Sylvia 20

Sylvia 20

“Exactly what the fuck have you told these people?’ I snapped at Simon.

“Just that you were a fun date.  I’m just trying to make friends up here.  It’s a good place to do business,” he said.

“Your business better not include pimping me out,” I said angrily.

“Sylvia, I would never do that,” he said trying to appear trustworthy and failing..

“Correction asshole, you would only do that once,” I said angrily.  Even as we spoke I felt someone approach me from behind.  My hand went inside the pocket of my jeans to wrap around the flat plastic handle with the very sharp box opener type blade.  Then I felt two smooth hand slide up my side under my gold top and cover my breasts.

I felt lips on my neck and heard the soft voice say, “God you are so butch, I just love that.”  Now from the soft hands and the soft voice and choice of words I would have expected it to be a woman, but it was a very feminine man.

“I’m glad to have the approval of a sissy,” I said sarcastically.  I might as well play the part, I thought.

“I might be a sissy bitch, but I can still get it up for a girl like you,” he said simply.

“Oh really?” I asked.  “What kind of girl is that?”

“Get on your knees bitch and I’ll show you,” he said gently.  I knew that I didn’t have to do it, but to be honest I had never tried it with a really flaming gay guy before.  I was in the mood for something new for some reason.  I thought what the hell, like Simon said,no one knew me.

I dropped to my knees and worked his soft penis from his two hundred dollar designer jeans.  I managed to get it out and stretch it out with my hand.  “I’ll bet you drive the boys wild with this thing when it is hard,” I suggested.

“It will work just as well on you sweetie,” he demanded.  “I am going to fuck you like one of my man whores.”

I have no idea why but a wave of excitement ran through me.  I looked up into his eyes, then covered his penis with my mouth.  I sucked it in, since it was too soft for him to fuck even my mouth.  I rolled his slightly harder penis around in my mouth using my tongue until it was hard enough for him to stroke me with it.

“You really are a man whore aren’t you?” I shivered but continued to suck on his penis.  “Answer me cocksucker.  Aren’t you are a man whore?”

I removed his cock from my mouth long enough to moan, “Yes, God yes.”

“You want me to fuck that man whore ass don’t you bitch,” he said.

“Yes anything, just fuck me.” I begged.

“Simon, did you know your girlfriend was a man whore?” he asked.

“No, I had no idea,” Simon said simply.

“Well she wants to be a man, and to be fucked like a man, don’t you?” he asked turning to me.

“Yes, I want to be fucked,” I said.

“Do you want my sissy dick up your ass?” he asked.

I knew my lines.  “Yes please, I need your sissy cock up my ass,” and at the moment I did.

“Do you want to suck another cock while I ass fuck you?” he asked.

“Yes, I need cock,” I said meaning it at that moment.

“So how about my bad ass boyfriend.  You want his cock in your mouth while I ass fuck  you?” he asked.

“Yes cock, any cock,” I begged.

He lifted me from the floor then pushed me up the stairs and into a bedroom.  We were joined by a very burly gay man.  “Well she looks like a man that’s for sure.  With her shaved head and small tits, she could be a man.” the rough looking one said.

“Well, we sure as hell are going to treat her like a man for a while,” the gentle one said.  He turned me then coated my hole with something slippery.  His cock worked it’s way inside with a minimum amount of pain.  When he stroked my ass it felt strange but not without an erotic element.  As he continued the erotic feelings overtook the strange ones and then it was just pure animal lust.  I knew that if I touched my clit I would cum.

“Don’t do it fag,” the rough one said.  “Do not touch yourself.  We will take care of what you need.  We know what you need.  Now suck my dick and do it right.”

I sucked his cock as deep into my mouth as I could.  I felt him trying to force it deeper.  I choked and gagged but he didn’t seem to notice.  He neither backed off nor tried harder,   He simply kept applying pressure with every stroke to force his cock deeper.  I couldn’t concentrate on how uncomfortable it felt because I was too turned on by his lover’s cock up my ass.  I was truly lost.  I had no idea who or what I was.  I simpled fought for more of whatever they were doing to me.

“I’m going to cum in your fag cunt,” the gentler one said not at all gentle.  With that he began to drive into my ass wildly.  It didn’t hurt it just burned as he fought for his orgasm.  Then I felt him stiffen and throb in my rectal canal, as he came over and over.

I came in his fag cunt Bobby,” he finally said.  “Now you  choke him to death with your cock.

Bobby began to stroke harder and deeper until his cock was filling my throat.  I did not have all if it down my throat but it was enough to cut off all oxygen to my lungs.  I could do nothing but hang on his cock and gasp whenever I got the chance.  Then Bobby came hard and it choked me and I think some of it got into my lungs I passed out but I never did know exactly why.

When I came around they were gone.  I was alone in the room and it was cold.  I had no idea where my clothes were, so I got out of bed to go look for them.  From the hall outside the bedroom door, I could look down onto the very large party area.  I noticed first of all that most of the men were middle-aged and less than perfect.  All the women were around my age or ever younger.  I probably should have asked a couple of them for their ID, but after what they had seen me do, it might not be a good idea to play cop.

I staggered down the stairs in search of clothing.  When I reached the bottom I heard someone say to me,  “You are the most beautiful cocksucker.  Your bald head hanging on the end of a cock is just gorgeous.  I wonder if you can eat pussy as well?”  It was a middle aged man who asked.

“To be honest I have no idea.  I have never tried.” I said it still looking around.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

“My clothes to be honest but right now anyone’s clothes might do,” I said.

“Surely you don’t regret what you did earlier.  It was beautiful and you were beautiful,” he explained.

“Thanks but I really am not like that,” I said.

“Sure you are,” Simon said from behind me.  I have seen you do that more than just once.  So you can’t go with the ‘boy did I get drunk last night’ excuse again.  You love this shit just like the rest of us.”

“I never said I didn’t love it, but for me it’s an aberration for you it is the norm.” I said.

“That is just a matter of how often you want to be real,” Simon said.

“You know I have special problems Simon,” I said.

“Yes and I have and always will respect that, but it does not mean you can’t do what Phil is about to ask you to do.” he said.

“Oh and what is that?” I asked looking at Phil.

“My lady friend fell asleep, I think we should go wake her you and I.” Phil said.

“Phil I have never done what you are asking, I wouldn’t even know where to start.” I said.

“You just do to his wife the things that feel good to you,” Simon said.

“If I do this Simon, but if anyone ever finds out, I will kill you.” I said simply.

“I know,” he replied.  “I will find your clothes while you are gone.  When you finished with Phil’s friend we can leave.” Simon said.

“You don’t want to hang around and keep me here till I have a nervous breakdown?” I asked.

“No, I have things to do tomorrow.  Actually it is things to do today.” he said.  “These guys would love to have you stay I’m sure, If you want to get one of them to drive you home.”

“I would be happy to drive you home, if you live around here,” Phil said.

“No thanks Phil,” I said.  “Okay, find my clothes.”  That was directed to Simon.  I made a gesture for Paul to lead the way to his bedroom.  When I entered the room I found a younger woman in the large bed breathing softly.  Unlike the bed I had found myself in, hers had a very nice thermal covering.  She would not be waking up cold unless I removed it from her.

Instead I slipped under it behind her.  I managed to work her body into my arms without waking her.  I held one of her breasts in my hand as I kissed her neck.  When she began to stir I worked my free hand between us until I managed to get it low enough to slip a finger insider her warm moist anus.  I had no idea what had been going on in that bed, but she seemed to stir erotically for me.

Phil slipped in front of her and began to kiss her awake.  While he did that I kissed her neck and moved my finger gently inside her. I also massaged her nipple with the hand which rested between Paul and his lady friend.

Phil made the adjustments that encouraged his lady friend to lay on her back with her legs spread.  I slipped between her legs and thought of Simon’s words.  Just do the same things that feel good to you.  So that’s what I did.

All that time living in close quarters with women, who one would expect to be at least bi sexual, and my first experience is in a two million dollar condo on the top of a mountain.  Even with all the logical thinking I realized the smell of her her ripe body was heady stuff.

She started off dry but as I licked her vulva a few times she became very slippery.  I had no idea if my saliva was reactivating old lubricant or stimulating new.  Either way it was erotic to feel my tongue glide over her body.  She had a well hidden Clitoris so I had to open the hood with my fingers to get my tongue onto it.  When I did her hips went wild.  Then suddenly her movement changed.  She went from forcing her hips against me to just rocking her hips.

I looked up and saw that her head was twisted violently to the right.  She had Phil’s penis in her mouth.   Not all of it, by any means, just the head.  Even so she was working what she could get very hard.  I was more than a little surprised to find my hand on my own clit as I licked her clit and felt her explode in one orgasm after another.  It wasn’t exactly a homosexual experience, but it was my first girl on girl contact of that intimate a nature.

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10 Responses to Sylvia 20

  1. bigguy323 says:

    Damn, she’s as bad as a man when it comes to sexing….

    • cindypress says:

      I don’t know how bad men are but I know most women when we reach middle age feel like we missed a lot. Looking back from the end we say what if a heck of a lot.

  2. Shooter says:

    Cindy, This one is just plain weird. Can’t see where you are going with it.

  3. demitheus says:

    Sometimes it just feels right to go wild and experiment, always worked for me…. ALL sex is good as long as YOU want it to happen…..

    • cindypress says:

      It’s like you get to be my age and your body is rebelling, so you look back and you say what all did i miss. There was this woman in the biker jacket who rode a Harley. She took an interest in me one summer. So what would have happened if I hadn’t said no thanks ten times. That’s what this episode is about. Sylvia just doesn’t say no to anything that is at least mostly legal. That’s what makes her Sylvia/.

  4. Walt says:

    You started out with Phil having a lady friend and wanted Sylvia to take care of her. But then you started calling him Paul. I changed Paul to Phil to be consident with him and his lady friend. Also added to cast.

  5. KO says:

    Wonderful story and great sex! Fortunately it’s all been consentual, as it should be. 😀
    Love your writing and storytelling!!

  6. cindypress says:

    Thanks KO this story seems to play out in unrelated episodes with just Sylvia’s life as the thread. Some storyies have this great conspiracy story that ties daily life together but in this daily live ties those few minutes of super life together. At least that is how I see it.

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