sylvia 33

Sylvia 33

I finished the shift and realize I hadn’t stopped for lunch.  Since I was in the  fast mode, I probably would have had a cracker and diet coke anyway.  Nothing I would have missed especially.  My blood sugar might miss it, but I didn’t.

When I got back to the motel, I found a package waiting for me at the front desk.  I carried it back to my room to open it.  Since it had no return address  I was afraid of what was inside of it.  I hadn’t ordered anything, so the package could contain anything at all.  I didn’t think it would have something dangerous but you just never knew,

When I finally got inside I found a black dress.  It was about the same length as the one I had worn to the club.  I found a card inside which read, ‘For next time.  I really am going to have to start charging you.  This one you keep.’ It was signed Mary Ellen.

Once I had shower and washed my peach fuss, I tried the dress on.  It was tight and I was going to have to buy black panties in order to wear it.  It was that short,  I picked up the phone and called her shop.  “Ms Hopkins please,” I said.

“One moment please,” The clerk said.

“This is Ms Hopkins,” she said.

“You certainly are,” I said playfully.  “The dress is gorgeous but I can’t keep it.” .

“Don’t worry, I didn’t pay retail for it,” Mary Ellen said.

“I really can’t you take it back .  You are going to have to keep it.  There is no option.  So, when are we going to do that again?” she asked.

“Not for a long while,” I said.  “That was too much, even for me.”

“Well then how about a nice quiet dinner, just us girls?” she asked.

“You do remember that I’m not a girl’s, girl?” I asked.

“I remember that you said that yes.  So how about it.  Just you, me, and my friend,” she said.  

“I can’t do it till my next break.  Which isn’t for a few days.  It also want come on a weekend.” I wanted her to know where we stood exactly.  If she was planning some kind of power game on me, I wanted to know as soon as possible. I told myself that was why I was accepting the invitation.  It wasn’t because I was looking forward to it on a purely sexual basis.  Well, I told myself that but my body was showing signs of reacting.

“Yes I already found out you are off Monday, and Tuesday next week,” she said.

“Keeping a record?” I asked.

“Something like that, Just keep Sunday night open.  You get off at three pm that day,” she said.

“I’ll do that, but remember no funny stuff,” I said.

“Believe me you wont be laughing.  Crystal and I might be smiling some.  I’ll talk to you again before then.  That is, if you give me your phone number.”  I had forgotten she didn’t have it.  I gave it to her then hung up.

I walked through the lounge again that evening.  It was after my dinner of a frozen beef pot pie and a salad from the McDonald’s at the plaza.  I didn’t see Monk in the lounge so I was ready for bed by 9PM.  I slept like the dead, probably because I was still recovering for my night out with Mary Ellen.  I found that I alway required a lot of rest when recovering.  I didn’t even think about work at all, I just fell instantly asleep.

I was awake at 5AM and out the door for my run at 5:20AM.  It was cold as it always was in the winter at 5AM.  It would be cold even in the eastern part of the state.  Yeah it was cold down there, but not like it was up here, I thought.  I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and I didn’t see any stray animal wandering around.  I waved as I pass the Cafe.  I seldom went in these days.  Now that I was fasting most days.  

I went home to put some coffee in the microwave to reheat, while I showered for work.  My hair had already covered my scalp in only a week.  It was maybe an 1/8 of an inch long.  I couldn’t tell how much it had gown since a buzz leaves a little behind.  I decided that the buzz was one of my worst idea.  It was done so I donned my knit cap, while I drank my coffee.  It was just a little after 6 when I went to check in.  I could get the first car in that morning.

The sun had just started to lighten the sky when Butch came in.  He checked in with Michaels and I could see them talking.  I chose not to listen.  I walked to the parking lot as the first car came into the lot.  He came in a 6:45AM.  I nodded to the man on the rotation before me.  I always relieve him it seemed.  He liked to check in early to.

I checked on with dispatch and went to work.  I had nothing to do but gas up the car, so I drove to the county’s service station.  It was a self serve pump in and old convenience store.  The county used it as office space for the various crews that used motor vehicles in their work. It pumped gas to those of us who used them but were had our office space in the court house.  

It took seven gallons of gas to fell the tank,  The man I replaced had spent a lot of the shift behind building and not checking them for burglars, I though.  As soon as I left the tanks, I had to go take a report of vandalism at the northern consolidated school.

“Kids with spray paint and too much time on their hands,” the principal said.

“Maybe, but I have to act like it’s a real crime.  I get paid by the case you know.  So tell me anybody mad at you guys?” I asked.

“I expect most of the kids who are failing, or who have been disciplined lately.” he said.

“Anybody come to mind?” I asked.

“To be honest no.  It isn’t a big thing we will just hit it with some cleaner and it’s gone.  Like it never happened,” he said.  “Well the school board likes to keep these things on file in case some kid brings a real serious grievance to school with them.  That’s the only reason I called.”

“I understand, well I’ll send this paperwork forward.  Have a good day.” I said as I went back to the car.  For three hours I did nothing.  Then Butch and I served a warrant at 11AM.  Whenever possible we both went on warrant services.  Sometime the mooch wanted to refuse to come along peacefully, especially when a woman served it on them.  It also made the men feel more comfortable to have me with them when it was a woman on the receiving end of the warrant, Two of us made it much easier all the way around.

The warrant was for failure to appear on a traffic charge.  It was a ride to the courthouse in a police car and sign out on a much higher bond.  Nothing about it led me to believe I would get my second run of the day.  When I knocked on the door, he blew right past me going full speed.  

It took me a couple of second to recover from my surprised and take off after him.  I ran him down but it took me four blocks.  “Okay Jocko, what’s the problem here?” I asked.

“What are you here for,” he asked.

“No Jocko, I’m asking the questions.  Why did you run?” I asked.  Butch joined us before he could answer.

“Answer that question Mr. Thorndike,” Burch said.

“I want my lawyer,” he said.

“What happened exactly,” Simpson asked when I got him to the courthouse.

“When I identified myself, he just blew by me through the door.  He thought I was there for something else.  Something more serious evidently.”

“I got a hunch, I’m going to put him in a photo lineup.  See if our little pot grower can ID him.  Word is out that we have her, and the survivalist in custody.  People are starting to get worried maybe he is one of them.” Simpson said.

“Well I have to go back out.  Butch and I have some more failure to appear warrants to serve.” I said.

“Yeah the court is about to end the current term.  They want to take care of all the old business, so that they can close out the books,” Simpson said.

“Well I’m going to try to help them, if I can.  Most of these are minor things.  All they have to do is come up and post a high bond.  Then they can go home and wait till the next term,” I suggested.

“You learned quick how it all works,” Simpson said.

“Yeah, well I’m going back out to do the Lords work,” I said.

“So the Sheriff really is god.  I always just assumed that he was the only one who though he was,” Simpson said.

The last two came fairly easily.  They beat me home for sure, so why not.  It was 3PM when I check out with dispatch.  I went to the detective bureau just in time to see Simpson before he went into the interrogation room.

“I got a positive ID on your man Thorndike as a party animal.  He owns an electric installation company.  They do thing like run lines out to new subdivision then to the houses in them.  Big ticket jobs.” Simpson said.

“He hardly sounds like the kind of guy to be involved in something like that.” I said.

“We don’t know what that is yet,” Simpson said.

“True give him the benefit of the doubt.  Presumed innocent and all that,” I said.

“Oh no, he is guilty of something, just what I’m not sure,” Simpson said.  “So I’m going to go in there and find out.  I’ll let you know what his big crime is.”

“Right,” I said.  “Well see you later.”

I went home and did my usual things.  I did research on the Internet, ate a frozen dinner, walked the lounge and looked for Monk.  Monk still wasn’t there.  Then I went home and got into bed.  My cell phone rang.  I was expecting Simpson.   It was Mary Ellen instead.

“Hello I’m in bed I’m sorry,” I said.  

“Don’t be sorry, just move over I’ll come join you,’ she said all light hearted.

“I’m afraid not Mary Ellen, I need sleep.  I have a hard day tomorrow and my day starts early,” I said.

“Is your day so hard that you can’t pinch your nipples for me.  Remember how it felt when I did that before you left for the club.  I could feel your body as it turned on,” she said.  “Why don’t you pinch them now and remember how it felt.”

“I can’t do this,” I said breathlessly into the phone.

“Sure you can baby, it’s easy just put your hand under your top and pinch your nipple.  I bet it is already hard isn’t it?” she asked.  There was something compelling about her voice. “Is is hard.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Good then just pinch it for me,” she said.

I did as she said and I gasped.  

“You love it don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said with a moan.

“Good girl now slide your hand inside your panties.  Yes I know you wear your panties to bed.  You are just that kind of girl.  Now do it and rub your clit till you cum.”

I did as she said and I came better than I did when alone but not as good as when I was with a man, I thought.

“Good night baby,” she said then hung up.

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6 Responses to sylvia 33

  1. jack says:

    Nothing like a little self satisfactionto help one fall to sleep LOL

  2. cindypress says:

    whatever gets you through the night, lol

  3. Walt says:

    Sylvia is strong and also a wimp. If someone told me my schedule and what I will do on my day off I’d be slamming the phone down. Maybe that is why she was abused, she just couldn’t refuse.

    Added Thorndike to cast.

  4. demitheus says:

    I think it is more like Sylvia is a closet submissive, tough at work and in command, but when off duty looks to be commanded, I had a couple girl friends like that…….

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