“I don’t think so Edward, I’m tired and I still feel pretty yuckie from the rain,” I had the .357 wrapped in my panties .  He might have been able to figure it out, if his mind hadn’t been on my fat ass.

“I really think you should show your appreciation,” he said getting a little more serious.

“If that is the way you feel, I will just get my clothes and leave.  I can sit in the bathhouse till the rain stops,” I said.

“Or you could stay here and be a little more friendly,” Ed suggested.

“I’m going to get my things and leave Ed.  Let’s just leave it at that.” I said standing to walk past him to the bathroom for my wet clothes.

“What if I insist you stay,” he said.

“Then you get to meet my friend Pedro.  Pedro is a .357 five shot revolver.  I won’t need but one at this distance.” I showed him the Taurus pistol.  He reacted in one of the usual ways.  He smiled as if to say you don’t have the balls.

Let me add this Edward.  I am a defense attorney back  home.  My story is going to be you lured me here by offering me shelter from the storm.  Then you tried to rape me and I shot you to save my virtue.   If you die, then mine is the only version of the story, so they pretty much have to believe me, since I will take a polygraph.  It’s close enough to the truth for me to pass it.

If you live, I cry all over the media until you are charged with attempted rape and off you go to prison.  Now you think my fat ass is worth all that?”

“You ain’t fat, but no ass is worth all that.  Take your shit and get out,” he said.

“Edward, just so you know, I didn’t buy that fishing story at all, I think it is graduation weekend at Georgia State and you are here for your daughter’s graduation.  So tell her hey for me.”  I said that just before I opened the door to leave.

The rain had slacked off but I still went to the bathroom to wait out the rain.  I put my wet panties back on under Ed’s tee shirt which I planned to keep.

When the rain stopped, just after sunrise, I quickly recovered my nylon athletic shorts from the trailer and a dry tee shirt.  I rode the Tomos to a convenience store at the edge of Athens.  After I topped off the gas tank. I found the address of a laundromat in the phone book.  The GPS thingie gave me directions to it.  Once there I washed and dried my clothes.  I tried to nap sitting up but had terrible luck.

I had been pretty miserable on the ride to the laundromat since my hair was still wet.  I had that long thick hair that lots of men really dig.  I saw a walk in beauty shop in the same center as the laundromat.  I am not sure to this day if it was that men loved my hair and I was sick of men, or just the general misery I had been feeling all morning, whatever the reason I walked in.  An hour later I walked out without my hair.  Well without most of it.  Almost all of it was gone to be honest.  I told her to take a clipper to it and give me a haircut that men wear.

Of course she styled it and left it about an inch and a half long.  I decided when I gave her the thirty bucks that next time I was going to a man’s barber.

I got back on the road so late in the day, that I made it most of the way to Macon Ga but no farther.  Most of the time I kept an eye out for the cops.  I thought Edward might have decided to go for the preemptive strike.  Accuse me of stealing something or maybe accuse me of raping him.  I got a good laugh at that thought.  Seriously who knew what crap men could come up with.

I checked the weather before I pulled into the campground run by the county outside of Macon.  The weather gave a zero chance of rain, so I decided to take a chance.  Plus I had a plan for the next time I got wet.  Go to the bathhouse and wait with pedro till the rain stopped and I could go to a laundromat to dry out.

That night was an uneventful and I was glad, since I was exhausted.  I awoke very stiff from sleeping on the ground.  I began to think I might be too old for the trip after all.  I decided not to make any decisions while I felt all stiff and sore.  It might pass, I thought.  I boiled water in the electric tea pot for coffee that next morning.  I hadn’t done used the teapot before that morning.  Things had previously conspired against me.  The two cups of coffee make cowboy style, as my dad had called it, when he did it over a campfire in my youth, were the best I ever had.  I decided that as I sat under a tree on my camp space and sipped the not too hot coffee.

For the first time it seemed that I was on the road with nothing to do but ride and look at the passing scenery.  It was wonderful.  It only took me four days to find the peace in the trip.

It was about lunch time when Georgia turned into Alabama.  I found myself outside a small town, concrete block motel from the forties or fifties.  It was still a couple of hours before dark, but I checked in anyway.  

I had promised myself a good dinner and a drink before I enjoyed a good night sleep in a soft bed.  I knew that the motel offered all that without moving the Sprint.

I had seen the restaurant and bar sitting inside the motel parking lot.  I had no idea who ran the restaurant and bar but I doubted it was the same people who ran the pink motel.

“Hello there,” the attractive young waitress asked.  I was surprised by her very warm smile.  Then I realized it was the haircut and I smiled back but not quite the same.  “So what can I get for you honey?” She asked.

“How about I start with a glass of Chablis and a menu.  I am starved,” I said it with a smile.  Trying to stay friendly but not too friendly.  She nodded then disappeared without another word.  

When she returned she had a large wineglass with way too much Chablis.   It was pretty obvious that the place wasn’t an upscale restaurant and bar.  I wasn’t looking for that, so I felt that I was in the right place.

I ordered the sirloin steak with a salad and of all thing french fries.  So much for my constant diet, I thought.  To be honest I had eaten a lot less the last couple of days than I had in years.  Not to mention that now and then I actually pedaled the bike.  So I figured I was okay with an order of french fried potatoes.

When the food came ,the waitress was the same attractive but younger woman.  “Do you need anything else?” she asked with that slightly too warm smile.

“I think I’m fine for now.  I will be having a second glass of wine later,” I suggested.

“Sure, but be careful there are people here who would take advantage of an adventurous woman like you,” she said.

“Now what make you think I’m adventurous?” I asked.

“The motel manager came in a while ago and said you were on a cross country trip alone and on a moped.  I would say that is pretty damn adventurous,” the young woman said.

“More like trying to capture the childhood I never had,” I said smiling.

“You don’t seem childish to me.  I have to go back to work.  I’ll check back with the wine in a bit,” she said as she turned to leave the table.

If I had been home and a manager talked about me to his employees, I would probably be upset.  Then again at home no one would give crap about me.  I am so ordinary when I am there, or maybe I was just too ordinary everywhere, I thought.

The steak was not a fillet, but it was good in it’s own way.  The lettuce for the salad had been cut with a machine to shred it, but I really didn’t mind since it was fresh.  The french fries were to die for.  Cooked in real grease probably in an iron pan.  Whatever they did to them they were wonderful.  Of course it might just have been that I never eat french fries at home.  It might also have been the large amount of wine I was consuming.  Then of all things the waitress put a small bowl of something in front of me along with the second glass of wine.  

“The cook wanted you to taste this.  He would like your opinion,” the waitress informed me.

The small bowl contained banana pudding.  I last had banana pudding when I was living at home before I went away to college. I had never had any as good as the one I tried that night.  “Please quote me when you tell him I said, holy shit that it the best banana pudding I have ever had.”  I said it with a smile.

“He will be glad to hear it.  Benny the cook is my Boyfriend,” she said.

“How nice I guess,” I said.

“You don’t have to look so disappointed,”  She didn’t explain she just walked away.  For one so young she did know how to be mysterious, I thought.

There was a connecting door from the restaurant to the small lounge.  I finished the second glass of wine before I moved to the lounge.  I wasn’t sure if taking the wine from one place to another was permitted, and I didn’t really care since I planned to  have at least one more glass anyway.

I debated sitting at the bar, but decided that I wasn’t really in the mood to be that social.  I was still chaffing a bit from Edward.  I wondered if I really would have shot him.  Probably not, I decided.

I picked up the glass of wine at the bar, then walked to a table in the rear.  I was perfectly happy to sit and watch the crowd. I had a two more glasses before anyone approached me.  “Hi would you like to dance?” the truck driver type asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied.

The first song was fast and we did white people dances to it.  Then the music got slow and romantic and I had him pressed tight against me.  I could feel his erect penis pressed against my belly.  I got weak in the knees quickly.  It had been a long time since I was with a man.  Longer than it should have been for a woman with a husband for sure.  Since I had also been absolutely faithful, it had been a very long time.  The cowboy trucker invited me to his table. Since I had no idea he shared the table and everything else with his brother, I went.  His brother made it obvious what they shared everything.

“So what do you say?” The one I had danced with asked.  I was a little surprised how up front they were.  I thought about it for a minute before I came to my decision.

“You know if you had romanced me a little, like at least told me your names first, I might have gone to bed with you.  Then if your brother walked in on us, I might have gone along.  I just can’t sit here in a bar mildly turned on and agree to that kind of thing.  Sorry, it just isn’t something I’m ready for just yet,” I lifted my wine glass and walked back to my own table.

“Your loss,” I heard the brother say.

“It won’t be the first loss in my life hon, but thanks for reaffirming what I thought,” I said it because I am a smart ass and also since we were in a public place, so I felt safe.

The waitress from the restaurant came in after midnight.  She sat down at my table without an invitation.  “Damn, I hate cleaning the dining room.   I don’t mind running all over hell for the customers, but I hate filling salt shakers after a night like this one.”

“Tough night huh?” I said just to make conversation.

“Yeah, the bartender tells me you met Roy and his brother Ray,” she said with a smile/

“Damn this place is worse than Payton Place,” I said.

“What is Payton Place?” she asked.

“Damn, now I just feel old.  Payton Place was the first gossip novel of my time.  In Payton Place there were no secrets, everyone told everyone else, everything,” I said it with a grin.

“Yeah, it is like that here.  We are our own little world here.  Most of the people who work here live in the motel.  I guess we are all just temporary employees.” she paused a moment then went on,  “I’m Misty by the way.”

“You can call me Dixie, but then you probably know my real name,” I said.

“I do and it ain’t Dixie, but you can be anyone you want here.  We just got so many problems of our own, we don’t go looking for more,” she said.

“Now that sounds like a hell of a good idea,” I replied.  “How old are you Misty about twenty?”

“Nineteen, it’s why I can’t work in here.  I can only work in the restaurant until I’m 21,” she informed me.

“So how old is your chef boyfriend?” I asked.

“He is old, thirty something,” she replied with a smile.  She waited a couple of minutes sipping what should have been a cola drink of some kind.  Then she suggested, “I know  you said no to Roy and Ray, but how about me and Jed?”

“You mean sex with you two?” I asked shocked.

“Sure,” she said.

“Honey, I’m going to be honest with  you.  I haven’t been with another man in over twenty years and I have never been with a woman,” I admitted.

“Yeah, I thought so.  It’s time you did both.”  she paused then asked, “Don’t you think.”

I took a long pull at my wine glass, then as I looked down at the glass I said, “Yes, I guess I do.”

“You don’t mind me being young enough to be your daughter?” she asked.

“I do mind, but isn’t that part of the thrill?” I asked.

“It is for me,” she replied smiling again.  She did have a beautiful smile.

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  1. Larry says:

    Really glad to see you writing again, so happy for you, very nice story so far.

    • cindypress says:

      Thank you Larry. It’s a bit slow but it should give me a chance to write again since it will never be as involved or has so many characters who reappear. I can just do one thing then move on to the next I hope.

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