sylvia 46

Sylvia 46

The ten days passed slowly but they did pass.  I went back on light duty,  It wasn’t all I hoped it would be. but I was back at work. It sure beat soap operas on TV.  The first morning I went in on the day shift, even though my squad was on midnights,  I was not allowed in a car as long as my clearance was only light duty.

I expected to be filing reports and answering the telephone.  Which is exactly what I did.  “So how you like it on a desk,” Simpson asked me early on my first day back.

“Well it’s better than playing solitaire on the computer, but only barely better.” I said.

“I can get you transfered to help me out, if you would like,” he said.

“Is your crap work any different from Webster’s crap work.” I asked.

“Well I’m going to be re interviewing some people in the Jennifer Allen case,” he said.

“Don’t tell me, you are going to talk to the sister?  The one who played us.” I said.

“Among others, yes,” he said.

“Then count me in,” I said.  

“Tomorrow you come in plain clothes,” Simpson added.  “The jeans are fine but for god’s sake wear a bra.”

“Yes boss man, you did clear this?”  I asked.

“Oh course, they are trying to find a place for a heroine.  I’m not sure anyone knows what to do with you.” Simpson said.

“Simpson that ship has not only sailed it’s out of sight.  The news cycle changes, and you are forgotten.  Good guy or bad guy, they wont even remember which  you were.” I said.

“You don’t get it, because you don’t want to get it.  You may see it that way, but the people in the Sheriff’s department don’t.  You are an embarrassment to be around.  You remind the rest us of our short comings.  It’s why they have to do something to  hide you away, but it can’t look like what they are doing.”  Simpson said.

“You are so full of it,” I said.  “I don’t embarrass anyone.”

“You wait, you’ll recognize it now that you are looking for it.  You’ll see how they defer to you from now on.” he restated it.

“Look I do my job, no more no less.  If the same situation happened to one of them, they would have done the same things,” I said.  “So do I finish today in the general pool?”

“Yeah you start tomorrow learning to be a detective, unofficially of course,” he said.

“Oh course, you reckon I should ask for a new weapon or is mine available,” I asked.

“Go talk to Chief Deputy Webster, he will want to tell you to keep  your eye on me anyway,” Simpson said.

I Left the pool just as soon as Simpson left me.  I went down to get a new weapon, of course.  Chief Deputy said I should take the opportunity to watch Simpson, and pickup what I could.  I found out Webster and Simpson didn’t get on so well.  Seemed nobody like Simpson much.  I guess he liked me, because I didn’t bust his balls.  I just listened and make sarcastic remarks.  I didn’t openly argue with him in front of others.

After work I ate a pack of peanut butter crackers for dinner and drank about a gallon of coffee.  It was still cold as a stepmother kiss, when I walked through the lounge at eight.  There sat the Monk.  He ignored me just as if nothing had happened.  I went back to my room in the motel, to await my phone call.

“You back at work I heard,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m on light duty,” I said.

“I noticed you got a big old bandage on your throat,” he said.

“Bullet fragment got me there,” I said.

“So you ain’t up to that blow job,” he said.

“Nope, I sure am sorry,” I said.

“You really do sound sorry this time,” he said.

“I am, I owe you at least a blow job for warning me,” I said,

“Yes you do.” he said

“Tell you what, you let me do it my way and at my own speed, and I’ll pay you this weekend.” I said.

“I’m going to hold you to it,” he said as he hung up.

He had no idea how much I wanted to pay that debt.  He had not only saved my life.  He gave me a chance to prove myself to the yokels.  It wasn’t a bad think now that I was on the mend.  I might not have felt like that a few days ago.  Things just seemed to be looking up for me at that moment.  Nothing like the promise of sex to make me feel better about life.

I was in bed by 10PM.  I just didn’t have any reserve strength.  So I slept ten hours that first night back.  The doctor told me not to run, He didn’t have to worry about that.  I walked with my cane around the route I normally ran.  It took me almost three times as long.  I was starting later in the day, so some of the merchants were in their stores and spoke to me as I passed.  It was good Public Relations to talk to them, I reminded myself.  They asked me how I was and I said just fine, then several of them asked me, if we knew yet what had happened to  Jennifer Allen.  I had to say I really didn’t know much about that case,  The fact that the case was still on people’s minds was noteworthy, I thought.  

When I got back to the motel I manage a quick shower before work.  I could do that only because I wasn’t eating breakfast.  I intended to fast in the mornings for a while.  I wore jeans and a fancy tee shirt with a bra,  It didn’t do much for me but it was more traditional for sure.

“Good morning Simpson,” I said.  “I know I’m late but the doc said I could only work half days for now,  So I chose 10AM till 2 PM, but I will stay a little over if you need me.”

“Yeah, I knew your schedule so don’t worry, it’s only for a week.  I can make do for a couple of hours in the morning.  I didn’t have you at all last week.”  He smiled and me. It felt good to be back.

“So what we going to do today,” I asked.

“We are going to round up some of the meth players.  The ones the big shot real estate man gave us in exchange for not going murder one on his ass.  We should have you know.  He setup a murder for hire, and on a cop.  Either of those special circumstances call for a murder one charge.  Anyway his lawyer probably warned them that he gave them up.”

“So why did you wait so long,” I asked.

‘Not enough bodies and not enough intelligence.  We really need an intelligence team to find these pukes.  So we know when and where to go for them.  So that we won’t waste a full tact teams time.”

“Yeah, I guess we do,” I said.  It sounded a lot like he was pitching an idea for Webster.  I didn’t even want to think about how it would work, or how dangerous it would be.  I just wanted some action even if it was just a drive in the country.

“So let’s go get the first of these pukes,” he said as he stood and walked outside to the parking lot.  “You are not to get into any scuffled, or even a pushing match with any of these gentlemen, understand?”

“So you take me out to a raid, but I’m not to get involved in it?” I asked.

“He will likely come peacefully anyway,” Simpson said.

“With my luck, he will run right past the rest of you just just so that he can punch me in the ribs,” I said.

“Gosh, I hope not.  Then I would have to write a report explaining how I went against order to bring you along.  Before you ask, I thought you deserved to look all this bastard in the eye.  If you want to spit in their face, that’s okay too,” he said.

The one we were after that morning was Homer Evans.  Homer lived in a double wide and he had been in the wind awhile.  He left town it was believed the night before my accident.  Somebody called to say he was back.  Since nobody had time to check his home first, we were taking a chance.

“Now if we see signs of him being there we will call the two on duty deputies to came back us up,” Simpson said.

I nodded we drove by at normal speed and I couldn’t tell anything.  “You got any binoculars?” I asked.

“No, but I got a spotting scope.  The kind they use on the range,” he explained.

“That will do.  Why don’t we turn around and pull up again.  We can stop just in sight of his house.  Let me set up the scope then get out and look under the hood.  He is going to wonder what you are doing, if he is in there.  He might give himself away.” I suggested.  He wanted to play whose is bigger, till I reminded him I was the one on light duty.  In the end we did it my way.

Through the very powerful scope I saw a window blind move and a man looking out just barely visible.  I gave Simpson the sign to move it.  He got back in the car and placed the call to the deputies on patrol.

It was a couple of minute before noon when they stormed the building.  I was forced to sit in the car.  The first I saw of the bad guy he was in cuffs and ready for transport.  Gee how exciting that was.

The clown Homer Evans was sitting in our interrogation room waiting for his lawyer.  He already knew his name had been given  up by the Realtor.  He didn’t seem to be all that upset.  I would have been livid, if one of the guys a screwed gave me up.

“What’s with Homer?  He isn’t even upset with the Realtor.” I commented.

“He has been in this position more than once.  He knows how it is played,  He will give us information on the Realtor and as well as every other person he knows in the business,” Simpson said.

“What’s his lawyer going to tell him,” I asked.

“She is going to get him the best deal she can from the DA.  Since Homer didn’t have any knowledge of the assassination plot against you, we will deal.”

“So we just make deals all day long,”  I asked.

“That’s pretty much it,” he said.

It also had to be part of the plot by the Chief Deputy to convince me to take the intelligence job.  I still wanted to see Simpson work old Homer,  For that I was going to have to wait for his lawyer and an Assistant District Attorney to show.  

I was on my own time when everyone was in place.  Simpson said, “Look Homer, you have your lawyer present.  Hell you even have a ADA present, so lets make the trade.”

“I want immunity,” Homer said.

“And I want to trade my wife for a college girl, but it ain;t going to happen for either of us.? Simpson said.

“Yeah but I know who killed that little girl, Jennifer Allen,” Home said.  “So you tell me, do you want to get me on a possession of meth, or do you want her killer.” Homer asked.

“Why I want both, but if I can only get one I’m willing to listen.,” the ADA said.  Simpson looked at me and most likely regretted I was present,  They had much less flexibility to negotiate with me in the room.

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7 Responses to sylvia 46

  1. KO says:

    Some very interesting twists and turns in these last few chapters as is almost always the case. You do a great job with these and keep things moving long and then throw in some excellent diversions and surprises!! Glad to see Deputy Syliva getting to play in the community pool once again, even if only a bit of splashing around in the shallow end. 😀
    As always, looking forward to each and every installment!! THANK YOU for continuing to write. It is certainly one of the things that I look forward to! 😉

  2. demitheus says:

    Great Chapter Cindy, you are really fleshing out Sylvia nicely…. Thanx!

  3. jack says:

    Lets just hope it is no one that Sylvia has been intimate with.

  4. Walt says:

    Less flexibility because they’d have to do their job instead of the “good ol boy” routine and not look bad in front of Honest Sylvia (as Simpson indicated)?.

    Added Homer Evans to cast.

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