trippin 37

Royce and I were having lunch on the patio of the Marina’s Clubhouse.  It wasn’t nearly as fancy as it sounded.  The facility was owned by the city, and the clubhouse was actually the office,  It’s function was to collect the owner’s fees to launch their boats.  Also the fishermen paid a fee to fish in the reservoir.  If there had been a charge for eating Dog House hot dogs, I would not have been on the patio.  Actually I was surprised that there was not a fee of some kind.

“Well you have been out thirty days, how do you think it is going?” Royce asked over his hot dog.

“How is what part of it going?” I asked.

“Well how is your memory?” he asked.

“About the same, you know that.  I have to admit, there has been some slight improvement.  The main thing I notice, is that I don’t need to write a note on my hand to remind me to check the file every morning.  I also know where I keep the coffee now.  I don’t have to search for it as I did when I first came out of the hospital.  So here is what I think so far,” I said.  “I think things I do everyday tend to stay with me.  What would happen if I didn’t make coffee for a month is anybody’s guess.”

“Well the thing about waking up and knowing that you have to check the file is a huge improvement in my book.  Do you know where you are when you wake up?” he asked.

“Yes, but I still have no idea how I got there.  I mean did I go out the night before and kill kittens before you rescued me.  For that I have to check the journal,” I explained.

“Well you might never get it all back, but every little bit helps.  Maybe it’s like building a brick walkway.  You have to do it one brick at a time.” he suggested.

“Well aren’t you Mary Sunshine today?” I asked.  I had no idea where the Mary Sunshine came from, but I knew that it was appropriate.  Many times what I said was not appropriate at all.

“Be positive that’s what I have learned,” Royce said.

“Good for you.  So what is on the afternoon schedule?” I asked.  Royce and Sam kept me on track.  I had too many things to try to work on and I had no memory of my next move most of the time.

“You are closing a loan for a couple who are expanding their thrift store at 2PM.  After that you are pretty much free to do anything you want,” Royce said.

“Didn’t you tell me this morning you had a meeting with your P.O. today?” I asked,

“It’s not a scheduled thing, I just have to go by and tell him everything is the same,” he said.

“Would you like for me to go along and tell him what a hell of a job you are doing?” I asked.

“Coming from the woman who took a cop for a drive in the river, it might not help much,” he suggested.

“Let me kill one fucking cop and I never hear the end of it,” I said in my fake whiny voice.

“So okay you leave me at the office and head on to your meeting with the P.O.”  I had a feeling there was more to it than a parole officer hearing.  Royce often left me at the office while he went out to do something on his own.  Since life without Royce was almost unimaginable, I let him have all the time off he wanted.

I had resurrected the electric tricycle I had purchased months ago.  When I made the purchase I just planned to go green a little.  By the time I had thirty days out of the hospital, I realized that the trike was my best bet for transportation.  I could con Royce or one of the kids into a ride, if I needed to go somewhere the trike wouldn’t handle.  My life was pretty well in hand, when the couple came into my office after lunch for their loan closing.

The man was at least fifty years old maybe even sixty.  The woman was in her early thirties.  I would have been upset, if I had remembered that Jeff’s new wife was a beauty shop blond of about the same age.  I didn’t have his new wife in my gallery of photos, which I reviewed everyday.  One thing I found interesting, was that from waking until I went to sleep the same night, nothing I saw of heard was forgotten.  It was just overnight when I lost it all.

The couple was Jason and Marie Williams, I found by reading the documents which had been prepared by Sam.  “So Mr and Mrs Williams you are planning to expand your business.”  I found that from the summary Sam always prepared for me.  It was done so that it appeared to the client as if I did the work myself.

“Yes,” the older man said.  “We are planning to double our space and double our inventory.  You will have to come see us sometime.”

“Yes you will,” the blond said flashing me a different kind of smile.

“Sure, I love to shop,” I said.

“I bet that isn’t all you love,” the man said getting into his wife’s game.

“I love lots of things.  Some are more fun that others, but most things can be fun on some level.” I replied.

“Thy most certainly can,” the little blond said.  I call her little because she was petite.  She couldn’t have been even five feet tall.  She was gorgeous but she most likely would not age well.  Little old ladies just can’t seem to pull it off like average sized ones.  None of that mattered at the moment because she was still a beauty.

“So Ms. Avery are you open minded?” The gorgeous blond asked.

“Everyone likes to think they are open minded,” I suggested.

She looked at her husband and he nodded.  “We have friends over on Saturday nights, would you like to be one of our friends?”  Jason asked me, but he was looking at Marie for her approval.

“I’m always looking for new friends,” I said.  I wasn’t sure what all was involved in being their friend, but it did look interesting.

“Then come to our place at 10PM Saturday night,” Marie suggested.

“And how should I dress?” I asked.

“Basically, we all start out dressed casually,” Jason said with an evil smile.

“That is fair enough,” I admitted.

“So, let’s get this taken care of first, then we can work out the details,” I suggested.

Marie seemed to have more interest in me than Jason did.  Since my experience with Rosie, which had been several dates according to my journal, I was a lot more attuned to woman and how they responded to me.  Marie wasn’t just curious, she had some experience with women of that I was sure.

Since Jason seemed to almost be the enabler for her,  I asked Marie,  “So tell me what is likely to happen to me?”

“You are likely to have a great time and also to provide a great time for one or more of the other guests,” she said quite frankly.

“Oh I see, well it is nice to know that kind of thing going in,” I said.

“Is that a problem for you?” she asked.

“Not if all you guests are as nice as you two,” I suggested.  “So how many people are likely to be at the party?”

“I would say no more than a dozen and that is not really likely.  Probably more like half that,” Jason added.

“You are bi sexual aren’t you?” Marie asked.

“I am flexible for sure,” I admitted.

“That’s a good thing to be at one of our parties,” Jason said with that evil smile again.

From out of the blue Marie said, “Show us your boobs.”

“Right now?” I asked.

“Yes, we want to be sure you are up for this, and not just full of bullshit,” Jason added.

I looked him in the eye when I lifted my tee shirt to expose my bra.  Then I lifted the bra exposing my breasts.  “You mean like that,” I said.

“Not large enough for my taste, but there are all kinds of people who show up at the party,” Marie said.

I put my boobs back into the bra then lowered my tee shirt.  “So where is this party?” I asked.

Marie gave me the address which I wrote down in my online journal.  “I better not see that show up on twitter or facebook,” she demanded.

“Not to worry, I just needed to make a note,” I replied.

After they had gone, I made the appropriate entry into my journal.  I also make an entry into my calendar.  With a little luck I would find it on Saturday and make it to the party.  I looked up the address and found that it was too far for the trike, even if it had been daylight.

“I thought about inviting Royce but decided against it.  What I did was to call Michael and his car service.  “Michael, it’s me Lucy.  I am going to need to contract you for a ride on Saturday night at about 9:30 PM.  Is that going to be a problem?”

“Not at all, I’ll make a note right now,” he suggested.

“Good, I will call you again to be sure you don’t forget me,” I said.

“Call if it will make you feel better, but I won’t forget you,” he promised.

It was almost 5PM when Royce returned to the office.  He came into the reception area that we all shared.  “We need to talk Lucy,” he said.

I stood then led him into the conference room, which had once been my private office.  Once the door was closed, I asked, “So what is it Royce.”

“I have made some calls, it’s what I do you know,” he said.

“Yes I know you are a first rate investigator,” I said.

“Look, even if the Internal Affairs guys missed a couple of the bad apples, they all know by now that you are no threat.  Your dad has arranged a listening post, so if anyone else were curious about you it would have shown up.”

“Royce what are you saying,” I asked.

“I’m saying you don’t need a bodyguard any more.  You might need an investigator, but you can hire one job by job.  You don’t need one on the staff,” he informed me.

“So you are telling me you have a better offer?” I asked.

“No offer, it’s just time I moved on,” he said.  “I spoke with my parole officer and it’s okay for me to quit my job with you.”

“Royce you really have to give me a better reason than this,” I suggested.

“It’s personal Lucy.  Honestly it is nothing that  you have done, it’s just time for me to move on,” he informed me.

“So what do you plan to do next?” I asked.

“I got a friend who works for one of those mega banks.  He said they always need investigators of one kind or another,  I expect I will give that a shot.”

“And there is nothing I can do to change your mind?” I asked.

“Nothing at all,” he admitted.

“I will miss you,” I said.

“No you won’t,” he replied smiling.

“Sure I will, I might not know what I am missing, but I’m going to know something is different and I will feel a sense of loss,” I said.  I didn’t know that but it sounded good.

“That is sweet of you to say, but I think you will do just fine,” Royce said.  “Sam will love keeping  you straight.  He has always wanted you all to himself.”

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7 Responses to trippin 37

  1. demitheus says:

    Dang Royce leaving?………Guess it makes sense, no action, boring for him now.

    Can’t wait to see what else develops

  2. Walt says:

    Strange that Royce quits instantly without proper notice and the approval of his P.O.

    Added to cast: Jason and Marie Williams
    (signed loan papers, invited Lucy to an obvious sex party.)

    • cindypress says:

      Walt just wanted you to know how much I depend on your work. I had to go back last night and look up Lucy’s last name in your index. Without that I don’t think I could write anything longer than flash fictio.

      • Walt says:

        Glad to know it helps you and keeps this story going. It’s also why I put a short description with the names as another reminder of who they are and how they relate to the story.

        As Uncle Willie the Bard once said, “Rave On MacDuff”.

      • cindypress says:

        Well it certainly was a life saver the other night.

  3. KO says:

    As always, great story, interesting developments and twists, like Royce leaving and Lucy showing her boobs in the office . . . .

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