Sylvia 40

Sylvia 40

The trip was up and down a couple of county roads  That was after we left the state road that ran north south through Warren county.  “You see that driveway with the big beware the dog sign,” Monk asked.  

“Yeah, is that it?” I asked.

“About a quarter mile down that road is a operating meth lab,” Monk said.  “Now get me the fuck out of here.”  He had slumped down in the seat of the small Toyota.

“Just a second,” I rolled the windows down on the Toyota.  It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was there.  The smell of ammonia was in the air.  It was not a smell that was overwhelming, just one that was out of place in the country setting.

“Monk to get a search warrant I will need something more than my smelling ammonia there,”  I said it hoping he could come up with something.  

“You working tomorrow night?” he asked.

“Yeah, 3 to 11PM,” I said.

“The guys who cook this said it would be ready tomorrow night.  You come out here and I’ll call your cell phone.  You should be able to stop the car with Meth in it.”

“Well I can’t trump up some bull shit traffic charge, but I’ll bet if I throw the lights and siren on them for a broken tail light they will run.” I said.  “I have been practicing my mountain roads driving.”  I smiled at him after I said it.

“Well if you come down here and back up in the drive way across the street, you should see them around 9PM,” Monk said.

“So how you know so much, are you his drug competitor?” I asked.

“No, but the son of bitch owes me money for a cycle I trick out of him,  I been waiting to pay him back for not paying me,” Monk said.

“That’s not all,” I said.

“There is a woman involved as well,” Monk said.

“Now that I believe,” I said.  “Okay, I’ll take care of it.”  I turned the car around and took Monk home.  But first I got the cooker’s names from Monk.

I wanted to run them before I went up against them, but it would hurt my position, should I have to go to court with  them.  It had to look like a chance encounter to be believable.  I planned to stop him, if he would stop.  If he ran, I planned to run  him down.  Either way I planned to catch him with a car full of meth.

Once home I switch gears, during that afternoon and into the evening I spent time on the computer trying to verify Mary Ellen’s story.  It all made sense and it all sort of checked out.  She came to town a year before to open the dress shop.  She claimed she saw an opportunity when the women stated to talk about there private lives,  Thats when the idea for the business came to her.  She needed a partner with some knowledge of the area, so she looked for the king of slime.  Hell everyone knew that was the Boyle brothers.

As for them, for a minimum investment they got an operation with the potential to grow into a large profit business.  My own concern was the blackmail aspect of the operation.  It wasn’t really blackmail unless certain criteria were met.  It could and would be argued that the levels had not been met for a blackmail charge to stick.  

“My level was different from Mary Ellen.  I believed that any threat was a problem.  I thought we could use the same recruitment technique, just tell the women how safe it was to continue and then just pay them.  I thought enough of them would be thrilled to have their fantasy played out, and be paid for it as well, to keep us operating.  But that was a problem for later.  I wanted no management responsibilities for a while.  Later who knew I might try to clean it up.

I was satisfied that I had a believable tale to tell.  For now I was more than content to be one of the actresses.  So I decided to put Mary Ellen’s thing out of my mind for the time being.  I did wonder, how many of the other women had come to the conclusion.  That if offered the chance, they would still take part in the movies.  I certainly wouldn’t call it acting.

When I went to bed that night, I was exhausted from scheming.  I masturbated to relax and then fell sound asleep.  It always worked.  Sometimes the orgasm, self induced, was the only way to shut down my racing mind.

Since I was working the 3 to 11PM shift, I slept till 7AM.  It was still cold at 7AM, but I went for my morning run regardless.  I finally did stop in for that bacon egg and cheese biscuit.  I didn’t stay for a visit, but that was okay they all said good morning to me anyway.

Nothing happened except that I checked on the Internet for some new running shoes.  There was nothing in town, or even Dobson that sold good running shoes.  I was trying to decide between to different shoes.  Ones that I felt as though I could afford.  I certainly could not afford five hundred dollar shoes.  Of course that was something I could do with the extra money from the photo shoot.

I decided to be more practical.  I wouldn’t pay five hundred dollars even though I had it,  The only splurge I did make that morning was the take our breakfast from the Cafe.  Even so little a think had consequences,  People saw me break my habit, but I though the consequences might be small,  So long as Mary Ellen didn’t make a fuss over me, if she met me, which didn’t happen anyway.

I did my shopping on Ebay then I showered for work.  It was my first day on 3 to 11PM and I felt great.  I liked the swing shift,. since it was an easy way to spend my 8 hours of work time.  The paper work was a minimum and there were more bad guy activity to make the time pass.

The time passed slowly, because I wanted to set up on the meth lab, but knew I couldn’t.  The best I could do, without bring Monk into it, was to catch the delivery man on the road.  Finally it was 8:30 PM and Monk called.  He told me that it was still on for about nine.:

So I drove to the drive across from the lab.  I shut down everything even the bronco’s heater, while I waited for the car to emerge from the meth lab drive.  It was cold in the Sheriff’s Bronco, but I knew the sound of a running car at night was easy to hear.  I wanted this arrest too badly to mess it up.  So I could suffer a little I thought.

While I waited I remembered something Monk had said was we rode toward the meth lab.  “Do you know why there is so much drug activity in this county.  It isn’t because there are that many customers here.  It’s because we have the most hospitable law enforcement.”

“I don’t believe for a minute there are dirty cops here,” I said.  Even though there was probably a lot of free coffee passed out.

“I don’t think any of them are for sale here, Sylvia.  But I do think there are a lot of lazy cops here.  Guys who are just putting in time.” He said.

“Well that is possible for sure.  A lot of them don’t want to do anything, if they are going to have to write a report, or go to court.  Unless there is a complainant they tend to let it slide.  That’s pretty much my idea of dogging it, not being friendly to crime.”  I said.

Thinking back on it Monk could have been warning me not to expect any backup tonight.  I would have to treat it like a routine traffic stop.  After I found reason to search the car, I could change the call to drug bust.  That should get me back up in a hurry.  To bad I couldn’t let anyone else in on my plan.

It was 9:20 when the older muscle car came out of the drive way,  I gave him a head start, Since I had been on the road yesterday, I knew how far the road ran and where the turnoffs were along it.  After two minutes I started the Ford and gave chase.  When I caught up to the car I lite him up.  His response to the blue light was to speed up.  My answer to that was to turn the siren on and call it in as a chase.

Now since car chases are cool to men, and all the other deputies were men, I expected some help.  “305 in pursuit of a older dodge charger.”  I manage to get the license number out before the other officers checked back with dispatch,

“306 headed that way,” Butch said.  

“300 headed that was as well.” Michaels added.

I gave my location and pretty much told them where he would come into the main highway, if one of us didn’t get killed.  It was a definite possibility since it was a bad, flat road.  I had practiced and he was in front so I had some advanced warning, when he went into a curve.  I followed the old rule slow into a curve and then come out hard and fast.

Brake enough to slow without losing the grip with the road, the kick the hell out of the engine.  The Bronco didn’t have the muscle for a head to head run on a flat, but she did just fine with catching up in the curves.  There were lots of curves.  

I wondered what his plan was when the rest of the deputies set up the road blocks.  He might try to go sailing right through, but he wouldn’t make it.  He was already boxed in, since we just passed the last turn off before the intersection with the road black.

Then he did the most remarkable thing.  He pull into a large parking lot of a closed business.  It was one of those parking lots that ran across the front of the store, when ti had been operations,  It was the customer parking area.  There was twe entrances from the road.  I called it in when he went in, then I followed close behind him,

She skidded trying to make the turn out the lot.  I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I rammed that son of a bitch broadside.  “Officer involved in a 1050“ I said into the radio.  I took a deep breath and went out into the cold night air.  I quickly went to the door of the car and it was jammed.  I went to the passenger side and opened the door.  He was still shaking his head to clear the cobwebs.  I pulled him from the car only because I smell gasoline again.

Once I got him outside and his head cleared,  He suddenly got mouthy.  “Why you chase me dammit?” He asked.

“Why, because you ran asshole, now get against the car and put you hand on your head.” I said.

“That’s bullshit, I didn’t do nothing wrong.” he said.

“You had a broken tail light that’s why,” I said as I put his hand in the zip tie.  He was wrapped up pretty securely when I went back to the rear of his car.  I needed to be sure one of his tail light was broken.  I figured I would have to explain that his light didn’t work, when I started the chase.  I used the folding baton to break the lens and the bulb.  It might be a bit difficult to make a case for it hadn’t worked fifteen minutes ago, but worked fine now.  So I made sure it didn’t work fine now.

Michaels and Butch pulled in about five minutes after I put the guy in the zip cuffs.  Together we searched the car and fount the trunk had a large box of zipper bags filled with crystal meth, even though we had to call it a suspicious white powder.

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11 Responses to Sylvia 40

  1. KO says:

    Nice , some more action to keep things moving for Sylvia and yor readershop! 😀
    I’m not sure that Monk is going to let this slide as a freebie however. It just doesn’t seem to go like that for Sylvia, or a lot us folks. Lot’s of different and diverse things happening all around Sylvia’s world it would seem!!
    LOVE ‘EM so keep ’em coming, as you can, and I’ll be here reading and enjoying them!!

  2. jack says:

    My son is a sheriff ‘s deputy lights not working or crossinging the center line get 95% of the booze related arrest

  3. jack says:

    And by the way nice chapter , thanks

    • cindypress says:

      thank so you forgive me for Sylvia appearing to let Mary Ellen walk on her.

      • jack says:

        LOL oh yes you are the expert at making things come together. You shall always be forgiven. For some reason I tend to put my self inside your stories,sort of as an invisible character or observer Maybe it’s a weakness or insanity I don’t know which. I don’t do that with any of the stories that I read. Keep up the good work . Thanks

  4. cindypress says:

    I always start with an idea from my family, then process it with my own twist. So I know a bit about being a silent witness; thanks for reading

  5. demitheus says:

    Well Sylvia is a clost subbie, thats what turns them on, losing control of thier control and being humiliated

  6. demitheus says:

    ooops meant closet not clost

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