“Shawn informed me that I’m not near as much fun as Aunt Lucy.  So thanks for that.  I spent $15 for a fishing license just to hear that.  We didn’t catch anything, but we mostly likely did catch yellow fever from the mosquitoes.”  Wilma explained.  I could not help it, I laughed at her story.

“Well, I’m all rested up now, so next time Aunt Lucy will take him fishing,” I said.

“Before you see it on the Internet, I should tell you that the Jeans Joint has your ads running online now.” Wilma informed me.

“Very cool,  I bet that is why I have messages from the painters at the college.”  I said it, then I burst into song, “Fame, I’m gonna live forever people gonna remember my name.”

“So which one of the teenagers do you think you are,” Wilma asked.

“I know.  I’m the nerdy girl with the gay boyfriends.  You know the faghag,” I said seriously.

“How did you remember that?” she asked.

“Shit, I have no idea where it came from.  I can just see the kids dancing in the street for some reason,” I answered honestly.

“That was the first time I ever heard techno music,” Wilma said.  “So you might get calls from other photographers and advertising agencies.  You might want to consider a manager.” Wilma suggested.

“Geese you are so damn practical.  Give me a chance to enjoy the moment, without real life interfering,” I explained.  I paused then went on quickly.  Okay enough basking in the moment of fame, how about I take you and Shawn to dinner.  Of course you will have to drive.” I said

“What did you have in mind?” Wilma asked.

“I’m thinking dog house to celebrate.  It sounds like the kind of thing that only a hot dog could do justice,” I said.

“Lucy, I know you think this is a joke, but it could lead to some serious money,” she said.

“Wilma, do I look like the type to go through all that model bullshit,  I mean some college kid wanted to draw me and then draw me nude.  Then I did some things for you, but that’s not New York runway stuff.”

“Okay make light of it, but mark my words you will get offers,” she said.  “As for the dogs of course Shawn would have a fit, if he found out you offered and I even considered turning you down.”

Good can you make it here by 7PM?” I asked.

“Sure but is there any particular reason for the time?” Wilma asked.

“Truth is I want to sit by the phone waiting for the model agency to call,” I said.  If we leave any earlier, I might miss it.

“Bitch,” she said hanging up on me.

I laughed a little, then I called Royce.  “So Royce, we had a good week huh?” I asked.

“Considering how new we are, we did really good I think,” he informed me.

“I think you are doing great.  Just keep it up and you will be rich before you know it,” I suggested.

“Hardly rich but at least I am my own boss doing this.  Well I guess you are the boss, but I don’t feel like I  have a boss,” he said.

“You don’t really,”  I paused a moment then said, “I just wanted to call and say good job.  I am going to dinner with a photographer friend and her son.  We are going to the doghouse at 7PM.  Why don’t you stop by.  Accidental meetings are so much fun,” I suggested.

“If nothing comes up, I might just do that,” he said. 

“Do not tell either of them that I invited you.  This is just an accidental meeting, right?” I asked.

He was off the phone in just a couple of minutes.  I stumbled around the apartment pretending to clean it.  My mother would be ashamed of me.  I didn’t actually remember her, but I just had a feeling about it.

After only twenty minutes the phone rang and I was grateful.  “Lucy Ayers,” I said.

“Lucy this is Jason,”  My memory was getting some better, but not much.  I quickly looking him up in the file.  Ah Jason, does your wife know you are calling me?” I asked with a laugh.

“This is nothing she needs to know about.  Your friend, the one who gave you the stuff you brought to the party, do you think he would sell me some?” he asked.

“I’m sure that is why he gave me the bottle.  To make it known to the right people that he has some available,” I said.  “He gets $25 a quart for it.  You can buy ABC store stuff cheaper.”

“Yeah but it ain’t the same.  It’s part of the outlaw mystique.  How much can you get me/”

“Just one quart of the plain and there won’t be any more.  The last he brought me was a special colonial plantation recipe.  For now that is all he has.  If you buy a quart, I will get  him to include an ounce of the Plantation Shine so you can sample it.”

“How do you like it?” he asked.

“To be honest, I haven’t tried it yet.  I have it on my list of things to do before the week ends,” I said.

“Fair enough, So do I pick up the product?” he asked.

“The twenty five includes a delivery.  Just give me an address where you will be tomorrow afternoon, and have the cash ready.” I said.

“Fair enough, we are going to be going to another party in a couple of weeks.  I’ll send you the location.  Invite your little friend for me.  You two were a big hit.”  He clicked off before I could say thanks a lot.  I did get his address.  I packed him up four of the 8oz water bottles filled with my the standard recipe white liquor.  I made an address label for Royce.  I made sure the package was well sealed.  If Royce got caught it would be just another delivery for him.  Yes that was my plan all along for starting the delivery service.  I did not plan to become a player in the game, but I did plan to do it as a hobby.  That being the case, I had some decisions to make and damn soon.

I sat with a glass of iced tea as I read my history with Royce and Wilma.  I did it so that I would have an idea what to say to them.  I hadn’t really decided what to do about the two of them, but I felt like my only two friends these days should at least meet.

I was downstairs waiting in our beautiful lounge, when I saw Wilma and Shawn drive into the parking lot.  I walked out to meet them.  “Hey there guys.  You look great Wilma and Shawn aren’t you all dolled up?” I asked.

“Yes grandpa is taking me to a play at the college.  I would rather go to the Dog House with you,” he said.

“I’m sorry, but you can go next time.  Have you ever been there,” I asked.

“No but my friends from school say it is great,” he said.  

“Your seven year old friends do restaurant critiques?” I asked.

“Sure, McDonalds has the best Chicken nuggets, and fries.  Wendys has the best burgers.  Except maybe Burger King if you like them messy.”

“Oh I love my burgers all sloppy like that,” I said.

“Me too, mom hates to eat there. I get the stuff all over my clothes,” he laughed.  Even at seven the idea of tormenting his mother had an appeal.  He was gonna be hell, when he got to be a teenager.  That was my prediction.

“If we aren’t going to have Shawn, is it still the dog house,” Wilma asked.

“Absolutely, I love a good hot dog.  My file tells me the dog house has the best,” I said it smiling.  She probably found that hard to believe. but then she didn’t know about Royce either.

We dropped Shawn at the downtown studio, so that his grandfather could take him to the play at the college.  Then we rode to the doghouse.  “So tell me, why the Doghouse?” Wilma asked.

“You are going to accidentally meet the man who helped me out back when I was a lawyer.  He and I are in business together now.” I said it and waited for her reaction.

“Why are you doing this?  Is it because I wouldn’t screw you at the party.  Did you decide that I needed a good man in my life, rather than  you?” she asked.

“What the fuck are you talking about.  I thought you and Royce should meet.  He is likely to be around more in the next few months.  So you should at least know who he is.  I also figured Shawn could use a man in his life.   Someone to take him fishing.  If you and Royce hit if off fine, if not nothing lost.  It isn’t like he is a paid escort and I have to pay for him to meet you.” I said angrily.  “So get over yourself.”

“Fuck you Lucy,” she said.

“Now?” I asked.  She did laugh at that point.

“You are so fucking evil.  I swear you are,” she said that to me just as we arrived in the parking lot of the Dog House.

“Miss Lucy where you been so long?” the man behind the register asked me.  I knew that I should know him, but of course I didn’t have a clue.

“Can’t you tell I’ve been dieting, so now it’s time to break bad,” I said with a giant laugh.  So how you been hon?” I asked.

“I have been good Miss Lucy, so has my son.   We are all doing well, He has a web thing telling people where the Hot Dog truck is parked and people drive to it.  I can’t believe how well it is doing,” he said.  

“I am glad could we have a table in a quiet spot, if there is such a thing?” I asked.

“It is dinner time everything is quiet.  Mostly this time of night it is take out,”  He talked while he led us to a table in a corner of the restaurant’s small dining room.

Wilma and I were at the table not even long enough to start another conversation when Royce walked up.  “Well hello there Lucy,” he said.

“No need to pretend Royce, she knows.  Shawn had a previous engagement and I had to tell her, so that she wouldn’t insist on some fancy restaurant.” I explained.  “So Royce this is my friend Wilma and Wilma this is my friend Royce,” I said making the appropriate hand signals as I spoke.

“I do hope you will forgive me Royce, I had no idea I was meeting one of Lucy’s real friends.  If I had known, I would have dressed better,” Wilma said.

“You are absolutely perfect.  You never have to dress for me.  I am a pretty casual type guy.  They tell me I didn’t look to bad in a tux at my brother’s wedding.  Otherwise, it’s most jeans for me.”

“You and Lucy, I don’t think I have ever seen her in anything but jeans of one kind or another.  Long jeans, jean shorts, and of course that little blue jean mini skirt,” she said it with a laugh.

“Well I have long jeans and cut off jeans but no shorts or mini skirts,” Royce said.

We ordered and the conversation was very light an almost bubbly while we waited.  Then out of nowhere Wilma said, “Oh my God, you are Lucy’s body guard.”

“Not any more but yes I was for a while,” Royce said.

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4 Responses to TRIPPIN 55

  1. KO says:

    Some more and interesting things piling up on Lucy’s plate now it would seem! Looking forward to see how she juggles them all, and of course anything else that cums along, like another “party” invitation!

    • cindypress says:

      trying to keep it like real life. Unless a woman stays home watching Tv all kinds of things become available to her if she stays open to it. So no once and that line drys up. So Lucy seldom says no.

      Lucy is also pretty passive aggressively devious. She reels Royce into her web knowing he is on parole, but she makes sure he doesn’t really know what he is doing. Will be very hard to put him back in with what he knows now.

  2. jack says:

    I.m enjoying those parties more and more. The details and a little imagination work wonders for an old man.

  3. cindypress says:

    I always wonder what is happening in he next room.

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