Sylvia 51

Sylvia 51

I gave Mary Ellen’s operation some thought, but frankly I was too tried to actually consider what it meant to me.  I was tired from living with the constant nagging pain.  Then the release of the orgasmic flow of emotions just wiped me out.  I stayed awake only because I wanted to be sure Mary Ellen didn’t drive off the mountain road.  She wasn’t a very careful driver.  She had control of the car alright, but she tending to let her attention wander.

After she dropped me, I hoped that Angel woke up and took care of her.  She really had a short attention span, when behind the wheel of a car.  I really lost interest in her seconds after I got in the room.  I took a tub bath for a change.  I soaked and hoped the stench of sex dissolved.

I keep nodding off to sleep, so I climbed out of the tub and fell into the warm bed.  I sleep better than I had since the accident.  My body was still in pain but I was exhausted for the right reason for a change.  My sleep had been interrupted by pain since the accident, when I turned in my sleep the pain woke me.  That night I must not have moved, because I sleep through till 8AM the next morning.

When I awoke that Sunday morning at 8AM I tried to run again and I got a little farther then I had the first time I tried.  I switched to a walk, but I did try to run again when I was within sight of the motel.  So, all in all, I ran about a tenth of the distance I covered with my morning outing.  I felt pretty good about it, even though it was hardly a big deal.

I took the day to do nothing.  I did some shopping on ebay, but nothing special.  I bought some old military items that were surplus on ebay.  I couldn’t get to the the good surplus stores very easily.  The next best thing was to find guys who had and were reselling on ebay.  I bought several tee shirts in either small or medium sizes depending on which seemed as though it would fit.  One of them was a Russian navy stripped thing, I looked forward to that.

Later that day I drove the Toyota to the family style steak house in the plaza.  I ordered a steak, a baked potato and a trip to the salad bar.  It was after the church crown had gone and before the traditional evening dinner out crowd arrived.  It was still too expensive to do regularly, but for a once in a while, ‘feel good about me’ dinner it was fine.  You had to splurge when you did some did something good for someone.  It was celebrating doing my good deed for Robert.  I spent the evening watching tv shows on line and shopping on ebay.

I had been told that I was to report to the detective office Monday, even though I was to be back on full duty.  Since that was the case I had planned to return to my squad.  I woke up with running in mind or at least walking and a nice shower,

I stopped by the Cafe  on the Square and got a biscuit to go.  It was the most I could afford on a regular basis.  I am a bit of a tight wad when it comes to spending money.  I wasn’t investing it, I was just saving it in my checking account.  I have spent way to much the night before on military surplus tee shirts.  So I told myself I had to make up for it by skipping restaurant food for a while.

After my shower I dressed in my best uniform, and went into work.  I drove even though it was a short distance.  There were no ceremonial press conferences at 7AM.  I knew there wouldn’t be, but I was on my squad’s roster so I checked in with Sergeant Michaels.

“Morning Porter, I was told to you keep you available for a meeting at 9AM, so don’t go anywhere,” he said.

“Yes Sergeant, oh yeah thanks, it’s nice to be back,” I said.  I figured I had earned the right to be a little sarcastic.

“Yeah, welcome back,” Michaels said.  “Glad you are feeling better.”

“So what’s this meeting about all they told me was to wear a uniform,” I said.

“You know the Sheriff, odds are it’s a press conference where he tried to take credit for everything.” Michaels said.

“Sounds about right for sure,” I said.  “So what do you want me to do till 9AM?” I asked.

“Take one of the broncos and go sit at one of the schools.  Then come in at 8:30 sharp.  Do not write any tickets,” he said.

So I drove up to Northeastern High School and sat there showing the colors as it were.  I’m sure the halo effect worked well.  The halo effect is the fact that people drive better for a few minutes after seeing a cop.

I walked back into the station at 8:30 on the dot.  “Thank God you are here.  The Sheriff has been in here looking for you.  I told him you were here and would be back on time.  Thanks for not making a liar out of me.” Michael said.

“Is Simpson looking for me as well?” I asked.

“I haven’t seen him, so I can’t say what he is up to,” Michaels said.

“Well I guess I should head on up to the conference room,” I said.

“Yeah, when it is over, you need to go drive the roads up north.  Also back up Butch when you can,” Michaels said.

“Just another day at the office,” I said.

“You bet,” Michaels replied.

I stopped by Simpson’s office, but he had already gone up.  I walked up the stairs rather than fool with the elevator.  When I came out of the stairwell on the third floor Simpson was standing outside the conference room.

“Well Simpson maybe now you will tell me what to expect,” I said.  I was a little nervous that the Sheriff had found out something about my personal life.  I still figured the odds were on my side.  The Internet was a big place and Warren County didn’t have that many people looking at porn on it.  Even those looking had way too many sites to easily find Mary Ellen’s.

“So Simpson what are we going to get a raise?” I asked.

“Well I might be, but you I doubt.  After all you are still a rookie.  You haven’t completed your first year yet.” He said.

All of a sudden the Sheriff was walking toward us.  He shook Simpson had and asked how he was doing.  “Well Sarah, you look like you are doing better,” the Sheriff said.

“I’m feeling a lot better, but my name is Silvia Porter Sheriff,” I said.

“I am Sorry Deputy Porter I’m not very good with names,” I’ll try to get it right when we are on camera.”

That was code for if I get it wrong, don’t you dare correct me in from of the the camera.  I was cool with that, since I didn’t really care.  I figured I was going to get a pat on the back and maybe a ‘atta girl’ award.  I was just here because he wanted to be seen shaking hands with the only female deputy.

I waited while the Sheriff made his speech to the news crew.  “I called you all here because it is my duty to inform everyone that we have recovered the body of Jennifer Allen.  She buried in a shallow grave in the national park and game preserve.  That takes up much of Warren County.  It was a lot of good police work that led to us being able to give closure to Jennifer’s mother and her friends.

That good work was done by the two deputies standing beside me.  The leads were the direct result of a traffic stop and an attempt on Deputy Pierce’s life.  The leads were followed up by our own detection Simpson.  This investigation not only cleared that little girls murder but led to the charging of several others in Meth ring.  It was the excellent work by these two officers that led directly to ten people being charges in Jennifer Allen’s Murder, and another five for the production and distribution of Methamphetamine,

Both these officers have my personal thanks for their dedication.  It also gives me great pleasure to inform Detective Simpson that I am promoting him to the position of Chief Deputy my second in command.”

There was applause all around and I thought for sure it was over.  I would have been happy to go back to patrol.

“Also with the new year we are going to be expanding the department.  There are going to be some new positions open and Deputy Pierce will play a major role in the reconfiguration of the office.  It’s my way of saying thanks and keep up the good work.”  He took time to shake my hand before he shook hands with the press.

“What the hell was all that about?” I asked Simpson.

“We got some money from the Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Fund.  It’s part of the war on drugs.  So you are part of the expansion the money is funding.  We are getting more Deputies and we are going to use them differently.”

“If you think I am going to work Vice with that jerk Sergeant forget it,” I said.

“No I don’t expect you to work for any of those jerks.  What I expect is you to work where I tell you to work.  Remember I’m the new Chief Deputy.  You can be thankful, I can remember who helped me get here.”

“So what have you got in mind for me?” I asked.

“Who do you get along with out there?” Simpson asked.

“I’ve only worked with three men.  Of them I like Reynolds the best.  He is all business and he isn’t playing politics.” I said.

“Don’t tell anyone, but we are going to have a special detail that works 8P till 4A,  Those are prime times for crap to happen but they are also going to do a lot of other things besides just patrol.  I want to maximize the usefulness of the deputies.  You’ll see.” he said.

“So we have to pass it to know what’s in it?” I said.

“Something like that.  So what do you say, want to work in special operations.”

“Why not?” I asked rhetorically.

“Why not indeed.  I’ll give some thought to your partner.  Reynolds is pretty old, but on the plus side he is in good shape.  I think Butch or Learner might be better for this.  I’ll let you know and keep quiet till I work out the details,” he demanded.

“Right boss,” I said.  Damn calling him boss felt really weird.  So his reward for being a team player was Webster’s job.  Mine was to be a spot on a special operations unit being formed with grant money.  No it wasn’t going to be like a special operations in the military, which I could never have qualified for a position.  The police unit called that could be anything from crossing guards, to snipers.  I had no idea what it would be called on to do, but I was definitely on board.

I went back to my boring old patrol job but I was feeling good.  I was back on full duty and if they followed through on their plans I would have a new job soon.  It was a lot to keep my mind occupied as I drove the road of northern Warren County.

The county seemed to be crime free that Monday.  Which only meant I wasn’t concentrating on the job at hand but was thinking about the next one.

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16 Responses to Sylvia 51

  1. joe says:

    You write like a ten year old without an education.

  2. bigguy323 says:

    The comment about writing “like a 10 year ol” is wrong. You write like Porter LIVES.

  3. bigguy323 says:

    I don’t always like what Porter is doing but I like reading about her and the way you write her. It’s like watching a car careening out of control and not knowing if it will end in the ditch or keep it on the road.

  4. Shooter says:

    You hang in there gal. Don’t let a few flamers get to you. I love your style and your vivid imagination. Sylvia is just showing that she is human with some of the failings that all of us experience once in a while. How she deals with those failings and keeps on keeping on is what makes her such an interesting character. Keep on writing and keeping us entertained with your talents, however warped they may be. LMAO

    • cindypress says:

      And they are warped. I didn’t used to be this warped i just keep getting worse as I write. As dad says you take a little bit of truth and blow it up till you cant recognize it any more.

  5. jack says:

    Slyvia finally getting a little praise for all the good work. Ignore all the flamers. Your doing great . Thanks

  6. demitheus says:

    It seems those that can’t write always brcome “experts” and feel the need to vent thier frustrations at those who can, screw the asshole, keep writing the way you do, it brings life and realism to the story……… Great chapter, Cindy

  7. KO says:

    Ditto to all of the POSITIVE comments!! You do a fantastic job with what you’re writing and if someone doesn’t like it, they can just pissoff and quit reading!! The rest of us will continue to come back, whenever we can, and enjoy the fruits of your efforts! Keep up the GREAT work!!

    • cindypress says:

      thank you it’s guys like you who keep me posting. I would write anyway but I post them for people who enjoy them. The ones who can’t break out of their high school grammar mold just need to go somewhere else.

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