trippin 10

“Look this trip is my last big adventure.  I have aids and I start treatment when I get to California.  With your life style, Aids is a death sentence.  I really don’t want to spread this, but if you insist, I can’t think of anyone more deserving.” I said it with a nasty smile.

“You are a lying bitch,” the chubby one said.

“Whatever,” I said giving them my best, I don’t give a shit look.  It was my last non violent move.  After that it was going to be getting raped or at least one of them get a jolt of couple of million volts.  I could try a second shot on the other one, if I got the chance.  Without the element of surprise, it was more likely to get my head bashed.

I figured I had two choices neither seemed to be promising,  I could go along and try to enjoy it, or I could resist.  To resist I needed to disable one of them, before I used the stun gun on the other one.  The second plan still left me with having to get away before they came around.  Not a realistic plan since disabling them was pretty unlikely, and the idea of getting away on a moped was just plain ludicrous.  I could not believe how clinical my thinking was, I was terrified all those years as a sleazy lawyer kept me from losing it completely.

“The blow job on the side of the road is out of the question.  Trust me, I’m in no mood to be cooperative.  Do you want a passing motorist to see you forcing me.  Everybody has a cell phone with 911 on speed dial.  We are all on motor bikes this is a really bad idea logistically.”  I said it hoping logic would prevail.  I didn’t have a lot of hope that it would, but who knew.

“How about I just kill you and move on down the road,” the heavy one said showing me his knife.

“There are two of you and you are bigger, but I have no idea why you would want to go to prison, or worse for the thrill of killing an old lady.”  I was fighting hard not to show how terrified I was.  I had studied enough victims to know that weakness emboldens a killer.  Of course defiance also got people killed.  In that case it was the ‘Oh yeah, take this bitch’ mentality that got you killed.  All in all it was just a throw of the dice as to how one should act when confronted with a possible violent situation.

That was all very philosophical but it didn’t prepare me for what happened next.  Not that I’m quite sure what happened.  I know the heavier one walked the couple of steps to me.  Then the lights just went out.  I didn’t feel anything and didn’t have a clue that it was coming.  Time just stopped for me.

The next thing I remember I was waking up in some tall grass.  The Tomos was parked near me and so were the two motorcycles.  I had a head ache that was a pure mother.  My guess was that the heavier one of the bikers hit me with his fist.  Probably hard enough to shake my brain and cause unconsciousness.

“See I told you she would come around,” the heavy said to the light in the ass one.

“Yeah, how you feeling Liz?” the light one asked.

It took me a second to realize he was talking to me.  “To be honest I have felt better.”

Being a defense attorney, I had interviewed lots of criminal teams.  There was always a leader. Usually it was an alfa male type, unless it was two women.  I had decided that my odds were about be same whether I fought them or not.  That being the case, it was my intention to make sure that chubby biker knew he had been in a fight.

He came to me holding a hunting knife.  “Now little lady me and  you are going to party,” he said menacingly.

“Well I have always told me daughter, if it is give it up, or get hurt, then just lay back and try to enjoy it.  How about I take my clothes off, so I don’t get them messed up?” I suggested.

“Sure strip for me baby,” he said.

I removed my top and he put the knife away so that he could put his hands on my small breasts.  It was then that I pulled the flashlight stun gun from my belt.  I stuck into his neck where I knew it would be a clean hit.  I didn’t feel a thing but he went into a jerky dance, then fell down.

My daddy always said when in doubt attack.  I ran toward the skinny one with the stun gun leading my way.  I should not have had the element of surprise, but thin guy was slow to process what he had seen.  His first reaction was to get away from the attack.  He jumped on his bike and took off.  I had a pretty good Idea that the heavy set one was not going to be happy when he came to.

The next thing I did was to take his knife.  He should be glad that it was me instead of my dad.  I could hear my dad now saying, ‘You get the bastard down and got the chance, then you gut him like a fish.  If you can use his own knife, that is even better.

I took his knife alright and I used it to cut the spark plug wires on his two cylinder bike.  Just to add to his misery, I removed a water bottle from the Tomos and emptied it into his gas tank.  He was not going to be a happy camper at all.

I had a chance to take off while he was still shaking his head.  But instead I walked over while he was groggy and hit him with the stun gun again.  He didn’t shake as violently as before but he did some to lose it all over again, so that’s when I hopped on the Tomos and road away.  I could have tossed the knife on the ground, as I roared away at about fifteen miles an hour.  Instead I kept it as a souvenir.

Next time I went to see my dad, I would have to tell him about it.  I would give the knife to him, but they frown on that in the state penitentiary.  Yeah I became a lawyer because my dad was in prison.  Deep down I probably thought I could do something to get him out.

Of course, I was sure that when I told him about it, he would say “You should have gone along, or cut his heart out.  Those are the only two things that make any sense in a case like that.”

I rode the little Tomos harder than I ever had.  I knew I had to get away from that area.  I toyed with the idea of changing directions, but decided not to bother.  I spent the night in a motel near Kerryville.   I stayed where I had a door just in case.  I also charged the stun gun.  It probably wouldn’t do me any good against the biker, since he knew I had it.  However the world is full of his type.  I should know, a bunch of them were clients of mine, my husband, or my father in law.

I sent the nightly emails, but didn’t mention the bikers.  I played it just as my dad had after he killed the child molester, who had moved into our neighborhood.  My husband would have had him arrested, if it had been Cindy, but it was me at 13.  So my daddy, did what he did.  He castrated my molester, then sat calmly watching him bleed to death.  The prosecutor called it the most vicious act of murder he had ever seen.  My dad took the verdict without ever giving a reason for his actions.  He did it so that I wouldn’t have to testify in open court.

I turned the knife over in my hands thinking of daddy.  Trust me, he was no saint.  He was a bad man long before I got molested.  The man who did it, should have asked around before forcing me to give him my first blow job.

I spent the next three days on the back roads of Texas pushing the Tomos and looking over my shoulder.  I was terrified the day I ran away and to the Motel outside Kerryville.  Over the next three days the terror was diluted by time.  I pretty much forgot the two bikers by the time I got to New Mexico.  However, I was sure they had not forgotten me. By the time I crossed into New Mexico I had been on the road. just over three weeks.  I was sore and just plain worn out.  I flirted with the Idea of going to Las Vegas and take a week off just to hang out in the casinos.  In the end I just took a day off to sleep in a nice bed in a town called Lordsburg or something similar.

The food at the local diner was a bit spicy for my taste, but once I got over my reluctance to ask for special orders, it was delicious.

It was my second night in Lordsburg that I met Marvin Tatum.  Marvin helped me explain to a waitress that I didn’t want it even a little spicy.  I wanted my chili bland.

“Thank you sir, I know that it sacrilegious, but I just can’t handle another night in the bathroom,” I laughed when I said it.

“It is a bit out of the ordinary, but I expect you aren’t the first to ask for it that way.” he said.  “I’m Marvin, I own a ranch outside of town a few miles.”

“What do you raise on your ranch?” I asked hoping that he wouldn’t misinterpret my curiosity.  I really didn’t care all that much what he raised.

“Last couple of years mostly we been raising even more debt.  But when we ain’t missing payments, we raise Goats.” he said smiling.

“I never met anyone who admitted raising goats,” I said honestly.

“I see you have a bike helmet, is that your moped out side?” he asked after giving me a second to think I had angered  him.

“Yes sir, that is t my set of wheels,” I admitted.

“Well, there are a lot of them around here these days, so you won’t be lonesome for people to ride with you.” he said.

“Oh I’m just passing through.  On my way to California, I am,” I replied light heartedly.

Chili and beer seemed the right combination,  After four beers I decided that it had been long enough since the Texas bikers.  I almost invited Marvin back to my room, but he invited me to his range before I had the chance.

“You do know I’m a little older than you,” he suggested.

“I do indeed.  Is there anything significant about that?” I asked thinking that since he was twenty years older at least, he might need a few minutes with the pill bottle.

“Nothing I can’t handle with a little help from you,” he said with a grin.

“Then I think we are going to be just fine.” I admitted.

In the parking lot Marvin kissed me passionately and I helped him crank it up a bit.  I sucked on his tongue while he kissed me.  He liked that for sure.

I locked the Tomos to a post outside my motel room.  I also left the light on in the room.  Then I climbed into the front seat of Marvin’s oversize pickup truck.  Yes there was a back seat and a full sized pickup bed.  It was one of those things that require two parking spaces, but they have to be end to end not side by side.

There was a lot of touching as he drove through the night.  I have to admit I did love that kind of thing.  It was my first time with the night breeze blowing through the windows, my jeans open and Marvin’s hand in my panties.  It was all quite exciting and somehow comforting.

“God that feels so good,” I said.

“Then why don’t you do the same thing for me?” he asked.

“Because I’m a selfish bitch.” I said bending to open his belt and the button of his faded jeans.  I had the zipper open and my hand inside his shorts.  His cock was flaccid but still damp.  “Oh do we need a little extra help there?” I asked.

“Just a little,” He replied.

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6 Responses to trippin 10

  1. bigguy323 says:

    It would have been easy to buy another gun while in Texas.

  2. cindypress says:

    but,,, but,,, but…the lawyer bitch needs to get in touch with her butch side. Besides she probably feels bad about killing her first man.

  3. dk says:

    Enjoying the story but shouldn’t the title be Trippin’ ?

  4. dk says:

    I mean on SOL.

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