trippin 26

Trippin 26

After talking to Royce I realized that the rush for a secure office was a bit premature.  If daddy had a crew on my house, then he had men watching  the office as well.  Most likely he had been in contact with Jarvis.  Jarvis had said something that lead me to believe that my dad trusted me.  After talking to Royce, I had a feeling he was also checking to be sure, I did the right things.

Sam called me shortly after Royce.  He immediately handed the phone to the owner of the gun store.  “Ms Ayers, Sam is here and we are trying to decide on a weapon to protect your office.  I think Mr Sams said he doesn’t have time to learn to shoot a pistol well enough to hit an armed intruder.  I am thinking shotgun, but then there is the concealment problem.”  the owner said.

“So what do you think of a small gauge over and under shotgun cut down some?” I asked.

“That was one of my thoughts.  I have a few over and under guns, but but are way expensive to be chopping up.  I would cry when I did it.  I would do it of course, but a thousand dollars for a cut down shotgun is way too much.”

“Yeah I would just go buy a cheap pump gun and get it cut down.  It’s just that they are so cumbersome,” I said.  “Sam is not exactly the gun lover type.”

“Not like we think of gun lover.  Tell you what I have.  I have a trade in gun.  It’s not in very good shape.  It is a twenty gauge over and under used by the wife of a real sportsman.  She didn’t take very good care of it, I’m afraid.  It cost him eight hundred bucks, but I could only give her two hundred on trade.  It has some rust and stock damage, but I believe I can cut off most of the damage for you.”

“So how much you asking me for?”  I asked.

“I can do a rough chop on the shotgun for fifty bucks.  You will have to have the stock finished yourself.  That’s what takes the most time..  A grinder and a chop saw and the barrels are off.  The stock I can shape quickly with a power sander and a saw.  But stripping and finishing the stock will take a couple of days and  you are in a hurry I understand.” he replied.

“Yeah, so you are talking two fifty?” I asked.

“A little more than that,” he suggested.

“At two fifty you get your trade in out of a weapon that you know a gun nut would never touch.  Once they have been neglected, you never get all the pitting out.  In my case I don’t care resale has nothing to do with my decision, but how many like me are you going to find?” I asked.

“Three hundred and we can deal,” he suggested.

“I can’t believe I am going to do this with a man I have over a barrel, but two seventy five,” I said.

“Alright but you have tax and some fees associated with this.  Also I’m going to insist that you buy the first box of shell from me.  Twenty gauge 2 3/4 long and number two shot should do the trick.  I expect that he will have help before he needs to fire more than twice.”

“I certainly hope so.  So I’ll bring three 100 dollar bills and assume that will cover everything thing?” I asked the store owner.

“Plus sales tax maybe bring Three and a half and that will for sure be enough,” he said.  

“Alright, you don’t close early do you?” I asked

“We close at 9PM tonight,” he said.  

“Then I should be there no problem.”  Since I promised him cash, I would have to go to the ATM machine, but even that was doable.  “Could I speak to Sam please?” I asked.

“Sure,” I heard from the owner, then “Yeah,” from Sam.

“Sam stop by Marie’s and get Jane and I a barbecue sandwich and fries each.  If you want the same, make it three and I’ll buy.” I suggested.

“Fuck it’s like Christmas already,” Sam said.

“Hurry home in time to put out the milk and cookies,” I suggested.

“Yes Mommy,” Sam said with a laugh.

It was almost an hour later when Sam walked in with the bag from Marie’s.  Of course there was no way to tell it was from there.  Marie’s was not a chain restaurant with special bags.  The bags from here place were just a white plastic film number that could have been from anywhere and contained anything.  What they did contain was barbecue sandwiches and french fries.  The fries might have come from any southern restaurant which still hand cut their potatoes by hand.  

The Barbecue would be recognizable to any half ass expert as heavily spiced Lexington style barbecue.  Pork shoulder cooked to death over an open fire and seasoned with a vinegar sauce with almost no sugar added.  The slaw which also filled the bun was almost bitter but it was still to die for.

“Beware of sissies bearing gifts,” Sam said with a laugh.

“God, I love that barbecue,” I said as Sam unpacked it on what would soon be Royce’s desk.

The security was all in place shortly after 5PM.  Since it was close to closing time I just stayed behind with Jane and allowed Sam to leave.  Michael didn’t come for us since I had the cruiser.

Jane and I made a stop for cash from the ATM then we went home to await the passing of time.  While we waited Jane watched television.  I was on the computer trying to keep my mind from turning to Television induced silly putty.

I was a little surprised by the Email from my son Charlie.

Mom… Take off your panties and go shave your cunt for me…. Charlie.

I was shocked even though we had played at it before something about the terseness of the message was jolting.  Yes I admit that it was also arousing.  I knew that I should refuse, and tell Charlie that he needed therapy, but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to do it just yet.

What I did do, was to go into the bathroom lock the door and very quickly shave.  I did it quickly so that Jane wouldn’t have time to bolt and go dope shopping.  She was pretty antsy when I got back into the living room.  Even so I didn’t made it back in time to take her mind off the rats running over her grave, as one of my junkie friends described life after the worst of the withdrawal was over.

“Do you want a soda or some coffee?” I asked her.

“No, to be honest I want to get high and get laid.  Have you ever been laid while you were high?” she asked.

“No, I can’t say that I have,” I admitted.

“There is no other sex like it.  It is so mellow and the orgasms just roll on and on,  It is just unfucking believable,” she said.

“I’ll have to take your word for it, cause it ain’t gonna happen for either of us,” I said.

“It could, I know where we can score,” she said.

“You really are a complete idiot, to even imagine a thing like that could ever happen,” I said.  “What we are going to do is go to ‘Pizza  Joe’s To Go’ for a take out pizza of your choice, then we are going to the Army Navy Surplus and gun store, where I am going to pick up a shotgun .  The shotgun is to give same a chance top maybe stay alive while guarding your junkie ass.  After that we are coming back here where you are going to watch tv then go to bed.  I am sorry as hell you don’t find that exciting, but life will go on with or without you being amused.

There was never a line at Pizza Joe’s because you didn’t have a choice.  Unless you wanted to sit for half an hour while some snot nosed teenager with attitude cooked one to order for you.  Joe was a hometown boy who had his very own business plan.  His plan was what he felt was an improvement on Godfathers.  His plan wasn’t just to get yo u in and out in a hurry it was to make you want to walk in and turn around ane walk out immediately.  Everything was designed to get you in and out and make you want to do just that.  People in a hurry went to Joe’s for cheap pizza.

Joe’s Pizza was hot, reasonably tasty and most of all ready to carry out when you walked in.  There were three kinds made up and ready to go.  You had your cheese, your pepperoni and you had sausage all ready to walk out the door.  You had tiny bags of add on shit, if you just had to have it.  Those you put on yourself, when you got it home.  So what happened to pizza that had been sitting too long.  Why Joe’s snot nosed teenagers put it in the fridge and you bought it cold.  Some of us love cold pizza.  

The 12“ sausage pizza and the bag of finely chopped onions was almost $7.  I was tempted to add a quart of their home made iced tea for another buck but it was loaded with sugar.  So instead when i got home, I planned to make some god awful sugar free tea from a mix.

“Hello Lucy nice to see you again.  I heard the little .38 I sold you make a long trip,” the owner said to me.

“It didn’t make all of it.  The last part I think it made by US mail.” I said.

“Yeah those cops are funny about guns that get used to kill people, even if they need killing.  You were lucky though, you were in Texas, where they still understand self defense.” he said.

“Yeah, so what you got for me?” I asked.  He reached under the counter unlocked a door of his small gun safe.  There was a whole room that was a gun vault behind him.

“This turned out pretty good.  I got almost all the rust off it with the sawing of the barrels.  There is just a little in the chambers but not much.  Keep it oiled and it will never be a problem.”  he said.  “You will probably need to check behind your man Sam.  He doesn’t strike me as the gun lover type.”

“He don’t have to love the gun, he just need to love living, for it to do what we need,” I said.

“Good point, but you don’t have to be a such hard ass all the time,” he said.

“Why not I’m a poor little girl all alone in the world.  I also have to get going I have the reason for all this security over there looking at tee shirts with gun mottos.  In just a few minutes she is going to find the one that says, ‘Clean the Gene pool- Cull a Junkie’,” I said.

“I think I sold that one last week.” he said.  “By the way how’s your daddy?”

“Just as big a prick as ever,” I said.

“Glad to  hear that some things never change.  You do know if he ever gets out there is going to be a very long line of us who plan to kill him.  There will be so many suspects the cops will never have time to question us all.”

“Who know I might be in the line myself.  We have a difficult relationship he and I,” I explained.

“Yeah,” he took the money off the counter, made my changed and watched me and Jane leave.

She and I went home to spend a quiet evening and that is just what we did.  The only call I made was to tell Michael not to pick us up the next morning.

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  1. jack says:

    good flow with the story line thanks

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