with some storage.  Maybe a chest and dresser combo  all of it built in of course.  A Dorm size refrigerator and a tiny microwave to heat coffee.  It would just be a place to sleep,  The guest would have to use the bathroom in the house of the person they were visiting.


Drag the unit out and leave it at the end of the driveway of the host house for a week or so then haul it back to a storage lot.  I liked the idea even better as I went along.  I knew that if I made it work in the Aster/Tryon area someone else would pick it up and run with it nationwide.  I managed to get Jen before she left for the day.


“Holy shit what a hell of an idea.  Pod’s to store your mom and dad when they visit.  It’s a fucking brilliant idea.  Plus you already have the test units.  Just convert them and get it onto the web to see how it flies.”  I swear she was so excited I thought she was going pee in her panties.


“Jen I have so many things going I’m going to pass this on to Sylvia.  I might have to find someone else to work on it, but will you help me guide them through it?” I asked.


“Of course,” she said.  “Maxine this could be your best idea yet.  Well at least money wise.”


“It isn’t for everyone, but it might be good for a few people,” I suggested.


“If this works out as I think it will, you will be able to retire.  I swear,” she said.


“We will see.”  I had less enthusiasm than Jennifer, but then again she wasn’t wrong very often.


After that phone call I pretty much put it out of my mind.  “I did have one thing to add to the advertising.  If it’s for mom and dad who came to visit, put the kids in the pod and give mom and dad the kids room, so they are beside the bathroom.  The kids will love it.


Around 7PM I rode my bike to Krispy Kreme donut shop.  It was about ten blocks from my townhouse.  I went through the driver thru window and asked for a half dozen glazed donuts in a paper bag.  I stuck their bag into a European net shopping bag so that I could hang it from my handle bars.  I rode home still wondering what the hell was with the sudden urge for dessert.


Eating the donuts, with the terrible black coffee I made, while looking at at the colored traffic lights reflecting off the drugstore condo was almost as good as sex.   Okay, not nearly as good as sex, but it was still really satisfying.  Actually it was calming even though I didn’t get excited.  It was a strange new feeling but I was happy to go with it.


Ordinarily I did a purge of the waste system before I settled down to charge my power pack, but I decided to hold off until the charging was finished.  It was another one of those things I just felt I should do for no particular reason.  While I charged I tried to decide what I should do afterward.  It would be midnight when I finished.  Even so I could go out and have a drink and even dance a little before everything closed.


Or I could answer the knock on my back door.  I looked at the cam on my rear parking lot and back door before I headed in that direction.  The person at the door was turned away from the camera, so I picked up the 9mm back door gun as i passed by the coat rack.  The pistol was stored in the pocket of a really ugly jacket hanging on the coat rack.   The jacket was only there to hold the pistol so that it wouldn’t be seen by people who came and went through that door.


When I opened the door I recognized my visitor, “What the fuck are you doing knocking on my door at 10PM?” I asked in what had to bed an excited voice.


“I have knocked on your door a lot later and you didn’t mind.  Besides you still owe me for the broken collar bone.  I have no idea what you hit me with, but it must have been a sledge hammer the doctor said.”


“Teach you to try to kill the man I’m trying to keep alive,” I said just before I grabbed the Irishman and tried to smother him.  I kissed and held him for a long time.  Finally I allowed him to pull away.


“Damn Maxine, I know it’s been a long time. but don’t suffocate me.”


Shut the fuck up Martin or I’ll do worse to you.  I’ll bite that little thing you call a penis off,” with that I kissed him again.  I was trying to get his clothes off while we kissed and talked.


“Am I going to have to fuck you to calm you down?” he asked.


“More than once, damn you,” I said.


“Then things I do for my country,” he said pulled me to him.  He ran his hands over the receptors that doubled as nipples and I shuttered.  It was more from the memory of how it really felt when he had done that before.  I didn’t analyze it, I just fucking enjoyed it.  I couldn’t get enough.


I pulled his mouth to my breast and he sucked on my nipple.  It couldn’t have felt any better, if it were real.  I was sure of that because the feeling was even better than the memory.  I just wanted him inside me.  Not just his cock I wanted him inside me completely.  I wanted him to be part of me.  It was a new feeling for me.  I could not get close enough to him.  I loved his touch and I loved his smell.


When he got me naked he obviously remembered what kind of cocksucker I was because he pushed me to my knees.  I should have been offended but I had no problem opening my mouth to his dripping cock.  I licked and sucked it until he began to pump my mouth.  With every stroke the head of his cock struck the back of my throat.  Back in the day I would make gagging sounds.  That night instead of gaging, I moaned around his cock.  I sucked on is cock until he began to move erratically.


“The hell you will,” I said pulled him out of my mouth forcefully.  He wanted to keep moving until he came, but I would have none of it.  I turned around and presented my ass to him.  At that moment I didn’t care which hole he buried his cock in just so long as it was done quickly.


“Fuck me Martin, for God’s sake fuck me,” I was totally out of control.


I felt his wet cock slide into my dry pussy.  It was designed so that even dry there was only minor friction.  After a few strokes I was as slippery as any other whore.  Martin slid his cock in and out of me driving he higher with every stroke.  I was absolutely out of control when I had my first orgasm.  I shook and convulsed so hard I heard Martin yelp in minor pain.


He didn’t stop stroking me.  In fact he increased his speed.  My muscle spasm seemed to cause Martin to work even harder.  I wondered, if it had blunted his enthusiasm, so that he had to start building up to cum again.


I came two more times before he finally exploded inside me.  It was a huge amount of semen that he shot into me.  Even on my knees, facing away from him Martin managed to lean over and hold my small boobs.  He whispered into my ear, “Damn you get better every time I fuck you.”


“Geese. should I write that in my resume?” I asked.


“If you need a testimonial, I will be happy to write you one.  Hell I film it and put it on Utube.” be said.


“My God Martin you do that so fucking good,” I said.  I had to wait a few minutes before I felt like talking.  When I did I asked. “So how long are you staying?”


“The heats on, I have to keep moving,” he said.


“Now who the fuck are you running from?” I asked.


“Some rather unhappy Iranian, less than Gentlemen,” he said.


“Shit Irish what the fuck did you do?” I asked, but I already knew.  At least one of the contract casino heists had to have been him.


“I relieved someone who was making big donations to the Iranian secret service of their money.  I don’t think he will be making any more donations so they are not happy,” he said.


“And you came to tell me this why?”  I asked.


“I came to get laid Maxine,” he said.


“Right,  I repeat how long are you staying?” I asked.


“The longer I am here the more danger you are in.  I’m headed back to the swamp.  I just stopped by to say hi, and get a blowjob of course,” he said.


“Of course,” I agreed.  “I have one thing to say before you leave.  If you die on me I will kill your ass.”


“And the mother fucker who killed me, I  hope,” he said without a smile.


“Count on it,” I said as I watched martin begin to put his clothes on.


“Watch any Arab looking asshole who comes to town.  You know just in case,” he said.


“Just in case,” I agreed.




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19 Responses to 388 The meeting and the irishman’s visit

  1. Wayne says:

    Nice to see Irish back in her life…even if only temporary…

    Well done….

    Trust you yourself are doing well…Wayne

  2. cindypress says:

    he is one of my favorite characters. The redneck james bond.

  3. jack says:

    Love um and leave them . LOL

  4. cindypress says:

    I know some of you are interested in statistics so There have been over a quarter million hits on this story between SOL and this site. I never would have thought it. I guess we have to go for at least a half million next.

    • Walt says:

      Might be interesting to see the monthly totals to tell if it is steady readers, or some new/old. Probably not possible to figure how many came from SOL (like I did).

      I see you introduced my good friend in your story, Justin Case. He’s a good friend to have around. (smile)

      I finished the consolidation, all 388 chapters into Word. Now can just keep up on a daily basis. Sure will make refreshing memory a lot easier.

      • cindypress says:

        I should probably do that. I figure for every new reader we get the number jumps more than one, since they hit several chapters, then come back and hit a few more. I have no idea how this place counts them; I just thought it was interesting

      • The Mage says:

        Since you have already done the work, perhaps you would be willing to post the list to this site so that all of us don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ as it were.

        Just a thought.

      • GaryDan says:

        Me too Walt. I’m a little over 100 chapters from finishing myself. I’ll finish it tomorrow and do a little clean-up deleting & formatting. Looks like the word file is going to be slightly over 6MB.

      • Walt says:

        Mage, GaryDan and Everyone

        I’m not sure how to upload to Cindy’s account here so I have put them on my own website. Cindy if you wish to copy them and put them on your site, please feel free to do so.

        Editing. I only removed duplicate chapter numbers, added the word Chapter to the last 10 chapters so they would conform to the first 380 chapters. I also eliminated the triple spacing. I may no changes her the text of the story.

        I have a text copy and a Word For Windows Copy, Chapters 1 through 389. I also have her Cast of Characters list as well in text only.

        The reason for the text copy is I am using Word 8 from the old Office 97. It may or may not be compatible with the newer Word versions. Maybe someone can dl it and let me know. Otherwise I may just post the text versions.


      • Walt says:

        WOW! I should proofread my own stuff. That should be “made no changes to the text of the story”.

  5. cindypress says:

    This is just since I began keeping it and only the ones I planned to reuse

    Brother Harold/

    Biker old man Jew.
    Legio Patria Nostra the legion is our fatherland. Jerod.

    althea white thompson politician
    walter money man from green county savings and loan- friend of the dirty water Fox

    John older lawyer poker player
    Billy younger poker player.

    maxine stone

    jennifer and bob

    helen and jack

    lucas and julie

    leon and tiny dancer unit 3 drugstore condo



    nancy the dead nurse from the beginning

    sarah the bartender

    Reverend Archer

    Martin Red The Irishman

    Vlad and Anya unit one drugstore condo,

    Susi the washer woman\

    Rosanda the nanny slut

    Samuel and Rachael Wilson unit two drugstore condo the professors

    Stephen Berger a freelance who did diplomats favors then blackmailed them for information which he sold to the highest bigger. Met in the Cloak and dagger. Friend of sylvias 302

    Peter computer geek and game inventor. also a helper of Maxine.

    Sylvia Moroni Nursing student and employee of Maxine.

    Jack Anderson Senators aide. Late twenties. thin good looking.

    Jane the controller very over weight but sweet and lesbian to the core./

    Dutchess maxines code name

    Drake .. the code name for the case officer.

    Doctor Bennet the man who makes the parts.

    Edsel jen’s new paralegal. last name thomas.

    First estimate per mill house $75,000 invested.

    office wrenn and E smith. four used shipping containers.

    Lucy and eve forerunners of Maxine

    Bristol Peace 320 more or less

    Jack and michael the pretty boys.380 new names sean and billy

    Alvin Watson auditor genius.

    Levi Goldman diamond merchant.

    Judge Harold Timmons and his wife Lydia.

  6. GaryDan says:

    I wonder what he Irishman would think if he knew he was shagging the Roomba 6000 version of a Fleshlight….. ;-O

  7. cindypress says:

    Walt what a great job on the combination thing. I downloaded it to my own file system in text. I recommend anyone who wants to keep the whole thing to do the same. I am going to use it as my third backup file. Thank you so much.

    I want to leave the blog as a day to day breakdown but you did a wonderful thing for the search engines if nothing else. Bravo.

  8. Walt says:

    Thank you.

    I’ll try to keep it up daily. However, once people download it they can add each day’s chapter themselves.

  9. cindypress says:

    Maybe they can figure that out if not they can comment and we will answer them. I think you did a really nice thing thanks/

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