trippin 51

trippin 51

I got dropped at my place around 10PM.  It had to be after dinner but before Shawn passed out from exhaustion.  There were always lots of complications with Wilma, but she was also my link to reality.  All the rest of my life was living out a fantasy.

After I made it to my condo, without being kissed I might add, I dressed for bed.  I checked my mail and answered the ones that needed answering, before I fell into bed.  I just turned off once I laid my head on that pillow.

One minute it was Monday night the next it was Wednesday morning.  The journal entries for Tuesday were more or less nothing at all.  It appeared that I just took messages for Royce, and went fishing at the marina.  Neither of those required that detailed information be entered into the journal.

My schedule required me to check the smells in the office parking lot, and to stir the mash.  So of course I went to breakfast first.  Sure I kept a couple of bagels in the freezer, just in case, but I preferred eggs with all the trimmings.  I had no desire for a DIY breakfast, not that morning or any other morning.  Some days I didn’t eat until dinner in the evenings, but Wednesday morning wasn’t one of them.

“The usual Hon,” the waitress asked.

As usual, I had no idea what the usual was, but since I had no entries in the index labeled ‘The Usual’ it must have been passable so I said, “Sure why not, I am obviously a creature of habit.”

The Eggs and Sausage was delicious as it must have always been, since the breakfast house was the only restaurant listed under the meal breakfast.

After the meal I rode the trike over to the office.  It was only a few blocks to the office.  I checked the smell from the parking lot and found it almost nonexistent.   I am pretty sure unless you knew it was there, it wouldn’t even be noticed.  Especially in one of the parking lots on either side of my office.

I went inside and there was more of a smell, but again not really powerful.  It was just strong enough to know that it was there.   When I opened the bathroom door. the smell was very strong and surely that much smell would not have gone unnoticed.  It was obvious that the office could never be used to cook off more than test batches of liquor.  It was also obvious that I needed to do more research and then find a place to at least work off the mash.  If not do the total brewing.

I made quick work of stirring the mash, then I closed the bathroom door.  I made damn sure the vent fan was running.  I also cracked all the windows in the office.  I had the place locked up and was back on the trike in less than twenty minutes from the time of my arrival.  

I was at the edge of the parking lot when my smart phone rang.  I was surprised that it wasn’t the ‘Door to Door’ phone.  It seemed that for a start up business we got a hell of a lot of calls.  The were mostly all different as well.  

But the smart phone was ringing with Wilma on the other end of the line.  I wondered why she was calling at 10AM.  I did remember who she was, which was an improvement.  The memory was coming back in spots and at it’s own speed.  “So photo slut, what can I do for you, so early in the morning?” I asked.

“You can not call me that during working hours for one thing.  For another you can come down here and let me shoot some more images of you,” Wilma said.

“Why do you need more images,” I asked.

“Because the boutique jean company chose us for the billboard.  Now they want more images for their other media.  I have a list of five new projects.  The stipulation was that I use you for the model.”

“So when do I have to run around naked for you?” I asked.

“This afternoon would be great and only half naked.  I am prepared to pay you five hundred dollars for the afternoon,” she said.

“It’s either $1000 or $500 and you go to the swingers party with me after your wedding on Saturday,” I demanded.

“Let me think about it until you get here at 1PM,” she said.

“That’s fair,” I agreed.

I immediately called Royce’s burn phone.  “Royce?” I asked when he answered.

“Of course it’s me,” he replied.

“I have to do some work for Wilma this afternoon and won’t be able to answer the phone.  How about you coming by to get all your shit?” I asked.

“How long do I have before you report for work with her?” he asked.

“You need to get up with me before noon,” I demanded.

“So where are you going to be in the next hour?” he asked.

“I’m going to the downtown park.  I will be at the kids play area,” I suggested.

“Fair enough I’ll meet you there in about half an hour or so.” he suggested.

I stopped by the small in and out discount store on the way to the park.  I bought a coke and a box of black licorice sticks.  From the discount store I went to the park where I watched the kids and answered the phone for Royce.  That job was going to get old in a hurry.  Royce was going to have to step up and take the calls and do the deliveries or the service would not work.  I didn’t mind helping out, but it was too much to do it all day and then at night as well.  I could image that Royce had me do it, just to show me what a monster I had created.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite pervert,” he said quietly so as not to be overheard.

“Right,” I said sarcastically.  “So take this damn phone.”  I handed him the phone and paper work.  “That thing is a pain in the ass.”

“Tell me about it.  So what are we going to do about it?” Royce asked.

“We are not making enough money for an answering service, and we already have the phone number all over the cruiser,” I said logically.

“We can have the number on the cruiser changed with a simple bit of cover up work.  I checked when they were installing the signs.  Not a big deal at all, but I’m thinking I’ll answer it till I shut down for the day, then leave a message in the voice mail box.  Either call back tomorrow or call your number.”

“That would work, if it is a number that doesn’t post a notation, then I will assume it is a new customer of Door To Door.”

“That should work.  So I’ll give you a call on your cell when I am going to stop answering,”  I sure hope we don’t lose any business.  We are breaking even now I think.  I would hate to go backwards.”

“Wow Royce aren’t you the businessman,” I said laughing.

“Yeah, I really want this to work,” he said.

“It will or it won’t, there is not much more we can do now but just wait it out,” I suggested.

“I know, well I’m off to pick up a bunch of food for a home caterer.  I  have to take it to the Smith Brothers Insurance office.  It’s somebody’s birthday.”

“Well be careful that sounds like a pretty good source of business.  It’s a damn site cheaper to hire us than pay for a truck.  At least at first.”

“Oh yeah we need to put a trailer hitch on the cruiser.  I had a man call about moving a hot dog trailer for him.  His car is in the shop.  We also need a nice bicycle rack for it.  I got a call from a guy on his cell phone.  He was in the middle of a ten mile ride and his bike fell apart.”

“Well I’ll do some research and see what I can come up with,” I suggested.

“Okay, I really have to go,” he said turning to leave.  Royce was a good looking guy, I wondered why I didn’t feel anything for him.  I decided that one day I would read the complete file on our past, just to see if there was a clue in it.

I passed on lunch, choosing a bad cup of convenience store coffee instead.  I had it in my hand when I walked into Wilma and her father’s studio.  “Good afternoon sir,” I said to Wilma’s father whose name I could not remember.

“Well aren’t you the well mannered one,” he said with a gentle laugh.

“I try, but the truth is I have a terrible memory for names,” I said.

“So I heard, maybe we should all wear name tags,” he was having a little harmless fun at my expense.

“Well just the rest of you, I do remember who I am.  It took a while but it finally stuck.”  With those words I smiled warmly.  Wilma also walked from the studio with a middle-aged man following.  He was very formally attired.

“Lucy is that you?” he asked me.

“My name is Lucy, yes sir,” I said.

“Oh yeah Jeff told me about the accident.  I am glad to see you are well enough to get out of the hospital.  I am a friend of Jeff’s father.  We met several times at the club.”

“I really don’t remember, but I hope I wasn’t too evil back then,” I said with a smile.

“No you have always been charming.”  He looked at his gold Rolex, then said.  “We should get together.  My wife would love to see you again.”

“Sure maybe we could get Jeff and his wife to come along as well,” I said it with a laugh.

“Now that might be interesting,” I really have to go but it was wonderful to see you again.”

“Thanks tell your wife I said hello,” I suggested as he left the studio.

“I had forgotten you weren’t always a model,” Wilma said.

“I don’t think I am a model now.  But if we are going to fake it again, let’s get started.” I suggested.

For the next two hours I was in and out of jeans, shorts, and all kinds of tops.  I even posed in a tiny tiny bikini.  Toward the end of the shoot, I posed topless and completely naked.  One thing for sure, Wilma had plenty of images to choose from.  She also got an eye full of my skinny body and lousy hair.  

For the hair she had me wet it completely before several of the shots.  I liked it plastered flat against my head.  I got a look at most of the images and there were some terrible ones, but then there were some that didn’t see too awful to me.

“If you come to dinner tonight, I will have your check and your decision about the party,” she said.

“If I ride the trike, it will be early in and early out,” I said.

“Yes I know, I think that would be best,” she demanded.  I noticed that she was breathing shallow.  I had no idea what her decision would be, but I was getting a little tired of the cat and mouse game.

“Fair enough, besides Shawn will love the trike,” I said.  When I got to the condo, I made some notes on my computer before I had to dress for dinner with Wilma.  Since I was going to be on the trike, I wore long jeans and a tee, but with a heavy shirt over it.  Partially because it might be cool coming home and partially to cover my skin in case I went down.  I debated on a helmet but chose not to take it.

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8 Responses to trippin 51

  1. demitheus says:

    Lucy is kinda pushing it without a helmut, don’t you think?

    If it were me i would at least wear a 1/4 motorcycle helmut, the one that looks like a bowl on your

  2. demitheus says:


    Where the HELL did I get that spelling??????????

    Oh well 3 days without sleep will do that I guess…..


    • cindypress says:

      well you know every bike riders big fear is being hit by a car. I can tell you from experience the plain old Styrofoam bike helmet works great for fall off a bike at about twenty miles an hour. She might come around one day.

      • Walt says:

        I wonder how my generation of bike riders ever survived without helmets, gloves, and knee pads. Then there were the sidewalk skates where we were constantly falling, oh and that extremely dangerous sport called dodgeball. Oh the horrors of being hit in the gut or the head.

  3. KO says:

    So here I am reading your stories, almost daily, and always disappointed when I reach the end! It seems to come too soon each time as I do so enjoy reading your work! I’m guessing that’s because I’m not the one writing it each and every day also! 🙂

    Thank you AGAIN for the effort that you put into your writing and PLEASE keep doing this as long as you are able and still enjoy it!! I for one enjoy it immenselyI

  4. cindypress says:

    Thank you KO. I will write and be happy to have readers since I’m not always sure that the stories can be followed by most people.

    As for the bike. When I fell off the bike and broke the ribs and collar bone I was doing well over twenty miles an hour and I don’t think I did that as a kid. The dodge ball is a far cry from the 2011 toyota that tried to use me for a hood ornament last month. rofl. But I do know what you meant. I’m not sure that we heal as well now as we did back then.

  5. KO says:

    We certainly do NOT heal as well or quickly, DAMMIT! 🙂

  6. cindypress says:

    i know I still have pain from the brorken collar bone and the pins and plates. I still think home depot could have done a better job.

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