trippin 21

Trippin 21

“So why are you renting a car?” Charlie asked.

“I want to carry some things to Goodwill, and I think I want to go out to a club tonight,” I said enjoying the look of loss on his face.  No one, not even my son, was going to get away with thinking me predictable.  He would just have to figure how to deal with me, if he wanted to play in the adult arena.

After he left me at the rental/dealership’s showroom, I went inside to find my cruiser waiting for me.  They had even remembered to take the rear seat out.  It was a good thing, since I had things to do.  I made quick work of installing the base station for my audio video production unit.

Since I was pretty sure that I would be naked a lot of the time, I skipped right over trying to hide the camera in my outfit.  I used one of the covers to make it a very gaudy clasp for the purse that came with it.  I planned to hang it over something in the bedroom.  I had been in the house boat a few times with Jeff, so I had an idea what to expect.

After I had the car rigged, I took it for a spin.  I dropped the items at Goodwill, then went home to watch the people who took them from me.  I also went to the grocery store in the rental car, so I got a view of the inside of a chain grocery store.

The days were getting much longer and Harold didn’t want me to be recognized, so I was told to show up at 9PM.  I decided to have dinner alone before I showed up at his door.  There had been no mention of dinner when he called me.  I assumed he didn’t want to be seen with me,  so it was pizza delivery or nothing.  Ah the life of a cheap whore, I thought with a giggle.

Harold’s house boat was his total fantasy world.  He told himself that he was an outdoors man.  That he hunted from it in the winter and fished in the summer.  The truth was that if he went there at all, it was to get drunk and try to get laid.  The boat did have a cool name though.  It was registered as ‘Take the Fifth.”  All things considered it was an appropriate name.

When I arrived in the rented blue cruiser, Harold’s Mercedes was already parked at the end of the dirt driveway which lead from the quiet road to the even more quiet river landing.  The wooden river landing was the only thing on the property.  I was surprised that in the twenty or more years he owned the place, Harold hadn’t gone for a little more classy toy.  If I was going to trap lovers, I would at least build something with a little character.  ‘Take the Fifth’ had been a dump as long as I had known Harold and Jeff.  The toilet was even a chemical thing setup on shore so that it would be serviced by some contractor without having access to the boat.

I parked my car then walked out onto the dock.  I had not been able to avoid noticing that the lights in the boat were on.  That pretty much made it a certainty that Harold was on board and expected to get laid.  Since I was there, it was pretty obvious that I was part of the plan.  How far I went along with it was another issue completely.

“Ahoy on board,” I shouted from the pier.  I always wanted to say that. I told myself quietly.

“Hello, so come aboard,” Harold said quietly.  I was pretty sure there would be no one for a lot of miles, but Harold was almost whispering.  Harold was nervous and that played right into my hands.

“I would like to check you for microphones,” he insisted.  Harold might be a smart lawyer but he was way behind the times.  He could search all he wanted, but he was very unlikely to find the button audio and video transmitter on my purse. There were no recorders of any kind on me.  Just the microphone and camera that were extremely well hidden.

After he finished looking me over he asked, “Would you like a drink?”

“Sure Harold why not?” I replied.  “I thought you and Jeff had discussed t his and he was cool with it.”

“What makes you think we didn’t and he isn’t?” Harold asked.

“Harold I have known you almost twenty years.  This is not cool Harold.  This is Harold the little boy with his hand in the cookie jar.” I said,

“You always could read us all.  It’s why you were the best negotiator I ever had,” he said.

“So Jeff has no idea you plan to screw him, as well as his wife, all in one move?” I asked.

“Ex wife,” he admitted.  “I never discussed it with Jeff, because I assumed that since he has a new lady in his life he won’t mind you doing the same.”

“Except he isn’t screwing my mom,” I said smiling.

“Technicality,” Harold said.

“Right, That’s why we are on this dump instead of a first rate hotel,” I said.

“Got me again,  Since I seem to have no secrets from you, are you ready?”  He asked.

“Harold it’s your party, I’m just the entertainment,” I said it smiling,

“Just to see if you are going to play or have some other agenda, how about taking your clothes off,” Harold suggested.

“No problem,”  I said as I began to remove the white cotton button up blouse.  I did it ever so slowly.  It wasn’t about being a tease, it was about being careful that Harold didn’t catch on to any of it.  Under the white cotton blouse I wore another industrial strength bra.  I did not have large breast but I didn’t like them sagging any more than was necessary.

After the blouse I removed my fifty dollar jeans.  Once they were gone I stood in the same kind of panties as the night before, also a similar brazier, but in addition I wore white crew socks like a teenage girl.  Just part of my style, I told myself.

“Do you like to suck cock.” Harold asked without any buildup.

“Obviously Jeff never discussed our sex life with you.  If he had you would know that I never did that while we were married.  To be honest I have done it a few times since the separation, but I really do not like it.  But then this isn’t about me is it?” I asked.

“I guess not,” he admitted.   “ I guess what I’m really asking is will you suck my dick?”

“At least you were able to come right out with it.  These days I am willing yes,” I replied.

“Then let’s see how good you are at it,” he said looking down at himself.

I completed the removal of my clothes before I went to my knees in front of him.  I was able to position my purse so that my back was to it.  Harold however was a full face view.  It had no closeup but I was sure that everyone who saw the picture could pick him out of a lineup,

I licked and sucked on his herbal tasting penis until I felt it begin to get rock hard.  I continued to suck on it and he finally began to move in my mouth.  He helped me by stroking my mouth like he would my vagina given the chance.  I could feel him stiffen and pick up speed and knew what to expect.  Just before he flooded my mouth with warm gritty cum, he got completely stiff.  However when he began to ejaculate his knees got weak I think.

“So how was fucking your daughter in law’s mouth?” I asked.  If he had his lawyer radar on, he would have known that it was not something I would ordinarily ask.  But he had his horny old man radar turned on instead.

“You might not be experienced, but it was the best damn blowjob I ever had,” he said.

“Good, I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope you feel that you got fair compensation for your continued co operation with my new practice.  Including the recommendation of clients to me.” I said.  I planned to hold the reason for that statement until I reviewed the file.  Just in case I needed more evidence.

“You certainly don’t think one blow job is payment for an ongoing relationship?” he asked.

“I don’t know is it?” I asked.

“Oh no my dear, this is just the beginning,” he informed me.

“Well it is the payment I promised for allowing Sam to start early and thats all I need right now, so I will be leaving.  I do hope you enjoyed it Harold, because I didn’t,”  With those words I turned and picked up my clothes and began to dress with my back to him.  Once I had all my clothes on, I walked out the door.

I didn’t stop the recording until I got home.  Since my purse sat on the floor pointed at the back of the driver’s seat, the last twenty minutes was that single image.  There were however 22 minutes of me on my knees ministering to Harold’s cock.  Harold wasn’t very large but even so it could be reasonably classified senior citizen pornography.  I didn’t even  have to blank out my face or enhance his face, it was all perfect.  He could cry altered all he wanted, it was  him and we both knew it.  The audio track made it obvious that it was coerced.   The audio also made it obvious that he had more plans for me going forward.  All in all it was one damning file.  Actually it wouldn’t do either of our reputations any good.  He just had more to lose than me.

Once I got through with my review, I added the electronic lock.  Once that lock was installed at the end of the thumb drive it was supposed to be impossible to reenter it.  Not only did I do that I took the thumb drive and put it into an envelope and dropped it at the box intside the United States Post Office.  Those seals an dates were impressive to juries.

You wanted to show a jury not that it was impossible to alter the file just that it was very unlikely to  have happened.  I had gone to enough trouble to make it appear unlikely that I had done so.  The chain of custody was this.  From me a lawyer not a computer geek.  The locked file made on Saturday night, when it was unlikely that I had a computer expert standing by to alter the file, to my home where it was locked.  The the electronically locked thumb drive was put into a heavy envelope and sealed.  That envelope was dropped into a post office box inside the local post office where it sat until Monday morning.  It would then be processed stamped and returned to me.  I would put it in the company’s bank box Where it would reside until I needed it.  When I did, I would have it opened in front of a court appointed monitor.  We would then give physical custody of it to the monitor.

In other words the idea was to have the asshole’s balls in a vice.  Harold had pressured me for the last time.  He was going to cooperate with me or he was going to explain to the world why he broke up his own son’s marriage because even though it was bullshit the law community would assume it was an ongoing thing with us.  They would also assume that I just got tired of it and decided to get some proof before I ended the affair.  Just to keep the old pirate in line.

Harold might now have physically attacked me before, but there had been a hostile work environment for years.  It was the reason I was not at all surprised when Harold proposed the quid pro quo arrangement.  We both got what we wanted, but it was just not going to happen again.  Harold was going to stay on the giving end, because I would use the file and destroy him, if possible.  It was unlikely, but he would at the very least be doing some serious damage control for years.  Even that would be a victory.

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8 Responses to trippin 21

  1. jack says:

    Nothing like keeping a file in multiple places in case one copy gets messed up.

    • cindypress says:

      I prefer to post files here but some people don’t like to read here for some reason. If you have something to say to me, I prefer you do it where everyone else can read it as well. cuts down on the trash talk lol jk

      • jack says:

        Ah I think we have a misunderstanding ,, I was referring to the story and her putting a copy on the thumb drive and mailing it to herself with the date and time stamps for safe keeping . I will in no way criticize what or how you post , save or publish any parts of this story. I look forward to every new post. Thanks again . Jack

      • cindypress says:

        Sorry sweetie I misunderstood. The post office time and date stamp is an old trick I heard from an insurance investigator some years back. Not sure how juries see it these days but it has to be better than nothing. She would have sent the original unaltered file. and kept copies at home.

  2. demitheus says:

    Glad to see you writing again, love the story

  3. garydan says:

    Are they CRAZY?? I find it hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t like this site and yours in particular. Where else can a reader leave a comment and almost be guaranteed that “they” will get a response from the author, almost in real time. This is “pig heaven” for a reader.

    I will say that this site has made it a little more difficult to post a comment, through a somewhat strange logging on process, but I guess security issues cause that to happen.

    …and I consider each of your stories a gift.

    • cindypress says:

      Actually im having those comment things myself. Everytime you guys leave a comment I get two emails. When I reply I get all kinds of leave me your this or that before it will post messages. Weird.

      I have fallen a little behind so I am about to start a new installment. At this moment.

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