sylvia 48

Sylvia 48

I figured the reason Simpson didn’t mind the recorder I brought to the interviews was he had a plan to cover his ass as well.  He did ask the important question and he let me ask the ones that were risky to his job.  What he did was make sure he got the necessary information to make the case, and let me get the information that told us what really happened in that house,.

Daddy was high on meth and had Dee in a room somewhere.  Several of the people had disappeared into rooms for private parties after smoking the meth.  The question was who was left in the room when Jennifer died.  Nobody seemed to dispute that it was Dan Edwards in there.  I was sure there were others, but we needed to get that from Dan.  If he bothered to dispute the charge.

“Dan,” Simpson said.  “We got a lot more to talk about.  Looks like everybody is throwing you to the wolves.  I guess they figure whats one more death on the list.  But my partner here don’t see it that way.  She wants whoever killed that little girl to pay for it.  So you should listen to her.”

“Dan, I know you are thinking what’s one more body tired to me.  I’m going to do life anyway.  But there is life and there is life.  Your lawyer, if she is honest with you, will tell you the hardest time in the joint is done by child molesters.  They get beat or raped almost daily.  Can you imagine that for the rest of your life.  So did you kill Jennifer Allen?”

I could see Edwards look at his attorney and then at the table for a while running it over in his mind.  “No, she was alive when I left her on the sofa,” he said.

“Was she injured,” I asked.

“A little, and she was crying, but she was alive,” he said.

“So who did it,” I asked.

“The Reverend Shaw and Bobbie Martin were the only ones left in the living room when I left.  That’s all I can tell you.  What happened to her next, I can’t tell you cause I don’t know.”

“The number of people who just didn’t see is growing by leaps and bounds,” I said disbelieving.

“Why would I lie, I put myself there and admit I was high and molested that poor little girl.  Why should I put it on the Reverend, if weren’t ture.” Edwards said.

“I suppose that much is true,” I told Simpson.

“So Edwards, what were you doing that you didn’t see what happened to the girl,” he said.  

“My secretary came and got me.  She demanded that I come with her right that minute or she was going to leave me there.” Dan said.  She can testify that she picked me up there,” he said.  “I didn’t have time to dispose of the body.”

“Okay, but tell me this what was the Reverend doing at that kind of party,  He knew it could ruin his reputation,” I said.

“You are kidding me right?” Edwards asked,

“That’s enough,” Simpson tried to end it there.

“No she needs to know.  Those kinds of parties have been going on in this country for a hundred years.  People have always turned their head.  Before there was pot or meth, they got drunk and took their clothes off.  Only the big names in politics and finance get invited.  Ordinary people don’t know.  Hell, it’s a big deal to get invited.”

“Oh is that right well I’m new here,” I said.  

“Yeah I know that,” the realty developer said.

“Take him back to his cell,” Simpson said to me.  I walked him across the street to the small jail we used as a holding facility.  It held the prisoner awaiting that day court hearings, or Drunks overnight until they got before the magistrate’s court.  If we had a prisoner who couldn’t get bail for some reason he moved on to a state holding facility,  No one stayed in out holding cells for more than a day.

When I returned to the office in the courthouse, the first think on my mind was to ask Simpson, “Did you know about the tradition?”

“Nobody knew, but the ones involved.  Yeah, there have always been rumors of things like that going on.  We all though they were just myths,” Simpson said.

“Simpson you know this in not going to end well,” I said.

“Yeah, well you will wear some of the stink, so lets try to keep it to a minimum.” he suggested.

“Just so we get whoever killed that little girl, you can spin the rest however you want.  The Chief Deputy’s involvement is going to come out at trial no matter what else happens.” I said.

“Yeah I know, and so does he.  There are a lot of charges that are going to be placed.” Simpson said.  

“Well then we need to go to church, or at least the parsonage.” I said.

“Yes we do,” he said in agreement.  “This time we take the handcuffs.”

We took one of the confiscated cars given to the Sheriff’s office by the local judge.  There were three that were pool cars and Simpson took one of them.  It was a five year old Ford, but it ran well and it still looked good.

It looked slightly out of place in the parsonage driveway.  The drive was had three luxury cars parking in it.  “Damn Simpson religion pays,” I said.

“It does indeed, but I think the Reverend made his money before he because a man of the cloth.”  Simpson rang the bell.

The man who came to the door wore a priest’s collar even though he was Protestant.  “I’ve been expecting you,” he said after we introduced ourselves.

“Oh why is that?” Simpson asks.

“One thing about my calling is that you see lots of weakness.  You also see how people fall from grace.  Usually it happens when more than one other person knows your sin.  That’s why it is so hard for you to catch a serial killer.  No one to tell his secret.”

“I see,” Simpson said.  

“You don’t mind if I record this do you,” I said.

“No not at all,” the Reverend said.

“So, let’s start by saying you have the right to remain silent.  You have the right to an attorney and to have him present during questioning.  If you can not afford one the court will appoint you one.  Do you understand these rights.

“Oh yes, and I wave my right to an attorney.  I need to get this all my chest.  It might not seem that way at the moment, but I do believe in God.  I believe he sees all and that he punishes the wicked.  I’m not sure how much longer I could have waited to come forward,” the Reverend said.

At that point I almost laughed out loud.  I have a feeling he would never have come forward, but I will give it to him he didn’t try to bluff us.

“I went to the parties because I’m and old man and I enjoyed the thrill of feeling young again.  I told myself that no one was being hurt by any of us.  And that was true until Mr. Allen started hosting the parties.  Then they went from simply looking at the naked bodies of the ladies to more hard core activities.  I even managed to convince myself that they were harmless.

The night the man brought the hard drugs that all changed.  We all went a little crazy.  Jennifer was watching porn and she was so pretty and innocent.  It started trying to protect her.  Then when I saw the vile things she did for those others, I felt she had to be punished.  The drug made me think God was telling me to punish her, so I did.  I killed her.”

He sounds way to calm and remorseless to me.  But I’m no shrink, I thought 

“If I had not been with people whose lives would be ruined, I would have come forward sooner but I kept quiet about it.”

“Who helped you dispose of the body,” I asked.

“The drug dealer took her body away.  I told him to leave her somewhere they could find her.  She needed a Christian burial after all.” the Reverend said.

“Naturally,” I said.  

“Please write that down for us, don’t leave out the part about the drug dealer disposing of the body,” Simpson said.  He passed the notebook to him at his own dining room table.  The reverend wrote for a long time,  

“I wonder, if confession is good for the soul really?” he said.

“I have no idea,” I replied.  “It never did much for me.”

“A lot of people will be ruined by this,” he said.  

Not to mention a lot who will worry that they will be ruined, I thought.  We carried the Reverend to booking and completed the paperwork that put  him into the system.  He called a lawyer there and had him come down to try to establish bail.

As for me, after we dropped the car I checked out for the day.  Since the next day was Friday my promise to Monk weighed heavy on my mind.  I could call and cancel he would understand that I needed a little more time, but I didn’t make the call.  Instead I drove my Toyota out to the plaza and picked up a pizza.  After all it was just another days work for a small time deputy.

I ate two slices of the pizza then put it in the fridge.  I figured that I could have cold pizza for a few meals.  Well after a snack tonight, one more time anyway.

I walked through the lounge around 8PM.  I had one of the out of town workers giving Sarah a fit.  “Hey you with the attitude, it’s time for you to leave,” I said.

“You taking to me bitch?” he asked.

“Yeah as a matter of fact I am,” I said showing him my badge.

“Oh well officer I got rights,” he said.

“So do the other patrons here.  They have the right to a quiet evening out.  Now you are loud and abusive and the more you drink the worse you are going to be.  You are going to end up being shown our tiny little jail.  So why don’t you move on now and avoid the hassle,” I explained it all hoping the logic would show him the wisdom of my suggestion.  But I also had my hand on the Tazer, just in case he didn’t see it my way.

“Son she killed a man two weeks ago.  If I was you, I would listen to her,” one of the other patron said.

“She don’t look like no killer to me,” He said just before he pulled back to punch me.  

Now I didn’t think me body, which was just starting to heal, was ready for another blow, so I pulled the tazer and shot him with it.  He did the Saint Vitus Dance for a while.  Then he lay still while I used a zip tie on his hands.  Damn I hated to call the 911 operator for this but It had to happen.

“911 what is your emergency,” she said.

“This is deputy Porter, I need a car for transport,” I said. “I’m in the lounge of the downtown motel.”

“Roger that,” the operator said with a smile in her voice.

I spent two hours booking him.  I just knew it was a waste of time.  But you know tazering the drunk made me feel better somehow.  He would pay a find for disturbing the peace and be out of town by tomorrow night.  Oh well it was as good a way to kill the time till I fell into bed suffering from exhaustion again.  

I was exhausted but my mind wouldn’t shut down there were just too many people going to jail from such a small county,  Our little holding cells were going to be standing room only.  .  At least we had broke the Jennifer Allen case.  The Gypsy Allen case was still a lingering mystery and probably would stay one.  I expected that she would dropped her harassment case as soon as she was no longer in danger of being charged with murder.

I slipped my hand into my panties and rubbed my clit to the memory of making the movie.  I really didn’t mind that at all.  I just had to prepare myself for the eventual confrontation with the Sheriff.

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9 Responses to sylvia 48

  1. KO says:

    You certainly weren’t kidding about one more twist, YIKES!! Apparenly no one in that county is exempt from sins fo the flesh! Great story, love the twists, turns and the occassional crash and burn!! Thanks again Cindy!!

  2. jack says:

    With so many charges and arrest comming out this the sherriff should be a happy man. All they have to now if find the body and he can have his news conference with Slyvia standing by his side for closer of the case unless he also needs to be looking iver his shoulder. Love the twist and turns . Thanks

    • Walt says:

      I partly agree with you, however, if this has been among the elite for many years, then the Sheriff, if not an occasional participant, would at least know about it. If so and he hasn’t done anything about it then it could affect his reelection by being accused of aiding and abeting. However, I think I see him taking credit for breaking up a ring and giving nothing to Sylvia.

  3. jack says:

    Hopefully he is smart enough to realize this has gotten way to big to go glory seeking, And if he knew or was a participane he may want to keep his head down to save his scalp, reporters sometimes ask the darndest questions? It just might be a good time to hand off the news conference to team conducting the investigation ,stand back let them take the questions and exit quietly.

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