Sylvia 35

Sylvia 35

I went home and worried.  I had no way to tell who knew what, so all I could do was act as though everything was normal.  If I were a Los Vegas Odds maker, I would make it about 3 to 1 in my favor.  I wasn’t trying to be optimistic, there were just so many thing that had to go wrong to get me busted.


I had the Boyle brother’s phone number and I could call, but I swore I would never contact them again.  So I would have to wait till tomorrow at work, when I could pin those caught up in the raid down.  My chance of being in the jackpot were directly tied to who they pick up in the raid.


So I walked through the lounge looking for Monk.  I was beginning to worry, he had been missing for over a week.  I hadn’t seen him gone that long before.  So I decided to take a look in his shop.  It beat sitting at home worrying myself sick.


The Toyota warmed up about the same time I reached his shop.  Since the repair shop was just a cover for the real business I didn’t expect too much.  I wasn’t disappointed either.  A glance through the door showed a nice neat shop area.  Monk was a lot neater than I was, I had to admit.  His place looked empty.  That fancy Harley Chopper was gone too.


It wasn’t my jurisdiction so there was nothing for me to do, but I was concerned.  If it wasn’t so late I would call the neighboring county’s Sheriff’s office and report Monk missing.  What the hell I drove home, it was too cold to stand around giving a report to the Sheriffs deputy who wouldn’t give a crap anyway.  I drove back to the motel in a huff.


I hadn’t slept much the night before so I tried to get some sleep early.  I faired better that night, than the one before.  Probably exhaustion was a cure for worry.  I fell sound asleep, when I hit the bed.  Being tired didn’t stop the worry from coming back with the buzz of the alarm clock.  I dressed with the damned party on my mind and I ran around the down town of Country Seat with it worrying the hall out of me.  I ran by the Cafe on the Square and waved at the waitress.  It was a day I really did not want to talk to any of the regulars.


I dressed in a clean uniform and made sure everything was right for what might be my last day.  Then I went down to the station.  Next I began to worry that asking question might alert someone to check me out.  I decided to wait for Simpson to tell me what happened.  I figured he would since we shared an interest in the case.  If he didn’t share the information, then maybe I had something to worry about.


I came in to turn in a report I took for the principal of northern consolidated school.  It was another spray pain incident.  Most people complained that we weren’t doing enough.  The principal seemed to want us to do less.  It was a little strange, but who was I to tell him his job.  I didn’t have time to do a stake out, just to catch someone spray painting a school anyway.


So as I walked down the hall, I looked in and saw Simpson.  I walked into the detectives office.  I could stand not know any longer.  I had to ask even if it blew my cover.  “So Simpson, what happened at the party?” I asked simply.


“Sorry Sylvia I’ve been told not to talk about it,” he said.


“They told you not to talk to me about it, why?” I asked.


“This is not about you.  It’s about the party last night, that’s all I’m saying,” he said.  “Probably said too much already.”


Me too, I thought but I said nothing.  “Well I got to go back out and keep the county safe for perverts.  Later Detective,” I said as I walk out the door.


When I got back in the car, I began to wonder what that had been about.  I would bet my ass the Boyle brothers were there last night.  They might have been holding some pot or that drink they sold.  That would have been the only thing illegal, the swinging wasn’t illegal.  So if he brought them in, why was he not talking about the party.  His back up had to be the evening deputies.  I could ask them, when I saw them after shift.


Of all things I ran down a purse snatcher.  It was a teenager who grabbed a womans purse while I was driving by.  I saw him take the purse and run for the parking lot.  I followed behind with the light on.  I even hit the siren a couple of chirps.  He kept on running.  I was right on his ass when he took to the city park.  I left the car on the street and started a foot pursuit.  It wasn’t pretty at all, but I caught him by running up behind and pushing him on the back.  He lost his balance and went down face first. on the gravel of the park trail.  That had to hurt, I thought.


“You okay,” I asked when I had him cuffed.  “Do I need to call you an ambulance.”


“I be just fine bitch,” he said.


“Good then you like pain.  Call me that again and you will feel more pain than you knew existed.” I said with a smile.


“You gonna hit a brotha in cuffs,” he said.


“I’m gonna Tazer a brotha in cuffs, who called me a bitch.  If he does it again,” I said quietly and of course I smiled at him.


I walked him back to my car just as Butch pulled up.  “Got another small fish to fry?” He asked.


“They all count in the tournament,” I said,  Butch laughed as he drove away without getting out of the car,  If I didn’t know better, I would think god was testing me somehow.  That is if I believed in god.  Some days I did and some days I didn’t.  Today was one of the days when I wasn’t sure.


After I finished the report I had time to swing by the towing yard.  The one that belonged to the Boyle Brothers.  I could only justify it since the recovery yard was on a main road.  It was the road that led out to the plaza.  I went down the road often enough.  I went by a little slower than usual so I could look hard at the yard.


The Boyle Brothers had a tricked out tow truck.  It was sitting by the door.  It didn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary.  There were two cars parked by the door as usual.  So they weren’t in jail.  That was a good sign anyway.  I rolled he window down just to get a breath of air as I passed.  I felt better for no reason, because it certainly wasn’t over.  However \ every little bit of good news helped.


With the conclusion that the Boyle brothers weren’t in jail, I relaxed a little and began to wonder why Simpson had been told not to talk.  If it wasn’t because I was being investigated, why was it.  Were they protecting the identities of the party goers.  Surely not since one of them might be involved in a murder.


I managed to stay our of trouble for the rest of the shift.  I also managed to convince myself that I was 4 to 1 Vegas odds on not being brought up in the investigation.  I would take those odd and get a good night sleep.


One more day shift to go, then a long break before evening shift again.  I liked that one the best of all.  I did remember to keep tomorrow evening open for a girls night out with the two girlie, girls.  I had no idea who the third girl was.  Mary Ellen never told me anything about her significant other.


Even though it was less important now, I still wanted to know what happened at that party house.  Had they made any arrests at all, or simply encountered someone who could tell them to back off and they did.  There weren’t that many people with that kind of rank or political pull to convince the Sheriff to stand down.


I could just bide my time and one of them would tell me what happened.  That is if the officers who were there wouldn’t.  I was ready to check off anyway.  When I got back to the station I got Reynolds alone.


“Reynold you have to know that Gypsy Allen is suing me and Simpson,” I said to  him,


“Yeah, I heard.  I’m sorry for that,” he said.


“Thanks Reynolds I need to know who was at that party last night.  My lawyer wants to stay up to speed with all those people.” I said.


“Sylvia, I can’t talk about last night,” he said.


“Tell me this, did you bring anyone in at all.  That’s not to much to ask.  I won’t ask who, if you did,” I promised.


“No, we let them all go.  Didn’t even issue any summons on the pot charges,” he said.


“Thanks, I promise not to ask anything else.  You have been a real pal.  I owe you one for sure.  When I beat her in court, I will remember who made it possible, this helps.” I said.


“Maybe we can have dinner one night,” he asked.


“Sure, give me a chance to settle all this nonsense than call me,” I said.


By the time I got home, I was feeling a lot better.  I ate a frozen dinner of fish sticks and garlic bread with mac and cheese.  One of my favorite meals.  Frozen it was pretty bad, but I managed to get it down.  Then I went through the lounge.  I saw a couple of Monks friends, so I went to them.


“Hey guys, I’ve see you sitting with The Monk and I was wondering where he is hanging out these days?” I asked.


“Why you got something for him?” the older one asked.


“Could be, he promised to fix my car and I need to get something done.  I might pay him in ass,” I said it expecting the laugh I got.


“We was getting a little worried, so we went over looking for him,  His bike is gone, so he has probably gone to see  his kids.


He has kids?  Okay then I guess he was a wife to go along with them?” I asked.


“If you was planning on marrying The Monk, I think you ought to forget it.  He ain’t the marryin’ kind no matter what he might have said.” the younger one said.


“No he never said nothing, I just hoped I guess.”  Yeah it was a lie but it kept me and the Monk out of trouble with his outlaw friends.


When I got back to the room I played on line for about ten minutes when the phone rang.  “Hello Mary Ellen,” I recognize her.


“Hi baby don’t forget tomorrow night and don’t forget the dress and nothing else.” she said.


“I never agreed to the nothing else, Where are you taking me anyway,” I asked,


“It’s a surprise now sleep well sweetie,” she hung up and was gone.


I almost called her back to cancel but all this stress had me really wound tight.  I figure it couldn’t be too bad.  Well that was the plan anyway, but the ‘nothing else’ instructions worried me.



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2 Responses to Sylvia 35

  1. jack says:

    Maybe Sylvia needs to show she still has some control over herself and wear pair of soft black leather panties. And not fully giving in to Mary Ellens control by keeping a reasonable lid the activities especially if anythings in public and no pics or video.

  2. cindypress says:

    at the very least thing ab out it

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