Sylvia 7

The man had a roguish charm I had to admit.   He had absolutely no problem asking the most embarrassing questions.  He even made it seem as though they were harmless.  He honestly expected me to answer them, which was a completely different take from asking them just to embarrass me.

He was maybe three years older than me, then again maybe not.  He told stories about college, so if he had finished, he started business at twenty-two just like me.  Unlike me, he seemed to have been building his business for at least three years.

While he was working to get his business off the ground, I had been in the two year tech school .  So we might be about the same age.  It had gotten on toward the end of dinner when he mentioned that he had been married, but was no longer.  According to his follow up remarks.  She hadn’t been quite ready to give up her roguish ways.  Even so, he had considered it a positive experience.

“I really did like being married.  You know always having my wife around was a good experience.  I am extremely sexual, “ he informed me.

“All men think they are extremely sensual, but to be honest, it only counts after five minutes otherwise you just run of the mill,” I informed him.  He did smile at the remark.

“Well, I have never heard that complaint.  Usually I do hear stop it hurts after a half hour or so,” he suggested.

“Ah takes half an hour, then I guess I won’t have to worry about too much of a good thing then.”  I laughed again.

“I think the best description there is more than adequate, any more could be a problem for some people, I’m told.”  I have to admit he kept it light and humorous but he never backed down an inch.  I liked that about him as well.  James was proving to be damn good company.  I was waiting for the other shoe to fall of course.  He was bound to do something to ruin it all.  Men were just programed like that.

I was surprised to just realize that they were closing the place on us.  We had been sitting and telling each other stories for hours.  James and I shared a few things.  In addition to college he had been to the big sandbox.  We had both heard the sounds of gunfire, not on a target range  Also like me he had never had to say a final goodbye to a close friend in the field.  

“Frankly I had list of people to push out in front of me if things got really rank,” I explained.

“I had an old Russian pistol, I liberated, just in case some of the assholes in my squad ever got me really pissed off before a firefight,” James said.

“I had a box opener like the ones in the 911 planes.  Just in case someone really really needed to be transformed in a hurry.”  I smiled even though I knew I had never planned to use that box opener on anyone I knew.  I did have one just in case.

“Do you have it with you?” Jim asked.

I recovered my purse from the floor.  Inside the purse I carried a plastic handle with a long snap blade box opening tool inside.  I had searched all over for it after I got home.  I had to leave mine in the land of sand castles.  They had gotten hard to find, since even craft stores were afraid to be politically incorrect.

“All this isn’t nearly as interesting as your sex life I bet,” he said returning to his favorite subject.

“Oh really and what is it about sex that you find so entertaining?” I asked.

“Other than it just plain feels good?” he asked.

“Yes other than that?” I agreed.

“There is something about sex that levels the playing field.  If you are both enjoying the sex, then money and position in the community isn’t very important,” he said.

“That is only true while you are having the sex.  Once you get away from it for a while you realize that there are other things in life.” I explained.

“True that’s when marriages break up.  It’s when they become about shit that just don’t matter,” he said.

“I don’t know.  There are other things that do matter, at least to me,” I said.

“Women, I think are more into the home and security things,” he replied.

“Hold on your wife ran around on you, but you think she was more into the home and security things,” I said with a laugh.

“Oh it wasn’t about home and security sweetie,” he said.  “It was about sharing.  I don’t loan my car, or let other guys sleep in my bed either.”

“Well when you put it that way, I guess it makes sense on the selfish bastard level,” I replied.

“See, I knew you would understand,” he suggested.  “So how old were you when you had sex for the first time?”

I considered refusing to answer but it seemed to be a harmless question.  “I was sixteen before I went all the way with a boy,” I said.

“You mean before you had intercourse?” he asked.

“Yes that,” I replied.

“But before that had you made boys cum for you?” he asked again pinning me down.

“Sure, everyone experiments,” I said.

“So how old the first time?” he asked.

“Thirteen,” I replied simply.

“So you managed to avoid having full blown sex for three years.  That’s pretty impressive.  My first real sex was with a friend of my mom’s.  She was going through a bad divorce and felt very insecure.  I said a few nice things to her, and generally showed an interest in her.  That was all it took.  That and not being bothered by her rejections at first.  I recognized it as part of the dance.  She taught me a lot of significant things.” he informed me.

“I bet,” I agreed.

“No, I meant I learned a lot from the experience.  Sex with her was very ordinary.  I like ordinary, the more adventurous is fun, but I like ordinary as well.”

“I am impressed.  You don’t come off as the usual loud mouth male egotist,” I said.

“It’s because I am anything but usual.  I am not really into the world exactly like other people.  I really am still experiencing new things.  I am also about showing women like  you new things as well.  Are you adventuresome?” James asked me.

“I am a cop and I take that serious, so not so much as I once was,” I replied.

“I see, well I will try to keep things to small experiences then,” he said with a smile.

“Oh what do you have in mind?” I asked.

“First I have to get you to waive the no sex on the first date rule,” James suggested with a smile.

“Ah well I think I will say this to you and from now forward, let your conscience be your guide.  If anyone asks me to make an emotional decision in a cold way, then I always decide against them.  It is like your divorcée as a teen, try it to find out.  If you ask, the answer is always no.”

“You just stated a fact that most women would never admit.  It’s why before you leave the parking lot, I will invite myself to your place.  If you say no then you say no.  If not then we can have some fun, I think.”

I intentionally did not comment, because I had not decided what I planned to do when he invited himself home with me.  I had known from the start that he would most likely do something like that.  Boyle was just that kind of guy.  Obviously I didn’t mind that he was.

“So how about it, would you like to wake up tomorrow in a bed occupied by someone in addition to you?” he asked.

“I was thinking maybe I could make an exception to the the no first date sleepovers.  But Boyle, I better never hear of this from anyone else in this state let alone this county.  It will also not be at my motel room, so think of something else,” I demanded.

“You do realize you are telling me that I have to be cold and logical, when you just finished telling me that you would not be cold and logical about sex,” James demanded.

“Yes, I suppose I did that but you are the one so hot to get laid.  I can take it or leave it.” I replied.

“Fair enough, I live in a small but clean little townhouse with my brother, but you don’t have to do it with him, just because he is there.” James said.

“As long as your brother understands this is not a multiple partner dance,” I said smiling.  I wondered how the hell this whole thing would end.  The reason I was going along was that James knew I was a cop and I could walk if things turned rank.  He had a good incentive to keep it ordinary.”  It was a word he had used but it fitted the situation perfectly.

“I can make sure he knows to leave you alone.  Now and then we have shared a lover, but not one who didn’t want it.  So don’t worry, you are all mine.”

“That sounds like a good plan, but he also has to know to keep it quiet.  Who I screw is not anyone else’s business,” I stated emphatically.

“Not a problem, we don’t gossip,” Boyle informed me.  

“Good,” I said.  Since we had the last half hour of our conversation in the parking lot of Dino’s, I followed behind Boyle as he drove to Leland.  Leland was another of those rural town with half a dozen employers.  Leland’s biggest employer was a mill that made dry dog food and a processing plant that made canned dog fog.  It provided a great deal of the boutique dog foods sold in pet stores.  They were the only ones who could afford to buy made in America Dog food, I had been told.

I had not known we were headed for Leland when we left Dobson.  If I had known, I would have made some comment for sure.  Leland was the joke of the state, but when the rest of the state lost a butt load of jobs, Leland’s Dog Food businesses didn’t lose even one.  So I guess they got the last laugh on the rest of us.

Every town even Leland had other small businesses such was Boyle Brothers recovery and delivery service.  They lived in a townhouse condominium that was also the office for their company,  I had no idea who owned the building. nor did I want to know.  What I knew was the it was after midnight and James’s brother Simon was still watching TV.

“Simon this is Deputy Sylvia Porter,  She has come to visit me and only me.  If you have any other illusions forget them, she did two deployments to the sandbox, so don’t even thing of bullying her.”  James smile at me after he said it.

“Hy Sylvia, James makes me sound a whole lot worse than I am.  Usually he is the one acting inappropriately.  I’m glad that tonight he isn’t doing that.  Welcome to our home.” Simon said.  “Would you like a drink, maybe a glass of wine?”

“No thanks Simon but I appreciate the offer.”  I took a look at the TV.  “What are you watching?”

“There is nothing on, so I’m watching a show nobody watching as a first choice.  I’m watching storage wars.”

“I have seen that and you are right, It’s what I watch when I can’t even find Ice Road Truckers.”

“I know another of those shows is hard core pawn.  We deal with people like that all the time.  It’s cool to know we aren’t the only ones.”

“I caught that once and if the son wasn’t such a wimp and the daughter wasn’t such a dog, I would watch it again.  I like their interactions.  I just don’t like them as people.”

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4 Responses to Sylvia 7

  1. demitheus says:

    And here I thought that I was the only person that felt that “Hard Core Pawn” Sucked……


  2. jack says:

    I didn’t even like the adds so i didn’t bother with the show. I have had my fill of these fowl mouth shows. I have been away and late reading the last couple of chapters and will miss the next severals days as well , nice. Thanks

  3. cindypress says:

    Im sure it will still be here for you and thanks/

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