trippin 57

“So when are you leaving,” Wilma asked.

“I don’t think I am going to New York.  I’m brain damaged, not stupid,” I said.

“Well you could be both for all I know,” she suggested.

“So what’s up?” I haven’t heard from you or Royce in a couple of days.” I remarked.  My journal entry told me that, I couldn’t remember of course.

“I can’t answer for Royce but I have been busy touching up your images.  You do know that you really aren’t that gorgeous, don’t yo?” she asked.

“Of course I do.  I’m the one who told you.,” I said.

“I knew I heard it somewhere,” Wilma said lightly.  “So what is going on with you?”

“I am waiting for Jason to call about a party this weekend.  Are you interested?” I asked.

“I’m not sure.  I really need to give that some thought,” she said.

“So you and Royce are seeing each other?” I asked.

“Not really seeing, but we did have dinner a couple of days ago.  In a real restaurant with real table clothes,” she explained.  “He invited Shawn, so they had a great time talking about guy things.”

“Royce is good with guy things.”  I did not say anything about how Royce could explain how to survive in prison.  I guess that could be a guy thing.  “Sure I was jealous, but I couldn’t do that to Royce.  What she knew and when she knew it was not up to me.

“So are you two going out tonight?” I asked.

“No, he didn’t call after that first date.  I don’t know, maybe he is taking it slowly, or maybe he didn’t enjoy the dinner as much as I did,” she said.

“Or maybe he is in trouble,” I suggested.  “I’ll find him and get back with you.”

“Please do,” Wilma said.

I called the pickup number. “Door to Door Deliver,” Royce said.

“Hey Royce it’s me Lucy, where the hell have you been?” I asked.

“Working my ass off, you have created a monster,” he said.

“I have created nothing of the kind.  If business is good, then it good for both of us.”

“I was hoping for five or six deliveries a day, but hell I’m doing on average 10 a day.   I have been all week.  We have been at this two weeks and I’m working way harder than I want.  People see this little van and call me on their cell phone.  It’s just a beautiful way to do business.  Sometimes I get to the pick up point before they do,”  Royce said.

“In this economy you should be thrilled,” I said.

“Half of them are for a taxi with cargo space.   I swear we are probably cheaper than a taxi.  Our average take on each trip is $13.50,” he said.

“Sounds good to me,  So tell me, what’s the deal with Wilma?” I asked.

“Did she call you?” he asked in return.

“No Royce, I can add.  I introduce you and don’t hear from either of you for two days.  I usually hear from both of you everyday.  That sounds to me like a conspiracy.”  I couldn’t help it I laughed my ass off.

“We had dinner the other night, that’s all.” He said.

“That’s not how she tells it.  You want to hear her version?” I asked.

“I can imagine her version, but I swear Lucy it meant nothing,” Royce said.

“I hope Shawn didn’t find out.  By the way Wilma doesn’t think it meant nothing.  Call her and explain it to her.  Do not fucking leave her hanging,”  I said angrily.

“Very well, I can do that.  Also I have some money for you personally.  That COD delivery paid me.  I can’t believe I made a COD delivery in the parking lot of a closed service station.  That sounds a lot like you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing.” Royce observed.

“I’m not and I had no idea it was an abandoned service station.  Trust me the package was harmless.  It was not drugs, so it would pass the drug sniffing dogs, no problem,”  I laughed yet again.

It was mid afternoon when I got the call from Wilma’s cell phone.  “Can we talk?” Wilma asked.

“Sure where are you?” I asked.

“Just walked into your fancy lobby.  I will be there in a couple of minutes,” she said.  I couldn’t get a read on her mood, so I just waited for her to show up on my hallcam.

“Hello Wilma, is everything alright?” I asked when she walked into my sitting/guest room combo.

“No everything is not alright.  Royce called me to explain that it was just for giggles,” she said.

“Oh honey, I am so sorry,” I said.

“Thank you, did you prod him into calling me?” she asked.

“Yes I did.  It was just so you would know where you stood.  I did not suggest what he should say,” I informed her.

“You should not have called at all,” Wilma said.

“I know, but you two are my only friends.  We should not have secrets,” I informed her.

“I know.  I feel better now that I have told you.” she said.

“Good for  you Wilma.” I said not quite sure if a smile would be appropriate.

“I have a present for you,” she said handing me something that looked like a miniature Lava Lamp.  I had no idea where I had heard the name Lava Lamp but I was pretty sure that I had it right.

“What the hell?” I asked.

“Of all things it is a butt plug.  Now do not go all freaky on me, but you are supposed to wear it all day everyday from now till the party,” she informed me.

“Wilma you have to be kidding me?” I asked.

“Oh no, I  have it on good authority that if we do that, it will not be nearly as uncomfortable having sex there,” she informed me.

“So you have one I presume?” I asked.

“Yes I went home after Royce called and inserted it.  It felt really weird at first now it uncomfortable but in an erotic way, if that makes sense?”

“It makes no sense at all but if prissy you tried it, I will too,” I said.

“Would you mind terribly if I put it in?” she asked.

“Not at all,” I replied without even considering it for a second.

“You do need to lubricate it well,” she suggested.  “I brought my tube of KY lubricant.”

“You are always prepared and I’m so flighty,” I said.

“Pull down your shorts and panties, then bend over and spread your legs,” she demanded

I did as she directed and then I felt her work the cold firm rubber device inside me.  It was very uncomfortable on a couple of levels.  There was pain when I moved but also the instant feeling of needing to evacuate my bowels.  It was a pretty sick feeling.

“Is that okay,” Wilma asked in a soft voice.

“It is more than okay.  Since you did it, it feels wonderful,” I admitted.

“I hate to admit it but I loved doing that to you.  God I can’t believe I said that let alone felt it,” she confided.

“Don’t worry it is beautiful just as are you,” I said moving to kiss her gently.

“I can’t,” she said.

“I understand,” I said sadly.

“No, I have an appointment at the studio in ten minutes.  I could not stand it if you turned me on with this inside me and then I had to leave.  I would be reminded every second of your touch.  I will call you after the studio closes,” she promised.

She left before I could corner her and make her late for her appointment.   Wilma called to advise me that she had to go home right after work to be with Shawn.  “Please don’t come over tonight.  I have no idea what I am feeling with the thing in, but it can’t be a good thing.” she did say it with a laugh.

“If it is what I am feeling I think I would screw a pony right now,” I said.

“If you do that, don’t tell me. I might want to borrow him,” she said then laughed and added.  “Shawn would never let me give him back.”

I went out to eat pizza after the call.  I bought a small cheese pizza for six bucks and took it home.  I did that because there would be so much left over the waiter would think there was something wrong with the food.  I  had that happen more than once.  I thought I was starved till I actually tasted the food.  Besides I could have cold pizza in the frig for days.  That is unless Wilma came over, she adored cold pizza.  God I had her on my mind since she put that thing in my butt.  Not only did I have her on my mind, I was having the most wicked thoughts about her.

I imagined kissing Wilma deeply with lots of tongue.  I imagined my hands on her butt putting pressure in varying amounts on the plug located there.  I could also imagine her doing the same to me.  I wigged my ass in the chair to create a similar feeling.  

Then I imagined that I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it over her shoulders.  Wilma would remove my tee shirt over my head.  Breaking the kiss only at the last second.  Wilma wore a sturdy bra since she was a business person.  I wore none at all.  My nipples would have gotten hard while I kissed her .  As I felt the stiff fabric of her bra rubbing against my sensitive nipples I would ache for some release from the ever building tension.

Once her bra was gone I would feel the sensation of her soft smooth breasts against my small hard breasts.  I would be so slippery that it would be dripping down my thighs.  I could hope that her thighs would be equally slippery.

I would surely slip my hand between us while I massaged her clit.  I might have to lower myself to reach her clit, if I did then I would nurse her breast.  Feeling the nipple in my mouth would be a treat.  It would be a pure programed sensory thing, since I could not remember ever having done it before.  Even so I was sure I could do it well.

As I massaged her clit I know she would be rocking her hips to help me.  Doing that would also work the plug inside her.  That would create even more sensations.  Even with my fucked up memory, I would know when she was close to orgasm.  When she was rocking hard on my finger, I would slip to my knees and bury my face in her pussy.  Yes that is how I thought of it when I was extremely turned on and I was at that moment.  

I would lick and suck on her clit while she tried to force me to press even harder against her.  After that I would be forced to tongue fuck her deeply.  I would reach around and use the plug to gently excite her rectal canal as I sucked on  her clit.  When she was ready to cum, I would suck on the lips of her pussy helping her to pour lubricant from her pussy.

“God yes Lucy eat me.  I love the feel of your mouth on my pussy and his cock in my ass.”  I had no idea why those words came to mind, but I accepted it and kept sucking on her pussy.

I quickly moved my finger to my own clit and began to work it.  I didn’t imagine Wilma doing anything, except to allow me to worship her beautiful body.

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4 Responses to trippin 57

  1. jack says:

    Beautiful. Highly Erotic

  2. KO says:

    Very, VERY nice and I loved the detail. Just another reason I look forward to reading your work every day! Or at least as often as I can. Some days I have to try to be a responsible adult . . . . %$#@! 😀

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