Sylvia 31

Sylvia 31

The club was small for sure.  We found enough space along a wall to sit.  We weren’t the only white girls in place, but there weren’t many like us either.  Those that were in the place fit my description trailer trash.  But then so did I and I didn’t really care.  I assumed they didn’t either.

The music was all rap with a lot cop killing as the theme.  I had to laugh it was so ironic,  “I can’t go on without know your name,” I shouted to be heard above the music.  I thought she would wet her pants she laughed so hard.

“You came here with me, and didn’t even know my name?” she asked.

“I didn’t need to know it.  I still don’t, if you are willing to answer to ‘hay you’ all night.” I said.

“Well that’s an interesting way to look at it.  My name is Mary Ellen Hopkins. You can call me either of them,” she said.

“Alright Mary Ellen, I shall try to make you proud of me.” I said.

“Good, then go dance with one of those tall African gentlemen,” she said.

“The closest thing to the African experience they have is having once seen a Tarzan movie on TV.  But I will go dance with them just for you.”  I stood up by my chair and made a couple of bad dance moves.  My bald head covered by the colorful scarf didn’t bother them at all.

“Damn bitch you need some dance lessons,” the tall black man in the purple shirt said.

“A man in a fagot shirt is going to teach me to dance.” I laughed.

“I can teach you lots of things, and this ain’t no fag shirt.” he said.

“What do you thing Mary Ellen?  Is that a fag shirt or not?” I asked.

“If he was white, it would scream fagot.  On him I can’t be sure,” she said.

“Well we got one fagot, one not fagot and one I’m not sure.  Looks like you work to do to make up for that shirt,” I said.

“Fuck you bitch, I ain’t got time for no white lesbo bitches,” he said as he walked back to this table.

“You reckon it was something I said,” I wondered aloud.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was,” she said.

“Oh I’ll do better,” I promised.

“You better, I drove a long way to get you laid,” she said.

“And I appreciate it. I really do.”  I said honestly.

“Hey bitch,” the black man in a head scarf said.

“Gee my reputation proceeds me,” I said.

“Yeah come on lets dance,” he said taking my hand.  I let him lead me onto the dance floor.  The music was too loud and too grating to do more than bounce to it.  I moved some of the ways white girl typically do.  I was about half in time with the music but I could quite get a hold on it.

He moved around behind me and put his hands on my hips. I didn’t know what he had in mind, but I had hoped it wouldn’t be what he did.  As he moved to the music he inched my dress higher,  It was short enough so that parts of me that never showed before were open to the view of the dancers.  Fortunately not all of them saw anything.

Naturally I lubricated and it was shiny.  I felt slutty as hell and I loved it.  He guided me into a corner of the dance floor.  Once we were there he began to fell me up.  I was couldn’t help it, I had an orgasm just from his hands on me.  Even that was better than masturbating alone.  

He wasn’t through with me yet.  He turned me toward him and said quite loud to be heard over the music.  “Take it out,” I shook my head no.  “Take it out bitch.” he said very emphatic.  He was trying to scare me, so I decided to act scared.  It didn’t take a lot of acting.  “You white girls are all the same, want to come down here to play us niggers,  Now take it out white girl.”

I unzipped his pants and worked his slightly larger than average penis out.  I began to stroke him.  I could tell he like it, I know I did.  I was sure he had more planned for me than just stroking his cock till he came.  “So bitch you like my cock?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered gasping for air.  

“Wouldn’t you like to kiss it.  It would be the friendly thing to do wouldn’t it?” he asked.

“But all these people would see,” I said.

“I know they would honey.  That the idea, all the men would want to be me and all the women would want to be you.  Including your uptight girlfriend.” he said.

“I can’t do it with people watching,” I said,  I could do it of course, I just didn’t want him to know.

“Yes you can not get down on your knees and open that pretty mouth of your.  You gonna suck my dick till I cum.  If you real nice I will let you eat it, rather than wear it.” he said.

I knelt on the filthy floor and I waited for him to put it in my mouth.  “Look who come to  help out.”  I raised my eyes and saw Mary Ellen standing beside him.  She was holding his cock and kissing him.  She held his cock up for me to suck.  It was more than I could stand.  I came again without doing much of anything to myself,  Mary Ellen was watching me adjust to the size of his cock.

I’m sure she saw his cock work it’s way inside my mouth and to the edge of my throat. I gagged often as he did.  Then without any warned he forced it down my throat while ignoring the pitiful sounds I made,  I’m not sure but I think Mary Ellen had told him to go for it.  His muscles froze with his cock down my throat.  He came and I forced him back so that I could breath.  When I did he shoot cum over my face not much just the very end of his spurts.

“Now fuck her,” Mary Ellen said loud enough for me to hear.

He lifted me and turned me around with my back to him.  He bent me over a table.  There were people at the table but they didn’t seem to mind. He forced his way inside me while the people at the table looked on.  Others may have been watching but those were for sure.  It had been easy for him since I had on no panties.  Easy except for the need to stretch me some.  He even talked to me.  “You a tight little ho,  You white girls always are the first time.  No matter how much white cock you had you still till like it was your first time.  You do want my dick in you, pig?” he asked.

“Yes, God yes,” I said.  “I want you to fuck me.”  I felt him spread me wider than I had been spread anytime lately.  He was big but I knew the that he was going to be from the sore mouth and throat but I didn’t care.  Not at all.

I felt him drive in me.  He was deep inside me when I came.  Even though it was my third orgasm, it was still huge.  I felt as if time was standing still.  Just at the moment he stiffened and he came again.  I could feel his cum run down my legs aided by my moisture trail.  I was almost glad it was over.

But then I felt him move away, but another cock filled me.  I was about to object but it felt so good to be filled.  I just wanted to keep the feeling of cock inside me forever.  I was truly lost in that feeling.  I was in a different place.

Then there was a cock in front of me and I was too lost to even consider what I was doing.  I didn’t even known how many times they changed.  I begged them not to do my ass but they did anyway.  I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.  Their cocks were larger than any I ever had in my ass.  I was sure they left me bleeding.

“Come on Silvia we have to go.  So one is calling the cops.”  With that Mary Ellen helped me into her luxury sports car.  It was expensive I thought again just as I had at first.

“What time is it,” I asked.

“2AM, I think that’s why he called the police.  He wanted to close and without the cops the place likely would have turned on him.” Mary Ellen said.

“You said you had been here before.  Does this happen all the time?” I asked.

“No, this the first time I have ever seen a gang bang.  Christ girl, you are the hottest fuck I have ever seen,” she said.

“Well, we are not going to repeat this ever again.  I had no idea what happen,” I said.

“I’ll tell you what happened, you had an itch and you got it scratched.  Things just got a little out of hand that’s all,” she said.

“A little out of hand, is that what you call it.  I just pulled a train for god sake,” I said.  Some of the indignation was put on I had screwed multiple partners before.  And there had been witnesses before,  I was going to have to do some fancy foot work to keep this under control.

“Well there are worse things, and besides you looked great doing it.  Even with no hair you looked great with those black cocks going in and out of you.  Here look at the video.”  She gave me her cell phone.  The video was remarkably good.

“My god how do I erase this thing,” I said very forcefully.

“Here give it to me,” she said. “Is that better.”  I couldn’t tell she had deleted it, but I had to take her word for it.  I nodded.  “You don’t think I was the only one there with a cell phone do you.  I saw a couple of women filming it.  You can’t do anything without it being on the net.”

“Oh crap there goes my job,” I said.  “My life it ruined just to get laid.  Why the hell did I listen to you,”

“No you don’t little miss deputy.  You do not get to blame me for this.  You knew what you were doing when you took his cock.  All down the line you went and never resisted.  I was there to make sure if you did, it would have ended.  But you were a big girl and I let you do what you wanted.”

“God I have to figure out how to undo what I did,” I said.

“Why?” Mary Ellen asked.  “What you did wasn’t illegal.  At least it shouldn’t be.  Just let it go and see what happens,”

“There isn’t much else I can do,” I admitted.

After Mary Ellen dropped me of she came in just long enough to get her dress.  I rinsed my mouth and I used an antiseptic douche.  I didn’t know how much good they did but I had never caught anything from on of the lovers who used me before.

I laid in bed and tried to rationalize the threat to my life.  Okay so Mary Ellen said there were two others who use the cell phone,  Since it was Dobson, it was a small town, so they probably sent the video to friends.  People who don’t know me and who I will never come into contact with.  I’m definitely going to grow my hair out now, I thought.  My worst nightmare would be it goes on the Internet.  They won’t take in on utube so it goes on one of the amateur sites.  Still hard to imagine anyone in Warren County seeing it.  If they stumbled across it they likely would not recognize me.  If Mary Ellen kept her mouth shut, I should be alright.  If she talked it was pretty much her word against mine.  Bull shit she had that video and it would be back to haunt me.  So I needed to relax and see what she was going to want for it.  Also to find some way to get over this need to have sex with multiple partners,

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6 Responses to Sylvia 31

  1. Walt says:

    I have read where people who had been battered as a child will sometimes be drawn to being battered over and over. I’ve actually seen it in battered wives. They always go back to the man who beat hell out of them. I asked one girl why she kept going back. The answer shocked me, “because I love him”. I heard that several other times. That is a hard cycle to break.

    Changed Unnamed Lady to Mary Ellen Hopkins in the Cast

  2. jack says:

    Who knows maybe she will get an invite to the group patys that the Gypsy was trying to avoid and use the whole mess as a cover story

  3. demitheus says:

    Holy Crap!………Talk about screwing up, for a female cop this is about as bad as it gets!

  4. cindypress says:

    you know what I have known my share of both male and female cops. As the IAD officer said to a group of the ladies of my church, Our problem is we recruit for the human race.

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