trippin 49

I awoke at 2PM and I was really lost.  It took a couple of seconds for whatever memory I had to kick in.   I was in a state of panic for those couple of seconds.  After I remembered about the computer, I was fine.

After my morning shower I sat on the toilet to read my life file.  When I got back to the kitchen area, I found the small bottle of liquor.  Instead of sitting down to get roaring drunk, I called Wilma.

“Hey Wilma how are you?” I asked.

“I’m just fine Lucy.  Dad brought Shawn home.  We are trying to find something to do and I’m going insane.  He is always so hyper after being the center of their world for a weekend.”

“So does he have any hobbies?” I asked.

“Sure he loves video games, but I can’t play them worth a crap.  I don’t suppose you are a master ninja or whatever is popular these days?” she asked.

“With this brain, hardly.  So what is a ninja?” I asked serious.  I could have looked it up but she needed to know how I rolled.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” she said.

“I was furiously looking in my index and then daily log.  I found several entries in the daily log for fishing.  “Have you ever taken Shawn fishing?” I asked.

“No, I never thought of that.  It’s something a guy would take his son to do,” she said.

“Bullshit, if you will drive we can go fishing, but we have to hurry.” I informed her honestly.

“Just a minute,” she said that to me.  Then I heard her asking Shawn.  He agreed less than enthusiastically.  “We will be there in half an hour.  I am bringing a picnic.  Everything is cooked and ready to go.

While I waited, I did some furious research.  I found the easiest fishing for a beginner is with a cane pole.  So then I had to find out who would have a cane pole for sale on a Sunday afternoon.  What I found was a tackle shop a half mile outside the gates of the marina.  He was open according to the man who answered the phone.

“Sure I got cane poles and all the stuff you need to fish.  I get lots of people just like you.  Don’t worry I can fix you up,” he advised me.

“Very cool,” I replied as I killed the connection.  I really lucked out there, I thought.

When Wilma and Shawn were in the parking lot, she called me.  I rushed down to meet them.  “Shawn this is Lucy.  She is a new friend of mine.”

“Hello Shawn,” I said.

“Hello Lucy, you are really skinny,” he said being brutally honest.

“Yes I am Shawn,” I said it smiling.  I enjoyed seeing the look of panic on Wilma’s face. “And you are really observant.  So tell me have you ever been fishing?”

“No, but I have seen people on TV fishing,” he said.

“Well today we are going to be fishing old school,” I said.  The whole conversation took longer to happen than to repeat.

“What is old school?” he asked interested.

“Old school, is with a 12‘ cane pole and worms,” I said.  I had learned that from Utube while I waited.  My pocket fisherman with the plugs wouldn’t be in use that day.

We pulled into Ed’s Bait and Tackle Shop about twenty minutes later.  “Well Ed, I can’t get a 12‘ cane pole in that econo box we drive,” I informed him.

“Ed don’t own the shop no more.  I’m Roy and what you need is the break down model.  It comes in three four foot sections.  How many you need?” he asked.

“Are you going to fish Miss Priss,” I asked Wilma.  Shawn found that hilarious.

“I think, this first time, I will just watch,” she said.

“Then we need two poles and the line and stuff,” I said.  I would have loved to be more technical, but I had no idea what went on a cane pole.

“I can sell you an already setup outfit, then you can just tied it on the end of the pole,” he knew I was lost.  He just didn’t know how lost I was.

“Good and then sell me all the little individual pieces to replace things that get lost.”  I just knew that hooks and stuff got lost.  Don’t ask me how I knew, I just did.

It was almost 5PM when we made it to a bench at the edge of the water.  I quickly tied on the lines then baited the hooks with worms.  I showed Shawn how to get  his rig into the water.

The fishing gods were with Shawn from the start.  His line hit the water and within a few seconds he was pulling in a fish.  It was a small one but to him it was a whale.

“His attention span is about two minutes, so don’t be surprised if he wants to leave before we even get to the picnic,” Wilma said.

“Hey Shawn, you want to split a Pepsi with me?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said with his eyes focused on the cork floating on the water.

I pulled a Pepsi from the cooler and took a long drink then handed it to Shawn.  I did not want it back.  Damn seven year olds have a completely different set of germs.  I have no idea where that thought came from, but I was sure of it.  Probably a myth, I thought.

There was a couple down the bank from us fishing.  I went down to talk to them.  “Would guys be interested in any fish we catch.  I’m just trying to entertain the kid over there,” I said.

“Sure, we clean them and freeze them till we get enough to have a fish fry at our church,” the woman informed me.

“Good, I will bring them down.  Shawn needs to learn that fish are part of the food chain,” I said.

We stayed at the lake fishing until 9pm.  The sun had pretty much set and the dark was closing in when we packed up the car and left.  It was a short drive back to my condo.

They dropped me about 9:30, so by 10PM I was deep in though about the liquor business, and even the delivery business.  I made a few notes in the journal then went to sleep.

Royce came by around 10AM to show me the cruiser.  It was gorgeous and just as I had demanded.  The name and phone number was visible from any angle.  “I have already made a hundred bucks,” Royce informed me proudly.  “I got a call while sitting at a red light, the woman was behind me in a sports car.  She was on her was to purchase a bunch of cleaning supplies for her new office.  She wanted me to follow her to the store and deliver them.  After that it was a woman who needed me to take her and her dog to the Vet.  Her daughter had seen me.  The daughter refused to allow the dog in her car.  I also had calls from people to make pickups at the airport of special  delivery items.  Even a woman who wanted me to take her to the airport.”

“You have been busy,” I suggested.

“It is actually fun.  I am more than a little surprised,” he admitted.

“Good for you, now tell me do you know anyone who has tried corn liquor.  Someone we can trust.” I said.

“You are talking untaxed corn liquor?” he asked.

“Yes, I just want to know if the stuff I have is any good.  I know it’s safe, but that doesn’t mean it is any good to drink,” I suggested.

“I don’t know anyone, but I know someone who will,” Royce said.

“Then set it up so that I can meet with the person who knows, but you are to stay in the car.  You are not to know anything about this, understand?” I asked.

“Yes, I understand.  I am just making a delivery like the woman to the airport,” he said.

“Exactly,” I replied.

Royce got a call and off he went to the next pickup.  He was taking some business documents from one office to another.  Most likely the documents could have already been faxed over, but the sender needed a signature.  So Royce had a delivery.  I was more than a little surprised that the business had customers so soon.

I called Wilma at the studio around lunch.  “Hey girl want to grab a burger fries and a coke?” I asked.

“Can’t way too much work.  The Saturday wedding was a mother.  I have to get the bride ten pounds lighter by close of business,” Wilma informed me.”

“Well ain’t that a bitch.  Want me to bring you an egg roll?” I asked.

“If you come here, I will just whine and never get anything done.  But thanks and  by the way Shawn loves you.  Good thing you are not a pervert,” she said.

“Well, not that kind of pervert anyway,” I replied.

I went back to the Internet and on line TV shows for a few hours.  “Can you be ready to leave in ten minutes?” Royce asked, when he finally called.

“Sure, so we are meeting the man?” I asked.

“You are,  No we are not.  He won’t see me and he doesn’t know your name.  He is just doing a friend of a friend kind of favor.”  In that world everyone is paranoid these days,” he admitted.

“To be honest I approve of paranoia,” I said.

“Good, so be ready,” with that he hung up on me.

“So how far is the meeting?” I asked Royce once I was in his sister’s car.

“Not far it’s in the middle of a shopping center parking lot.”

I was dressed in shorts and a thick tee shirt, so I hadn’t bothered with a bra.  A bra with an a cup is uncomfortably tight and a b cup is too loose, which is why I seldom wear one.  I tell anyone who asks that story and I’m sticking to it.

When I got out of Royce’s sister’s car, I slipped into a beat up old pickup truck.  The old lady at the wheel had to be sixty years old at least.

“I hear you got some shine, you want me to taste?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I said handing her the little bottle.

“You first honey, I’m not much into poison shine,” she said waiting for me to take a drink.

I took a pull and made a sound but I had no idea what kind of sound.  Then she took a long pull on the little bottle.  Well it’s clean shine for sure.” she said.  Nothing special but good enough to sell.

“That’s all it’s supposed to be.  Thanks.” I said.

“That will be a hundred bucks,” she said to me.  “Nothing in this world is free.   You just got an expert opinion.”

“I only have your word for that, but it’s worth fifty bucks to have someone who has tasted good corn liquor tell me that this is passable,” I said as I handed her fifty dollars.  “Tell me where I can leave a message, if I need another opinion.”

She looked at the two twenties and the ten all folded together.  “Cheap bitch,” she whispered.  But she said, “Call this number and leave a message for Mark.  Be sure to say it’s for Mark.  Then a date a time nothing else.  If I can make it, I will.  If not, I won’t.”  That how we left it.

When I got back in the car, in spite of his promise Royce asked, “Where did you get the liquor?”

“Royce listen to me, I am still your lawyer.  The less you know about this the better for all of us.” I said.  “Anytime you feel too uncomfortable, you can split again, but next time you can not come back.”  I knew it sounded like a threat and that was just fine because it was a threat.  I planned to keep him out of the business, except as an employee with plausible deniability.

“Okay, that’s fair enough.  If it gets to a point where I feel my freedom is in danger, I will be out of here.” he said.

“That’s fair only you can judge when the risk becomes too great.”

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2 Responses to trippin49

  1. Shooter says:

    Lucy will be going into competition with “bottle and bond” whiskey as well as other makers of bathtub gin. She is going to need a “hook” if she is going to make any money out of this deal. Making money does not appear to be her prime motivation though. I gather she is doing it just to see if she can accomplish something and get away with it. From her legal and real estate business where all she had to do was sign her name, she felt totally useless so she shut it down. Now she has something that is totally her own and she is doing it all by herself.

  2. cindypress says:

    you have it exactly right. Being a success is not going to be making a profit as much as finding a clientele. Preferably one that doesn’t have any reason to be suspects in an abc investigation. Now I have told you too much already. But the money is how you keep score in the game of life. Don’t hold me to all this it is just how i see it at the moment.

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