Silvia 45

Sylvia 45

On the way home Angel stopped at the drug store for a prescription of Vicodin.  I was expecting significant pain for a while longer.  That expectation was based on the doctors warnings.  “Take it easy and don’t go back to work before you are releases, You are going to have some pain for a while.”

I was already having some pain when I moved, If it got worse without the hospitals big time drugs, I was going to be in a fix.  I had Angel make one more stop on the way home.  She went through the drive through window at McDonalds.  I had not eaten a Big Mac and fries since the one I had on my first night back in the USA.  I offered to buy her one but she refused.  Smart girl, I thought.  

She got me home at a little past noon.  I didn’t figure I wouldn’t get away from the press too long.  Someone, who knew where I lived, was bound to give me up.  It was just a matter of time before I had reporters everywhere.  I needed to get ready for them.  I sat down and wrote a statement.  I tried to tell only what could be found in the record.

I hoped no one found me at all.  If I had to make the statement, I wanted to make it only once.  They found my cell phone first.  I refused to answer any calls from anyone I didn’t already have in the phone.  There weren’t many number in that phone either.  

Butch’s number came up once, but I was groggy from my nap.  I disconnected him by mistake.  I didn’t return the call.  Finally it was the Chief Deputy’s call I answered.  “Yes Chief Deputy.” I said into the phone.  I had a feeling the Sheriff wanted to campaign a little.

“The Sheriff wants to have a press conference tomorrow to make the arrest public.  He though you might like to be there.” Webster said.

“No thanks, I’m still in some pain,” I said.

“You could do yourself some good,” he said.

“And the Sheriff,” I said.

“That goes without saying,” Webster said the sarcastic smile was in his voice.

“I think I’ll just pass, but tell him that I would love to if I felt better.” I said.

“Who said you weren’t going to play the game,” Webster suggested.

“I don’t know. I never promised anything more than a full days work for a full days pay.” I expounded.

“The SBI wants a statement you can’t put them off for long,” he said.

“God how my times do I have to tell that same old story?” I asked.

“Till they are satisfied,” he said.  “Oh yeah, they are going to send Mission to interview you.”

“Oh god, don’t they ever change their tactics.  I get the good cop bad SBI agent do I?” I asked.

“In your version who is the bad one, Mission?” Webster asked.

“Yeah she didn’t come say how sorry she was,  You know holding my hand kind of thing.” I said.

“Even that would be easier ,if you face the press.  It would help you to have if all out there.”  Webster was still trying to get me to stand beside the Sheriff.  While he did his I saved this little lady’s life.  I didn’t know how he could spin it, so he came out the hero, but I was sure he would manage.  I just didn’t intend to help him or to dispute his version.  I planned to ignore it.

I slept most of the after noon.  When dinner time came I ate a frozen dinner from my freezer.  Then I walked through the lounge.  I stopped and had a cup of coffee with Sarah before I went back to bed.  Monk hadn’t been there, so there was no reason for me to stay.

Reynolds called me at  home that same night.  “Did you ever get that off duty pistol?” he asked.  I had mention at the hospital that I needed something small and light to protect myself..

“Not yet did you find me something,” I asked.

“My son in law has a Colt Detective Special.  It’s about twenty years old ,so it’s got some wear on it.  He want’s $300 for it.” Reynolds said.

“I’m going to look it up on the net, before I make him an offer,  Reynolds you might tell him I never negotiate,” I said.

“Well I didn’t say I thought it was a fair price and I didn’t say it wasn’t. I told him I’d tell you about it.  I know we have your service weapon in the evidence locker.  I know you’re looking thats all.”  

“Tell you what, have him meet me in the station’s parking lot tomorrow.  He can pick the time,” I said.

“Hold on he is here,” Reynolds said.  I waited for him to come back to the phone.  He finally did come back about five minutes later.  “He said he could meet you anytime after 3:30 tomorrow.”

“Okay then tell your son in law to make it four.  I’m not up to the range yet, so if you have shot it, I will believe what you say.” I said to Reynolds.

“I’d carry it to a close up gun fight,” Reynolds said.

“That good enough for me.” I said.  I knew it was a snub nosed revolver and I didn’t expect it to be accurate at 25 yards.  I did expect it to shoot within an inch of the sights at ten yards.  That was a standard that Reynolds would expect as well.

I finally fell into bed at 10pm and just about fell asleep before I even stretched out.  Stretching out was a bit of a chore since the accident, as I thought of it.  There was no sense being a drama queen, I told myself.  I awoke at 7AM.  It must have had something to do with being home.

I decided that I couldn’t run, but I could walk to the cafe for take out.  So that’s what I did.  I was nervous and felt naked without a weapon.  Still I had to pretend things were normal because I was going to act normal.

“My god I didn’t expect to see you so soon,” the waitress said.

“I still get hungry,” I said with a mile.  “Ya’ll just have to make room for my cane,”

“If anybody says anything about your cane, I’ll show them the door.” The owner said.

“Well I appreciate it.  How about a biscuit to go.”  I asked.

“Like hell,. sit your skinny ass down and I’m gonna buy you breakfast.” he said.

“I really don’t eat much in the morning,”  I said.

“Don’t worry you just leave anything you don’t want.  I got this here cat that’ll be by later,” the waitress said.  

I grinned at her and tried to eat all the breakfast. I left about half of it and I left the two dollars, I would have paid for the biscuit, as a tip for her.  I got back to the room just in time.  I was thoroughly exhausted.  I took a three hour nap.  It was getting close to noon when I woke up.

The afternoon saw me on the computer.  The phone still rang a lot but I ignored it.  As far as I was concerned I was still taking a nap.  It was too bad I couldn’t maintain my cover forever.  The press found me that afternoon, when I went to the station parking lot.  Oh I met with Reynolds son in law first.  I wore an army issued green field jacket with the hood up.  That was over jeans and a black sweat shirt.

It was after the meeting which saw me pay $225. for the colt snub nose.   It had some serious loss of bluing on the barrel and cylinder not to mention the frame.  Still there was no rust so someone had take good care of it, even tjough it had been carried a lot.  The pistol came with a clip on belt holster which I would seldom use.  I would have the canvas  upside down shoulder holster modified.”  

When I left the meeting in the parking lot, I had the small light weight .38 wheel gun in my pants waist band but it felt as if they would fall down any second.  I walked through the courthouse on the way out.  It was then that the press found me.  Someone had been staking out the Sheriff’s office.  It had been almost a week, I could not believe he was still waiting for me.

“Hello Deputy Porter, you are a hard lady to find” the youngish man said.

“Maybe that should tell  you something.  I really don’t have anything to say,” I said.

“Come on give me a quote I can use,” he said.

“Tell them I said to vote for the Sheriff’s reelection.” Then I walked away.

I had no idea that would cause me to be in trouble with the sheriff.  But according to the call I got from Simpson a couple of hours later, I had better watch me ass.  Seems the Sheriff took the comment as an insult.  He was a lot more perceptive than I thought.

So I started the evening with the feeling that I had screwed up.  I had said nothing against the Sheriff, but he thought that I had.  Once a man like that gets something in his head, you weren’t going to get it out easily.  

His thinking, according to Simpson, had been that if I was able to slip down to the parking lot, then I should have been able to stand by his side at the press conference.  Again he was dead on.  I couldn’t deny that I was there, or that I had refused to do a press conference.  So he had me.  

Later that same after noon I found that the ‘Hometown Market’ would fill a phone order and put it the rear seat of a taxi for me.  They even took my credit card over the phone to pay for it.  Of course the service carried a 10% service charge.  I only need it once, so I could live with that.  I expected the doctor to clear me to drive in a couple more days.  

Those couple of days I passed playing with the new wheel gun.  I learned how to handle the revolver.  I had never owned a revolver before, hell I had never held one or even seen one up close,  I fooled around with it empty, trying to get a feel for it.  I sure as hell didn’t want to be fumbling with it, if it was all I had.

When I had it down pretty well, I put it away in the clip one waist band holster.  I definitely wanted the canvas one modified,  I tried it in that holseter as it existed, but the little pistol got lost in the holster made for the large framed Smith .49MM.  

I also didn’t want it to fall out at the wrong time.  Hell anytime would be the wrong time.  I fell into the bed exhausted again.  I still had a lot of pain in the middle of the night, when I went to the bathroom.  I liked that I could get through the night without taking a pill, but the pain was sever when I moved to make that bathroom run.

The day finally came when I went in for my first check up since my hospital release.  I took a chance and drove the Toyota to the appointment.  The doctor listened to my heart and asked how I felt.  I told him how I felt.  Then he decided that I needed to wean myself off the Vicodin tablets.  I nodded my agreement.  On the way out I toss the prescription tablets, that I had left, into the trash.  It was my idea of weening myself off them.   

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4 Responses to Silvia 45

  1. demitheus says:

    Pain pills are really hard to get away from once you get use to them, best way is to do like sylvia, and go cold turkey

  2. cindypress says:

    The sooner the better too. Do it while there is still pain you can deal with.

  3. jack says:

    Maybe there will be better days ahead for her. To bad the sheriff took the statement so hard.

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