sylvia 37

Sylvia 37


I opened the passenger side door.  “So where is your girl friend?” I asked.


“She is waiting for us at the party,” Mary Ellen said.


“Hold on now, I never agreed to any party,” I said.  “It’s suppose to be girls night out.”


“And it is.  We are just going to a party for our night out.  You are the guest of honor.” Mary Ellen said.  Mary Ellen had already pulled out of my parking lot.  If I planned to get out of the car, I knew I had better do it soon.  I wasn’t dressed for any long walks in the cold.  I decided to go along for the ride.  If worse came to worse, there were cabs in every town.


“If we are going to party, you know it has to be outside my jurisdiction,” I said.


“Don’t worry it’s all taken care of,” Mary Ellen said.


“And no cameras,” I added.


“You worry too much.  I told you it was all taken care of,” Mary Ellen said.  She reached over and put her hand in my lap.  I didn’t move it at first.  I let her get her feel in, then I lifted it and returned it to the wheel.  


“It wouldn’t do to have accident with me all slutty like this,” I said.


“Well you could always asked for some professional courtesy,” Mary Ellen said.  That statement immediately set off bells in my head.  


“Mary Ellen get this straight, I have never ask for a favor for myself on anyone I know.  I’m not going to start now,” I said very clearly.


“Take it easy there dirty Harriet, I didn’t mean anything by it,” she said.


“Fair enough, I’ll forget it just make sure you understand,  you can’t expect me to do any favors for you.” I said.


“You made that very clear.  Lets forget that I made the remark and go party.”  Mary Ellen said.


“Sounds like a first class idea.  I still wasn’t committed to the whole girl, girl thing,  But I was willing to keep an open mind.  That is all I promised Mary Ellen.  We pulled into a double wide mobile home an hours drive from the motel.  That put it well outside my jurisdiction,  I was glad that Marry Ellen seemed to honor my wishes.


“Well we are here,” she said.  


“Not many cars for a party.” I said.  She knew that it was a question.  There were only three other cars.


“Well it only takes three of us to make a party and we have some extras,”  Mary Ellen said.


I was a little concerned, but then again I had trusted her this far.  I followed her into the double wide.  Inside it was very well decorated.  I would never have known where I was, if I just went by the inside.  The great room, as they liked to call the larger open living room and dining room combination, was decorated as one very large tastefully done room.  I wasn’t quite sure in a family environment what the purpose of such a room might be.


“Sylvia Porter, I would like to Angel Everett.  Angel is my good friend.” she said.


“Hello Angel, it’s nice to meet you,” I said.


“Oh I have heard so much about you,” Angel said.


“It isn’t as bad as it sounds,” I suggested.


“Oh I’m counting on it being as bad as it sounds,” she said with the most beautiful smile.


I ignored that statement.  “So do I get to meet the rest of these people,” I asked.


“It doesn’t matter about them.  They are just the hired help.  Angel and I are the important ones.” Marry Ellen said.


“I told you, I’m not into this girl, girl thing,” I said.


“I know, so we brought some help along,” she said.  The bedroom door opened and the black man from the club was standing there.  


“Hey bitch,” he said  “Remember this?”   He unzipped his trousers;  his penis was large and angry looking.  He stroked it a couple of times and it grew in his hand.


“Marry Ellen, what is this?” I asked.


“Why sweetie, I’m going to make you a movie star,” she said.


“I don’t think so,” I said.


“Hey bitch how can you refuse this,” The man with his cock hanging out asked.


The two white men had moved to one of the bedrooms to get some very fancy movie cameras.  There started setting up lights facing the large sofa.


“Mary Ellen how could you think I would do this?” I asked.


“Because you want to keep your job.  If you say no, I take a copy of the video I shot at the club and put it on line.  Then I send the link to the Sheriff.  I’m sure there is a morals clause in your employment contract.  You were kind enough to explain how it all works while you were rationalizing it.”


“I think I’ll take my chances with the Sheriff,” I said.


“You want to do this.  I know you do,” She said/


“Oh how do you know,” I said.


“Look at your thigh,” she said  “You are pouring baby.  Just kiss Lamar’s cock and tell me no.  If you can do that, I won’t tell the Sheriff anything.”


“Thats all I have to do?” I asked.


“That all,” she said.  She nodded so I walked slowly over to Lamar.  I was ready to kneel instantly and just do it. Instead he caught me and kissed me.  I could feel his hands on my breasts.  My nipples were hard and very sensitive.  I could feel the connection with my vagina.  It was slightly maddening.


He broke the kiss and said, “You still love to kiss and to be man handled.  Open you legs nice and wide and let me touch that pussy.  Do that before you get on you knees and worship my dick.”  


I spread my legs while I stood in my dress so short it barely covered my pubic hair.  His big fingers found my clit and he pinched it hard.  I gasped.  I sensed the men around me moving, but I didn’t care.  I came in a gut squeezing movement of my body.  I thought I was going to break apart.  It just kept coming and I kept moving.  


“Now get on your knees and worship your daddy’s dick, pig,” he said.


I dropped to my knees and suddenly his big black cock was being pushed into my mouth.  I didn’t kiss it I tried to swallow it, even though I knew I couldn’t even come close to getting it down.  I gasped every time he stroked my mouth with his cock. Finally he came in my mouth.  


“With the first spurt he said, “Swallow, you want us all to see how you swallow my cum do it baby keep swallowing.”  I swallowed it all.  “That’s right don’tlet a single drop get away.”


Even after he came in my mouth, he continued to stroke it.  “I want you too remember how good my big black dick feels in your mouth.  I want you to beg for it next time not have to be talked into it.  I want to own your ass.”


I didn’t answer I couldn’t my mouth was filled with his cock and each time he stroked me the sensations drove me up a little more.  Finally I came again and everyone knew it.  I whimpered like and animal.


“Now no more talk about saying no to us.  Take off your dress and go bend over the sofa.  Kneel on the floor.” Mary Ellen said.


I did as she said.  I knelt down in front of the sofa and leaned forward so that my breasts were in the seat of the sofa and my ass was in the air.  Lamar come over and used his hand to spread my vulva from behind.  Then he worked his cock into me.  I felt him drive all the way into me.  In several shorter strokes.


“You like the way I fuck you don’t you bitch?” he asjed.


“Yes, I love the way you do me,” I said.


“No baby, say I love the way you fuck me daddy,” Lamar said.  He slapped me hard on the ass.  Say it now,”  he demanded


“I love the way you fuck me daddy,” I said.


“Do you want me to stop fucking you,” he asked.


“No don’t stop fucking me. please don’t stop.” I begged.


He increased the speed of his strokes.  They also seemed to be deeper suddenly.  Then I felt him pull out and felt something warm on my back.  He had shot his cum on my back.


“Don’t stop please don’t stop,” I begged pitifully.


“Who owns your sorry white ass, pig?” he asked.


“You do daddy .  You own my sorry white ass,?” I said hoping he would finish me.


I felt the sofa move as someone sat down beside me.  I looked up and saw Angel sitting there naked.  she smiled down at me.  “I have only done this once,” I said


“It’s okay, I have done it more than once,” she said as she took my face in her hands.  She guided me between her legs.  I used my fingers to pull the hood around her clit open exposing it to the night air.  I kissed it gently, then licked it quickly.


“Yes you niggers cunt do that,  Do it just like that you nigger whore,” she said.  “Don’t  you dare stop till I cum all over your face.”


I worked her clit till she came as she promised all over my face.  When I move away she kissed me.  “God I love the taste of pussy, don’t you?” she asked.  When I didn’t answer she grabbed my breast and mashed it hard.  “I said don’t you love the taste of my pussy?” she asked.


“Yes, please don’t hurt me,” I begged.


“Why would we hurt you,  You are doing everything we want.  Do you know the one thing you haven’t done yet,” she asked.


“No, what is it?” I asked.


“You haven’t taken it up your ass, to be a complete whore you have to take it up your ass.  Now assume the position you just were in.  That’s the proper ass fucking position,” she said.


“Please not Lamar, he would stretch me too much,.” I said.


“Then it will have to be a camera man,  Do you want a camera man to fuck you in the ass,” she asked.


“Yes, anyone but Lamar,” I said.  It was a much smaller cock I felt go into my ass.  It didn’t hurt very much at all since I had begun to be stretched by Lamar’s friends.  It hurt some but not like Lamar would have.  I had my head down on the sofa and make grunting noises.


I felt the movement beside me and then hand roughly lifted me.  I was then impaled on a big cock.  I had Lamar’s larger cock in my mouth and some smaller cock up my ass.  The sensation was unbelievable.  I began to cum within minutes of them both stroking me.  I just couldn’t get enough cock,


When it was over, the man in my ass pulled out. I knew he came as much from his rhythm change as any feeling of cum in my backside.  Lamar didn’t cum it was all for the camera in his case.


I lay on the floor worn out from all the sex.  “Well I guess we settled the issue of whether you are going to do as you are told?”  Marry Ellen said.  I didn’t answer.


“Answer me bitch,” she said.


“Mary Ellen,” I said in a weak voice.  “No matter what the cost, you get treated like everyone else in the jurisdiction.  I will bust you and put my resignation on the Sheriff’s desk at the same time.”


“Fine but that doesn’t answer my question,” she said.


“I will do as I’m told, if it’s about this,” I said.  “But I will not be anybody’s girlfriend.”


“Fair enough,” she tossed five one hundred dollar bills on the floor.  “You found that part time job you wanted.  Now put on your clothes.  I’m taking you home.  You might have tomorrow off, but I still have to open the store.”




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10 Responses to sylvia 37

  1. jack says:

    So now she basicly has a pimp. All the worry about a phone vid and now a hi quality vid for pay that will be sold every where. Not where I was expecting this to go.

  2. Walt says:

    Slvia should have followed her first instincts and got out of the car. Can’t believe she would willingly leave herself open to blackmail. They own her now.

    added: Angel Everett and Lamar (who I forgot to add from previous party as well as this one).

  3. Shooter says:

    Let us hope that Sylvia has something up her sleeve which can eliminate all these swords that are hanging over her head. I was anticipating the box cutter being utilized before the night was over but that is what I get for trying to anticipate Cindy and her devious mind. LOL

  4. bigguy323 says:

    Not liken the blackmail angle. She is so fucked!

  5. cindypress says:

    yes she is in more ways than one.

  6. demitheus says:

    So the little subbie is letting all control over her actions go , I don’t think this bodes well for her……lol

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