Sylvia 30

Sylvia 30

Night shift was a pain in the ass.  There was nothing to do and the time hung heavy on my hands.  In the back of my mind I had the Gypsy Allen thing and my little sideline business venture to think about.  Those two were all I had the energy to think about with that midnight shift draining me.  I definitely did not have the energy required for posing for pictures.  No I wasn’t doing anything but sleeping and researching things in the net.  But I considered both more important then having my picture made.

To add insult to injury the manager of the store wanted to do them in the morning before the store got any customer.  I explained that I was working night and that it was my sleep time, but she didn’t budge.  “It won’t take long.” she said.  She acted like she was the one running for something,

It was two more days before the manager of the store could find time for the event.  That is the way she phrased it.  I was a little uneasy about it all.  It turned out that I was uneasy for good reason.  It was one of those empower women meetings.  I didn’t care for the meeting and as a matter of fact I didn’t care for the organization.  They were a bunch of woman looking for any excuse to claim discrimination.  I found the world had a lot less discrimination in it, when people didn’t go looking for it.

After that little meeting one of the ladies found out I was looking for a sideline business.  “So you are looking to become and entrepreneur?” she asked.

“Well yes I’m interested in a lot of possibilities,” I said.  “I’m just looking into things right now.”

“Well when you decide let me know.  I can help you with some low interest loans.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said to her.  What I didn’t say was if you are getting the kind of commission you must get for your lifestyle there has to be a catch.  She just looked like money.

My midnight shift ended and none too soon.  I made a couple of arrests for trespass during the entire shift.  I know that thing happen our of the blue.  I just hated those night when trying to stay awake was the hardest thing I did all night.  

The next tour was days and I dreaded it.  Sergeant Michaels had spent the whole tour working Letter’s tour.  The two of us had handled the midnight tour with no real problems. Either one of the other shifts was going to amount to a problem for me.  Hell even Michaels had no back up out there and that was just plain dangerous.  You never knew when it would all go to hell on a traffic stop or some other minor call.

Well it was my first of three days off, so I planned to make a day of it.  I had a complete weekend off and I was looking forward to the time.  I was almost sorry that I had told the Boyle brother to never darken my door again.  One of their parties sounded like fun to me at that time.

I went to the lounge the first night I had off.  I guess I was looking for Monk and some entertainment.  I could have called him, but I wanter to see if he was all I remembered,  Unfortunately he did not show up at the lounge.  I had the one beer I usually had and returned to the room. I hated when I had the next day off and did nothing but masturbate and sleep.  What a waste, I told myself.  I went to sleep after swearing that the next night I would find something to do, even if I had to go to Dobson for it.

Saturday morning I took off on the run.  I had things on my mind and looking out for bad guy wasn’t one of them.  I ran by the store that female supremacist ran, and I waved when I saw her dress a window.  I kept on going till I got to the Cafe On The Square.  I ran right past it since I was fasting.  Oh I planned to break the fast after 5PM.  There was nothing special about 5PM, I just picked it for no reason at all.  Besides the price of their coffee was such that it make me glad I had acquired a taste for day old coffee.

I ran back to the motel from the cafe, to have day old coffee in front of the computer monitor,  There was no new email.  I had been writing to gather information,  Oh it was slow going but I usually got an answer to my inquiry.  They just didn’t help me much.  I was still working at the computer when lunch time arrived.  For lunch I had a glass of water and a pack of peanut butter crackers.  Those I bought at the Walmart at the plaza, not the grocery.  I had my own rules for fasting as you might guess.  Life was so boring at that moment, I was really missing the Boyle brothers.  It was still too dangerous to be seen with them but I did miss them.

By 3PM I was climbing the walls.  I hate the term horny, but it described me perfectly.  I went on to one of the many adult web sites.  It was one with amateur photographs.  There good ones were far from amateur.  The bad ones were just plain bad.  My biggest complaint was that most of the men though all women cared about was the size of their cock.  It was far from the most important thing for me.  

It was part of the package but only part.  Okay, it was the bow it was topped off with, but it wasn’t much more than that.  Girl on girl amateur porn was awful.  There was only a couple of spreads that had any class at all.  Those were pretty much all there was in the pornography worth watching.  I knew I couldn’t do any better, and I didn’t intend to try.  Naked pictures of me had never been taken to my knowledge.  I planed to keep it that way.

A thought struck me then.  That party didn’t stop it just moved. Those guys might stop for while, but it wasn’t over for sure.  I would mention it to Simpson let him take a look around for it.  I needed some action of my own right then.

There was a knock on my door just as I was getting ready to go out.  I looked out the door with the S&W by my side.  I looked out the spy glass and saw the slightly over weight brunette.  I recognized her as the manager of the downtown clothing store.

I opened the door to speak to her but it was to cold to stand outside.  She had on a ski jacket I had nothing.  “Hi there I hope I not bothering you?”she asked.

“Well that depends on what you need,” I said.  “Come on in.”

“Well frankly I’m bored living in this town.  I got the feeling that you were as well.” she said.

“You got that from the photo shoot?” I asked.

“Well, you weren’t wearing any jewelry and a woman in a relationship usually does.  There is nothing for single woman to do in this town.  If I’m wrong, I’m sorry.” she said.

“You aren’t wrong,” I said.  “But don’t let the bald heard fool you, I’m not bisexual or anything.”

“To be honest I never thought you were. I came bye hoping we could go out one night.  I tried to call, but they wouldn’t give me your cell phone.” she said.

“Yeah It’s department policy.  It keeps us from getting crank call,” I said.  “Aren’t you in a relationship?”

“Yes, but she knows how to share.  Look we can go out to a club I know over in Dobson.  Nobody there will know who you are or what you do.  The won’t ask you any questions.” She said.

“What kind of club,” I asked  I had to admit it would be nice to go with another girl.

“Call it a dance club,” she said. “I go there when I want a little stud time.  Just some sex with no string.  It I have you wrong we can do to a regular club an talk.” she said.

“No, the stud club sounds like fun,” I said.  “For the record you read me right.”  

“Honey don’t take offense, but I can spot a woman needing attention better then any man.  It is the subtle way you move you hips.  I love watching you walk.” she said.

“I’m a terrible hostess I don’t have anything to offer you except some day old coffee,” I said.

“It’s alright really, I didn’t come for the coffee. So you want to go tonight?” she asked.

“I was planning to go out alone, but I would rather go with someone,” I said.

“And here I hoped you would rather go with me, than just anyone,” she said

“I don’t know you well enough to make a statement like that,” I said.

“Well, we will have to work on it.” the manager of the dress shop said. “It’s too early to leave now, I’ll be back about ten.” she said.

“That’s kind of late.  We wont even get to Dobson before 11PM, if we leave at ten,” I said.

“Don’t worry you wont miss anything,” she said.  “I’m going to go change.  Why don’t you do that same.”

“I hadn’t even thought about clothes, I have nothing to wear,” I admitted.

“I can loan you a dress.  What are you as size 10-12,” she asked.

“Yes,” I said simply.

“See you at ten,” and with that she was off.

I had sworn that I would never have sex with anyone from town again.  I could go to the club and she could see me have sex, as long as I didn’t get too crazy.  I had told her up front I would have sex with her.  I was sure she though she could change my mind.  As long as she didn’t, I could be her friend.

When she arrived at 10PM, she had a dress on a hanger.  “Strip.” she demanded.

I wasn’t especially shy around her, so I was down to my bra and panties in a couple of deft moves.  I was standing there thinking that her look was getting serious, but nothing  happened.

“You didn’t have that bra on when I saw you for the picture,”  she said.

“I know. I seldom wear anything but a sports bra these days.” I explained. “And with the vest it’s hard for me to be very girlie.” 

“Well take off the bra,” she said.

“It’s going to be cold out there,” I said.

“My car has a heater.  Take it off and the panties too,” she said.

I almost refused since I have never left the house for a night out without panties.  I’ve come home without them more than a few times.  Anyway I removed my panties and stood there naked before her.  Just then I realized I didn’t even know her name.  I hadn’t cared enough to remember it during the pictures session.

“Now, put this on,” she said it almost as a demand.

The dress was jersey, tight, and colorful.  I found it clinging, while showing off my lack of a chest and slightly larger ass  “What do you think?” I asked

“Turn around,” she said and I did.  “Come over here.”  I did that to,  She reached over and pinched both my nipples at watched them rise.  “Now that is better.” she said with a laugh.  Let’s go we have miles to before we sleep.” she said.

I hadn’t made the drive to Dobson all that often, so I was a little turned around.  The club was inside a converted service station, so it was close inside.  The other thing I noticed is the club as well over 95 percent black.  At first I was worried.  I knew that I could take care of myself but I wondered if the manager had brought me to the club for some other reason.  If I hadn’t been so horny, I never would have agreed.

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4 Responses to Sylvia 30

  1. Walt says:

    Hmm, Sylvia must be desperate to go out on the town with a lady and not know her name. Another thing, the Dept policy is not to give out phone numbers, I would think addresses would be included. So how did the lady find where Sylvia lived?

    Added Unnamed Lady, Manager of Dress shop to cast.

  2. cindypress says:

    Well sylvia lives in the downtown hotel I expect lots of people in the downtown knows where she lives. But she might just get asked later.

  3. jack says:

    Sounds crazy to me but maybe I have never been that horny. And I’ll bet that she is right that the parties have just changed locations and are still going on.

  4. cindypress says:

    we have to remember Sylvia is victim of chat abuse and those kids grow up with lots of behavior seeking acceptance, I don;t know that this is one but maybe it is.

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