Sylvia 50

Sylvia 50

Mary Ellen was right on time.  She was within a minute of being exactly on time.  I walked out to the car in my jeans and a sweater that showed my bony chest.  Since it was a very thin and tight material, it also showed my nipple outlined very clearly.  I opened the army field jacket and got her approval.  She didn’t think much of the field jacket, but it would be in the movie shots.

It took us about an hour to get out of Warren county and to the house owned by the Boyle brothers.  When we arrived the camera men where already in place.  Everything was clear between us.  They had told Mary Ellen that I had been in to interview them, so there were no secrets.  I wasn’t upset.  I always expected people to let me down, so it didn’t bother me at all.

“Hello Phil, hello Jeff, hope you guys are well,” I said.

“Yes Ma’am, we are just fine thank for asking.”  Phil was obviously worried about me being upset. Or maybe he was nervous about a cop being a porn star.

“Good because I’m fine to.  It might not have worked out so well, but thats water under the bridge.  So it’s just another day at the office for me.” I said.

“Yes ma’am, but you understand we had to do it,” he said.

“Sure you had to tell Mary Ellen I was looking into it, but it might have turned out differently.  Just remember that next time.” I informed them.

Once I took the field jacket off, I had to take the shoulder rig off as well.  I couldn’t star in a porno movie with that thing.  Well I could but it wouldn’t look so good.  It was a nice rig I put on the chair and hid it with the field jacket.  The maker of the shoulder rig had mailed me an additional interchangeable holster for the .38.  It made the .38 easier to hide so it was the weapon I brought along.  A small strip of Velcro held the flap and gun in place.  I just had to pop that Velcro strip and the gun fell into my hand.  It was way simple.

“Take off your shoes and put these on,” Mary Ellen said.  There were hooker shoes she had for me to wear.  I got a laugh out of them.

“Hey be nice,” Mary Ellen said to me.  To Angle she said, “Do her make up, over do it as a matter of fact.  You know what I want.”

“So, I’m suppose to be a hooker for this one,” I said.

“Yes does that bother you.  It explains the bandage we just have you say ‘Rough trade.’”

“Yeah that works for me.  So who is the client?” I asked.

“He will be here soon,” she said.  “He called from his cell phone.  He is two miles away.”

“Okay, I can wait.”  The truth was I didn’t want to wait, but I would behave myself.

Just as I was beginning to wonder, a car drove up.  The man who got out of the car had to be at least seventy.  I turned and stared at Mary Ellen.

“What?” she asked.  “He won’t be rough for sure.  He will need to be coaxed into it.  He is willing, but like you his body is failing to go along with his libido.  It will be challenging for you.”

“Hell, there is a first time for everything,” I said.  After a moment to think about it, I added,  “Well when do we start and where?”

“The bedroom here will pass for a hotel room, so we will shoot in there,” Mary Ellen said.  “Now Phil and Jeff are set up to shoot you two entering.  Once you get in, you tell him you want to take care of business first.  Ask for the money, you know what to do.”

“Actually I have worked only one hooker sting, but yeah I know what should be said.”

“You may have to lead him to say the right things.  He has no idea what his part is other than he is a John.” Mary said.  “For tonight you are going to be Jasmine.”

“Geese you couldn’t get any more cliché could you,” I said with a laugh, “Never mind. So who is he.” I asked.

“Call him Robert,” Mary Ellen said.  “Now let’s go I don’t want to be here all night.”

I met Robert outside the door.  “Robert just follow my lead, but you are going to have to improvise,” I said.

“Okay, I can do that.” he sounded a little shaky but het would be okay.

When we got inside the bedroom door I said, “Robert honey, we need to take care of business first.  Tell me exactly what you want and I’ll tell you how much,”

“I would love to have intercourse with you, but it is really difficult for me to do that,” He said.

“So you need help getting it up. Is that what you are saying,” I asked.

“Yes it is,” he said.

“Well let’s see what we can do about that.  For a hundred I can promise you that you will fuck me.” I said.

“That would be great,” he agreed.

I held out my hand for the camera.  Robert went into his pocket and came out with the money.  He handed me the bill, and I put it in the pocket of my jeans.

Without any warm up I went to my knees in front of him,  I worked his flaccid penis out and began to lovingly kiss it.  I didn’t suck it or even take it into my mouth.  I just planted wet kisses on  his cock.and I gently massaged it.  His penis began to stir.

I looked up at him as I continued to stroke his awaking penis.  “That is such a nice cock you have there.  All that beautiful cock needed was a real woman to worship it.  I’m the right woman for the job.  You just relax and watch me worship your cock.”

“Yes please,” he said almost in a whine.  “Put it in you beautiful mouth for me.”

“Yes Robert, whatever you want.  Just tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen.”  I bend down and took his almost hard penis in my mouth.  Just and few minutes of sucking it in and out and he was rock hard.

“God how wonderful.  Thats the first time in years I have had a hard on.  God I want to fuck you so bad.” he said.

“Take your clothes off and lay back on the bed,” I said.  I held his cock in my hands when I spoke again.  “Next time I’m going to put a cock ring on you so you will stay hard all night.  You would like to fuck me all night wouldn’t you?”

“Oh god yes,” he answered.

I held his cock in my hands as I worked myself down on him.  I could feel the tissue inside me stretch since I hadn’t done it this way in a while.  I lowered myself on him completely so that is was buried as deep as possible.  I could take more if he had it but it would have been painful.

I began to rock back and forth massaging his dick as I moved.  I heard him moan and knew that he wanted to cum.  I decided not to allow it.  “Can’t waste this beautiful dick, I said as I rocked again.”

He was going insane when he spoke to me.  “God I need to cum.  It has been so long I need to cum so bad.”

“You know I have been sucking your dick, right?’ I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“I have the taste of your dick in my mouth, kiss me,” I could tell he wanted to resist.  “Give me a wet sloppy kiss and I will allow you to cum.”  By that time I had slowed down my movement.”

“He sat up and I leaned forward and he kissed me.  It was with a lot of tongue and I loved it.  I could feel his cock deep inside me jerk as he kissed me.  I felt his cock inside me, even thought it was smaller than most, because it was a different muscles group I used to stroke him.  I moved quickly and lost myself in orgasm as I worked him as fast and hard as I could.  I came and came even while he was working toward his own orgasm.  Suddenly I felt his body stiffen.  It was the only way I knew that he had cum.

I still felt the need to feel his love for me.  I put a finger inside me and let him watch me recover some of his semen.  I held my finger which was coated with semen up to  his mouth.  He opened his mouth and began to suck it.  He was an old man, but he seemed much younger as he tried to pull me down for more.  I felt a sharp pain as he did.  I said, ”That is what I promised you.  I promised to fuck you and make you cum.  I did both.  So we are finished,” I said.  I sat on the side of the bed and slipping into my jeans and pulled the sweater over my head.  I got out of that room quickly and into the living room.

“Well,” Mary Ellen asked him.  “Was she worth it.”

“God you know she was.  I would drive three hours anytime to fuck her.  She is amazing,” he said.

“Then I guess our business is through.” Mary Ellen  said.

“Yes, but could I get her number,” he said.

“That wasn’t part of the deal.  You get to be in an adult movie and you get a copy of the movie.  Just as I promised it will be for sale on my website.” she said.  “You can have all your kinky friends buy one.

They talked a little more and he was gone.  I found out during there conversation that she charged him a thousand dollars to be in he movie.  I knew that Lamar hadn’t have paid anything to be in the movie he made.  I waited for Mary Ellen in the living room,  She paid off the camera men before she came to me.

“Just as I promised no rough sex,” she said.

“So the stars pay to be in the films,” I said disbelievingly.

:”Sometimes, sometimes the customer just special order one.  I don’t do kiddie porn, but I will use a woman who can pass for sixteen and not tell anyone her age.  Like my dress shop, I do boutique porn.  With a little arm twisting of the actresses to keep them in line,” She said.

“So what are you paying me for this one,” I asked.

“You wanted some safe sex and I gave it to you,” she said.

“Yes and you are going to profit from it, so come up with some cash,” I said.

“Well, you have Robert’s hundred, how about three hundred more.  After all, you got to do whatever you wanted to him,  He was just what you needed and you know it,”

“All right three hundred more, but I know I just got screwed twice,” I said.

“Look at it as a learning experience.  Like the whore you just played, you never negotiate after you have been screwed,” she said.

“Yeah I get that,” I said.

“I had some one else in mind would would have done it free.  She has daddy issues,” Mary Ellen said.

During the drive home Mary talked to me while Angel slept in the back.  “You know I don’t get too many women who want to star in adult films, but I get a lot of men who volunteer,  Hell I have a ton of names of willing stars on my laptop.”

“Do these man send you pictures,” I asked

“Sure and some of them are really of themselves.  A lot of them are just playing a part though.  They just waste my time,” she said.


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7 Responses to Sylvia 50

  1. jack says:

    Sounds like a piece to be used for black mail to me

  2. KO says:

    Yes, the plot(s) continue to thicken, continually twist and seemingly take on a life of their own! It’s nice to see our heroine feeling well enough to engage in some sexual activity, even if it’s not at her normal, all out, bordering on abusive kind of encounter . . . . 😉

  3. jack says:

    Yes she did , a horny woman can be worse than a horny man lol.

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