trippin 8

The next morning it was a really bad breakfast burrito from the microwave oven of a convenience store.  I left the convenience store with the Tomos Gassed up as well as my body.  

I headed for Austin but it was too far to make in one day.  Especially on the light in the ass Tomos.  Even though the speeds were terrible, I had to admit that the lightweight bike was doing very well at holding together.  I road the flat Texas roads all day, there were plenty of potholes but not a lot of engine strain.  The land was beautiful for a while,  but then the sameness of it got very boring.

When I pulled into Brenham after 5PM, I decided to stop.  I could have made a few more miles but didn’t want to risk it.  If there was anything between Brenham an Austin it just wasn’t in the gps app I used on my smart phone.  I did not want to get caught in the middle of nowhere, when it got dark.

I was surprised by the number of campgrounds the waitress recommended to me.  One of them even had a laundromat.  It however had only RV spaces.  I did find one with tent spaces which suited me better.  I pulled my little trailer to it and settled in well before dark.  

“Hi there,” I love your bike.  My son wanted to take a look will that be okay?” the woman asked.

“Absolutely, though there isn’t much to see,” I admitted.

“So where are you from?” the preteen boy asked.

“I’m from North Carolina,” I replied.

“Is that far?” he asked.

“The way I have been traveling it’s pretty much over a thousand miles,” I suggested.

“Wow,” the boy’s mom said.  “How long have you been on the road?”

“Well it’s been almost ten days but it seems longer.  I could have done the same distance easily in two days in a car.” I admitted.

“I bet you have some great stories,” the boy said.

“Actually it’s been mostly about the people and the things I have seen.  I saw ten shrimp boats leaving the dock at sunrise in Gulfport Ms.  That was a pretty awesome sight. Then a day or two later I saw an old man on a rusty tractor plowing a field.  He was so damn beautiful, I wanted to cry,” I said.  I could tell by looking that I had charmed not only the boy but his mother as well.

“My dad loved motorcycles,” the boy said.

“Well, that isn’t really a motorcycle.  It more a bicycle for lazy people,” I admitted.  “One thing it has done though is make me lose weight.  You really can’t snack while you are riding.”  I laughed as I said it.  The woman was really impressed.

“My dad was a soldier, he was killed in Iraq,” the boy said.

“I am so sorry, I am sure that he loved you guys very much,” I said.

“He won a medal over there,” he went on.

“I bet you are very proud of him.  If you were a little older, I would let you ride the bike.”  I looked at the mom who shook her head telling me to stop encouraging him.

“That would be awesome,” he said.

“Do you have children,” the younger woman asked.

“I have a son and daughter.  They are both in college now.  They are probably home for the summer about now.  I really do miss them.  I send them an Email everyday.”  I was a little sad and also ready for the mother and son to leave, so I could answer my messages.  “As a matter of fact, I should be doing that now.”

“Well, we should go fix dinner.  If you don’t have plans you could stop by in an hour and have dinner with us.  It won’t be much, but there will be plenty to go around.” the woman said.

“Please do,” the boy added

“I’ll see you in an hour.  How will I find you?” I asked.

“I’ll come get you Dixie, I know the way.” he was all proud that he could find me again.

“Fair enough,” I replied.  I wrote the kids emails, then I checked messages.  I found that I had a voice message from the detective.  

“Just wanted to let you know I talked to the DA.  They are not going to charge you with anything.  He might want you to come back and testify against the others.  I know you can’t recognize any of them, but you could give the case a different feel.  It wouldn’t be just one drug gang shooting another drug gang, if you testify.  Give it some thought.  Call me about your pistol in a week or so.”  Then the message just ended.

I needed nowhere near the full hour to send messages.  Once I had finished, I just sat with my back to one of the trees on my camp space.  That’s why I liked the primitive or tent spaces.  They hadn’t been scraped flat for a trailer or bus to pull through.  I sat on the ground in my jeans with so much dirt ground into them that washing had very little effect.  Somehow for the first time in my life, I just didn’t care.

“So I never did ask your name,” I said to the youngster who came to show me the way to dinner,

“Jed,” he said.  “My dad said I was named for a great mountain man, Jedediah Smith.  My last name is Smith as well.”

“Well Mister Jedediah Smith, will you be my dinner date for tonight?” I asked seriously.

“Of course, you are kind of an explorer.” he said.

“Well maybe a little bit of an adventurer,” I suggested.

The Smith trailer was a small one.  It looked to have been custom made rather than out of a factory somewhere.  “I really like this trailer,” I said.  If I ever do this again, I might get something like this and a big old dodge pickup.” I suggested to Jed’s mother.

“My husband built this.  I guess he really converted it from a lineman trailer the army sold as surplus.  He turned it into a camper for us.  He really wanted Jed to learn about the outdoors,” she said tearing up.

“He sounds like one hell of a man,” I suggested.

“Oh he was,” she agreed.

“Well, I got so excited to have him for a dinner date that I forgot to ask Jed your name.” I admitted.

“Lucille, but folks call me Lucy,” the average height and weight woman informed me.  She wasn’t beautiful, and she wasn’t really plain,  She was more just average all over.  Not someone who would stand out in the mall, but definitely someone who would be hit on in a bar.

“Well Lucy, it’s great to have dinner with you two,” I said.

“We are excited to  have you.  I never met a woman with so many things going on at once,” Lucy said.  

Lucy had wine with her dinner, but I had cola.  Dinner was a pinto bean dish with ground beef, onions, and cheese.  I have no idea to this day what it is called, but served with the flat bread, it was delicious.  Jed and I chatted over dinner about his school and sports.  Lucy just sat smiling.  She was also getting a little high on the wine.  I didn’t mind.

“Jed do you like movies?” I asked.

“Sure everybody likes movies,” he said.

“Well they have WiFi here and I have an online movie service on my smart phone.  Have you ever seen a movie on a tiny little screen?” I asked.

“No, can I watch a Harry Potter movie?” he asked.

“If it’s okay with your mom, and you can find one on the service, be my guest,” I said.  Fifteen minutes later he was sitting on the small sofa watching something with wizards and other weird things.

Lucy and I talked about raising kids.  We also talked about being on our own.  She talked about how hard it was for her, but how much easier it would be for me with grown kids.  She told me that she would like to remarry, but dates were scarce with a child Jed’s age.  Not to mention that no man would be able to live up to his dad.

“I can understand that. It always amazes me that when people die they instantly achieve sainthood status.”  I realized how that sounded and quickly tried to cover my ass. “Of course I don’t know anything about your situation, I am just talking about people I come into contact with.”

“Oh I know and you are right.  Jed thinks his dad was a saint, but his dad slapped me around some.  So he wasn’t a saint at all.  Maybe someday I will tell him about those bruises I had when he was a toddler,” Lucy suggested.

“That’s up to you,” I suggested.

“Would you like to sleep here tonight?  It would be more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.”  Lucy was very shy about asking.  “The sofa was built for Jed and he will sleep there regardless.  The bed, we would share, is a 3/4 size so there is room.”

“To be honest Lucy, I had my first bisexual experience a few nights ago and I haven’t really worked that out in my head yet.  Have you ever tried it?” I asked.

“Just once and not oral or anything.  We just cuddled and touched each other,” she said.  “Could we just cuddle then?” 

“Actually I was going to say I’m a little loud and Jed might hear,” I smiled at her.

“Then I will have to stuff something into your mouth won’t I?” she asked.

“I certainly hope so,” I said smiling.  By the time Jed got to bed and sound asleep. I was just as exhausted as he was.  I didn’t really care if Lucy and I held each other or tasted each other.  I was ready to get it over with, so I could just fall asleep.

Lucy and I moved to the bed at the very back of the trailer.  I slipped off my nasty jeans then moved onto the bed in my tank top and panties.  I was under the covers when Lucy joined me.  I didn’t kiss her instead I just hugged her.  It felt nice to feel a warm body against mine even if the body did have boobs.

“God I love the way you smell,” I said inhaling her flowery smell.

“I love your smell as well, it is so earthy.” Lucy commented.

“That’s the smell of a woman who needs a shower,” I said.

“Whatever else it is, it is a turn on,” Lucy whispered.

I should have been the aggressor, since I was older and came fresh from my experience with Misty.  It wasn’t that way at all.  Lucy had my top off and one of my smaller breasts in her mouth almost immediately.  In response to my first gentle moan, Lucy forced her thumb into my mouth.

I instinctively began to nurse on her thumb.  Her response was to bite down on my nipple.  That caused a daisy chain effect, as I nursed harder on her thumb.  I felt her begin to stroke the inside of my mouth with her thumb as she switched to the unused breast.

I was more than a little surprised when she sat up, then moved to lower her well lubricated vagina onto my mouth.  I had no choice but to lick and suck on  her.  I felt her lean forward but not to apply her mouth to me but to reach for me with her fingers.

First she massaged my clit until I was on the verge of orgasm, then she forced her thumb into my aching pussy.  When I got hot I changed how I thought of my body.  I also felt that Lucy might smother me with her pussy, but I didn’t care.

She fingered me to orgasm after orgasm.  I worked her pussy with no real pattern or organization.  She was working her pussy hard over my mouth fighting for her own orgasm.  When she came she filled my mouth with her lubricating fluids.  I had heard of women who squirt like a man but I had never known one.  Why would I, they were rare and I had been with only one other woman.  

I came several times but she came only once.  When she did cum it was huge and she was instantly ashamed and exhausted.  I am not sure which was worse, but she fell instantly asleep.

I awoke early and slipped out of the trailer.  I took a shower and was dressed for the road by the time the sun came up.  I didn’t even say goodbye to Lucy or Jed.  I was sorry I didn’t say goodbye to Jed, Lucy not so much.

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  1. jack says:

    Another good chapter ,, thanks

  2. Bob says:

    Excellent. Thanks. Sounds more like Maxine all the time.

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