sylvia 29

sylvia 29

I wondered all the way home, if that had been what one would consider my first date since becoming a Deputy Sheriff.  The thought of that made me laugh,  I got home and checked to see if anything had happened on my computer.  Nothing had, so I slipped into bed,

I slept till 7AM the next morning. Though technically it was a work day, I saw it as the last of my break, since I started the midnight shift rotation.  I hated midnight shifts and so did ever one else.  I was working the patrol division with Deputy Letter so it wasn’t so bad.  He was okay but I had more interest in the job, than Letter had.  His interest was hit or miss.  He proved to be interested in the job when it suited him.  He liked to pull his badge on young women as a way to impress them.  It was a harmless kind of ‘me Tarzan you Jane’ behavior.  I ignored him for the most part and we had forged a working relationship based on that.  I ignore him when I wasn’t laughing at his chubby body in the Dirty Harry mode,

Michaels was in the assembly room,  I noted that Letter wasn’t in at the moment.  “What’s up Sarge,” I asked.

“I’m going to be working Letter’s shifts for a while,” he said. “Is that okay with you.”

“Sure, but who is going to be working back up,” I asked.  Part of Michaels job was to back up the single officer on all calls that might be trouble.  How he was suppose to know was hard for me to tell.

“The state patrol boys are going to be monitoring our frequency, so be careful what you say on the radio.” he suggested.

“Why sergeant, I am always careful,” I said.

“Right.  Simpson is trying to get hold of you,  If he doesn’t call tonight, try him before you go home in the morning,” he suggested with a smile.  “We had a strong arm robbery attempt tonight at the First Southern ATM, so keep an eye on it.  He might come back.  The description was just a black male.”

“Right,” I said as I started for the door.  After picking up my car, I started to drive to the northern part of the county.  That part of the county was all country road and views over that side of the mountains.  On those roads it was best not to fall asleep.  The up side was I could drive till sunup and not see a car.  The ideal place if you had thinking to do.  I had some random ideas I needed to put to rest.

It was close to midnight when my cell phone rang.  I knew it was Simpson so I answer it with a question, “Locked up any bad guys?”

“Not today, but the day is young, since it is after midnight,”  he said laughing.

“Yeah, me neither,” I agreed.  “So what do you want with me?”

“You heard anything on the Gypsy Allen thing,” he asked.

“I heard she was getting out of the house, when hubby was having parties.  She had sex with some of her friends and they gave her money.  She was trading sex for favors really.  It was the barter system.  I know it’s a fine line, but we would me hard pressed to make a case of prostitution stick.”

“I’ll look into it.  By the way I brought Gypsy’s sister back in.  The little girl stayed with her and most of the nights.  Toward the end nobody asked her to sit with the kid,” he informed me.

“I can guess why,” I said flashing back to my own childhood.  I hadn’t ever had that kind of thing happen to me, but I had my share of trauma to deal with.  “Then she might have seen something or even been part of something.”

“I can’t find anyone who will admit being there yet.  It looks as though there were from ten to twelve people who attended.” He said.

“Can you tell if they were the same ones each time?” I asked.

“No idea, but I’m assuming so till I learn different.  If not there are a lot of perverts in this little community.”  

“That could be the case as well.” I replied.

“Well I thought I would check in with you.  If you hear anything else, or if that crazy bitch’s lawyer get in touch with you, let me know.” he said

“Okay,” I said turning off the phone.

The balance of the night pass with out me doing anything at all.  I didn’t have a single report to write.  It was a good night, but it could also look like I was crawling in a hole somewhere and sleeping, if it happened too often.  

“305 Dispatch I’m 10-7 code 2 coming in,” I said into the radio.

“10-4  305 copy 10-7 code 2 off shift, good night,” the dispatcher said.

I parked the car, turned in my log to Michaels, who had supposedly been running 304 as well as his own job.  Fortunately it was late night shift in a quiet county.

When I got home, I changed for my run in spite of the cold and my exhaustion.  I knew I had to run in the cold.  It would not wake me and I didn’t want it too, but it would give me a chance to think.  I sometimes talked to myself, when I was extremely tired.  It helps me to focus my thoughts.  

I saw the silver colored Ford SUV pulled up at the rear door of a retail store.  Which one I wasn’t quite sure.  I hadn’t lived in town long enough to know them from the rear.  I had never seen any cars parked there before, so I called the dispatcher on the non emergency line.

“Hey Lois, I hate to start your day off like this, but there is a suspicious car behind a building.  It’s probably nothing.” I said.

“Which one of the building are you running behind this morning?”  she asked with a sigh of disgust.  I wasn’t sure if it was the call or the fact that I was running.

“I’m behind the three hundred block of South Main.  I don’t know which store, but it’s a silver Ford SUV.  Haven’t seen anyone yet.”  I said.  “I wouldn’t call but it is Sunday.”

“Well wait right there. I got Butch headed your way.” she said.

“Okay, I’ll wait,” I said.  I stood in the parking lot across the street from the building.  I wasn’t armed and I was dressed all wrong to walked over and ask, “What the hell are you doing?” So I would just freeze my ass off doing as any good citizen should.  I stood in the parking lot in the twelve degree weather freezing my butt off.  

I ran in place as I watched two male subjects come out of the door.  They were loading some things that looked like clothing bags in the Ford.  It began to look harmless suddenly.  I couldn’t imagine two men stealing clothing bags.  Just as they were about to drive away, Butch showed up in his patrol car.  

I could imagine how that would go, especially when they showed their IDs.  It was going to be.  “Sorry to bother you but it’s better to be safe, when it comes to people coming and going at strange times.”  I was about ready to run over to say how sorry I was for shouting wolf, when the scuffle broke out.  I ran across the street without a thought about being unarmed.  By the time I got there Butch was trying to get his Smith and Wesson into the argument.  One of the bad guys was struggling with him trying to take from him.

I grabbed the bad guy from behind my arms wrapped around his neck.  Even though he was much taller, I had him in a classic choke hold.  I was about to apply pressure to the arteries that supplied oxygen to brain, thereby rendering him unconscious. It was a hold we were taught in the military and a variation of it in rookie school.  The military version was supposed to be more deadly, but they both would kill, if done incorrectly or correctly depending on the outcome one desire.  

The man in front of me no longer struggled for Butch’s weapon,  In fact he just sat down on me.  If wasn’t pretty, but it accomplished what I wanted, he was ready for handcuffs.  During the struggle the second man had turned and ran away.  I wasn’t worried, we would get him when his friend rolled over on him,  Nobody wanted to take the weight alone.

I was required to go to the station for a statement.  I would rather have gone to breakfast but I was too worn out to resist.  I walked into the office of the detectives and sat there waiting for the duty sergeant.  He told me to write down what happened.  So I did leaving out the part about Butch’s pistol.  I might make one friend by not sounding like a hero wannabe.  

When I got home, I took a shower and realize how badly I had smelled.  That was what really choked out the man, I thought.  After that shower I fell into bed and immediately asleep.  Simpson waited for hours before he called.  It was well after noon thank God,”

“This better be good,” I said.

“You need to come down and rewrite your report. Both the perps told the same story.  Some crazy chick in a running suit grabbed one of them from behind and choked him into submission.  Not come on here and made your statement the truth,”

“Can it wait while I sleep a little move,” I asked.

“Yeah I’m holding your statement in me drawer so get the new one and put it in the desk.” he said.

“Fair enough,” I said as I hung up.  I went back to sleep.  When I woke up I took my second shower of the day,  It was just another aggravating thing about being a cop.  I just had to keep in mind, that at least no on was trying to kill me.  As long as I could remember that, I would be alright.

When I finally walked through the station I saw Simpson standing by the second man I had seen that morning.  “I see you found the second clothing thief,”

“Oh yes,” Simpson said,  “These guys must have been cross dressers cause they took only women’s thing.  This town is suddenly filled with perverts since you came,”

I shook my head then said, “I need to get home and back to sleep, so let me finish the revision my statement.  What did Butch’s say by the way.”

“Now he says you came running up and jumped on the guy back.  That you put him in a choke hold.  He was in control of the situation and didn’t need any help.”

“Yeah, that is more or less what happened.  Butch didn’t do anything wrong.  The guy just tried to take his weapon.” I said.  If Butch though he was putting me in the jackpot without a struggle he was crazy.

“So Butch tried to pull his weapon,” Simpson asked.

“I have no idea they were struggling for it is all I know.  That it why I took the man down,” I said.

“Okay,” Simpson said.  “Nobody got hurt, so I’m willing to go with that.”  Simpson also did the Internal Affairs investigations.

“Tell me something.  Is his name really Butch.  Cause it if is his mother must really have hated him.”I said.

“No his name is Michael Thorn.  He got the nick name after the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.  You know it was so long ago I don’t ever remember why.  I wasn’t part of the crowd who named him.” Simpson said.

“Okay, can I go now,” I said wanting to get back to my warn bed.

“Well you need to have a meeting with the woman who runs the shop tomorrow sometime,” Simpson said.  “The woman wants to say thank you, it won’t take long.  The ‘crime scene man’ will take a quick shot and you are through.”

“How close is the election anyway,” I asked.  I knew it was a publicity thing.

“He never stops campaigning,” Simpson said.

“All right but I’m not good with this.  I have to go to her shop full of fancy clothes dressed like this.” I said with a wave of my hand indicating my cloths.

“Oh no in uniform,” Simpson said.


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6 Responses to sylvia 29

  1. Walt says:

    Sounds like Butch was trying to make her look bad and himself a hero. But then who would admit someone was trying to take their weapon away from them.

    Added Michael “Butch” Thorn to the cast.

  2. KO says:

    And there’s that occasional moment of adrenaline/terror to mix things up and make Sylvia feel alive! Nice groundwork in the last two stories for some future interactions and possible pleasures! THANKS!!

  3. jack says:

    Wonder If Gypsy’s old man was taking pics or vids of the action at the sex parties. Possibly with the girl involved in the action or wanting the girl involved. That may have been enought to set things off. It sounds like the party was a routine event, people tend to get brave and bold after the first time. Maybe a real good second search of the house looking in all the nooks and cranies , loose floor boards, duct works might turn up a loose pic or memory stick or a contact list.. Just saying. I have a devious mind that is unoccupied tonight. lol

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