Sylvia 15

Sylvia 15

From the DA’s office we went to the local Rainbow Steakhouse.  Simpson convinced me to carry a couple of burgers and fries to the jail.  We delivered the approved paperwork, which we hand carried through the building to the office of the head jailer.  While the staff made their checks and balances, I ate a McDouble and fries.  That and a canned coke from the machine in the hallway was lunch for both of us.

It wasn’t my favorite meal, but I also didn’t feel that I had been punished.  I sat quietly in the small jail house waiting room while they rounded up Gypsy Allen.  When the jailer brought her in to us, he also brought a stack of paper for Simpson to sign.  He signed for her since he was in charge.  I smiled as I watched.

While he signed I gave Gypsy a close look.  She was trying her best to look innocent, but I wasn’t convinced.  She seemed to be on guard and thinking every second.  She should be of course, since everything she said and did could find it’s way into court.  I tried to relax and convince myself that she was harmless.

I tried, but it was a long way back to Warren County.  I was reasonably happy not to have signed for her.  It wasn’t just that she might run, or that she might force us to injure her, it was also that she just might piss someone off and get us all in deep shit along the way.  She had very little to lose by creating a scene everywhere we stopped.  I could only hope that Simpson planned to keep the stops to a minimum.

“Gypsy, I’m Deputy Sylvia Porter, I spoke to you on the phone.  This is Detective Simpson, he is handling your case for the Sheriff’s office.”  I made the introductions myself, since I had no faith in Simpson at all.  I didn’t want him to screw it up, but then again it was his problem not mine.

“I can’t say it’s nice to meet you, but it kinda is.  I am ready to get back home to see my sister and my lawyer.  I want to get this over with,” Gypsy said.

“We will try to get you back as quickly as possible,” Simpson said with a huge smile.  Why wouldn’t he have one she was drop dead gorgeous compared to me.  She had those soft mommy boobs and had managed to keep her tummy flat.  Her ass and thighs seemed to be almost perfect for those boobs.

“Did you get lunch?” I asked to get Eddie’s eyes off the top of her sweat shirt.  they had obviously allowed her to change before they brought her to us.

“I wasn’t hungry too excited I guess,” she replied.

“Did you use the bathroom?  We won’t be stopping for a while,” I explained.

“I’m fine.  I just want to get on the road home,” she said.

I turned my attention to the guard.  “Has she been through a metal detector?” I asked.

“No, but I can run a wand over her, if you want?” he suggested.

“We do want,” Simpson said.  We had to wait about five minutes while they found, then ran a metal detector wand over Gypsy.  She was clean, but if she managed to kill me, I wanted it to be for my fuck up, not some Florida jailer’s mistake.  

In the parking lot I cuffed her hands in front of her, but also around her seat belt.  She could get the seat belt open but it would only allow her a limited amount of movement.  I was trying to be as careful and yet as cooperative as possible.  I was hoping Gypsy would do the same.  She wasn’t the first prisoner I had ever transported, so I knew not to take anything at face value.

“You ladies about ready to go,” Simpson asked.

“Simpson, I would be willing to bet that somewhere between here and the Warren county jail, we have to wait for you.  It’s just the way life happens.”  I did not say asshole, but yes I was thinking it.

At 3PM we pulled onto the interstate highway for a minimum of 9 hours on the road.  It was possible for us to be home by midnight but not likely.

“We are going to need gas soon,” Simpson commented shortly before 6PM.

“I am going to need a bathroom break soon,” I agreed.  “How about you Gypsy?”

“Yeah sometime soon,” she said.  She seemed to have been deep inside her own thoughts.  Since we had been warned not to question her without her lawyer present, I had avoided making conversation with her.  I did answer anything she asked as pleasantly as possible.

“Is everyone up there upset with me?” she asked.

“Honey, I can’t discuss this with you, but it’s going to depend on what happened,” I replied.

“Well I can tell you this, I didn’t kill Jen,” she said.  I interrupted her.  

“Sweetie, I’m sure you have been told you don’t have to talk to us, since you have a lawyer.  You probably shouldn’t.”  I could see Simpson cringe.  He would have taken her statement and tried to justify it later.  I could tell that Gypsy wanted to talk, so lawyer or no lawyer she was going to tell her story when she got back.  How much truth there was in  her story was another issue all together.

“If you give me a cigarette, I will wave my right to a lawyer and tell you everything,” Gypsy said to me.

“I can’t make that kind of deal,” I said.

“She can’t make the deal because neither of us smoke, but when we stop for gas I will buy you a pack of cigarettes no strings attached,” Simpson said.  At least maybe we could get away without being accused of bribing her.

Simpson pulled in at the next turn off.  He also pulled into the first gas station we came to.  “The sign said there was a Waffle House down the road.  Do you want to go now or wait till we get there,” Simpson asked me.

“I can wait ten minutes, how about you Gypsy?” I asked.

“Oh I can hold it that long, but not a lot longer,” she agreed.

“Tell you what, I’ll pump the gas while you go to the men’s room Simpson.  Then when we get to the restaurant you can sit with Gypsy at the table, while I go,” I suggested.

Once in the restaurant I went with gypsy into the lady’s room.  She didn’t take long which surprised me a little.  I would have thought that, if she wanted to give us a test, that it would have been at that point.  

“Here she is Simpson, watch over her while I go back and pee,” I said.  “Oh yeah order me a burger and fries.”

When I got back to the table Simpson and Gypsy were gone.   “What the hell?” I asked the waitress.

“Right after you left your friend screamed and ran out the door.  Your other friend took off after her, but some trucker stepped between them.  Your friend showed him a badge and ran out the door.” she informed me.

“Shit,” I said as I ran for the parking lot.  When I found them Simpson had his hand on her arm but there were two guys between me and them.

“Don’t tell me you are convinced that our prisoner is being attacked,” I said to the two men.  “Now guys I’m sure Simpson told you he is a Detective escorting a prisoner, but you have your doubts.  So did you call 911 to let the cops sort this out or were you planning to be her knight in shining armor.”  I saw them look at each other.  “Well guys before one of us shoot you both you might want to know her last knight in shining armor was found floating in the river.”

I looked at Simpson to see what he planned to do.  I couldn’t get a read from him so I said, “Guys walk away before someone dies here tonight.  Odds are real good that it will be one of the good guys.”  I was a little pissed.  They never even acknowledged that I saved their ass.

“Damn Simpson, aren’t you glad you are in charge now.  This is going to be really amusing in my report.”  I couldn’t help it, rattling his cage felt good.  

Then I turned my attention to Gypsy.  “Now young lady let me tell you this.  If you run on me there won’t be any truckers getting between us since the number of lesbian rapes is small.  As far as outrunning me goes, forget it.  I was third alternate for the U.S. Olympic 200 meter dash team.  The way to stop a fleeing prisoner is to turn up behind them and push them between the shoulders.  You can probably run at seven miles an hour.  A fall face first at even that slow a speed will fuck you up bad, and I promise I will make damn sure of it.  Now are you ready to go back and eat your dinner?”

“Yes Ma’am,” she answered.

“How bad is this going to look for me?” she asked Simpson.

“In order for it to make it to trial, it has to go into the official report of the incident.  Sylvia and I would both have to agree to leave it out of the report,” he explained.

“I could do something for you both,” she suggested with a rather evil smile.

“Oh really, you do know that if you try to bribe us, that can make it to the report as well,” I suggested.

“Oh hell it is guaranteed to make it to the report.  That being the case I’m sure you weren’t trying to do that, were you?” Simpson asked.

“I can’t imagine that after she tried to get your ass beat by those truckers, or worse, that she thinks you can be bribed with sex.  Surely she had something else in mind.”  I suggested.

“Never mind,” Gypsy said losing her good humored optimism for the first time.

The burger was large but not especially flavorful.  There was a time, when just being from home was enough, but I had gotten more discriminating by that time.

Simpson allowed me to drive after dinner.  I pushed the Caddy hard to make up for Simpson’s lackadaisical driving.  Even so it was after midnight when we delivered Gypsy to the local jail.  “Watch her Michael,” Simpson warned.  “Gypsy here is tricky.”

We were in the parking lot when he said, “I’m not sure whether I want her to face up to trying to get my ass beat, or hide the fact that I fell for it.” 

“That isn’t totally up to you Eddie,” I said as I turned to walk to my Toyota.  I was enjoying the feeling of having something, even something so small, to hold over Simpson.  I had no plan to blackmail him, but of course he didn’t know that.

“Where the hell have you been?” the voice of James Boyle asked over my phone once I turned it on again.

“I had to go to Florida to pick up a prisoner and now I am exhausted and headed to bed … alone.”

“I could come and just cuddle with you while you sleep,” he suggested.

“Have any women ever believed that shit?” I asked

“I’m not sure.  I know one pretended to believe it once,” he suggested.

“Did you get her back to the hospital on time,” I asked.

“Very funny, so when do you think you will be up to going out again?” he asked.

“Give me a couple of days at least and I don’t care how tempting the offer is nothing before that is possible.” I said then clicked an end to the conversation no matter what he wanted.

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4 Responses to Sylvia 15

  1. KO says:

    Another good read with some action built in, and the possibility some hanky panky! Good that our coppers were able to focus on the task at hand, for now at least. That and they didn’t kill one another during the journey. 🙂

  2. cindypress says:

    I never know what will happen and I havent even started the new one yet.

  3. jack says:

    You may not have started but I will bet that it will be a good one

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