391 Getting ready to pull some teeth



Between the time Sylvia left the office and I left for Helen’s the next day the only thing I noticed was that my charging was taking less and less time each night.  I also noticed that my brain seemed to work slower at times than it had before.  I decided that it must be an automatic energy saving program of some kind.  I could see that it would cut down on the charge time, if there was less energy expended,  Less energy expended meant less energy needed to be replaced it.  It was a working hypothesis.  Since no one rushed up to replace it with a better one, I decided to go with it.


I went to Helen’s for the big Cinnamon Roll Breakfast again.  I got in at shift change time so the place was almost empty.  After breakfast, I rode the bike to the mall.  I wondered again about the charge time thing, since I was still doing all the same physical activity things.  Surely it took more power to ride the bike all over town, than it did to sit at home using the brain for creative thinking, I believed it was called.


I walked the mall and found that I had the same energy level, but that I didn’t need to force myself to walk at a human’s pace any longer.  It had become natural to walk at a reasonably fit middle aged  lady’s pace.  In other words I could keep up with the dancer easily, but I no longer needed to fight to keep it down to her pace.  The difference was that I didn’t have to think about it at all.  Maybe that was part of the new power saver thing.  Some kind of auto control that saved energy by avoiding the constant adjustments required to pass for human.  I gave up trying to figure it for the time being.


After my three mile walk at the mall, I was about to exit through the lower parking lot door for the short walk to my bike.  I was headed out into what everyone else considered the cold, when my phone rang.


“Hello,” I said to someone in Jennifer’s office.  I knew because it popped up on the screen.  I have no idea why the phone thought I needed to know that.  I never ducked calls.


“Ms Stone, the boss asked me to call and give you a heads up,” the voice I didn’t recognize said.  She was obviously yet another new receptionist.  Jennifer must really be a bitch boss.  I wondered how Edsel had lasted.


“So what is the heads up?” I asked.


“She filed the restraining order at 4PM yesterday.  It will most likely be served this morning, since it is a domestic violence with injuries requiring medical treatment at the emergency room, it will get a priority,” she informed me.


“Okay I got it.  Thanks for the heads up,” I said even though I didn’t need it.  I was being polite.


“Also Ms Stone, she would like you to have  Mrs. Timmons at the TV station in Tryon at 2PM.  She has an interview at 2:30 and of course you are part of that interview,” she informed me.


“I see, tell Jennifer it is nice that she consulted with me about the time.  Tell her I might have been busy.  I will adjust things for her this time, but I really don’t appreciate her being so heavy handed.  pass that along.”  I really didn’t care all that much, I just wanted to voice my opinion.  I found my reaction a little strong, since my programing should have caused my reaction to be ‘since it wasn’t going to make a difference, why bother’.


I clicked off the smart phone still a little confused by it all.  Being confused wasn’t right either, I should have just run the analysis program, then gone with whatever it said.  I was going through some real changes.  Someone had made some changes in my main operating system and I wasn’t sure I liked that idea.  I had been able to modify it somehow or had that really been me.  There was way too much to think about, it was just going to have to sort itself out.


I almost beat the rain home, but it got me a block from my building.  By the time I got in the rear door and parked the bike in the storage room, I was soaked.  I hung the nylon jacket up to dry, then stripped off the tee shirt.  I used it to dry off the bike.  I probably ruined it the shirt with grease from the chain.  If it had grease stains, I would just consider them a badge of honor and wear it anyway.


It was time to load up the dirty clothes for a trip to my favorite Oriental laundry anyway.  I had a big hand in getting Susi the laundry, so she loved me, her mother not so much.  Even so they both did great work for me.  I went up the stairs in my jeans and panties nothing more.  I didn’t have big boobs to flop around, so I was good to walk around topless or go out braless.


I could have called Jerrod, but I wanted to see how he was handling things with Lydia.  To see that, I needed to be there.  So after I dropped off my laundry, with a promise to pick it up before 5PM, I drove the truck to the Bluebird Model Home.  Since it rained on me all the way from my townhouse, I was wet again when I arrived.  I wore the nylon jacket, so the water didn’t get through to my clean, dry tee shirt.  I wouldn’t have cared except that people seemed to think I should be uncomfortable with wet clothes against my skin,  I always tried to fit in and do what people expected.  At least I did whenever it was possible.


Jerrod met me at the door.  He wasn’t carrying the shotgun but it was nearby which was acceptable.  He presumably knew that it was me who was standing at the door.


“So was it a quiet night?” I asked.


“Yes it was.  Since you disabled my cell phone, it was a very quiet night,” Jerrod informed me.


“Good, I like quiet nights when we have a body to guard.”  I had chosen Jerrod to be primary caregiver, since I didn’t think he would be instigating anything with Lydia.  As for Lydia she had peeked out the bedroom door, but went back inside quickly.  “How does the body being guarded seem to be taking it?” I asked.


“I think she is already getting cabin fever,” he said.


“She is most likely used to fancy restaurants or the like,” I said.  “We might try a little ‘hide in plain sight next’.


“She did mention that they had a dance band at the country club on Wednesday nights,” he said with a laugh.


“Oh my, if I remember you are a fairly good dancer.  Too bad you couldn’t have been her date,” I suggested with a chuckle.


“Lydia, I need to speak to you just a moment,” I said in a slightly elevated voice.


“Yes ma’am,” she said when she came from the bedroom.



“Shit, call me Maxine.  Ma’am makes me feel a hundred years old.  Anyway we need to be at the Tryon TV station at 2PM.  I will be back at 1PM to pick you up and drive you there,” I said.


“I knew that I would have to do this.  Jennifer told me what to do yesterday in her office.  I will be fine and I will be ready on time.  I will start now,” she said talking to herself more than to me.


“You do that, if you need to,” I said to her back as she headed back into the bedroom.


“Have you heard anything from that Realtor?”  Jerrod asked.


“No, but I can call her when I get away from here.  I’ll call back and let you know what she said.”  He nodded.  “So do you need anything?” I asked.


“No, I think we are fine.  She has a bit of an attitude otherwise everything is fine,” he said.


“Well, if it gets too much to handle, call me.  If you can’t get me, call Vlad,” I said.


“You got it,” he replied.


I got back to my downtown house before I called Kate.  “So have you found us anything,” I asked.


“Well good morning how are you today Kate?  I’m fine Maxine, I’ve missed you too.” she said being a wise ass.


“So what time did he come to see you? I asked resisting the urge to add ‘bitch’ to it.


“Oh, we are not going to play the ‘mom always loved you more’ game,” she said with a laugh.  I had to laugh with her.


“So what have you found?” I asked.


“I found a piece of property that is so weird even I don’t believe it.  But you are the one who loves distressed properties” she informed me.  “The really strange part is their Realtor called me last night.  He said that he had heard I was looking for something unusual and he had it.”


“Cool,” I replied.


“Cool, except nobody knows I’m searching for something unique yet.  I haven’t made any calls because I’m still putting the inquiry notification together.”  Kate didn’t seem upset just a little puzzled.


I felt the heavy hand of the farm in it, but I didn’t care.  “So what is it?” I asked.


“There once was a farm,” she began.


“Kate, if this is going to be a fairy tale, I don’t have a lot of time,” I said


“Don’t be a bitch,” she snapped.  “I have seen you naked, and I have had your mouth all over me, so don’t even try to be mean to me.”


“Aren’t you just the little Domme all of a sudden,” I said with a laugh.  She had been joking as well.  “Okay tell me your fairy tale.”


“So the owner of this farm and his wife passed away.  They had three kids, who fought like greedy little shits over the farm.  The farm by the way had serious debts as well.  Medical expenses for the old couple I presume.  The gist of the story is the greedy shits sold off the land for housing developments, just as quick as they could.  They would have sold the home place as well, but it was in need of a lot of repair.  Their realtor told them to hold it out and try to sell it separately.  The land would be worth the same with or without it.  He was right about that.  There is a house and barn in the five acres that is left.  If anyone wants it with the house and barn, they will sell it cheap.  If not they will have to pay to push it down and sell the five acres alone.”


“What is cheap and what are the buildings really worth?” I asked.  They had taken the quick profit by selling off the land but they had left themselves with property that would cost a huge amount to repair.  The finished place would be worth less than the repairs.  A sucker like me and Jerrod was perfect for them.


The buildings are a negative value, since they will need to be torn down before the five acre lots can be sold for the best price.  The lots have no utilities so they are worth at the most eighty thousand each, minus five for the demolition and they would be lucky to get 77k for the place.   They will ask more of course,” Kate said.


“Offer them them 80k and I’ll take it even if the rest of the investors don’t want in,” I said.


“Remember bitch, I’m in on this as well.  I will make the offer and then work out a deal of some kind.  I will work out some kind of plan for the property.  You can take the plan or not but I am in for the purchase either way.”  she said.


“I don’t play well with others,” I said.


“You can fool the others, but I know how well you play with others,” she said with a nasty tone hidden in her voice.


“If you want in, go out and walk the place.  Take lots of pictures inside and out.  Then hire someone to go over the place and give us an assessment.  We need to know what it would cost to repair the house and barn.  Make it an either or price, we might want fix eiteher one or both.”


After I clicked her off, I called Jerrod on the burner.  “Jerrod we might have a place.  I will email you some pictures, when our partner gets them made.  Call Jack/Sean, tell him we are going to need him.  Be sure you block the return number on the phone you are on now.  We don’t need the number redialed anytime he wants.  I’ll pick you up and then get him, when I get the princess home.”









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4 Responses to 391 Getting ready to pull some teeth

  1. Walt says:

    Max said: “I also noticed that my brain seemed to work slower at times than it had before. I decided that it must be an ‘automatic energy saving program’ of some kind.”

    Gee I’m glad to know I can now call it an “energy savings program” instead of “old age”. (grin)

    I’m surprised Max didn’t think to use an umbrella, at least when she used the truck. Then I remembered the military wouldn’t allow the troops to carry umbrellas. So she probably never thought to have one. Also I think some men think it “unmanly” to use an umbrella. Screw “manly” I like being dry. I keep one in the house and one in my van.

    (file updated to 391)

    • cindypress says:

      But max doesn’t mind being wet. Her only concern is just what you are saying. People notice that she isn’t bothered by it so she tries to fake it now and then. It’s all part of the max is different from me and you persona.

  2. jack says:

    I ‘m kinda wondering why Kate is insisting being in on the property deal no matter what. Is she wanting to get closer to Max or is the farm treaking Kate some?

    • cindypress says:

      If you have a friend who seemed to make money with everything they touched but worked alone who suddenly was looking for partners, and the investment was flexible would you want in. My deal is that Kate bring things to the table that max doesn’t want to do. Search out property and walk it making pictures that kind of thing is a Realtor’spaper thing. So let her look for a place while max does other things. At least we won’t have to deal with max going over the same story line but with different addresses.

      The coincidence of the Realtor calling might or might not be significant. I’m leaning toward the old B&B from the Russian mob story line but I don’t like that it is in town. So maybe I won’t go there.

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