Sylvia 36

Sylvia 36


I slept pretty good all in all.  I attributed it to exhaustion as much as anything.  5AM came early on the last day of my day shift.  I still had to force myself to run, even thought it was just a few degrees warmer, which make me feel a little better.  Spring was on the way, thank god.  It could not get here soon enough for me.  It had been a dismal winter.


I didn’t stop in the cafe again that morning.  It was time to give some though to breakfast again.  I had already started to lose the weight I wanted to lose.  There was no sense over doing it.  It was all about planning what to eat and eating only the things that were in the plan,  Hey it beat MRE’s even with Texas Pete they were bland.


After a quick shower I was off for my last day shift.  It was to be my last day of fasting as well.  I had alway planned to modify the fasting at the end of my shifts.  When I got to the station the midnight tour was ending and they were glad to turn their cars over to us.  I took the Bronco down to the county pit stop for gas.


With a full tank I headed north, since I was doing the northern end of the county.  The first unit to check on generally got to chose which end of the county they wanted to work.  I chose the north, because the business were generally down in southern end.  Yeah I had the dog food plant but they operated round the clock, so they seldom had break ins.  It gave me a chance to tool around the local back roads.  Those roads had hairpin curves that were not banked.  Aside from being an adrenaline rush they were getting me ready for the day when I went to live in Florida or Louisianan.  To next go somewhere with cool roads and warm weather was the plan.


I knew I wasn’t going to be with the Warren County Sheriff’s office for long.  Not so much because I was concern my personal life would get in the way, but more because I would get a better offer one day.  It wouldn.t take much to be a better offer,  I was pretty badly under paid in Warren County.  I mode about sixr hundred dollars a month less than I could have made in any other jurisdiction.  They didn’t under pay me because I was a woman, everyone was underpaid,  The county just didn’t have the money for a first rate police presence, so they had us and the State Bureau of investigation for the technical stuff.  There were often SBI geeks to be found wandering around town.  I tried to avoid then whenever I could.  I left them in company of Simpson, which was their normal contact person.


It was 11AM, when I got my first call of the day.  I just about decided to stop for peanut butter crackers when the call came in.  “305 See the man at the downtown park.” Dispatch said to me over the radio..


“10-4,” I said.  When I got to the downtown park there was a well dressed man about 25 standing across from the children’s playground area.  The sun had gotten high enough in the sky for mothers to bring their children out to play.or just to escape to the fresh air of the park.


“Sir did you wish to speak to a Deputy?” I asked.


“Yes I did.  I think you need to arrest that woman for endangering that child.  It is far too cold for that child to be out here.” he informed me.


“Let me guess,  You are the ex-husband and currently non custodial parent?” I asked.


“Yes but you don’t have t make me sound crazy,” he said. “Those little things predict how she treats our son over all.”


I gave it some thought and then came up with a plan.  “Sir, I will approach your ex wife and check that the baby is well protected from the elements.  If the child is happy and safe there is nothing I can do,” I explained.


“Very well, but please be sure the baby is taken care off.  She is a terrible person.  I would not be surprised by anything,” he said.


“You wait here,” I said. “And I mean that.”


“Alright,” he said.


I was not planning to do more than look at the baby and walk away form it all, that’s why I did not get the husband’s name,”


“Hi there Miss,” I said. “Would you mind, if I took a look at the baby,”


“Oh why is that,: she said.


“Actually it’s a little cold,” I said.  “I just want to make sure he is well and safe.  No big thing just a quick look at him will do fine.”


“Did my ex-husband send you?” she said.


“As a matter of fact he did,” I admitted.  


“He is such a jerk.  He wasn’t always so obsessive.  At first he helped me, now he just wants to take Chris away from me,” she said.  


“Okay let me see some identification a drivers license will do.” I said.  “Now the baby looks fine, you might ought to get back inside now.”  I took a look at her Drivers license and entered the name and number in the little computer that they gave me to make notes..


Then I went back across the creek and demanded an ID card form the trouble maker husband and father.  “You know Mr Sedgegrove, there is no reason to be upset.  The child was warn and dressed really appropriately .  I think you can work it out, so no one has to know about your misgivings.“


“I want them to know,” he said.  


“Well, I’m going to have to testify that there was nothing to it.  I am also going to say, I think you were filing a malicious police report.  It could hurt your chances for an amicable visitation plan later.  I think you should try to work this out with your ex wife.” I said it even though I had absolutely no faith that he would do it.


When I left the park just before noon, I expected that I wouldn’t have to come back the next hour, or the next day.  People who wanted the police to referee their arguments just never seemed to got enough.


I grabbed a pack of peanut butter crackers and a diet coke for lunch.  I actually got completely finished with them both before I got another call.  This one also came from dispatch.  She was telling me a bystander reported that two people were arguing and he felt sure there was going to be blood shed at any moment.


I went along, even though I knew There was not going to be blood shed.  The husband just wanted to scream and yell.  Still if anyone wanted to press charges, someone was going to find themselves in front of a judge, so I drove back to the park.


When I got there the Sedgegroves were standing in the middle of the bike path shouting at each other.  “That’s enough,” I said when I got close enough. “Now you listen to me.  I will take you both in and let the judge settle this.  Just for the hell of it the court may appoint an adult guardian for your child.  Since you have proved that neither of you is an adult.”


“I’m sorry but it is just terrible to be screamed at all the time,” the wife said.


“Then walk away.  Do not fight back just walk away, leave him to shout at himself.  As for you, stop looking for reasons to call her a bad mother.  If she were in fact a bad mother you would not have to look for examples they would be everywhere.  Now you lady get in your car and go home now.” I said.  “Don’t you say a word or move a muscle,” I said to the husband.  I held  him in place for fifteen minutes to give her a chance to get home.  Then I warned him again and sent him on his way.


Because he had caused me to go back, I wrote a detailed report.  That took me to 2PM and I was just as glad.  I didn’t really want to do anything.  Simpson caught me on my back out on patrol for the few minutes I had left.


“Hey Sylvia could we talk?” Simpson asked.


“I don’t see why not,  What’s happening?” I asked.


“I think I might be going to lose my job,” he said after closing the door to his office.


“Why,” I asked truly surprised.


“Well there are some liability issues in the Gypsy Allen thing.  I know they are bogus, but there are still there.  And there is that raid thing last night,  If I had told the right people what we were doing, they would have stopped me.  That would have been preferable to what happened.” He said.


“Maybe you better stop right there,  You aren’t supposed to tell me.” I said.


“It’s not just you, it’s anyone.  They don’t want it to get out who was there,” he said.


“I know you can’t tell me who they are but try to keep in mind that if they are cops covering up a crime, it would pus you in the jackpot.  You could be charges as a co-conspirator.”

I explained.


“I know but if I tell it, who do I tell it too.” he asked.


“I would go with the SBI chick, Mission,” I said.


“I will give it some thought.  If I decide to do it, you will stand with me?” He asked.


“Just as much as I can.  When this thing starts coming apart, you want to be far out in front of it.  Trust me you don’t want to be behind the eight ball.” I said.


“Yeah.” was all he said.


By the time we finished it was close enough to sign out for me to hang around the office.  I couldn’t wait to get my ass home,  I knew now that most likely I wasn’t going to come up in the investigation.  I hoped I would have given a friend the same advice, if I had been the one they were going to turn into the ethics investigators.


Nonetheless I could go party with a clear mind.  It was hard to understand the change from deep dark depression to exhilaration and anticipation.  Hell maybe I am bipolar, I thought.  It made no difference, I was walking on air by the time I got home.


I knew Mary Ellen’s MO, so I had plenty of time for dinner and a shower.  Hell I even had time to work on my computer email explaining to me how to make money on line.  Since it sound like a scam, I knew it was a scam.  The writer of the email had tried his best to sound straight.  If he sounded sleazy, he must have really been sleazy,


With that settled, I went in for my shower.  It was hot water for sure.   I decided I would need the hot water more after my date.  Oh well, I could take more showers.  After all I didn’t pay for the water, or the energy to heat it.


I stood looking at myself in the mirror for a long time.  If there was a cancer survivor fetish crowd, I had it captured hand down.  I began to assess myself honestly.  I had some boobs, but not a lot.  I was a natural 35b cup. Since there was no 35b bra make it was a 34 slight tight or a 36 slight loose. I was a little small, but under the Kevlar vest I wouldn’t have looked big, if they had been dd’s.  Well maybe dd’s but not c for sure.  Mary Ellen convinced me that my small boobs were more than acceptable..


Since I took up running my tummy was almost not existent.  I couldn’t do much about my hips.  They were the least attractive part of my body.  It was not a big ass that I had, it was a wide load.  My butt was just plain wide.


I pinched my nipple and rubbed over the outside of my vulva.  Then I slipped into the little black dress and waited.


I sat on the one comfortable chair waiting for Mary Ellen and her friend to arrive.  They were right on time.  I got a phone call telling me she was in the parking lot.  She also reminded me nothing but the black dress.  My heart raced but I forced myself to show no sign of the excitement, as I walked to Mary Ellen’s car.


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3 Responses to Sylvia 36

  1. jack says:

    Very nice, thanks

  2. Walt says:

    Sounds like Gypsy is trying to push the offer of sex hard.
    I’m not sure how Simpson can be blamed if there did happen to be police officers frolicking at the party, especially if there were any illegal substances there. He’s just doing his job.

    Just curious, how come the sudden change to triple spacing?
    Added Mr. Sedgegrove to the cast.

  3. cindypress says:

    I didn’t know it was triple spaced. I check closer.

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