Yet another out of story post/

I got this the other day and didn’t even read past the first paragraph.  It came from sol.  This is why I moved my story here.  Here when you send something it gets read by everybody else who reads the story.  At Sol you can “help” the story teller so that she has to deal with the feelings you create alone.  Obviously he didn’t get the memo that says I am not an author and don’t want to be one.  I am a story teller in the southern tradition of the old lady who goes to the library to spin her yarns.  Anyway read his comments…  for me I didn’t bother.



Just a note to tell you some things…. perhaps it
might be longer then normal, but then I tend to
fully explain what I say and why I say it.

First off, the story has held my attention this
long, so that should tell you that I do like the

On the other hand… some of the scenes are a
little troublesome for me. Being the son of a cop
and knowing how things work in their world, you
are close in most aspects, but overboard in

That though is minor to the problems with the
story, and this is NOT an attack on you, nor is it
really criticism. Rather it is my attempt to
legitimately help you. How? OK, while I find the
story good, and realize that it is sort of
drama/fantasy if I were to vote today I could not
rate it as great, even though I do think it is a
great story.

Now you are wondering why? The answer is quite
simple. I edit for a few authors, and I am good at
it. These are not words of vanity on my part, they
are statements made by those authors I edit for.
The simplest way to explain it is as I read my
mind for some strange reason halts as I come
across a mistake. Not so much in the punctuation,
since I am not great there personally, but with
words and context of their use. One example from
memory some chapters ago, you meant to say
difference, but you wrote deference. Now,
deference is a variation of defer. If we were to
come to a door at the same time and I allowed you
to enter first, it could be said I differed to
you. Difference is a variation of different
meaning not the same.

Another example of mistaken usage is when you
wrote presidents rather then presence…

Then we have this from the bar scene in the
country western bar… With Earl saying:

He was also blocking my camera angel of you at
the bar.”

Obviously an angel is God’s messenger…. where as
angle is the amount of degrees from a straight
line to another point.

I do not know what medium you write in, meaning
Notepad, Word, MS Word etc. Only MS Word has a
spelling and grammar checker built in. Even then
it is not a huge help. It will tell you that some
lines that are right for the story are wrong
grammatically and that some words are mis-spelled.
I have that problem with it as well. For some
unknown reason I have picked up using the British
spelling for many words. Colour instead of color,
armour instead of armor etc.

There is also one other problem using a spell
checker. Example: Quite, Quiet. Both spelled
properly, but meaning totally different things.

I repeat this is NOT criticism of you. You are a
very talented writer and that is something I am
not. Oh, I can think up a plot, write an outline
and tell the story. However when I am done, it is
like a technical manual. It is NOT a good story
someone wants to read and gets hooked on!!!!

I am simply trying to point out a very simple fact
to you. Something my grandfather told me once. I
must set the story up for it to make sense…. He
was very gifted working with wood. He could build
very fine furniture, turn out things with a lathe
that were works of art. However I on the other
hand cannot do that. Sure I can do rough carpentry
and the like, but that is what it is. It surely is
nothing that one would call beautiful. That said,
what he told me was that if I did my very best and
did it a bit slower then it would be better. That
part of my problem was that I tried to get it all
done in a day, when it did not matter if I took a
week to do it.

He was right to an extent. I have not nor ever
will be the wood worker he was, but the work I now
do is three times better then what I used to do.

Thus now I am trying to share his wisdom with you.
You are a gifted author, but just the plot and the
telling of the story is not enough. You need to
use the right words spelled correctly.

There are three types of authors on SOL. The great
authors even when the plot is not as good as yours
are still great because it is emmmm ok plot wise,
but the spelling is correct along with word usage.

Then there is the author that has a great plot,
but nearly every word is mis-spelled, and it make
it labourous to read. They post stories, yes, but
they do not gather any great following.

The third type author are the ones that start a
100 stories and never complete any of them. You
find them all the time with the Yellow highlighted
Incomplete and Inactive notation. Many times they
really are good authors with good to great
stories, but why read them… they never finish

You are close to the first type author and I would
say at present you are between the first and
second. With just a little effort you can fall
into the first group.

Just my observations and you can listen or not,
that is your right.

However I do sincerely hope you will take what I
have written with the intent that I have written
it. To point out the small flaws that make the
difference from your story being average instead
of great.

One last comment is something you stated regarding
the reader that had commented on the calico or
tricoloured cat. You responded that you do not go
back and make corrections to a story once
posted… Again, my opinion. This again is a
mistake compounding a mistake. Making a mistake is
not the end of the world, but to not correct it is
much worse. Let us say that you have gone out and
bought an item of clothing and you bought
something that was marked your normal size, but
you did not try it on… When you get home and do
put it on it is either like a tent on you, or it
is like something you outgrew 20 years ago. Do you
just keep it, or go back and exchange it for
something that does fit?

Well, the same should hold true for your story…
The mistake does not fit, so take it back and get
what does fit… In other words, make the
correction, then repost the chapter. It will not
make it better for those that have already read
it, but it will make a difference for those that
come along after and read the story.

Well, that is what I wanted to impart to you. Take
what I have said for what it is worth and use the
advice or ignore it. That is your right as I said
before, but if you take even a bit of it, you will
be a better author for it.

Just my take on things

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sorry it is a mystery.
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30 Responses to Yet another out of story post/

  1. jack says:

    What an egg head , I don”t blame you for not reading it.

  2. cindypress says:

    They all make the first wrong assumption that I want help to be a great author. I don’t want to be a great author if I did I would not publish on SOL. I just write for fun. I hope you guys read it for fun lol

    • Enuf says:

      I will say that lots of typos and sloppiness do make it hard to read something. That’s an extreme though, most of the time the meaning in some writer’s minor typo is clear and rolls by without a consious thought of it. Only the really, truly, terribly awful stuff gets in the way of anyone who is reading for fun.

      You know, some folks do have way too much time on their hands and too much bile needing to be coughed up.

      Oh well, if it ever gits ya’ down just keep in mind that S.O.L. doesn’t just stand for Stories On Line … It also stands for Shi _ _ _ . . .

      excuse me,
      being called to dinner here …

      gotta run!

  3. cindypress says:

    I didn’t post the one he sent later about me using marshall instead of martial for a karate school.

    In my own defense I don’t know of anyone else who is writing 2100 words every day. When I feel great and want to go out and play or whether I feel like crap and want to hide out. Either way I am compelled to write. So I guess that my defense is I can write new stuff or edit what I wrote the days before twenty more times and wire 25% of the new material I do now;

  4. ___Demitheus says:

    tell’im go pound sand……lmao

    • cindypress says:

      I did what the waiter who has the tray of drinks get knocked out of his hand by a customers does, Customer says you clumsy idiot. Waiter says thank you man. That what I did i just said thank you lol nothing else at all

  5. Mr. T. says:

    At risk of repetition:
    If we have no authors, there would be NO NEED for editors.

    Let the word NAZI’s play their silly ass games with your posted chapters to their heart’s content.
    What matters is whether the story has true flow and character; NOT if the fucking WORD is spelled “krectly”… This reminds me of my manager’s audit philosophy. He always like to leave some easy to find flaws for auditors to jump on when they came calling. If they found something piddly, they didn’t really look all that hard for detailed screw ups. I believe writing is similar to that concept.

    Just my 2 cents.
    And as long as some of us readers have been around, YOU KNOW what we can tolerate!

    Mr. T.

  6. The Mage says:

    Cindy just keep up the great story telling and forget that jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. DPR says:

    Yes, a misspelled word does interrupt the flow, using the spelling that changes the meaning of the word also does that, but those are minor problems.
    To me, an editor is supposed to help out the writer by making the work flow more easily and helping to remove parts that really do not help the story line, the proof reader is supposed to catch misspelling and misuse but not edit.
    Most writers could use a good proof reader, mistakes are too easily made, even just by not hitting a key hard enough.
    I doubt there are many good editors, many works that have supposedly been edited do not show much signs of it.
    Yes, not finishing a story is a lowdown thing to do, if a writer cannot carry on to a conclusion they really should not start.

    • cindypress says:

      some of that I agree with some not so much. But then we don’t have to agree on everything to be friends. You read you enjoy and you comment opening where everyone can see it. I appreciate that kind of comment whether I agree or not.

  8. Walt says:

    At the top of my Stories page on SOL:

    First I must mention that I quit writing for my English Teacher when I finished High School over 50 years ago. With the accents of those in Maine to New York, various Southern accents from Florida to Mississippi, Geechies of South Carolina, the Western accents, the Tex-Mex in Texas, or the Eubonics, or that of Scandinavians in Minnesota how can we say which is the correct English?

    I think your critic has an ego 200% higher than his IQ%.

    If the words of your story were so bothersome, then many of us would still be here. The story transcends that so just keep on keeping on Cindy.

  9. Walt says:

    Dang. “many of us would NOT still be here.”

  10. Jerry says:

    The “helpful” editor’s comments were almost as entertaining as the story he was commenting on.
    Still, I’ll take the story of Maxine any way I can get it…and love it just the way it is.

  11. Allan says:

    I love the story and the style you use to tell it, I feel like I am visiting friends each day as I drop by the site. As to your helpful editor, I do believe that the long thin cylindrical device is implanted so far past the entrance of his lower orifice that we can see it as he speaks,

  12. Barney R says:

    I was your editor for a while and then you wanted raw written words to be posted. I agreed and have been following you ever since. When I download your daily work, I do a little bit of editing for my own satisfaction to kind of keep my hand in it, but the story is the main thing. I enjoy every word because it comes from your head and your heart. If I was turned off from your writing or any autor’s for that matter, then I just don’t read any more from that author. If this editor has read most of your postings then he should know that what we get from you is the raw truth according to Max. If you don’t like it go somewhere else. You ROCK, keep on trucking!

    • LeRoy says:

      One of the things I hate the most on SOL is to see that a chapter was changed after it was posted. I have to go back and read the whole chapter again to see what I missed, what was changed. If it was a spelling or syntax change then I have wasted a lot of time because my mind probably made the correction as I was reading. If the idiot doesn’t like the way you write then he doesn’t have to read it. I loved the reference to Stop Leak, I remember it well and used it in my 51 Ford coupe when the bag boy tips were low.

      • cindypress says:

        I pulled that shit from my teen years my dad really did work on cars under a tree in the back yard. I once drove to his house with the smell of antifreeze choking me. He found a pinhole in the core and added a can of stop leak. told me to sell the car in the next couple of years or buy a radiator next time i got a rust hole. Some idiot wrecked my Nissan First. That was his philosophy. If I pay a hundred dollars for a new part, some jerk will run a red light and bend the frame. Back when they had frames/

    • cindypress says:

      From you barney, those are high praise words. Since i don’t claim to be an author you understand that its like that image of sitting around swapping tall tales. Most people will make a grammatical error or two in their everyday speech. Our minds correct it before we process it. I don’t know if it works or not for the written word but I think it does unless it glares at you. If it is that distracting, then the reader shouldn’t return just as has been said here and that was the case with the majority of those who tried this story. It dropped from 7000 readers to 1000 more or less and I’m fine with that.

  13. voithdriver says:

    hi Cindy,
    way back when you wrote a proviso which you said basically, that you could either write and post or edit and not post so take it as written, and with that in mind that is how I read it, and make the correct swap in context, your fan obviously did not read that bit, to be fair, for some writers that ask for corrections and then his post would not have been too bad,
    so keep on my lady, we understand what we should be reading, we would not have stayed this long otherwise.

    • cindypress says:

      I do promise this when I run out of ideas, I will go back and proof read yet again. in the mean time I will keep on writing proofing twice and posting. thank for your kind words

  14. Walt says:

    Cindy…some how I skipped Chapter 389 in my compilations so I have now added it in. Good thing I double checked the numbers. Now up to date with 396 and uploading them (rtf and txt) now.

  15. cindypress says:

    would you post that link with the updated text file and I will replace my file with it. Thank you sir.

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