Sylvia 8

silvia 8

“Yeah, the cable is full of almost good shows.  So many things have to be right to make a good show, but only one has to be wrong to make a bad one.” Simon said.

“Why not sit and let’s explore the cable together,” he suggested.

“I think your brother wants to screw me,” I said with a giant laugh.

“Hell, so do I,” Simon said with a beautiful smile.  I had to admit I was captivated by their rakish good humor.  “Not many men would see you this time of night and not want to screw you.  I think that is just the nature of real men.”

“So, real man is defined by who he wants to screw at midnight?” I asked.

“Pretty much yeah,” James said as he re-entered the room.  “Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t always the man who knows how to go about it, but real men pretty much are horny all the time.”  He looked to Simon for some sign of agreement.

“Oh yeah, it’s just how we are programed.  Just like chicks are programed to say no at least once.  If a chick was just as hot for me as I was for her, I would wonder if I had a cross dresser.”  Simon said it with a laugh.  I’m afraid I laughed as well.

“So have you two been talking sex all night?” Simon asked.

“It sure seems like it,” I admitted.

“So is your heart beating a little faster than normal,” Simon asked.

“If you two are gaming me, you are damn good at it,” I observed.  I saw them look at each other trying to decide whether I had indeed busted them.  “Does this usually work?” I asked.

“Something usually works,” James said.  “Since you are here, I will have to suggest that something did work.”

“I will admit that something did work.  I find you both quite charming in a gritty kind of way.  I’m not exactly a hot house flower.” I admitted.

“Then you won’t mind, if we turn out some of these lights,” Simon suggested.

“No, it is a little bright for this kind of conversation,” I admitted.

“That was my opinion exactly,” James said.  Once the lights were down he filled Simon in on what he had learned from me at dinner.  I was surprised that he did it, and that I allowed it.

“Did you really jack off a guy at thirteen?” he asked.

“Yes but he was sixteen.  I was trying to be more mature.  That did not extend to giving him a blowjob,” I said.

“Now you didn’t tell me that part, how old were you when you swallowed your first cock?” James asked.

“If that is metaphorically speaking, then I was seventeen.  Yes, it was even after I gave it up to a guy.  I know they say girls suck, then fuck, but not in my case.” I said honestly.  “It isn’t very romantic, when you put it that way is it?”

“No. but it is honest, and I like honest,” Simon said.  “I have to admit that I had a middle age neighbor go down on me before I turned sixteen.”

“Sounds like a family tradition, or lying about it is,” I said with a laugh.

“Could be either, but in this case the neighbor who did me, did Simon the next summer,” James explained.  “She wasn’t beautiful, but she loved to suck cock,” he said.

“You know men say that, but I don’t think I ever met a woman who told me she loved to suck cock.  Lots of them said,that they don’t mind and it’s how you make an impression but enjoying it, just for the sake of doing it, no I don’t think anyone ever did.”

“I expect that the same women who tell you they just do it to get second dates, tell the guys they just love sucking cock.  It sounds a lot sexier, than I do it just so you will call me again,” Simon said in agreement.

“So what size bra do you wear?” James asked out of the blue.

“Are you planning to start buying mu clothes?” I asked.

“I might, but I mostly want to know, if I guessed right,” he replied.

“What is your guess?” I asked.

“36d,” he said.

“How about you Simon?” I asked.

“36c,” was his only answer.

The award goes to Simon, sort of.  I wear a 36c if I want to put a form in the cup.  A 36b if I want the cups tight.  So the answer is I have both sizes, but I do not have a D cup bra at all.  I know you were trying to be politically correct, and I thank you.”  I laughed again.

“Do you ever sit around topless,” Simon asked.

“Simon, are you trying to get me to take my clothes off?” I asked.

“Actually yes,” he admitted.

“Well I thought so.  To be honest I do not sit around watching TV topless, but I am not a prude either.  If I have a reason to be topless, I can manage to do it without fainting.” I admitted.

“Have you ever been to a nude beach?” Simon asked.

“No, I never have,” I admitted.  Something in my tone seemed to encourage them or maybe they were just well rehearsed.  Either way they kept at me.

“Have you ever been curious to see how it feels,” James asked.

“Okay what are you getting at.  I wonder if  you would like to try being a nudist for an evening.  Simon and I don’t sit around nude with just each other, but we do have a few friends who join us in nude evenings,” James suggested.

“So you want to call me the next time you have one of these things to have me join in?” I asked.

“Of course,” Simon admitted.

“Don’t you think I should try it first before I get naked in front a dozen or so people?” I asked.  If they didn’t recognize that I was putting them on, I would have beens surprised.

“Now that you mention it.  It does seem like a good idea,” James said.

“Has that ever worked?” I asked with a smile.

“No, but there has to be first time,” Simon said.  

“Actually we do have nude nights here now and then.  Some people like being home nudist,” James suggested.  “Usually it is with couples who are home nudist anyway.”

“I see.  Well I’m going to give you a chance to say that it does work now and then.  But if I ever hear you have told anyone, I will bust you for every piece of shit, I can find.  Do we understand each other?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we totally understand.  Neither of us has ever named names, period.” Simon said.

“Alright,”  I stood up and stepped in front of the TV set.  I removed the already unbuttoned white shirt that covered my tee shirt.  I stood in my white tee and sorta low rider jeans. My ass was wider in the jeans than my chest.  It was small for the size of my broad ass.  If I had those c or d cups, I would have been better, not perfect, but better.

When the tee came up then off, I was still in the plain white industrial style bra.  and the rest.  The bra was a front hook model so I got to tease a little before I removed it.  With the bra laying across the chair with the rest of my clothes, I was naked to the waist.  I have to admit that I was enjoying it, even though I was also terrified to be stripping in front of two men.  I thought I might have to defend myself, if I said no to any of their further offers.  There was something exciting about that as well.  It was all scary, but also a huge boost to the excitement level.

Of course my nipples were hard and pointed.  They were also naked in the cool air of the apartment.  My breathing was loud in my own ears.  I stopped at naked to the waist while I waited for the two of them to catch up to me.  Simon stood and removed his tee shirt.  He did not wear an over shirt so that one item and he and I were on a level playing field.  It took James two items to get down to me.  I found that both of their nipples were also hard though not as pronounced as mine.  It was fun watching them to be honest.  I found my thighs to be slippery immediately.  It was all part of the excitement.

I made quick work of the jeans and bikini panties.  In doing so I revealed that I was natural in my choice of pubic styles.  The black pubic hair was not coarse or long, so I never bothered to remove it.

James was the next to get naked.  He looked at my pubic area and as I looked at his shaved pubic zone.  He said, “I prefer my women to be clean shaved.  I find that extremely sexy.”

“Yours is not pronounced or bushy so I wouldn’t have a problem eating you,” Simon said.  “I have no idea what James’s problem is.”

“Would you mind, if I shaved you?” James asked.

“I’ll have to think about that,” I admitted.  Even Simon was shaved, so I definitely stood out in the crowd I was with at that moment at least.

“Most of our nudist friends are shaved.  It is just the way it is these days.” James admitted.

“Well who knows, maybe I will change my mind one day,” I said.  I sat down and crossed my legs being as ladylike as possible.  I wasn’t surprised to see that both of them had erections.  Since they were related they were similar in size.  I think Simon might have been a little larger but not vastly so.

I was turned on of course.  There was no rush to move forward, we all knew what was going to happen.  They were more familiar with how the scenario went than me.  I was more or less letting them lead me.  I always liked to be led into personal relationships, regardless of who wore the gun.  

I sat on the sofa trying not to stare at their penises.  It was difficult, since I hadn’t dated in a while.  I didn’t think that I had missed anything until that night.  At that point I thought that maybe I should be just going with the flow.  I could have at least gotten a lot of free meals, if I had.  Not to mention I likely would have slept better all those long nights.

“So Sylvia, how do you feel about letting Simon watch?” James asked.

“You guys are really something.  I come here and before I know you have me out of my clothes and now you want to have sex with me in front of an audience,” I said.

“You have to know that it was coming all along.  Not to mention you really are enjoying the attention.  Your body gives you away.  I can see the shinny thighs and that’s a dead giveaway,” James said.

“To be honest James I haven’t really decided how far I’m going to let you go.  I have been known to change my mind.  So if you won’t be embarrassed should I stop you, then sure he can observe and maybe testify if it comes to that.” I said.

James walked over and kissed me.  “I don’t think you will be saying no to things.  You seem to be into it all now,” he said.

“I guess we will see what happens,” I whispered to them both.  “Now I’m not answering any more questions, period.”

“Yes, it is what it is,” Simon said with a smile.


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8 Responses to Sylvia 8

  1. Peter {PJ} says:

    I’ve just finished this chapter on SOL. I wanted to supply feedback but it’s not allowed. I wanted to review it but it’s not allowed. I voted 8 9 8 on it.
    Looking at ‘carniegirl’s’ page and voting score on her previous efforts, I get the idea. I’ve previously read some of those and understand it.
    The author writes for her own edification and if she’s going to get scores low as shown on most of those, why bother with those who niggle.
    ‘Deputy Porter’ just might change that.
    I find the dialogue a little stilted and formal until the good parts.. meaning pretty much this chapter. Then the author gets into the flow.
    The best thing about this story is that it’s totally human. A chronicle of ordinary day to day events that lead into a -not unusual so far- murder mystery.
    Sylvia {Deputy} Porter is totally believable.
    I suppose some reading this might find fault with the incidental fact that Sylvia hadnt had a date, or sex, in over a year. then in short order finds herself naked in her date’s living room discussing almost good cable programming with her date and his brother. Both of them who she had just met and both of them nude also of course.
    I’m in my sixties. I’ve known me some women. It might not be usual.. but it’s certainly not incongruous. That stuff happens.
    I REALLY like the storyline and plot. so the flaws in technique dont bother me much. I’d like carniegirl to find an editor/rewriter to smooth things out but that’s up to her. If not I’ll read and enjoy it anyway.

    • cindypress says:

      Thanks for the comments they are always welcome. And you have me exactly right I am still at the ‘I do it for myself and a few of my friends’ stage

  2. KO says:

    I like the way things are going here for Sylivia and us, your readers! All of these have been interesting and enjoyable so please, keep up the good work!!

  3. jack says:

    I second that very nice lead in

  4. demitheus says:

    Don’t change a thing Cindy, your work is honest and raw, but that is why we all keep coming back for more…. you go girl!

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