trippin 11

You don’t have to tell me, I know how dangerous it is to suck the cock of a man driving a huge pickup truck.  I really just meant to kiss it.  Strictly as an experiment.  I wanted to see if that would make his cock hard.  When it didn’t, I moved on to the real thing.  It still did not get rock hard, more like a roll of summer sausage, sort of flexible though firm.  He definitely wasn’t going to get it into me, unless it was harder.  I was still a bit tight from the fact Jeff and I hadn’t had sex in many months and not often at that.

I wasn’t virgin tight of course, but I was tight enough so that it was going to difficult for a simi hard cock to work it’s way inside.  I had a feeling that Marvin had a plan.  It was just a matter of time before I knew the details of the plan.

I followed Marvin into the small frame house.  It was quite clean and well organized.  He obviously had done something else before becoming a goat herder.  Military or cop maybe, I had to know/

“So Marvin, what did you do before goat herding?” I asked.

“Twenty five years as a Las Vegas Firefighter,” he explained.

“This has to be a big change from that,” I suggested spreading my arms.

“Not so much inside here.  I’m afraid it looks a little like a fire station.  You know austere.  I bought a one story house so I wouldn’t be tempted to add a brass fire pole,” he was smiling.

“And where to you keep the goats?” I asked.

“During the day I either turn them loose in the fields or I take them to work.  My goats eat grass and clear brush for cities and industries.  It is much more environmentally friendly to have them eat the brush than to have someone running a chainsaw.  At night I bring them to the shelters.  We have very little bad weather here, so they sleep under sheds just to get them out of any rain we might have.  It seems to make them feel safe as well.

“So if I decide to raise goats, I know enough now to get started,” I said.

“You were just asking to be nice, you really don’t care about goats?” he asked.

“Sure I do they are cute, but I don’t need all the details I think,” I said.

“I think you should go back to what you do best,” he said smiling.  As he stood smiling he also unzipped his trousers.  I moved to stand in front of him.  Then I lowered myself to my knees and I took his much less than hard penis in my mouth.  I sucked it, then removed it so that I could lick it.  I was totally lost in his only marginally erect penis.  There was something hypnotic about the failing effort to make it hard enough to screw.

“That’s right baby, stay with it,” Marvin demanded.  “You just make love to my dick till the pill kicks in.  When it gets hard, I’m going to fuck you like you never been fucked before.”  Considering how conservative Marvin had seemed in the restaurant, it appeared that my work on his cock was having a positive effect.

As I sucked, it finally began to come to life.  It must have been fifteen minutes or more that I worked on it.  Then like magic it began getting hard and moving.  I was surprised by how proud I was of myself.  

“God you, you are such a beautiful cock sucker,” Marvin said to me.  He pushed my mouth off his cock, then moved me to the sofa.  He spread my legs, so that he could work his recently hard cock into me.  I was more than ready for  him and cooperated completely.  

I had lubricated and had dilated while I sucked his cock.  It was easy for him to start his cock into me.  It was a bit thicker than the average size penis.  At least the ones I had previously felt inside me.  There was a little pain involved, but not enough to stop me from responding.  I felt his cock bull it’s way inside me.  The farther and fast he screwed me the higher I climbed.  Before I could stop it I came hard and long.  

I thrilled at his cock still moving hard and fast inside me.  I realized that he was having difficulty reaching orgasm.  I should have felt bad for him, but I didn’t.  I just loved the feel of his cock in me. I couldn’t get enough of it bludgeoning me.  Some of it was a celebration of being alive, I’m sure.  Whatever the reason it was a thrill beyond good sex, it was the best sex I ever had, or I thought at that moment.

It wasn’t until  he pulled out then flipped my droopy ass over, that I even tried to resist.  I knew what was coming and I begged, “Please Marvin don’t do this.”

“Shut up bitch, you are going to love it,” he said.

I knew it was more about him.  He was looking for something to push him over the edge.  Obviously he thought my ass was the cure.  I knew that it was going to hurt like hell and it was going to feel weird long after he removed  his penis from my ass.  Still I was willing to go along.  It would not have been my first choice, but it was something I could live with.

Sure enough there was pain, when he entered me.  Even though he tried to lubricate me with my vaginal lube, it was not enough.  It hurt like hell going in.  It also hurt when he began to stroke me.  He went slowly and somewhere along the way the pain was masked by other sensations.  I admit that it turned me on, the  really nasty feeling, even knowing what we were doing could get us imprisoned in some countries was a turn on.

When Marvin finally came in me it was a relief.  I know sex is supposed to be great fun and it was mostly.  However some of it was just plain painful.  When it was over, my ass felt like it was on fire.  i also knew that tomorrow I would feel as though I had to defecate all day long.  I hated that feeling as much as the pain that I would feel.  Even worse than both of those, I would hate that those same feeling kept me turned on all day.  

Marvin took me to breakfast and the prick smiled as I squirmed trying to find a position which didn’t cause me at least a mild pain.  I wondered how his over easy eggs would taste after 2 million volts.  I said nothing but I could imagine zapping his ass.  

In the end he drove me back to the motel. I had planned to leave New Mexico in my rear view that day. I decided to spend the day close to a toilet instead.  It was not my best day, but I did catch up with my kids.  Well at least Cindy who was hanging out around the house and bitching about how boring it was with her father at work all day.  He had actually hired a housekeeper/nanny for the two of them.  

Cindy and I both found that humorous in the extreme.  The kids probably needed the housekeeper, but they didn’t need a nanny.  What he really hired was a spy, who could mop the floor.

“You know the housekeeper is probably some addict working off the balance of her account,” I suggested.

“Eww,” was Cindy’s answer.  

I also spent the day ignoring Marvin.  He called me several times, but I didn’t pick up.  He had served his purpose.  I also found him a bit too enthusiastic.  I had a string of rough lovers recently, and no idea why all of a sudden I looked like a victim to them.

The evening ended early for me.  I was in bed by 11PM.  I managed to get a good night’s sleep for a change.  The next morning I still had a pain in my ass and the desire to use the toilet, but I took an Aleve and and aspirin before I left the room,  Breakfast was two eggs with bacon and toast at a chrome and glass chain restaurant near a major highway.  After the good meal I headed off on atop  the Tomos. I also squirmed but knew I would not be going far.  Just a few back roads to clear the populated area.

I made it only as far as San Simon Arizona before my ass was just too uncomfortable to continue.  It was only 3PM, but I called it a day.  I realized that I probably should celebrate.  I had been on the road three weeks exactly.  I decided to check into a motel again.  Since I had been doing well on my expenses, even though I didn’t really have to economize, I felt no guilt in a third night sleeping on a real bed.

I was even feeling well enough to think about sex.  Not well enough to do anything, just well enough to think about it.  Since the pain was in my ass, I was able to massage my clit and slipped fingers inside myself until I came, like the good girl I had become.  I did it while remembering  the sex with Marvin.  He hurt me, but there had been lots of orgasms before and even a couple while he pounded my ass.  I did not want a repeat by any means, but that didn’t change the fact that I cum harder than ever.

I fell asleep exhausted after my little bit of self indulgence.  Finally when I awoke the next morning, I felt like myself again.  I had a strong breakfast, then I hit the open road.  The GPS guided me along the back roads to the outskirts of Tucson before I found a suitable camp space.  I rolled out my sleeping cloth then settled in for the night.  

I did my messages while laying on top of my bed.  The message I got was that the police department, which held my pistol, had mailed it to the local police department back home.  A detective Gregg Morris would be holding if for me.  I knew who Morris was alright. I had faced him at trial more than once.  I was sure that he would be thrilled to hold the pistol, just so he could comment on me needing a lawyer.  I didn’t of course, but he would pick on me anyway.  It’s what cops do to defense lawyers in expensive suits.  Yes I did wear a fancy tailored suit to trial.

I rode through Tucson the next morning and was back on the road.  I spent most of the day on the back roads of Arizona from Tucson to a campground several miles west of Casa Grande.  I checked in and found a site to my liking.  It was a state run campsite, so it was pretty minimal.  That fact suited me just fine, I didn’t need many services.  A place to shower and a warm dry place to try to crap.  I was not having real good luck with the later those last couple of days, but I expected it to end that night.

I was tired and expected to sleep really well.  I probably would have, if it had not been for the kids in the site a few yards from me.  “Hey there, I’m Mike.  a bunch of us from the University of Arizona are camping up the road a little way,  You know celebrating the end of term.”

“Hello Mike, you can call me Dixie.  So how long are you guys planning to stay up drinking and hell raising?” I asked.

“A while longer, that’s why I came to invite you to the party.” he commented.

I knew that I might as well go, since their noise was going to keep me awake anyway.  “Sure why not, let me get my things and I’ll be up in a minute,” I said.  My things consisted of a bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey and a large bottle of water.  I sure hoped that they had Ice.  

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