Sylvia 17

Sylvia 17

“I looked, but I couldn’t find the interview with her lawyer anywhere,” I admitted.

“She says we offered to forget her attempted escape, if she had sex with us.” Simpson said.

“It’s not believable  that we conspired to have sex with her,” I said.  “I wouldn’t worry about it.  I’m going to tell the truth which should remove any suspicion of criminal activity.  I hadn’t planned to mention the escape attempt at all, but appears I’m going to have to do it.”

“Yeah, I agree.  Just try to put it in the best light you can,” Simpson said.

“Simpson, there is no way to spin this that makes it sound like anything, but her running and you running her down.  She obviously had it planned, so you did the best you could, not to lose her.”  I smiled at him to let him know that I was going to stand in the line like any other cop.  I didn’t have to like him, to do the right thing. 

“Sergeant Michaels, what do you want me to do?” I asked it as a generic question once I made it to his desk.

“So you are back?’ he asked.

“Yes Sir,” was my only reply.

“Our Deputy Chief is going to conduct an official inquiry into the incident on the road back.  I sure as hell am glad we had a female officer with her. Of course how she ran is a mystery,” he said.

“Even I have to pee now and then,” I said.

“Ah okay,” he said shaking his head.  “Don’t say any more until Chief Deputy Webster calls for you.  Do write your report and have it ready but do not turn it in until after the interview.”  It sounded like they might want a rewrite, but if they did there was going to be a problem.

“Go on down to the garage and draw a car for tonight,” he suggested.

The rule in the Warren County Sheriff’s office was first in, first out if possible.  I was waiting for the first car to come in from patrol.  My pay started when I checked in on the radio.  I could not do any work until then.  One of the early people from the morning tour came in and I took his car and checked on duty.  

I pulled the car into the park and removed my metal briefcase from the trunk.  I used a picnic table to write my report on the prisoner escort detail.  It was a simple account of the facts as we experienced them.  I downplayed the DA coercion and the conversation we had with Gypsy except to repeat that it was her who offered sex to forget about the incident.  It was before 4PM when I checked 10-8 and began to ride around looking over the roads in the south part of Warren County.  

We might not have been the highway patrol, but we did write tickets now and then.  It was however the bane of my existence which got me moving first.  “302 I have a Domestic Dispute at 5510 Claymore Dairy Road,” the dispatcher advised me.

“10-4,“ I replied and entered the address into the GPS system.  GPS gave me the turn by turn directions to the address but couldn’t give me the history of Claymore Dairy Road.  Since I had no idea what it was, I guessed there either was or had once been a dairy farm there.

Before I could decide which I arrived at the double wide trailer.  I heard the man and women shouting when I pulled up.  “Dispatch, you might want to head backup this way, it’s pretty loud.”

“10-4,” the radio said.  Then dispatch sent Letter my way.  He obviously had been headed my way already, since he advised his ETA was three minutes.

“Hello in the house Warren County Sheriff’s deputy here.  Come on out and lets talk about this.”  Even as a rookie I had known not to go into the house alone.  It was a standard law enforcement policy I think.  Anyway it sure as hell made sense.  “If I come in, someone is going to jail,” I added.

The man who came out had to be 6‘4“ and about fifty pounds over weight.  He was a fucking mountain of a man.  I put my hand on the stun stick just in case we went ‘hands on’ before Letter arrived.

“What’s the problem Deputy?” he asked in a loud almost commanding voice.

“First of all, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Ed.  My name is Ed Claymore,” he said.

“Oh, you one of the Claymore’s this road is named for?” I asked.  I was stalling waiting for Letter.

“My great granddaddy I’m told had a dairy farm here once,” he replied.

“Cool, the only thing named for me was the man who carried people’s bags in the fancy hotels,” I said with a laugh.  During that conversation Letter drove up in his SUV.  Our patrol SUV were small Fords not the big Caddy I had driven to Florida.

Once letter was outside the car, he was my bitch.  First officer on the scene had the responsibility, but I could always surrender it to Letter should it get too complicated.  Since I was still a rookie he could take over for me.  If he did that, he better have a damn good reason. I planned to fight anyone who tried make me appear less than competent.

“There was a lot of noise when I got here, but nothing else yet.  I had him come out, so I didn’t get trapped inside between the two of them,” I explained.

“Excellent thinking,” Letter said.  “Do you want to go inside and talk to the wife?” he asked.  It was my decision but he had just made his preference known.

“Sounds fair,” I said and it did.  “Watch daddy here, he was a little aggressive when I showed up.”

“Can do,” Letter said.  He didn’t give me any of the instructions I had heard a hundred times.  He simply added, “Be careful, we might be taking her rice bowl to jail.  Some of these women tend to not take kindly to that.”

“I know,” I said.  I had seen it in family housing calls just like this one.  “Ed what’s your wife’s name?”

“Lois,” he said without any elaboration.  That concerned me a little.  I nodded then shouted through the door.  “Lois, I need to come in and talk to you a bit.  Is that okay?”  I waited a couple of minutes then called through the door I held open by that time.  “Lois, I’m Deputy Porter, I would like to come in and talk a few minutes.”

“Come on in, but I got nothing to say,” she informed me.  She spoke to me from her seat on the sofa facing the Television.  It was a nice flat screen TV but hot huge or anything.  

“Lois it’s kind of dark in here, would you mind turning on a lamp?” I asked.  When she turned on the lamp, she looked as I expected.  Her lips were read and one was split over her front teeth.  I saw some swelling around her eye.  “Lois did Ed do that to you,” I said pointing to her injuries.

“No I fell,” she said.

“Lois, I can make him stop.  You can make him stop and I can enforce it.” I tried to explain.

“So I go to the courthouse and get a magistrate to issue a warrant and you arrest Ed.  Then Ed loses his job and I can’t pay the bills on my job alone.  You gonna come out and pay my bills Deputy?”

“No, I can’t do that, but would you consider this.  What good is a house, if you are dead or a vegetable.  Those things might happen next time,” I explained.

“Well maybe one day someone worse than him will settle it for me,” Lois said.

“Lois, I didn’t hear that and don’t ever say that kind of thing again.  If something like that did happen we would be forced to pass the information along.  If we had heard it that is,” I said.

I walked from the double wide mobile home, then said to Letter, “Lois said she is clumsy.” 

“Lot of that going around these days,” he informed me.

I nodded my head.  “Ed are you clumsy as well?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” he said.

“That’s good.  Lot of clumsy people get really hurt in this harsh world we live in.”  I said it without any threat implied or otherwise.  I turned and walked to my car.  

As I sat in my car I worked on my report while I waited for Letter to clear the scene.  I planned to follow him somewhere.   “Ed, if I was you, I would make this the last time we have to come here for this kind of thing.  That new deputy holds a grudge.”

He stopped at my car on the way this.  “Meet me at that gas station on North 66 about a mile out of town.” he said.

“Can do boss,” I  replied.

“I ain’t your boss, just your better.” he informed me with a smile.

“You ain’t either,” Get me a cup of coffee please.  I’m going to finish this report while I remember his bullshit story.”

“Why bother, it will be the same next payday,” Letter said.

“Letter, you have no faith in your fellow man,” I said laughing.

“Oh I have faith.  It is just that my faith is that they will do all the wrong things possible,” Letter said.  “You want your coffee black?”

“Yeah, I’ll be right along,”  I wrote the report very quickly on the car’s laptop then sent it forward.  During the stimulus period Warren County got lots of technology money.  I was literally covered up with computers.”

I pulled into the parking lot of the convenience store ten minutes later.  Letter was sitting in his car facing toward the exit.  I pulled in beside him which meant that my SUV faced into the parking lot.  It was fine because Letter would be watching my back, and I would be watching his.  That’s how those meetings worked.

“So what do you think about Ed?” I asked.

“If our job was really to serve and protect, we would slip back there tonight and just beat the shit out of him.  Too bad that our job really to cover our ass, and if we have any time left to keep things under control.” Letter said.

“Yeah I agree, why is it assholes like that never attack cops.  Not even light in the ass female cops?” I asked.

“Let me tell you be careful what you wish for.  One of these nights some asshole is going to try you.  Remember this Sylvia everybody gets there ass whooped now and then.  It’s how you react to it that makes you who you are.” Letter suggested.

“How did you react to it?” I asked.

“I caught the guy after he got off the county farm and I beat him just as long and hard as I could.  Of course I was off duty and that was before DNA and all that shit,” he said.

“When it is me, I hope I can handle it like we did in Afghanistan,” I said.

“How was that?” Letter asked.

“With grace, dignity, and restraint, when we were told he had disappeared,” I said.

“Tell the truth have you ever been beat down?” he asked.

“Once at a Mississippi AFB.  It was some kind of training base and I was out on a noise complaint.  Some drunken airmen decided that they didn’t want to cooperate and just knew they could whip my ass.  Of course I swear it took all three of them, but I think only one did the actual beat down.” I said.

“So what did you do about it?” Letter asked. 

“They transfered me, so that I would have no contact with him.  I came back to testify and that was all I could do,” I said.  “But, you would be surprised, what you can get done in Leavenworth for a couple of cartons of cigarettes. I am not above paying for my fun.”

“I’m going to remember that,” Letterman said seriously.

“Not a bad idea,” I agreed.

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6 Responses to Sylvia 17

  1. Walt says:

    Going to be interesting with the Gypsy case with her story. Seems her lawyer has set Simpson as the “bad cop” and you as the “good cop”. We shall see.

    Added Ed and Lois to the cast in case they flare up again the next payday as speculated.

  2. jack says:

    Nice laying of the ground work . Thanks

  3. cindypress says:

    is that what it is

  4. KO says:

    A little dash of adrenanline to keep everyone from getting too comfortable with things. Nice, thanks!!

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