Trippin 29

trippin 29


“Well try to get some sleep,” I suggested.  “If the cops come for you, I’ll go to the station with you.”


“I would say, that since I haven’t heard anything in three hours, the pimp decided that he had nothing to gain by going to the cops,” Royce said.


“Or the pimp was under the cops protection and they are going to settle this outside the system,” I suggested.


“You mean beat my ass?” he asked.


“Well that is the lesser of the evils that might befall you,” I suggested.


“Yeah, I guess there are worse things than getting my butt beat,” Royce admitted.


“For now just try to relax and let’s just let it unfold,” I suggested.


“Tomorrow after I drop you two at work, I’m going to Tryon to talk to Sarah,” Royce informed me.


“And how did you arrange that?” I asked.


“That’s what I have been doing on line.  I have a ‘date’ with her,” he admitted.


“Well you do know that your expense account is not going to cover getting laid,” I informed him.


“Fair enough, how much is finding Ansel worth to your client.  If she gives me Ansel for a price, then I think paying would be worth it,” Royce informed me.


“You bring me Ansel and I’ll pay for the information.  If her information isn’t good and you pay her, then it’s on you,” I explained.  “So make sure the information is good, if  you pay for it.”


“I got it boss, but I pretty much knew that.  I’ll see what she has to say,” he said.


“I wonder if Ansel is living with her, since she moved out of town?” I asked.  “Even if he wasn’t before he shot Lowball, maybe that’s where he ran.”


“So what are you saying to me,” he asked.


“What I’m saying to you Royce, is be damn careful,” I suggested.


“Ansel ain’t with Sarah,” Jane said,


“Why you say that?” Royce asked.


“Because, if he was she wouldn’t be turnin no tricks.  Ansel was way pissed, when she turned tricks.  He made her stop.  If she is back turning tricks, then they ain’t together no more.”


“Or Ansel is desperate for money.  If he is desperate, then you better be very, very careful,” I suggested.


“You do know that finding him is not part of a lawyer’s job description?” Royce asked.


“I know that but know this, we can help two clients by finding Ansel.  I don’t really care much about who did what to how, that is the cop’s problem not ours.  Our’s is to come up with information worth trading,” I informed Royce.


“Well, I’ll keep that in mind and try not to put cuffs on Ansel, if I see him,” Royce suggested.


“Good, now I’m going to make an ice cream sundae and go to bed,” I admitted.


I found the ice cream and the chocolate sauce in the refrigerator.  Then I found the plastic storage carton with the dried crushed pineapple.  It was one of my favorite sundaes.  I headed toward my bedroom with it in hand.


“Lucy would you leave the .38 in the living room please?” Royce asked.


“Why is that?” I asked.


“Anyone who wants to get to you will have to come through this room.  It only makes sense for me to have access,” Royce informed me.


“I am not leaving this weapon for  you.  I am just going to store it on the kitchen table.  If it becomes necessary to use it, then that is on you.” I said.  Royce nodded as I headed toward the bedroom again.  Since it took only a second to remove the pistol from my belt, the ice  cream was still solid when I reached my room.  I ate it while reading the news of the day on the computer.  It was interesting, but it was national news and I was more interested in the local news at that moment.


I finished the ice cream and checked my email before I called it a day.  I was a little disappointed when I found no email from my son Charlie.  I felt pretty guilty about feeling bad.  God, I am so fucked up, I thought.


I got into my warm bed more than a little disappointed in myself.  It was warm because I did not have a lot of use for air conditioning.  I was one of those rare Americans who can deal with the heat.  I kept the AC on at work, so that I didn’t sweat up my clothes, but even then it was mostly for the clients and Sam.  At home I didn’t mind the heat at all.


Once in the bed I tried forget everything and drift off to sleep.  I was almost asleep, when I heard the unmistakable sound of Jane giving Royce a blow job.  I knew the sound for several reasons, not the least of which was having done the same thing myself, but not with Royce of course.  I had also heard her with Michael so I recognized the sounds she made.


Even though I found it rather disgusting, I also got turned on imagining the scene going on in my living room at that moment.  Jane would most likely be on her knees between Royce’s spread legs.  Her head would be bobbing up and down as she stroked  his cock with her warm soft mouth.  It was also very likely that her nose would be running  and her eyes watering.  I know that isn’t so glamorous, it is just a fact.  I knew that because those things always happened when I choked on cock.


I could hear her gagging while she tried to work his cock into her throat.  That was the sound that should have been disgusting, but it wasn’t at all disgusting to me at that moment.  I felt the slippery feeling between my thighs and knew that I was lubricating as if my body expected someone to come slip a cock into me.  My body was trying to make itself accommodating to the strange cock it expected.


Since no one was going to come slip a cock into me, I slipped first two, then three fingers inside myself.  I moved them in and out while I imaged Royce’s cock in me.  It was a slow and steady building of pressure inside me that I felt.  I was on the verge of an orgasm when I opened my mind’s eye to see the man who was driving his cock deep inside me.  The man was not Royce at all, but my son Charlie.  I had a huge orgasm and I also began to cry because I was so obviously out of control.


Sleep was hard for me to manage even though I had orgasmed and was physically exhausted,  I should have also been helped by the fact that the two people in my living room had stopped their activities.  I was more than a little surprised by the whole episode.  I knew, from how I felt listening to them, that I needed a lover or something like it badly.  If I didn’t find a way to release the tension something bad might happen, and it might happen soon.  It wasn’t just that I constantly seemed to need to get off.  I told myself that I also needed someone I felt comfortable talking with, and maybe sitting around in my ratty old tee and panties while we did it.


I had no idea what time it was when I finally fell asleep, but I did sleep well and I suppose long enough.  When I awoke the next morning I went to the bathroom to do my morning things.  When I finished Royce had moved from the sofa bed to a seat at the kitchen table.


While I made coffee, Royce showered.  Since he hadn’t brought any clothes and he came out with a plastic bag with his shorts, I had to assume he was not wearing any underwear.  That was kind of a sexy thought.


Jane moved to the bathroom after Royce finished.  He and I sat drinking coffee while she did.  “So Lucy, we need to decide, do I come back here tonight, or do I go home?” he asked.


“What do you think?” I asked.  I was pretty sure that he was asking, whether I felt safer with him in the house, or  so pissed, since he had screwed Jane the night before, that I didn’t want him around.


“Do you feel like you need me around or are you two safe enough alone?” he asked.


“I’m going to say this just once Royce.  I think we are fine, but you have to answer to my dad.  If you feel you need to be here to feel secure, then I have no objection, but if you feel I can handle it, then I have no problem with that either.


“Then I will swing by the house for clean clothes,” he said.


“Whatever you need let me know.  I am aware that you just got out, if you need money or time to go shopping just say so,” I suggested.


“Thanks, Sissy kept all my old clothes and I still fit in them.  I didn’t even have to cut a new hole in my belt.  It still had an extra one or two holes,” he said laughing.


I handed Jane a cup of coffee.  “You might want to just carry that with you, so that we can get moving,” I suggested.


“Not a problem,” she said shortly.


“You two go to the front door and I’ll bring the car around.  Don’t come outside until you see the car stop in front,” Royce said.  “Here take this and keep it handy.”  It was the light weight .38 special that he handed me.  I nodded my agreement.


So Jane and I stood at the front door waiting for the cruiser to pull up.  “You know Royce and I did it?” she asked


“Yes, I know.” I said.


“You won’t tell Michael will you?” she asked.


“No, that isn’t my problem.  My problem is keeping you clean, sober and alive,” I got that out just as Royce drove up.


We stopped for donuts on the way to the office.  When we arrived Sam was already there with coffee.  I had taught Sam how to make coffee, so it was delicious with the overly sweet donuts.


“I do love donuts, I just need to stop eating them after today,” I said.


“Yeah, you should have been a cop,” Sam said.


“Yes she should, I personally learning to avoid sugar the last three years,” Royce said.


“Okay we will switch to bran cereal,” I suggested.


“You switch, I’m sticking with donuts and breakfast biscuits,” Sam said.


“Me too,” Jane agreed.


“Well then Royce and I will be the healthy ones,” I said with a smile.  I had no idea that I could maintain my resolve but it was a start.


“Well I’m off for Tryon,” Royce said.  “Any final instructions?”


“If you do find him do not confront him.  We are just trying to locate him not arrest him,” I explained.


“Fair enough,” Royce agreed.  “I don’t suppose I could borrow your toy?”


“You want to borrow my vibrator?” I asked seriously,


“Okay. I get your point.  I promise that I will be careful,” he said.


“Call me before you head back.  There might be something more we can do in Tryon,” I said.


“Yes you never know what might come up while I’m gone,” he agreed.


“Or what you might find out that would help resolve our issues,” I suggested.


“You got it boss.” he said.  “If I find anything at all, I will call before I follow up.” he said.


“That’s a good idea.” I agreed.



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6 Responses to Trippin 29

      • Walt says:

        Have I been superceded? Should I continue? It’s ok either way.

        BTW, who wrote the ending to Maxine? Just curious.

      • cindypress says:

        Walt I wrote the ending to Maxine and you guys have to work out the copying stuff. Thanks for the interest.

      • Walt says:

        Oh I didn’t know you had finished it until I saw it in Ray’s PDF.

        That works out ok for both of us. He’s doing PDF and I’m doing RTF and TEXT. Gives folks a good choice.

        Dang I wonder why it will post Ray’s link but won’t post mine. It will if I leave off the http. This is second try.

  1. rayold says:

    Am no sir, am ugly dirty minded old man 😀
    and you are very welcome

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