It was Friday morning and I was still wearing the butt plug.  I had no idea why except maybe now and then I thought about how it got there.  I could remembered Wilma’s body smell, as she installed it for me.

After breakfast I went by the office to stir the mash.  There was still nothing noticeable about the office.  Well the grass needed to be cut, otherwise it was just like all the other offices.  I wondered why the lawn maintenance people had not been around to cut the small patch of grass in the front and the two small strips beside the parking lot.

I checked the index in the file and found that I had dropped the service two weeks before.  I suppose I had decided that I didn’t want anyone to be hanging around on a regular basis.  When a beat up old Ford pickup truck pulled into the parking lot, I had just about decided to buy a cheap lawn mower and do the job myself.

The man who got out of the truck appeared to be spaced out at, least a little.  He was in his twenties, so he was about the right age to be a drug user.  I definitely did not want him hanging around.

“Hey there, are you the owner of this building,” he asked.  “I saw you come out, so I thought you might be,” he explained.

“Yes I’m the owner, but the office is closed sorry,” I said.

“Yeah, it looks like you have walked away.  If you don’t want the city to be hassling you, then you need to keep the grass cut.  I can do that for you, cheap.”

“How cheap?” I asked the long haired young man in dirty jeans.

“My usual is $20 bucks and hour and a one hour minimum,” he said.

“I can buy a cheap lawn mower for the price of a month’s charges by you.  I can cut the grass till the end of the season and have the mower for next year,” I suggested  “I figure I have about a half hours worth of grass work.  Just mow no trimming.  So I’ll give you ten bucks every time you cut it.  How’s that sound?”

“Not even worth taking the mower off the truck for that,” he said.

“I can understand how you feel, so thanks for stopping by,” I said.

“Don’t you at least want to negotiate?” he asked.

“That was me negotiating hon.  My only concession is that I will pay you in cash.  Nobody needs to report such a small expenditure.”

“If I can cut it when I do the one across the street, you got a deal,” he said.

“So you are here, your truck is here, the mower is here, and we have agreed on a price, so why are you just standing here?” I asked.

“That’s fine for this week how do I get paid next week?” he asked.

“Give me a call when you start across the street.  I will have your money delivered before you finish with my lawn.  I have a deal with a local delivery service.  They will drop off the money within an hour or two of your call.  Of course he will also check the office before he hands over the money.”

“You don’t trust me?” he asked.

“Not a bit, but I am honest about it,” I said.

“Fair enough,” he replied.

“Just so you know, I have surveillance cameras on the inside and outside of the building.  I just wanted to tell you, so that there isn’t any problems about them down the line.  If I want, I can watch you cut the grass from  home,” I informed him.

“I got it, so where’s the ten?” he asked it knowing I wasn’t going to pay him till he finished.

“When I see your work,” I said. “I did show him the ten dollar bill.”  He was finished in about fifteen minutes but a deal was a deal, so I handed over the money.

As always I had charged the bike while I messed with the mash, so when the stoner finished the lawn, I rode to the lake.  I was busy, not being busy, when the phone range.

“Lucy, the party is at 411 Crestview Rd.  If you could bring at least a sample of the product your friend gave you, I think it would be a good thing.”  Jason said.

“Well that sounds perfectly reasonable to me,” I suggested.

“Will your other friend be coming as well?” he asked,

“I’ll have to ask her,” I said.  “So you really need to know?”

“Not at all, I just wanted to let you know she was a big hit last time.”

“I’ll tell her and see if that helps her decide, one way or the other,” I said.

I actually was pretty sure what her answer was going to be.  She had worn a butt plug like mine to please someone.  I wasn’t quite sure who though.  When he broke the connection, I realized that I had known who he meant, without the computer check.  I was quite proud of that.

I called the studio which I had to look up on my computer, since I wasn’t sure of the name of number of it.  I was pretty sure that Wilma would be working on

Saturday.  I was pretty sure she worked every Saturday.

“So Wilma,” I said when I had her on the phone.  “You want to give me a lift to the party tomorrow night?”

“I have a full blown wedding tomorrow, it will be late when I finish,” she informed me.

“I’ll give my friend a heads up, but I doubt that he cares.  If you remember these things run late.” I reminded her.

“I’m sure I remember more than you.  Now I have to go, work you know.” she said.

“Ain’t it a bitch being the adult in this relationship,” I suggested.  “I’m at the marina fishing.  You want to do something tonight?” I asked,

“Damn it Lucy, girls don’t fish,” she said.  “As for tonight Shawn and I are staying in.  He will be gone all day tomorrow and over night.  He spends every weekend with his dad.  It’s how I can even consider the party things,” Wilma said.

“Shawn doesn’t mind that I fish,” I said before she hung up on me. I had an excellent short term memory, so I didn have to call Jason right away, but I did anyway.  Marie answered the phone instead of Jason.  “Marie, Jason invited me and Wilma to a party this weekend, but if we come at all, it is going to be late, maybe as late as midnight.”

“Oh hell that’s okay.  Don’t forget that sample of your friend’s product.” Marie said.

“Okay I have to go,” I said quickly.  I did have to go my bobber was running away from the bank.  I obviously had something on the line.  I gave the half pound bream to the black guy beside me.  I had some kind of vague memory of a church fish fry, but it was too vague to pull out of the slime.

Since Wilma would be staying in with Shawn, I stayed at the lake until the sun went down.  I still had time to make it home before dark.  I found my best padded chair to sit with the laptop and chat.  I was able to move my butt which moved the plug around inside me slightly.  It was enough to bring back memories.

Earlier, while I was waiting to get onto the net, I remade my McDonald’s hamburger.  I opened it up and cut the burger in half, then I cut the bun in half.  I put both pieces of meat on just half the bun.  It probably didn’t help much but I did love their burgers.  What I really wanted was the French Fries, but I resisted.  Some nights I just bought a small order of their fries.  I had a jar of store brand salsa.  It was what I covered them with.  I could usually get about half of that concoction down.  I did splurge calorie wise with a little mayonnaise on the burger.

I finished my burger before I got into the chatroom.  It was a good thing I got busy immediately.  I think the plug in my butt me less picky about the men I spoke with.  It took about ten minutes to pare down the men to one who seemed to be interesting and sexy as well.

The first of the men who seemed to be cool, asked to call me on the phone after about twenty five words.  Even with the fucked up memory I knew better than that.  Then there were those who wanted pictures.  To do that I had to reveal my web address, again something I didn’t want to do with strangers.

In the end I found a man who didn’t want to trade personal information or meet me in some sleazy motel for sex.  Men seemed to be looking for dates in the chatrooms,  If a woman wasn’t interested then they really got upset.  It was something I found odd.  Once in a while I found someone worth talking with,

From the file I learned what my name in chat had been before the incident at the boat ramp.  I had no way to know which of my family members knew that name, but I used it again in the chatrooms after the incident.  I guess I did it because it was a connection to my past.  I didn’t have all that many.

Someone whose chat name was swampfox messaged me.  “Hello Wanda.  How have you been,”  He was obviously someone who remembered me.  I had no idea when I had chatted with him last.

“I have been well,” I typed.

“I am glad to hear that, I have missed you.” he wrote.

“Oh, we have chatted before?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we should start over if possible.  One never knows what the months have done to our relationship,” he wrote.

“What was our relationship back then,” I was looking forward to finding out more about me before the memory loss.

“We were just two friends with a very open relationship,” he said.

‘I see, yes we will need to start over for sure.” I said.

“Yes, I have been expecting it.  So tell me Lucy what are you wearing for me tonight?” he asked.

“I am more than a little shocked that you know my real name,” I admitted.

“As I said earlier, we have a very open relationship,” he wrote.

“You know my name, but I don’t know yours,” I said.

“My name is Charles.” he said.

“That’s my son’s name,” I said.

“Yes I know, you told me, when we spoke before. So when did you see your son last.”

“It has been a while, he is busy with summer school.” I replied.

“Well maybe you will see him soon,” swampfox said.  “So answer the question Mom, what are  you wearing for me.”

“I have on a white tee shirt and white panties.”  I’m not sure why, but I felt compelled to answer.

“Are your nipples hard for me,” he asked.

There was something about his direct approach that compelled me to answer and to answer truthfully.  “Hard but not for you,” I said.

“That’s okay,  I love hard nippled no matter what he reason.  If I were there, would you show them to me?” he asked.

“Yes, I think I would.” I replied.

“Would you beg me to suck them,” he asked.

“I honestly do not know.” I replied.

“Of course you know,  If you want me to chat with you ‘ again, then answer truthfully,” he demanded

“Yes, I would beg,” I said,”

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6 Responses to trippin58

  1. demitheus says:

    Ahhhh…. once again Lucy falls prey to lust…..

  2. jack says:

    We all give in to lust from time to time. Some more often than others, we just can’t help ourselves

  3. Walt says:

    If I recall the Charles in the chat room is Charles her son.

    Added Lawn man, Wanda, Swampfox to the Cast.

  4. cindypress says:

    good memory… bad boy charles

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