trippin 59

trippin 59

When I woke up Saturday morning,  I checked the computer to get the details of my life.  I had been able to keep the broad strokes in my memory the last few days.  I was thrilled.  I felt that even waking up just knowing my name was an accomplishment.  So knowing my name and the name of the woman who was driving me to a party later was great.

Okay, I did have to check the computer to know what she was doing before the party.  I also had to check the computer to find out the details about the butt plug up my ass.  God that sounds so stupid, but it was true.  I tried but could not remember how, or why it was there.  I was a little surprised that I knew what it was at all.

I called Wilma at home, while I had breakfast at the lake.  I had a biscuit and coffee while I sat on the balcony watching the sailboats.  The biscuit was very good.  I realized that I had been on the patio watching the boats, during breakfast many times.  I had just remembered it, so I was enjoying the food, the coffee and some of the memories.

I took a break long enough to make the call.  “So are we still on for tonight?” I asked.

“Shawn just left, so you bet we are.  I have no idea what time the bride will let me leave, but I am coming straight from the wedding to your house.  Can I leave my cameras at your place? I can pick them up when I drop you off.”

“Of course, it’s the least I can do, since you are driving,” I suggested.

“Good, I will also throw some shorts in the bag, so that I can change out of my wedding clothes,” she suggested.

“That sounds like a good idea.  I can imagine that you wouldn’t want to be dressed all that sexy at the wedding.  I bet being sexier than the bride is not good for business.” I said.

“So that’s why business is down.  All this time I thought it was the economy,” she said.  “So where are you at 10AM.

“10:30AM and I am at the lake having a biscuit and coffee.  Once I sat down on the patio with the biscuit and coffee, I remembered that I had been here dozens of times.  I even remember who I was with, and what we talked about.  Lots of shit is coming back to me these days,” I said.

“Good for you, did you eat the whole biscuit?” Wilma asked.

“Most of it,” I said.

“How much?” she asked again.

“I ate the bottom half of the biscuit and all of the sausage and egg.  By the way when did you become the food police?” I asked.

“When I put that thing inside your butt, bitch,” she said laughing.

“There is nothing I can say to that,” I replied.

“Good, then I’ll see you sometime tonight,” Wilma informed me.

After her call I went to the trike to remove my new fishing rig.  It was the seven piece, telescoping fishing pole.  Not rod but plastic pole which was the replacement for the poles I had used with Shawn.  Mine would fit on the trike easily.  I used a fake pole, kite string, a hook, and a fake worm to fish.  I tried as hard as possible to not catch fish.  I used the time to sit outside, work on my tan, and also to work on my plans.

The plat at the moment was to increase the production of illegal alcohol.  I knew that me and the mad mechanic could come up with a still that didn’t look like a still.  One of the secrets to getting away with it, or so I thought, was to trip no automatic triggers.  

I planned to buy the corn as feed for deer or other animals.  Then I would grind it myself.  I might need a better grinder than the coffee grinder, but I was sure that it would be easy to get a commercial coffee mill.  Sugar might be a problem since it was hard to explain hundred pound bags of sugar.  Water use would be a problem as well.  It took a lot of water to cool the worm even if I made it from copper it would have still needed cooling water.

So first thing I needed was to decide how many gallons of capacity I wanted.  Being safe was more important than money to me.  I figured five gallons of product a run was more than enough,  Roughly then I needed 25 gallons of mash, more or less anyway.  25 gallons would net me less than five gallons most likely, but that was okay as well.

I looked out on the water and saw one of my problem solved.  I remembered Royce’s statement.  “Just because your memory is gone, it don’t make you stupid.  When I looked out I saw a pontoon boat putt by me.  The boat was too small, but I would bet my ass there were onces big enough to handle my needs.  Everybody who knew me, knew that I had taken up fishing.  It would seem to be a natural next move.  I  had plenty of money surely I would want a boat.  

I wondered if Jeff’s dad wanted to sell, ‘Take The Fifth’.  Wouldn’t that be cool to make liquor on that old jerks fuck pad.  It wouldn’t do, but it was fun to imagine it.  The boat idea was fine, just not the house boat.

I pulled up google to research pontoon boats.  I quickly found that it was feasible to buy the boat.  The rest was going to require more thought.  If I bought a boat. it would take care of the water problem and maybe even the mash smell.  I could probably pull into some spot and tie up to the bank.  The mad mechanic could make me a cook stove that I could fuel with something that isn’t monitored like propane is monitored.  Diesel fuel for instance, I could drive up to a self service and fill up a ten gallon container no problem.  Of course I had no idea how much it would take to cook twenty five gallons of mash.

I would need twenty five gallons of drinking water as well.  Twenty five one gallon jugs of water would get noticed out on the deck of a boat, but there might be a way to disguise it.  Brand new five gallon paint buckets would do the trick.  Something to put the fish in to keep them alive, I could say.  A stack of empty buckets wouldn’t be all that noticeable laying on the deck.  I could fill them with water along the way.  Truth is the Mad Mechanic would have more ideas than I did.  I was just involved in mental masturbation.

So when afternoon came, I decided that I should go home and try to get some rest.  At least get out of the sun for a while.  One of the things the college kids liked about me was my real complexion.  I was neither black like a lady of color or white like a porcelain doll.  I was just ordinary with a little sun abuse showing in my complexion.  I also had tan lines which appealed to the art students, they could take them out or leave them.

I wonder how the college artsy fartsy kids would feel about the butt plug.  It struck me funny for some reason, so I broke out laughing.  I could just see them trying to work that into a fancy black charcoal drawing.  I had to admit the lime green piece of rubber would be quite a shocker for the average person.

I had a piece of the cold pizza for dinner along with a bit of pre-made lettuce and tomato salad from the store.  After dinner I watched a little British Television on my computer.  I could manage to understand only about sixty percent of the words, so it was a challenge.  I did have the benefit of being able to go back and play some of it over again.

I was tempted to go back to the chatroom where I had been the night before, but I resisted.  I didn’t want to get started before I got to the party.  Not that I would have refused to go to the party, even if I had orgasmed from the on line encounter with swampfox.

I decided that part of how the plug worked was simply that it caused one to have a those phantom urges to defecate.  That being the case the damn thing needlessly went in an out several times a day.  I knew one thing for sure, I couldn’t wait to get it out of my ass.

The phone rang at ten fifteen more or less.  “I am on my way,” Wilma said.

“Well since I can’t leave without you, I’ll be waiting.” I said.

“Good then keep a light in the window,” Wilma said as she hung up the phone.  It was still a half hour before Wilma made it to the condo.  I rang her up and waited until she reached my door.  

“So how did it go?” I asked.

“You would not believe these fucking idiots I deal with.  The fucking bride is a worse cow than me.  She had stuffed herself into a dress so small that she was in danger of a seam giving way with every movement.  The DJ gets her out to dance and I swear she expects the pictures to be beautiful.  I will be two days trying to give her the body she didn’t want to work to get.  The fucking cow,” she said.

“So did anybody grope you?” I asked.

“When there is alcohol and I have to stay late someone always gropes me.  Of course tonight I considered it foreplay for tonight.” She did laugh at that.  I laughed with her.

“So let me change and we will be ready to leave,” Wilma said.   Wilma removed her blouse slowly then looked at me.  “Would you held me with the bra please?”

I moved behind her to unsnap her bra.  When it fell away, I massaged her breasts slowly.  I knew it was just foreplay, but I didn’t mind a bit.  She turned to me naked to the waist and kissed me,  I kissed her back and it was every bit as good as I had imagined.

“God that was beautiful.  Now bend over and let me remove that butt plug.  I put it in, I want to be the one to take it out,” she said.

I leaned over a kitchen counter while she removed it.  It almost popped out.  I was so turned on by then I felt empty.  I wished she were a man and could put her cock in my ass.  I just felt lost and so different, I just wanted cock anywhere and anyway.  I needed to orgasm with a cock in me,  It was an amazing feeling.  I did not want to masturbate or do it with a woman.  I wanted cock pure and simple.  I was willing to do anything to feel a cock at that moment.  Wilma who I love with my whole heart and soul, just would not do.  I wanted a man and just any man with a cock would do at that moment.

She removed her skirt and panties.  She kissed me while completely naked.  Of course it turned me on.  When she broke the kiss I went to my knees spread her vulva and licked her till she orgasmed.

“God I needed that.  Let me dress and we can get to that party,” she said.  I stood to leave with the smell of her all over my face.  I headed to the bathroom to wash it off, but she stopped me.  So when I arrived at the party everyone would know.

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4 Responses to trippin 59

  1. jack says:

    Wilma is getting to be a little dom . Wonder where that will go. thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    I have no clue but we all know that Lucy is submissive until she turns on her lover and cuts his or her head off figuratively speaking. From the road trip days.

  3. KO says:

    An intersting day for Lucy for sure, with a few more memories, and a very nice warm up for the party!!

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