400 Starting to start



Even though I did not have sex Saturday night and absolutely did not have a threesome, I still wanted pancakes.  Harvey was up and moving even before me.  He was back in the shower and in there a long time, while I pretended to be asleep.  When I was sure that he was dressed and down checking his email or writing on his blog, I went into the bathroom.


I did my morning things, I empty and sterilized the holding tank, then stood under the hot shower for a long time.  I probably didn’t need it as much as Harvey, but it still felt good.


Once I was dressed in a black tee and jeans with only a few small holes in them, I switched out the Glock for my Smith and Wesson concealed hammer .38.  The smaller revolver was much easier to conceal, and I felt that it was way more dependable than any automatic.  Plus I really didn’t need a pistol all that much anyway.  What I did need was coffee.  Coffee must have something to do with that power conversion thing, I thought.  I had really begun to crave it, so surely it did serve a purpose.


After the coffee was on and cooking away, I reheated a plastic cup of what was left from the night before in the microwave oven.  It was still good to me, since I loved my coffee old, black, and bitter.


“Good morning Harvey,” I said as I looked back into the dining room.  I had passed him on the way into the kitchen but since I hadn’t have any coffee, I did not speak to him.  He had seemed busy, and I had the coffee on my mind anyway..


“Good morning Maxine, you look lovely even with the shoulder holster.,” he said.


“Rig, Harvey, we call it a shoulder rig,” I said.  “Well that’s what I call it at least.  A holster is something you wear on your belt.  The rig is more a system.  What I carried the Glock in yesterday was a holster.”


“Oh I see.  That is interesting,” he said.  I could just tell that the explanation would  be in that night’s blog entry.  I didn’t mind.


“So I have no idea what you vegan idiots have for breakfast, but I’m going to have Russian pancakes.  At least I’m going to have pancakes from the Russian Pancake House,” I informed him.


“I’m sure that I can find something on their menu,” he admitted.


“Do you write about being an almost vegan in your blog?” I asked.


“Yes a lot of entries are about the compromises that I have to make,” he suggested.


“Okay, well get ready to go and we will head out,” I suggested.  Even though it was early spring, I needed either my coat or my big sweatshirt to both hide the pistol, but also to look as though I felt the same things the real people did.


“Do you exercise at all Harvey?” I asked in the truck on the way to breakfast.


“Sure, I run some mornings before breakfast,” he said.  “I try to at least walk a half hour on the other days.”


“Well, I walk after breakfast.  Are you good with that?” I asked.


“Sure I’m good with it.  I can’t run far or fast anyway,” he said.


“She what kind of damage do you have?” I asked.


“Back, they fused several of my vertebrae and I have PTSD,” he said matter of factly.


“Okay, well let me know if there is anything you need for the next few days,” I said.  I felt for him. I knew what chronic pain was like.  Emotional problems, I had my share in the old life as well.


At first I felt very lucky that the parking lot wasn’t crowded, then I understood why.  The restaurant was closed.  I don’t mean closed in the sense that they were on vacation.  I mean closed in the since they were on vacation forever.  “Son of a bitch,” I said looking at the place.


“When was the last time you were here?” Harvey asked.


“Just a few weeks ago.  I guess threesomes are not as popular as they used to be.” I said.


“What does that mean?” Harvey asked.


“Just a private joke, I always came here after a night with a threesome.  It was just a bad joke started by an old friend.” I said.


“Was he a part of the threesome?” Harvey asked.


“Sometimes, well at least the first time,” I said.  “Now I guess it is the grease pit Waffle house for us.”


At least it was a short drive to the Waffle and Egg.  To be honest their southern style pancakes were better, but it just wasn’t the Russian Pancake House.  I had no idea why I was so determined to do the Russian Pancake House, when I hadn’t completed the first part of the ritual.  Still I felt a sense of loss.


We dragged ass over breakfast, so that it was 9AM when we finished.  Walking through the mall wasn’t the same with Harvey moving so slowly.  He seemed to be in pain with every step.


“Harvey, don’t you have anything for the pain,” I asked.


“I have a script, but it is way expensive, so I take OTC stuff and it isn’t all that effective first thing in the mornings.  I will be fine in an hour or so.” he said.


“It’s Sunday can you get the script filled away from Capitol City?” I asked.


“Probably, my drugstore is a national chain.  I’m sure it’s in their computer.  But honestly Maxine, I’ll be fine.” He promised.


“Harvey, if we have to move quickly, I don’t want to be dragging you around.  This one is on me.  It’s not for you, It’s for me.”  It was the truth, almost.


“Well we can try,” Harvey said.  “Thanks Maxine.”


“Like I said, it’s for me,” I didn’t want his thanks.


“You aren’t near as bad as I thought,” he admitted.


“Of course I am,” I said smiling.  The pills were easier to get than they should have been.  Harvey considered less than seventy-five bucks, for a months supply, to be too expensive, so I knew what kind of pension he was living on.


We were on the way to the Drugstore Condo to check on Lydia, when the smart phone rang.  I saw the number and knew that it was the Judge.  “So what have you decided?” I asked without even saying hello.  Might as well make it clear where I stood.


“First thing in the morning I will arrange access for you and your team to all my records and clear you to speak with anyone you like,” he said.


“If you get any calls today clear us for whatever we are doing.  I will get my people on this today.” I replied


“Will you get her to clear you as well?” he asked.


“I will certainly try,” I said.  He didn’t need to know that I had already run her financials.  She wasn’t holding out on him.  All she had, she got from him.


“Well when can I expect an update?” he asked.


“This might take a while to resolve, but I’ll try to keep you in the loop at least some of the time.  Tell your lawyer to call Jennifer for the updates.  If it gets hairy, I’ll call him first.  It’s the best I can do, since I work for Jennifer first and foremost.”


“Fair enough,” he said and rang off.


“What was that all about?” Harvey asked.


“Sorry Harvey, it’s need to know and you don’t,” I said.  Harvey still had the coke bottle in his hand.  He had taken one of the pills in the drugstore.  Harvey had been in pain.  How much I didn’t know, but some for sure.


He didn’t complain and other than the real physical movements, I would not have known.  I looked at the bottle when I paid for it.  The bottle held a moderate dose of the Vicodin generic tablets.  I left Harvey with his coke in the Cloak and Dagger.  I couldn’t tie him down, but he wasn’t likely to go running all over the building either.


Vlad came to the door when I knocked.  “So where is our run away bride?” I asked.  \


“She and Anya were up late talking.  They are just starting to move around,” he informed me.


“Vlad, you have to be kidding it’s almost noon,” I said.


“It’s eleven don’t make it sound worse than it is,” Anya demanded.


“I don’t give a damn, if you sleep the day away completely.  I just want to talk to Lydia and one of you should be in the room.  I want a witness.”  Lydia could hear me since she was dressing behind a only slightly sound proof wall and I was not whispering.


“Why do you need a witness,” Lydia asked as she came into the room.


“I need you to agree to a dump of your cell phone and give me free access to your financial records.  I will also be talking to your friends and acquaintances and I want to be sure you agree to clear it if they call,” I said.  Anya knew what that meant.


“Why are you doing this?  You are just being paid to protect me,” she said.


“You can refuse, if you have something to hide.  You have accused a very powerful man of being a wife beater and crooked judge.  If I go after him, I want to be sure everything is as you say it is.  I brought Jennifer into this, so I owe it to her.  I have the Judge’s okay to do the same things.  I would think, if you have nothing to hide, you would agree.  You can of course call Jennifer.  I would expect it.”


“You bet I will call her, this just doesn’t seem fair,” she said.


“Actually it sounds very fair,” Anya chirped in.


“You would say that you work for  her,” Lydia said showing Anya the side that Jerrod told me she kept hidden.


“Nobody pays me enough to lie,” Anya said right on the verge of knocking a few of Lydia’s teeth out.


Suddenly I flashed on something.  Actually it was my logic program kicking in. It was very possible that there might be others standing in line to punch her lights out.  One of them might have caught up to her and done the damage, which she accused the judge of doing.  She might have decided to use the beating to her advantage.  It would be a good time to get out of the marriage with a few more bucks than the prenup would allow.  It was a perfectly plausible scenario.  So if that were the case, I needed to find who would have done that to her.  Of course lover first came to mind.


If it had gone down that way, it wouldn’t even necessarily have been a plan.  It could have been just another opportunistic event in her life.


“Well call Jennifer and see what she says.  Jennifer and Anya have my number.  In the meantime do not tell anyone where you are.” I said it on my way out the door.  If she gave me permission to dump her phone, I would most likely know soon if there was a lover.  If she didn’t give me permission I would just have Peter contact Bullrider.  I figured he owed me at least one favor.


I actually felt pretty good about it all as I went down  to meet Harvey in the Cloak and Dagger.  To my surprised the professor was sitting with Harvey.  There was a Styrofoam cup of coffee in front of the professor.  “Maxine you have the most interesting friends,” the professor said.


Harvey just smiled at me.  “Glad Harvey found a playmate to keep him busy while I was working.” I said in reply.

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9 Responses to 400 Starting to start

  1. GaryDan says:

    Episode/Chapter 400!!! Wow!!


  2. jack says:

    400 Nice number Looks like Harvey has some more secrets that he hasn’t revealed but may be gullible enough to be used by max.

  3. Mr. T. says:

    NOBODY makes it beyond their TEENS without baggage and SKELETONS in their closet.
    ‘And BATS in the belfry’ ??? Or is that just me? I only do what the voices in my head tell me to do !

  4. Barney R says:

    I learned a long time ago, listen to the voices in your head or pay the consequences. Always listen and you can’t go wrong. That is what makes writers out of some people and doers out of others.

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