Sylvia 47

Sylvia 48

Homer began with the statement, “A good drug dealer is like a priest. In that he keeps everyone’s secrets.  The only think different is we will not be a martyr for anyone.”

“So?’ a very nervous looking Simpson asked.

“So when I got invited to stop by a sex party, I knew that I would be seeing things I didn’t necessarily want to know about.  I went to the Allen house.  The old man who organized the party let me in, and I began moving product.  The people there were so stupid, I had to show some of them how to smoke the shit,  They had been smoking pot, so meth was the next step.

While I was there, they stated the Porno Flick.  It was a pretty detailed one but no worse than you can find on the net any day.of the week.  What was different was his seven year old daughter was sitting there watching it.with the others.  Everybody but me was naked.  Believe me there are some people who shouldn’t take their clothes off in public.

They were all talking to the little girl asking her what she though of the movie..  As they got higher they, began to get touchy, feely wtih each other and the kid.   The little girl objected and that just pissed some of them off more.  Meth does that sometimes.  People just fly into a rage for no reason.

This one guy wanted her to give him a blow job.  She didn’t even know what he was talking about.  Her dad was so high he was off with some chick.  Hell I think it was his sister in law.  The little girl was on her own with the porn movie running in the background and everybody naked.  It was only a matter of time before someone had her gagging on cock.

She must have been on her third, when the guy lost it and slapped her.  She scream and he choked her to shut her up.  She wouldn’t stop struggling until she was dead.”

“Okay Homer the big question is who did it, and who else was there,” Simpson asked.   “Why I thought Dan gave you everything.  The real estate guy, that’d who.  Without me, or somebody else talking you would never have broke it.”  Homer said.

Simpson put a notebook in front of him.  ‘Write it all down and give me a list of everyone who was at that party.  And I mean every one, if you leave just one out, you lose you deal.”

Simpson motioned me out of the room.  He met me in the hall.  “Now we have something to go at the sister with,” Simpson said.  “Call her, see if she will come down.  If she won’t, we will pick her up for questioning.  We can change her with impeding any investigation if nothing else.”

“She’ll come in if we don’t tell her anything.  She wants to appear helpful.” I replied.

“We’ll see,” He said.

“Yes we will,” I replied.  I should have made a bet. I made the appointment it for the next day at noon.  All we had to do with keep it quiet till then and let her stew.

I drove the Toyota the three blocks to the motel.  Living downtown had it’s advantages.  When I arrived at the motel, I went right to the computer to check on things.  I had lots of email that didn’t amount to anything.

While My dinner microwaved, I began to think about Homer Evans.  Something didn’t feel just right.  He gave up someone who was already in the jackpot.  It was too convenient.  Still bad men tend to stay bad men.  Maybe he had been protecting himself from this coming out when he sent the team after me.  Or maybe he enjoyed playing god, I thought.  I hated to admit it even to myself, but I didn’t trust Simpson.  They might be planning my newfound status to give credence to a half assed investigation.  I wasn’t signing anything involved with this investigation, I decided.  We had closure of a sort for the public.  They were demanding it.

Simpson was going to take statements from everyone who was at the party.  And he was going to have me sign off that the right thing was done, He wasn’t going to ask the tough questions.  They were all going to blame Dan Edwards.  He was probably going along since he felt he had nothing to lose.  Someone should explain to him about child molesters in prison.

So if it was a conspiracy how far did it go, I wondered.  Was the ADA involved?  Possibly she wanted a deal for sure, but that was normal crap.  Simpson would have to be in on it at some level.  If it was nothing more than doing a sloppy job to keep his job.  I hoped that it was just poor police work, not a dirty department.  But Simpson was told to stop checking the parties that had sprung up in the wake of the double homicide.

I gave up on the ‘What if’ scenarios and just went to the lounge to check for trouble.  I carried a Tazer along just in case.  Nothing happened so I was back in my room by 9PM.  exhaustion put me to bed in the early part of the evening.

I was awake and out the door for my walk by 7AM.  I walked a little faster that morning.  Every morning showed some improvement.  The particular morning I realized that I wasn’t Dependant on the cane any more.  It helped me get up and down, but I didn’t use it during the walk and since I wasn’t stopping at the cafe any more, I didn’t need it..  I hadn’t stopped there since I decided to fast during the morning and over lunch.  My fast, more or less, lasted until 5PM, when I cooked my frozen dinner.

I used the cane to get into the shower and again to get out.  I was more worried about falling than anything.  While I was dressing after the shower, I realized that I was of no practical use to Simpson except as a witness.  Probably an unimpeachable one, at least according to him.  So that was my position in this investigation.  I was the cover.  I used them myself all the time, I knew how the chump game was played.

I was at the station at 10AM as promised.  I got myself a cup of the pretty much, strong enough coffee.  After it had been on the burner a while, it was almost as good as my own.  I had another hour until Gypsy’s sister came in for her interview.  I couldn’t even remember her name and I didn’t care enough to ask.  If I was going to be the chump, I was going to get my opinion on record.  I decided that this morning while I was walking through the downtown.

Just before I left for work I found my old digital recorder.  It was a close as you could get to a wire recorder that courts had once used.  I could erased this one, but it had blips where ever I made edits, so it would be obvious I had not edited it.  I intended to have my own recording of any interview I sat in on.  I figured the first time I pulled out the recorder would be my last interview.

When Gypsy’s sister came I followed Simpson into the small interrogation room.  He explained, “Dee you have become a suspect in the case of Jennifer Allen’s murder,  As such you have the right to an attorney and to consult him before you answer any questions.  If you can not afford a lawyer one will be appointed by the courts.  Do you understand  your rights.”

“Yes, I understand that I have the right to an attorney, what I don’t understand is why I am a suspect,” she said.

During that exchange I had put the recorder on the table.  I waited for Simpson to question me about it, but he never did.

“It has come to our attention that you attended that party.  Since you told us you never went to one of those things, we have to assume you lied.  If you lied about that, it is possible that you lied about everything.”

Simpson waited for her to speak.  He was at the point where silence was more intimidating than anything he could say.  I recognized the silence, but I knew that on the recording it would seem to be just a missed opportunity.   I stay out of it while she was left to stew.

“Alright, I was there the night Jennifer went missing.  I was there to baby sit for Gypsy.  I did it every time there was a party.  At first I took her to my house, then I got involved with Jennifer’s father.  I was with him the night Jen went missing.  I am so sorry I should have been with her she was my responsibility,”  Dee said.

“Yes she was,” I said only after it was evident that Simpson wasn’t going to say anything else.  “You need to tell us all you know about the events of that night.” I suggested.

“Yes, I wanted too but Gypsy said it would be bad for us.  It would look as though she killed her husband, because he was cheating with me.  It really wasn’t I don’t think.  They had a terrible fight after Jennifer was missing.”

“Who killed her?” I asked.

“I wasn’t there or I would have stopped it.  They said Dan Edwards killed her, but I didn’t see it.” Dee said.

“So you really can’t be sure.  So who was there, who would know,” I asked.

“You knew Chief Deputy Webster was there, right?” She asked.

“So he was in the room when Jennifer was killed?” I asked.

“I think so.  Like I said I wasn’t there myself,” she said.

She gave us a list of names including the Chief Deputy.  After she left the interrogation room, I confronted Simpson, “You son of a bitch.  You knew he was there, and were covering for him.  In a child murder.” I said.  I couldn’t believe it.

“He didn’t do it.  He was on the patio with one of the other guests,”  Simpson said.

“Then why didn’t he come forward?” I asked angrily.

“The other guest was another man,” Simpson said simply.  “Since he gave me his statement and it checked out, I cleared him,”

“Did you exempt him from giving you the names of the other men and women there,” I asked.

“Porter you know you can’t force them to tell you anything.  There was nothing I could charge him with at the time,: Simpson said.

“And now,”  I asked.

“Now it appears he was doing meth, as well as dallying with men,“ Simpson said.

“So are you going to do anything,” I asked,

“I told him I would give him 24 hours to make it right however he wanted to do that,”  Simposn said.

“Everyone who will testify says Jennifer was with Dan Edwards last.” I said.  “As for Gypsy if she hadn’t killed him, there would have been a line to do it,” I said.

“You know if Dan take the fall for her death, the incident has a nice ending to it,” Simpson said.

“Yeah but I don’t believe it for a minute.  Once I explain the difference in treatment of a child molester in the state prison system to him, I think he will refuse to take the fall.”  I paused a long minute holding the recorder.  “What made you guys think you could get away with a cover up.  And worse, what made you think you could walk it by me?” I asked.

“I told Webster you still had principles, but he said everybody had a price.  I guess he just didn’t find yours,” he said.

“Not only did he not find it, he insulted my intelligence, while he was searching for it.  I knew I didn’t deserve and special treatment.” I said.

“Actually you do.  You’ve done a hell of a job your rookie year and you have the whole summer of that year to go.” He said.

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14 Responses to Sylvia 47

  1. Walt says:

    WHOA…shouldn’t this be Chapter 47?

  2. KO says:

    I probably should have seen that one coming but I didn’t EVEN have an inkling!! What a tangled web we weave . . . . . . HOLY CRAP!
    Loved the story, the details, intrigue and the bombshell that was dropped!!

  3. jack says:

    Lot of un answered questions and possible charges, Like the other two men who got blow jobs, thats child rape, Why no one came to her help when she screamed that makes them all accomplices.

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