trippin 36

trippin 36

Several dances later, I was sure that Royce followed behind, as I rode home in my new friend’s compact car .  “Since I am going to take you to where I live, don’t you think I should know your name,” I asked.

“Rosie Nixon,” she said boldly.  She seemed to dare me to make a comment.

“Well Rosie Nixon, my name is Lucille but everyone calls me Lucy.”  I tried to be as gracious, as Rosie was combative.

“Tell me Lucy, do you have children?” she asked in that same challenging tone.

“Yes, I have a son who is in college and a daughter.”  I said.

“What does your daughter do,” she asked.  

“If it is important, I can look it up for you.  To be honest I forget right now.”  I said it honestly.  I did not expect the discussion that followed.

“How could you forget that?” she asked almost angrily.

“Rosie I forget a lot of things.  I had a little head trauma recently, and it effected my memory.  To be honest honey, tomorrow when I wake up, I won’t remember any of this.”  I said truthfully.

“No matter how many times I make you cum, you won’t remember?” she asked.

“No, but most likely I will make a note in my journal.  That is so that I can look it up.  I need that just in case I see you again.” I replied honestly.

“Holy shit, I don’t know what to say about all that,” she replied.

“Memories are really over rated I think now that I work from a laptop’s memory.”  I suggested.

“You are really joking aren’t you?” she said still not accepting the situation.

“Not at all, does it really matter that much?” I asked.

“I guess not,” she finally said as she finally seemed to accept how things wee going to be with us.  “So you live in this old people’s home?”

“I live in an all adult condominium building, if that is what you mean.  I can have my children visit, so don’t worry they won’t call the police,” I said with a smile.

“Have you ever done it with a girl?” she asked with that combative tone again.

“I have no idea,” I replied.  My own memory was wiped out as I said before.  My substitute memory was filled in by my ex husband and my kids.  I am trying to fill the gaps as I go along.  My problem is every morning I have to start all over.”

“Obviously if you had been closet gay your kids would not have known.  Your husband probably wouldn’t tell you, even if you left him for a chick.”  Rosie was laughing at that point.  She seemed to be accepting it and getting into it.

“So even if you were a lez slut, I will still have to seduce you?” she suggested.

“Exactly, I still have to be convinced to do it, even if I have done it a thousand times previously,” I said.

“Okay, I can get into this,” she said as we entered the condo.  It was really quite nice I suppose if you compare it to a dorm room.

“So would you like a drink,” I asked.

“What I would like Miss Lucy is for you to come sit with me,” she said not so gently.  She was back to that challenging tone of hers.

“Sure I am going to reheat a cup of coffee first then I will be right there,” I said.  I really needed the coffee,  What I wanted was to go to sleep.  I thought that I had over done it for a first day on my own.  I knew I should stay awake at least a while longer.

When I sat down, Rosie move to me, and at the same time she pulled me to her.  She kissed me with a lot of tongue.  I might have been shocked if I knew for sure that I hadn’t done the same thing a thousand times before.  Since I didn’t know, I just enjoyed the sensation and tried to forget who was providing it.  I began to have difficulty breathing.  Rosie noticed I was sure.

“You like kissing don’t you Miss Lucy?” she asked .

“I am finding out just how much I like it.  It has obviously been awhile at least I think it has.  Hell, I don’t know,” I said it just as Rosie pulled me to her to shut me up.  To do that she kissed me while she covered my right breast with her left hand.  I felt her manipulate my nipple and it felt wonderful.

When I covered her breast it was much softer and larger then mine.  “I do love that feeling,” I said as I massaged her breast and pinched her nipple.

“Which feeling?  Me playing with your tits, or you playing with mine?” she asked.

“Both, but I do like the your reactions.  I love to hear you gasp and moan.” I suggested.

“Oh yes, I love it when you do that,” she said.

Without any warning she slipped from the sofa and spread my legs.  She opened my shorts and pulled the cotton fabric along with my cotton panties down just enough to get inside them.  

Before she could do anything, I pushed her away.  She looked disappointed until I wiggled out of my shorts and panties to give her complete access.  “Oh yes baby, this is definitely not your first rodeo,” she said as she spread my clit hood so that she could reach the butter bean sized ball of nerve endings.  She used her tongue to move it back and forth and then right and left.  When she spread my hood the little button popped right out for her, so she obviously knew what she was doing.  Her hot wet tongue released a huge amount of sensations which had been locked inside it.  So strong were the sensations that I began to orgasm immediately and couldn’t stop the spasms until long after she finished her manipulations.

Rosie held me while I wound down from the strange place she had pushed me.  When I finally returned to the world occupied by normal people, she kiss me again more roughly than the first time.  After her kisses I was hot and not sure why she started on me again.  I did understand when she pushed me to the floor.  Before I knew it, she had me positioned in the same way she had been earlier.  

I knew exactly what she expected me to do,  Since she removed her jeans and panties for me, I went right to forcing her clit to expose itself just as she had done.  Then I licked and sucked it until I felt her begin to spasm.  

Long before she came my face was soaked with a slippery film from her vaginal opening.  I mostly tasted my own saliva, but there was some taste that had to be her.  It was herbal and tangy not at all salty, as I had been led to believe that it would be.  

Well that was interesting, I thought.  Why did I think her fluid would be salty.  I could think of nothing anyone had said, or that I had read to make me think that.  For some reason I had just expected it to be.  Instead it had a more earthy flavor, and not even a lot of that.  

The big trill for me was in experiencing her orgasm from the provider’s point of view.  I loved to feel her hips rise to meet me.  I even loved when she tried to force my face deeper into her pussy.  I knew where that word came from.  It had to be all that on line porn, no doubt.  I had viewed a small amount while she drove me home.  Just to know what was expected of me, pure research.  

I thought that I had done reasonably well when she forcefully pulled my head into her lap.  Ti was obviously to give her a break from my amateur pussy eating.

“My god that was wonderful,” she said to me in a quiet almost fragile voice.

“Thank you I tried,  Something just seemed to take over after I got started.  Maybe you are right and I have done that enough times for it to be a hardwire memory,” I suggested.  Fortunately she was so dopey that she just accepted it and didn’t require an explanation from me.  

“I hate to be the one to do this, but you need to go now,” I said.

She seemed resigned to leave but then she asked, “When can I see you again?”

I gave her one of my old business cards. “Wait a couple of days, then call me.” I said as I hurried her out the door.  I was about to pass out, and I wanted to be alone.  I heard the phone ring while I was in the shower.  I did a return call thing and said into the phone, “Don’t break in, I’m fine I just came out of the shower.”

The phone rang again before I could get into bed.  “Be careful of that chick Lucy.  I asked around after you left.  She is a real bad ass butch lez,”  he said.

“I know, but my god can she eat pussy,” I said it just before I added, “nite.”

The next thing I knew I woke up in my own bed.  I didn’t even remember the hospital, so I was just totally lost till I saw the note on my hand.  Then I went to the bathroom with the computer and began to catch up with my life.  Shit, I do this every morning, I thought.

I found my recipe for coffee on the first page of my file.  After I finished my morning prep work, I made a pot and sat drinking it while I finished reviewing the smaller details that weren’t really a big deal.

One of those details that Jeff put in for me to review, when I had nothing else to do, was the police report covering the incident at the boat ramp parking lot.  While I was flying through the air with the dirty cop on my equally dirty hood, Royce was using the distraction to take careful aim and shoot the dirty cop standing in front of my cruiser.  I could imagine him thinking, I have really fucked up now.

The only person to get out of it without any more shit covering him was Ansel the other bad cop.  Geese the bad cops were everywhere.  It made me wonder if I would ever stop for a traffic cop again.

The report also said that when they drove up they found a soaked Chick named Jane who had been in the car with me.  There was no explanation as to who Jane was or why she was in the car with me.  I had to just assume that she was unimportant and forget her till someone else brought her up.  I could try to find her in the index but I didn’t care enough.

Royce’s voice came over my phone.  “I’m on the way up with biscuits and I sure as hell hope you haven’t thrown out yesterday’s coffee yet.”

Too late, I thought.  When he knocked I hit the new electric lock to let him inside.  Yes I had checked his image from the hall camera with the gallery in my laptop before I popped the lock for  him.  “If you want me to save the old coffee for some reason, make a note and put it on the counter,” I suggested.

“Good idea, I remember from the old days that your coffee after sitting overnight is the best coffee in the fucking world, bar none,” he said.

Then for sure write me a note,” I said.  I waited just a moment, before I changed the subject.  I have nothing on my calendar do you have anything.

“Sam left me a message and I forgot to tell you.  Some chick from the DA’s office wants to talk to you,” Royce said.

“Do you have any idea why?” I asked.

“I expect so.  Every time there is a change in your condition, they want to repeat there demand that you testify, when you are able.  They can’t seem to accept that you are never going to be able to testify.”

“Sweetie lawyers hear only what they want to hear.  Whoever this chick is, she doesn’t want to hear the truth, so she keeps asking and hoping for a better outcome.”

“Very insightful,” Royce said.

“I’m forgetful not stupid,” I said yet again.

“Yes you are forgetful, and no you are not stupid.” Royce said in agreement.


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6 Responses to trippin 36

  1. demitheus says:

    This is reminding me of that movie with Adam Sandler, 50 First dates…

  2. KO says:

    Nice detail on the sex, as always! For someone that doesn’t remember, Lucy apparently did VERY well!! ATTA GIRL to both you and Lucy!

  3. jack says:

    I have to agree , nice job there girl. Thanks

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