I had no idea what her motivation might be.  Hell I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it.  I had said no to Roy and Ray because there was no romantic foreplay, or so I had rationalized.  There had been none with Misty either, still I had agreed to have sex with her and her boyfriend.  I realized then that she had called him Benny in the restaurant and Jed in the bar.  I wondered what that was all about, but I didn’t ask.  I decided that I would just call him whatever she did.  Honey would most likely be his name to me.

The tall thin middle eastern looking man came to the table.  It was then that I realized he was most likely Jewish, which would explain the name Benjamin.  Jed was most likely a redneck name he used to make it easier to get along with a lkitchen staff of good old boys.  Everything in life had a rational explanation, if you looked deeply enough.  Even the most heinous crime made sense on some level, even if only to the perpetrator.  

“I invited Dixie back to our place to party,” Misty said to her boyfriend.

“Good I do love a woman my own age.  You children are beautiful, but you get tedious after a while.”  He said it with a great smile to match hers.  He also leaned toward her and kissed her very gently.  It was easy to see that they were in love, how long it would last was anyone’s guess.

I do need to stop by my room for a moment,” I suggested.  I needed to leave Pedro in he room.  In the heat of passion I didn’t want to risk shooting Benny’s Weinny off.

“Sure just don’t change your mind,” Misty said.  She seemed to be the one driving the meeting.

“I promise not to change my mind,” I said honestly.  I was looking forward to the meeting.  Why I didn’t really understand.  I had never even had a kinky thought.  Okay I had them, but I had never expressed one let alone acted on it.  All that aside, I was excited to be on my way to their room.

Unlike my room, I realized that Misty and Benny shared a room with a tiny kitchenette.  The area where my dressing area was located, had been converted to a tiny kitchen.  It had a sink and microwave, with a tiny two burner cook top.  It would be enough for the construction of an egg or cereal, but not a lot more.  Of course Benny had access to the commercial kitchen of the restaurant.  

Just a quick glance had led to all those thoughts.  A quick glance was all I had time for, because once inside the room Misty kissed me.  She kissed me just like my husband kissed me before we made love.  I could remember it, even thought it had been a while.

Misty kissed me like a man, but something was missing.  Even I knew what it was, there was no hard penis pushing against my belly.  I hadn’t realized that I even felt it let alone how large a part of the whole experience it was.  When she was replaced by Benny, it was all there.  It was also erotic to  have have gone from one to the other.  Also while I kissed Benny, Misty had gone behind my and reach around me.  Her hands covered my breasts as Benny’s tongue filled my mouth.  It was hugely erotic.  I gasped and they both heard it.  I’m sure it spurred them on to even more action.

For the first time in my life, I could feel a slippery sensation between my thighs as my body moved without a conscious thought from me.  It was the most amazing feeling.  When the kiss broke, I was gasping for air.  I was light headed from the lack of oxygen, I think.  

I can’t even remember how I got to the bed.  I can remember Misty whispering in my ear.  “Remove your top honey,” she said.

I crossed my arms and raised the Tee over my head.  When it came away. I was left standing there in my soft cloth brassiere.  I didn’t feel any shame at all.  I was far past any feeling except lust.  I watched Misty and Benny kissing and felt my temperature rise even higher.  She was young and very attractive but even more she was so excited.  It was hard for me to believe that she was only nineteen.  She obviously knew more than I did, but far from being embarrassed, I wanted to learn it all.

T removed my bra and cut off jeans.  I stood in my panties watching the two of them undress each other.  It was almost a dance it seemed so graceful.  I watched Benny take Misty’s nipple into his mouth and nurse on her like a baby would.  Misty moaned and pulled his head even tighter to her breast.  I removed my panties for easier access to my clit.

She looked into my eyes and said, “Help me.”

“How?” I asked in a voice even I didn’t recognize.

“Touch me like you are touching yourself” Misty moaned.

I put my hand between her legs and found her soaked.  My finger became lubricated without me doing anything.  I opened the hood over her clit,  Then I began to massage it gently.  I did it the way I liked to have it done.  I was rewarded by her hips pumping against my hand.  Her movements made me even more anxious to please her.

There I was rubbing a nineteen year old’s clit and feeling an overpowering need to make her happy.  Okay, my urge was to have her cum till her muscles ached. 

Benny moved from sucking on Misty’s nipple to sucking on mine.  My breasts were smaller but I was just as responsive as Misty had been.  I wanted to moan even louder it felt so good.  Then he pushed me onto the bed and lay beside me to suck on my nipple.  I felt soft hands spread my legs.  While Benny sucked on my nipple I felt a rough tongue massage my clit.  Just the thought of who was licking my clit made me explode into an orgasm.  I wanted to her to stop for about a minute, then I felt the pressure start to build again.  

I found myself begging Misty to stop but she ignored me.  I began to orgasm and it just kept going and going.  When the pressure dissipated, it began to climb again immediately.  I thought I was going to lose my mind before they gave me a break.

She stopped just long enough for Benny to move so that his penis was beside my face.  I opened my mouth to capture it just as Misty slipper her tongue inside me.  I was lost in the sensation.  So lost that Benny had to force my mouth down onto his cock.  

“God yes suck my cock,” he said gently.  I loved hearing him say it.  I realized that I was doing just what they wanted.  I found to my surprise  that I was pleased with myself.

It didn’t take long until I felt Benny’s cum in my mouth.  I had never been so anxious for that feeling before.  That night I could hardly wait it was so exhilarating to have that thick herbal taste in my mouth.  Not to mention the gritty feeling as it covered my teeth an tongue.  It was a nasty feeling and I reveled in it.  It wasn’t me doing all those things it was someone else but I liked her as well as I did myself.

Suddenly the sensations of Misty at my pussy was interrupted for s few second then the feelings began again.  It felt different but just as erotic.  Then I felt Misty lower herself over my face.  I had never had anyone sit on my face before, but there she was.  All I could do was kiss and lick her just as she had done for me.  I was going crazy so I ignored Benny and concentrated on what I was doing to Misty.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything after a few minutes with her covering my mouth.  The taste was familiar sure, but it was overwhelming in so large an amount.  I couldn’t orgasm I had done it so much that evening but I could roll with Misty as she did.  The emotional release was almost as good as the feeling of the giant orgasms the two of them had provided for me.  

When Misty finally stopped rocking her hips, I closed my eyes and rested.  “God that is one hot bitch,” Benny said.  I was smiling inside at the description.  No one had ever said that about me before.  I probably shouldn’t have been a source of pride, but it was nonetheless.

“Can I pick them or what?” Misty asked.

“You can definitely pick them,” Benny agreed.

“Do you think she will stay with us,” Misty asked.

“You will have to ask her that.  Are you sure she hasn’t done this before?” he asked.

“I’m sure that she is a tight ass bitch,” Misty said.

“You mean was a tight ass bitch,” he said.

“Yeah was, so you gonna fuck her or what?” Misty asked.

“Of course I am, just as soon as she comes around again,” Benny replied.

“Not to mention, you need to time to recover,” Misty said.

“Okay, I’m a guy it is a little harder for us to get off the second time,” Benny said.  “It takes longer and I have to work at it, but the ladies all love it.”

“I better be there when the ladies love it,” Misty said playfully.

I opened my eyes to see Misty slip to her knees.  She took Benny’s cock into her mouth and sucked on it.  “You know I love when you suck my dick,” Benny said.

He noticed that my eyes were open.  “Enough, our bitch is back in the world again.  Come  here bitch and get on your hands and knees.  I’m gonna fuck you like the bitch you are.”

I had absolutely not problem getting on my hands and knees for him.  He moved me to a chair so that Misty could sit with my face between her legs while he fucked me.  Yes I was thinking just like that.  All the classy rich white chick shit was gone.  I was just an animal being fucked.  Not to mention that my face was covered with Misty’s pussy lubricants.  The smell of her body was overpowering.  When I orgasmed that last time I felt my body try to rip itself apart.  Benny got as stiff as a board then he moaned louder than he had before.  I knew that he had filled me with his sperm.  For no reason at all I began to cry.

I was a total wreck all the way back to my own unit.  They had asked me to spend the night, but I couldn’t.  I just had to get away.  I couldn’t face them again especially after I had embarrassed myself by crying like a baby.  I just wanted to get away.  Plus I had no idea that I was capable of what I had done, so I had no idea of what else I was capable.  I needed to get away and think.

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5 Responses to Trippin5

  1. Bob says:

    Great story telling. Almost felt like I was there.

    • cindypress says:

      Thank you so much. I try to write like it is happening in front of me. To be honest I get the physical reactions I write about while Im writing sometimes.

  2. jack says:

    Wow great action there, hmmm Love it . Thanks

  3. KO says:

    Just getting back to these stories and this, as all of them , was VERY enjoyable. It’s great to have you giving of yourself for our pleasure! Hmmmmmm, I think I recently read something just like that!! 😎
    Keep up the wonderful work!!

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