trippin 17

Trippin 17

How it got to be Saturday so quickly I had no idea.  It also didn’t matter.  I had worked out a deal on the phone with McThrift auto rentals.  I could rent any car they had on the lot for $20 a day plus gas.  I didn’t plan to rent a car except as a last resort. It should not come to that often.  The kids loved to drive, their dad bought their cars, and I could go anywhere for a tank of gasoline, almost everybody won when they drove me around on the weekends.

Cindy loved to visit her Grandfather.  Even with their families present inside visitors area, the men all loved to look at Cindy.  It was also good for her ego.  I had therefore not been at all surprised, when she volunteered to drive me to visit her grandfather.  We arrived at the visiting area of the state prison closest to Avery at 10AM.  We arrived actually ten minutes before the start of the 10AM visiting hours.

If my father had behaved the last week, he could stay until 2PM.  Cindy and I had stopped along the way for a Fried Chicken Picnic lunch.  Every restaurant in the area had their take out ready at 9AM.  There was a large demand for it on visiting days at the prison.  Having the state prison in the area was good for some businesses at least.  Plus it provided a lot of jobs to would have been an even more depressed rural area without it.

The cardboard picnic basket was a cute touch that one restaurant added.  Of course since they did Cindy and I stopped there for our takeout lunch.  “I wonder if Grandpa really likes fried chicken, or would be happier with something else?” Cindy asked.

“Jack Daniels and a burrito,” I suggested.

“You are kidding?” she asked.

“Honey your grandfather is all about image.  He will tell you that illusion in prison is more important than reality.” I suggested.

“Is that why he treats you like a girlfriend, rather than his daughter?” she asked.

“Yes, but he doesn’t cross the line.  He just plays to the crowd,” I suggested hoping that she would believe me.

“And you let him french kiss you and massage you?” she asked.

“Yes, it mean nothing to me and it gives him status.  I know it sounds nuts honey, but all that stuff is important in there.  Prison has completely different rules from real life.”

“What if he wanted to kiss me like that would you let him?” she asked.

“At your present age my job is to advise you and support your decisions, but in the end you have to make your own decisions now.  You and I both know that you are going to do what you want regardless of what you dad and I want you to do.”

“Did daddy even know that grandpa touched you like a lover?” Cindy asked.

“Wow that’s quite a conclusion to jump to,  Honey, since your dad and I split, I have had lovers, who were were less exciting than your father or your grandfather.

 Your grand father wasn’t a lover at all, and still he was better than some of those who thought they were.” I said vaguely.

“Has grandpa ever made you orgasm, either himself or thinking about him while you masturbated?” Cindy asked.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Cindy.  How dare you as me that, but the answer is of course not.” I said angrily.

“Everyone says mothers and daughters need to be more honest.  I was just trying to get us there,” she informed me.

“I think I’ll pass on that trip,” I said.  “You know I’m not a big believer in all that touchy feely shit,” I said.

“Yeah, but we do need to talk about sex someday,” she said.

“How about holding off till we are sitting around my house with a glass of wine.  I will be happy to answer any question at the right time.   This is not the right time honey.”

“I don’t know you always seem so serious when we are here,” Cindy said.

This is kind of serious stuff.  We are visiting my father in prison honey.  It’s

pretty much as serious as it gets,” I suggested.

“More than that, you are here to interview someone for a job,” Cindy commented.

“True but I’m mostly doing it for daddy.  I have no reason to expect that I will hire an ex con as an investigator.  He is going to have way too many things going wrong in his life.”

“You never know mom, you might just love him,” she suggested.

“Yeah well I think I’ll just keep my expectations low,” I suggested.  By that time we were passing into the dining hall that was used as a reception area.  We would have to be outside before they began serving the prison’s midday meal.  

Once we were inside the room I recognized my dad sitting at a table with a couple of other men.  The fact that he was sitting with other inmates meant nothing.  Well, maybe it meant that he would feel me up to keep his reputation in tact.

Sure enough as soon as he saw me he kissed me with tongue.  At first I was shocked and really upset by his kissing me so passionately.  That had been several years before, but I probably should still be upset.  However over the last few years I had come to accept it.  I had accepted it even while I was still living with Cindy and Charlie’s dad.  It wasn’t always just acting as I had told Cindy.  I could tell that it was having and effect, as I felt his erection press against my belly while he kissed me.  Just goes to show that biology is not to be denied.  I’m not sure that he was so philosophical about it, but he surely came to the same conclusion as he ran his hands over my ass.

Cindy of course watched the whole things, as did his friend Marshall.  “Lucy, this is Royce Marshall,” daddy said it as he broke the passionate kiss.  “You and Royce need to talk.  Cindy and I can take a walk.”  

As you might expect taking a walk was difficult in a prison.  Walking consisted of about a quarter mile around inside the chain link fence.  The fence held the prisoners and their visitors in place while they chatted.  Daddy and Cindy walked off leaving me alone with, the not at all what I expected, Royce Marshall.

“So Royce Daddy tells me you were a cop?” I asked. The very serious looking red haired man.

“Yes Ma’am, before I got involved with the dark side,” he admitted.  Confession was part of the 12 steps I was pretty sure.

“Would you mind telling me how that happened?” I asked.

“It was a temporary weakness on my part.  I was working Narcotics undercover at the time.  It happens to a lot more cops than you ever hear about.  Most dope cops drift over the line, I just went too far over it.  I got to be too much of a player on the other side.  I’m not here because I took drugs, I’m here because I sold drugs and kept the money.  I was living two lives for a while.  It just caught up to me.”

“Royce, I know my dad.  I love him and he loves me, but we both know he will take advantage of everyone.  So what’s his angle here?” I asked.

“He said when you asked that, I was to say, ‘Your dad promises it won’t bite you on the ass, and to add that you owe him’.” He looked at me and smiled.  “I promise you that what I do won’t bite you on the ass either.  Not only that I will do the things you need done ahead of anything I do for anyone else.”

“That’s good and I promise you and  you can pass this along to daddy.  If I find you doing anything illegal, I will turn your ass in.  If I find you doing anything putting me or my family in danger, I will kill  your ass if I have to.”  That’s when I smiled at him.

“Yes Ma’am, I had already heard that about you,” he said.

“Do you have a place to live?” I asked.

“I’m going to live with my sister, but I am open to better offers,” he said.  Royce might not have been when he checked into the prison, but at that moment he was a trim man in his early thirties or late twenties.  He was healthy looking, which he most likely would not have been after any time working undercover.  So he was attractive enough, but I was not interested in any employee lovers.  Even if they seemed to be the most serene person I had ever come into contact with.

“No better offers, but I will investigate her as well as your case files before I make a decision,” I explained.

“I know you have a lot to consider.  I just hope you decide to give me a chance.  I need a job to get out of here, and working for you would be better than stocking shelves at Walmart.”

“I’m not so sure but we will see.  You do know I can’t pay a lot right now.  I promise the pay will improve as my business improves,” I informed him.  “That is if I even hire you.”  I looked up to see daddy and Cindy being let into the fenced in area.  They had been somewhere else on the prison campus while Royce and I talked.

While Royce and I talked, daddy approached one of the younger guards.  Daddy had some pull inside, because he still had pull outside.  He had a network of people like me who did him favors.  He just moved those players around until he got what he needed to encourage a guard to cooperate with him.  That morning he wanted some alone time with his granddaughter.

The guard passed them through the gate by the prison laundry.  Since it did not operate on weekends the building would be empty except for the walking guards rounds every hour.  Daddy knew the walking guards schedule ,of course, every con did.

As soon as he closed the door behind them he turned Cindy to him.  “Are you sure you want to do this,” he asked her.

She could only nod, she did not trust herself to speak.  Instead of any words she slipped to her knees in front of him.  Cindy opened her grandfather’s zipper and took his semi erect penis in her hand.  She stroked it lovingly, then when it began to rise, she kissed the head of his cock.  

After several kisses he moaned and she instinctively knew that it was time for her suck it.  She opened her mouth fully to it.  In reply her grandfather pushed his penis firmly into her young tender mouth.  

Her mouth was hot and wet and more active than any pussy would be.  She used her tongue and the suction of her mouth to create feeling that were impossible for any other body part to duplicate.  Her grandfather stroked her mouth knowing exactly who’s mouth he was fucking.  He tried to insert his cock into her throat but she gagged.  It was not unexpected for her to do that.  If it truly was her first time as she said it was.

It was at that point when her grandfather had to choose.  He could either back off and be a gentle and appreciative lover, or he could force her to take him into her throat and become something entirely different.  As was his nature he held her head and forced his penis deep into her throat in one strong move.  She choked and gagged and even threw up when he removed his cock from her throat.

What she did after she threw up would tell a lot about Cindy, he knew.  “Are you ready?” he asked her even before she finished completely.  

Her answer was to turn back to him and take his cock into her mouth again.  He stroked the inside of her mouth until he was on the verge of an orgasm, then forced his cock into her throat just enough to force her to swallow his cum.   “Good girl,” he said as he recovered.

They left the prison laundry quickly since the guard was due any minute.  Lucy caught his eye when he entered the visitor’s picnic area.  He knew that she knew what he had just done.  What she would do about it he didn’t have any idea.

I had no idea what my father had planned for Cindy and I was pissed.  I had no intention of reporting them, since it was not only him but also Cindy at risk.  I was pissed and I intended that he know.

“How could you fucking do that,” I asked.

“Lucy you know who and what I am.  You had to know that someday it would happen or something like it.  She had the opportunity to say no just as you did,” he said as he turned and walked away.


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6 Responses to trippin 17

  1. jack says:

    Wow tough action there and a tough bunch.

  2. Walt says:

    When she threw up I hope she threw up all over him and soaked his whole front side.

    (file updated thru 17)

  3. KO says:

    HOLY MOLY, I certainly didn’t see that coming! Quite a twist for sure!! It’ll be interesting to see how all the players deal with it going forward.

    Keep up the great work . . . . .

    • cindypress says:

      hell I’m wondering how I will deal with them all. I am sure there will be lots of loose ends so if you see a hole that needs plugging let me know and i’ll try.

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