trippin 12

I danced, I drank, and did some mild flirting with the eight college boys.  It was quite an experience.  The road trip was all about new experiences.  Having that many boys all hot for my body was a really nice one.  I knew that it was a combination of alcohol and being the only female at the party that did it even so it was flattering.  I got back to my campsite after midnight.  The bedroll was hard, but I had gotten used to that.  It was also empty as hell, which I should have gotten used to by that time. but hadn’t.

I had felt hands on my still sensitive ass while I danced with the boys.  I was surprised that the feelings had been pleasurable.  I should have been upset that I could still feel the pain and the internal pressures.

Their timing could not have been better or worse depending on whose point of view you viewed it from.  I was masturbating in my bedroll, when the two boys showed up.  My cut off jeans were beside the bedroll which left me in only my tee and panties.

I didn’t need any threats or persuasion to allow them access to my body.  One of the boys just pulled back the top cover of my bedroll.  “God you are beautiful for an old lady,” he said.  He was smiling, it was pretty dark, but I could tell from his voice.  I doubted that he could tell I was well on my way to an orgasm, so he was likely apprehensive about being at my side looking down at me.

“I could tell while we danced that you wanted this,” he said.  I couldn’t see but I just knew he was holding himself as he spoke.  The second one said nothing.  The boy who was doing all the talking reached down and pulled off my already wet panties.  I couldn’t have done much to stop him, even if I had wanted to do something.  I might have found the stun gun, but it was unlikely that I could have found it in time.  To be honest I didn’t mind his hands on me.  I didn’t mind his hard cock working its way into me even without foreplay.  I didn’t need it since my mind and body was ready.  I also didn’t mind, when after a few strokes he pulled out and turned me so that he could put me in the K9 position.  I should have been upset, when I felt the wet cock on my lips.  Instead of pulling away in disgust, I opened my mouth to it.  

I was taking cock in my vagina from the first one and a cock in my mouth from the quiet one.  I loved the feeling of the cock inside me and I sucked  hungrily the one in my mouth.  The one in my mouth required that I think at least a little.  That slowed down my orgasm from the one inside me.  I continued to work at it even though the one behind me stiffened and emptied his sperm into me.  I continued to suck on the boy in my mouth.  I had yet to orgasm.  

I was about to reach for my clit when I felt the boy in my vagina remove his wilting cock.  I wanted to cry but it was quickly replaced by a hard cock.  He had either revived in a second, or some other kid had joined the party.  I didn’t care, I just needed the release.  At that moment I would have settled for my own finger on  my clit to do it.  But it was glorious to feel cocks in my vagina and my mouth.

“I’m going to cum bitch, you better not pull away,” the boy in front of me said.  For some reason when my mouth filled with his warm cum the feelings in side me just went wild.  I exploded with a mind blowing orgasm.

“Oh shit, I am going to cum in your pussy,” the one behind me said as I rolled on with orgasm after orgasm fogging my mind completely.  I felt the one behind me stiffen then relax.  When he did, I fell forward,

I felt someone cover me with my bedroll.  The next thing I remember was an unpleasant sensation on my face.  I realized that it was morning and that it was also misting rain.  It hadn’t been misting too long since the concrete drive was barely covered.  I forced myself from my sleep induced stupor long enough to slip into my panties and jeans.  Then I slipped into my leather moccasins.   I managed to quickly determine what I needed to do.  There was a picnic shelter with two full sized picnic table about twenty five yards away.  I quickly rolled the bedroll up then move everything to the trailer, which was still attached to the Tomos.  I rolled the Sprint the several yards downhill to the shelter.  I managed to get everything between the two tables.

I found that the shelter had electricity so I made coffee.  The coffee and my emergency rations of Nekot crackers was my breakfast.  It looked as though it had set in to rain for a while.  I had read that Arizona was a very dry state so I was more than a little surprised.  Not to mention pissed at myself for not checking the weather before I checked into a campground rather than a motel.  

Still the experience of the night before might be worth a little discomfort.  I sat on the table sipping my coffee while I pulled up the local weather on my smart phone.  It appeared that it was going to rain all day but be clear and hot the next day.  So I was going to spend the day in a picnic shelter it appeared.

Fortunately I had seen a camp store across the street from the park entrance.  The park at a reasonable amount of boaters, so the store catered to the recreation market.  I hoped that meant some kind of food available.

I spent the time until noon checking on how to get the Tomas from California back to NC.  I had a few more days till I made it to California.  I hated to wait till the last minute for anything, so I began checking.  Everything I looked at seemed way too much money.  Most of them were more than the bike had cost me.  Or at least damn near it.

I could feel fluids still running from my vagina for a couple of hours after I sat on the table.  It was an unpleasant sensation mostly, but not completely because that feeling tended to remind me how I got them in the first place.

At 1PM I was hungry and needed to pee, so  I detached the trailer,  Then I chained it to the leg of a table.  I rode the bike to the bathhouse first.  I left it on the covered walk as I went inside to pee.  I considered a shower but decided that I would just be uncomfortable again in a matter of minutes.

After I peed I headed to the camp store.  I found a fast food section with microwave oven.  I paid for the plastic can of stew, and a small box of crackers.  I ate the stew and the crackers seated on the covered patio.  I was damp and chilled but not so much that I wanted to stand inside to eat.  I needed to get back to the campground and wrap myself in the blanket and wait for dark.

When I got back to the site, I brought snacks with me.  I had things that wouldn’t need heating to be edible.  A lot of them were high in calories and fat but I didn’t care.  I did not want to go out again.

An hour after I returned, the park ranger’s truck pulled up.  “Hello,” I said as the slightly less than middle aged woman approached.  I noticed that she had a wide ass like I had before the trip.

“Hi, I remember you.  You were in a space up the hill last night.  I see you got rained on a bit.” she said.

“Yes Ma’am I did,” I said.

“You do know you can’t camp in a shelter?”  she asked.

“Since I don’t have anything spread out, I didn’t think I was camping,” I said.

“I guess not but you will be once you roll out your blankets, and then I’ll have to ask you to leave.  It will most likely be dark by then, so leaving now would seem a better option for us both.” she said.

“That’s easy for you to say, you don’t have to ride an open bike in the rain,” I suggested.  “So how far to the nearest motel?”

“About ten miles,” she said.

“That is going to be miserable even in the mist,” I said.

“You could go door to door offering to trade sex for a dry place to sleep,” she said.

“What?” I asked sharply.

“The college kids were talking as they checked out,” she replied.

“Very well, I guess I’ll ride off into the misty sunset,” I replied.

“Good choice,” was her only comment.

The ten mile ride took me forty minutes, since I was afraid the bike would skid out from under me at any moment.  The motel was one of the older ones I would have chosen given the chance.   At least that was a break.  They also let me store the trailer in my room and the Sprint in their outside utility room.

When I went to get ice a few minutes later, I found a coin washer and dryer in the storage room beside the ice machine.  The washer was in use, but I gathered up all my wet and simply damp clothes, and they all were all one or the other from the ride in the rain.  I got them into the dryer before the person washing could get hers into it.

I got my messages and sent emails to the kids.  I planned to make up for the sleep I had missed due to the rain and the college boys.  For one of the few times on the trip things went just as I had planned.  I awoke the next morning, then showered and hit the road by 9AM.  I was thrilled to be on the road.  By the time I got a booth, in the diner a few miles down the road, the pain in my ass was gone completely it seemed.  

“So what will you have?” the young blond waitress asked.

“I would like eggs and corn beef hash,” I said it since I saw hash on the menu.

“What kind of potatoes,” she asked.

“Hell, let’s go with those shoe string hash browns,” I suggested. 

The eggs were too done, but the hash was from a can so it was okay.  They did crisp the edges of the almost patty like concoction.

With breakfast behind me, I headed for the California line.  It took me two more days to cross the border into California.  When I did I checked my odometer.  I had covered over 5,000 miles just to make the 3000 mile trip.  Blame it on having to travel smaller less traveled roads.  It didn’t matter I was just plain proud of myself.  

Once in California I found a private campground for my last night outdoors.  I spent the first part of the night checking on ways to get me and the bike home.  I had two reasonable options.  One was to sell the Tomos to a dealer somewhere for about half what I paid, which would still be a better deal than shipping it home most of the ways at which I looked.  The other option was to rent a van and drive it back the same way I came.  With the van I got to get us both home for the same price.  That one looked mighty good to me.

Then I decided to try the forum option.  I posted notices online.  It was on a couple of those independent carrier sites.  I looked for a shipper to haul the moped and allow me to ride along with it.  I offered to share the driving, if I could manage the vehicle.  I gave my address and hoped for the best.  My backup plan was to rent the van and head out on my own.

It wasn’t an urgent issue. I had a couple of more days on the road before I reached the California coast.  After I made the decision and placed the online notices I answered my messages and then emailed the kids.  After that I began to reflect on what was to come.  I had to go home for one thing.  Being back  home would lead me to a brand new set of problems.

I had to make a living and I hated the practice of criminal law.  I thought about that over a cup of cowboy coffee and decided that I didn’t really hate the law.  I hated criminal law.  Maybe i could get a job as a corporate lawyer.  

After the next cup of coffee with a little Canadian Club in it, I decided that I didn’t hate criminal law, I hated my Father in Law and My husband’s Law firm.  I hated rich clients trying to buy their way out of jail.  

Two more drinks and I admitted that I hated those fucking tailored suits that made me look like a Dyke with good hair.  Of course now that the hair was gone, I would really look like a Dyke.  I laughed at myself for finally admitting that even to myself.

So if not that kind of law, what kind?  It was all I knew and I didn’t really want to run a consignment shop in some warehouse.  Yes, I thought of that as one of my options.  The realization that it wasn’t the law, or even criminal law, but rather the clients and my partners that I hated, was a revelation.  Realizing that those issues were already resolved made me feel like a weight had been lifted from my soul.  

I was free to do the thing that made me want to go into the law in the first place.  To help people like my dad.  People might have been poor, but deserved equal justice.  I was no Pollyanna, I that most of them were guilty, just like most of the rich men who got arrested .  It was more about seeing that their side got considered in the best possible light.  Those revelations made me almost anxious to get back and start my new life.

I figured I would be on the road 31 days by the time I was ready to end the road trip.  Just three days from that evening should be the end of it.  Suddenly I was ready for it to end.  I had accomplished everything I set out to do.  Well I would have in three or four days.  The distance wasn’t all that far but the California roads were notorious for their traffic and nut cases.  I figured it would take me a while on the Sprint.

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4 Responses to trippin 12

  1. Bob says:

    I really liked this episode. The introspection at the end was fantastic. Thankyou.

  2. jack says:

    Good chapter. , Well done as usual. I hope everything is going good with you also. thanks .Keep up the good work

    • cindypress says:

      im going to have to take a day or so off. I had a seizure last night. I walked out of the hospital because I didn’t want to follow their orders, Im going to follow the report for couple of days to see if i get better;.

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