trippin 61

Trippin 61

“So what the fuck was so important that we had to leave right in the middle of things?” Wilma asked when we were in her car.

“Just drive to my place.  There was something screwy there.  They sent a 14 year old girl for me to teach.  You know what I was supposed to teach her don’t you?”  I asked.

“Fourteen are you sure?” Wilma asked.

“That’s what she said, and she looked fourteen,” I replied.

“Then why didn’t we bring her out?” Wilma asked.

“Then what do we do with her, turn her over to social services.  I’m sure the story she tells would be great reading for you father and ex husband,” I said.

“Oh my god, you are right that would be a disaster,” She said.  So what are we going to do.

“We are going to let the boyfriend take care of her however he wants.  She didn’t asked to be saved.  She could have, but she choose to follow him, so there is nothing we can do.”

“You mean, there is nothing we are willing to do,” Wilma said.

“Well that is pretty much the same thing as far as I’m concerned.” I informed her.

“You won’t be upset if I drop you at your place and do not come up?” she asked.

“Not at all, it’s what I expected to happen,” I replied.

“Good, then I will call you tomorrow?” she asked.

“Sure, but not too early,” I said smiling.

When I awoke on Sunday it was noon.  Unfortunately I remembered most of the one night I wanted to forget.  I especially remembered the slick looking young man, who said I sucked cock better than his mother.  I wondered. if he was the mysterious bf.  Either way, I was not happy with the memories of my actions from the night before.  Being able to remember might not be all good, I decided.

Did I feel guilty about all the sucking and fucking from the night before, sure but that was part of the experience.  It was the truly degenerate people that I did it with which bothered me.  It was most likely never to be repeated.  Since we stormed out, we most likely would not be invited again. I personally could live with that just fine.  It had been a fun experience, but it was wearing a little thin.  Wilma might be a different story.  She might not have burned out with them just yet.  I had seen her slip Jason a card, so she wouldn’t need me to get an invitation.

I showered and checked the computer, just to see if there were other things I needed to know.  One was a reminder to start the next cook that day.  Also a note to see the mad mechanic later about a new larger cooker type operation.

I had no intention of cooking on an empty stomach.  Since I might not get out for almost 24hours, I bought a pizza at that carry out place.  That and a six pack of diet coke was my plan for the next three meals at least.

Once I got the mash cooking, I went onto the Internet to check things out.  I researched pontoon boats and cook stoves.  I did lots of checking of things some related to the liquor and some related to things in general.  

On of the things I looked for was batteries for the trike,  I was really getting a little tired of the trike to be honest.  My balance had improved along with my memory.  I was about 75 percent on the balance and 35 percent on the memory.  Not clear thinking enough to drive a car, but maybe enough to drive a motor scooter.  I found the address of my blog from the road trip.  I seemed to have done really well with the Tomas motor bike.  It was something to think about at least.

I had the first batch of mash cooked off by 6PM.  I had been adding to the mash a bit at a time as I continued to cook it off.  Wilma never did call but I didn’t mind.  Something about the night before didn’t set well with me.  I had no idea what it was, but something seemed off somehow.  On the upside of a lousy memory was that I would totally forget the feeling soon.

I cooked most of the night but in the end I had over a gallon of a rum made with molasses and corn.  It was smoother than pure corn liquor and not as buttery tasting as ordinary rum.  It was nice and smooth with no after taste at all.  It was just strong, since all my liquor was over 90 proof and often it was closer to 100 proof.

With the cooking done and the liquor put away in the cabinets, I headed back to sleep.  I made the computer notes before I fell into bed.  Then things just went away.  It was the thing I liked best about being brain damaged, I never had a bad night’s sleep.

When next I awoke, it was after only ah hours sleep.  It was 6AM.  I didn’t often wake up that early, but there wasn’t often a buzzing from my call box at the front door either.

“Who the fuck is buzzing me at 6AM,” I asked.

“It’s me Royce.  You have a problem.  Get your ass up and moving.  We have to get out of here now,” he demanded.

“Royce I almost remember you and I know I trust you but what are you talking about?” I asked.

“I’ll explain once we are out of town.  Get dressed and bring your pistol,” he said.

“Is it that serious?” I asked.

“It is that serious,” he said.

I rang him in then I dressed.  I did a quick check on the computer to be sure I wasn’t mistaken about trusting Royce.  I didn’t think I was, but I was also never a 100 percent sure of anything.  In that case I had been right, Royce checked out.  I was more or less naked, when I opened the door for him.

“Get dress Lucy, we don’t have time to talk.  We maybe have five more minutes, then it may be hell on earth around here.” Royce said.

“I can’t believe anything is that bad,” I said as I slipping into a pair of shorts.  I picked up the .38 and slipped it into the camera bag I used as a purse, when I needed extra room.

“It’s worse come on we need to move now,” Royce said leading me from the building.  Royce was driving his sisters’s car.  If he wasn’t driving the company car, something was for sure wrong.

“Where are we going?”  I asked.

“Somewhere that we can talk,” he said not looking like he had a plan.

“How about the city park where I meet you sometimes?” I asked.

“No where you go often.  We need to go somewhere no one would look,” He demanded.

“Then you will have to decide, since I am a creature of habit,” I suggested.

I rode in silence for several minutes, then Royce pulled into a parking lot.  The sky had lightened enough for me to see clearly.  It was the boat ramp where I had been shot.

“No one would expect us to come back here,” he said.

“Okay, now what the fuck is going on?” I asked.

“Do you remember what you did Saturday night?” he asked.

I looked it up to be sure then said, “Sure, Wilma and I went to a party.”  

“How did it end?” he asked.

“Wilma and I left early,” I said.

“What happened to cause you to leave early?” Royce asked.

“Some 14 year old girl showed up in the room where I was resting.  Her boyfriend had sent her in to get some experience.  It freaked me out, so I left.”

“Is that all?” he asked.

“Yes that’s all, why?” I answered his question with a question.

“Because Wilma must have spent all day Sunday making phone calls.  She stirred up a hornet’s nest.” he said then stopped to take a breath.

“How so?” I asked.

“It’s really complicated.  Do you remember screwing a guy who was very young?” he asked.

“Sure it didn’t occur to me that he was too young to be there, till after I met the 14 year old girl.  I figured he must be her boyfriend.  She said that was who sent her into the room.”

“What did the boy say to you?” he asked.

“Something about me being a better cocksucker than his mother.  I thought it was just some kind of immature humor.”

“Lucy those people are all very, very dangerous.  There is a contract out on you,” he said.

“Royce, what the fuck are you talking about?” I asked.

“Your dad called me.  He told me that your name came up through a friend of a friend.  He told me to get my ass over to your house and pick you up.  That’s what I just did.  He assured me that there were multiple parties looking for you.  He also explained that they are the shoot first, and then shoot again types.” Royce explained.

“Who the fuck are you talking about?” I asked.

“Angelina Josephine Gomez, she is a Mexican national and operates one of the largest drug smuggling businesses in the Southeaster USA.  It was her son who screwed you and Wilma.  It was also her son who sent the girl to you.”

“What the fuck was her son doing at a small time swingers party here,” I asked.

“He is in the country on a student visa.  He attends ‘Our Lady of The Highway Academy’. We aren’t sure of much else yet,” Royce said.

“So why are they after me and Wilma?” I asked.

“The girl is 14 and it is rape.  If it is Angel Jo’s kid, it is going to be a big deal period.”

“Then we need to find Wilma and warn her,” I said.

“Take a deep breath Lucy,” Royce said.  I could tell by his attitude that it was bad.

“How bad is it?” I asked.

“Wilma and Shawn are dead,” Royce said.  If we hadn’t been sitting in the car, I would have collapsed.  He must have realized that I needed to hear it all.  “They were shot, then the house was burned.  I thought you knew, but then when I couldn’t reach you, I figured no one else could either.  I finally just came over for you this morning.  They are coming for you now.  Your dad is sure of it.  There is a lot of bad blood between Gomez and your dad.  This is just more reason for Angel Jo to have you killed.  Solves her security problem, and puts her finger in your father’s eye for all the world to see.”

“I am not going to let anyone get away with this,” I said.

“Your dad and the cops are looking into it.  You need to just hide out this time,” Royce said.

“Royce, I am brain damaged, but I am still my father’s little girl.  I need to send Angel Jo a message and it needs to send her a strong one.  It doesn’t matter what I  have to do.” I said.  I sat in the car and looked at the river.  I realized that I hadn’t cried for either of my friends.  Instead of showing my emotions, I was planning revenge.  It was my father’s way not mine.  It didn’t matter at that moment whose way it was.

If you do this and I am involved, I could go back inside.  I just can not risk that.” Royce said.

“I can understand.  You have warned me, it is more than enough.  I can handle it from here I think.” I said.

“Let me call your dad and see if we can work something out?”  Royce suggested.

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7 Responses to trippin 61

  1. jack says:

    Big change of events there . wow

  2. Walt says:

    Leave it to Lucy to walk into a big mess. Shooting and burning the house down is serious hatred. Now the story gets exciting in how she will deal with this.

    Note: Angelina Josephine Gomez, son and 14 year old girl added to Cast. I only added the kids because of involvement as to why Lucy left the party.

  3. KO says:

    HOLY SHIT!! Now there is a change of events I never saw coming!! Fortunately I’ve never been in anything like that but I do know things and life can change in a instant from something seemingly insignificant!! Great and huge twist for Lucy . . . . and us!! 😀

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