Sylvia 53

Sylvia 53

I drove home at five in the morning, more than a little upset by Learners comments.  No I didn’t have a lot of forgiveness in my heart.  That was the church’s Job or maybe even the ADA’s job,  Cops were supposed to pick up the bad guys.  Somebody else had the job of deciding their fate.  If he got me bounced from the unit because of this I was going to be pissed.

I fell into bed without even taking a shower first.  I was tired and my ribs hurt slightly.  It was a minor pain, but it was always there.  The doctor told me when he released me that, if I couldn’t control the pain with OTC drugs, we should consider come kind of therapy.  I could deal with the pain with no drugs not even the OTC kind.

Even with the pain I fell right asleep and stayed that way until noon.  When I woke at noon, I felt great.  When I dressed for my morning walk and run, around town, I wore one layer less clothing.  Partly because it was later in the day and partly because it was spring, damn it.

I took off at a run because I was running more and walking less as I covered my usual route around the downtown.  When I got back to the room, I wanted to eat something, but there was nothing in my tiny fridge.  There was also nothing in the small cabinet, so I either had to go to the grocery store or to a restaurant.  I chose the store.

I bought a package of mixed cold cuts and a package of cheese.  I also found a bag of flat bread which was about half the calories of regular bread.  It was 2PM before I got a sandwich made.  Since it was only two more hours to swing shift’s roll call, I decided to take a shower, put on the uniform, and go down town for a milk shake.  I know, half calorie bread then a milk shake.  It would have been worse to have had full calorie break and the milk shake.  Because I was going to have the shake either way.

The best place in town was a cafe and soda shop off the main street.  It was no more than a hole in the wall, but it did have four tables.  It was busy and all the table were occupied.  I ordered the milk shake and stood to drink it.  I saw the old style bulletin board very prominently displayed on a wall.  Naturally I went to look.

There were cars for sale.  There were services  of all kinds listed, including repairing that car you just bought from the other notice.  It was like a Craig’s list in pin up hand written notes..

On the bulletin board was a notice of a small efficiency apartment for rent.  It was located in the downtown.  There was also a picture of old Victorian house.  The notice clearly stated they preferred a quiet lady tenant.  You could not say that on Craig’s list.

I didn’t have time to think about so rather than call, I went to the office.  I was about thirty minutes late for the 3PM start time of that evening patrol shift.   I went to the Chief Deputy’s office.  “Hey there Chief Deputy Simpson,”  I walked right by his secretary to say it.

“Hello Sylvia, how did it go last night,” he asked.  I figured it was time to see what Learner had said.

“It went quite well.  We accomplished both tasks you set for us,” I said.

“I noticed good for you.  So you are all set for tonight then?” he asked.

“Far as I know,” I replied.

“I think we are going to make a change,” Simpson said.  Here it comes I thought either Learner got me bounced. or he asked for a transfer.  Either way it wouldn’t look good for me.

“Oh what kind of change,” I asked.

“The duty sergeant will give you your assignments for the night, but he won’t do any follow up.  If you guys need help you can call him, but I think you two can work things out between you,” Simpson said.

“That’s what I thought,” I said turning to go.

“What does that mean,” he asked .

“We both know what it means.  Work it out or one of you goes.  We are not going to babysit you,” I said.

“Damn you are pretty smart, as well as good looking,” he said.

“Yeah, I recognize the smell of bullshit,” I said.

“Good,” Simpson said.  I didn’t try to defend myself because I didn’t feel that I needed any defense.

I went back home to await the 8PM start of my own shift.  While I waited I fumed about Learner.  I finally called about the apartment. I loved the idea of living in an old Victorian house.  “Hello I’m Deputy Silvia Porter of the Warren County Sheriff’s office.  I was wondering if you have rented the efficiency apartment in the old Victorian house downtown?”

“No as a matter of fact I haven’t, are you interested?”  The older sounding woman asked.

“Yes Ma’am I am interested.  I don’t know if I can afford it or not,” I said.

“Why don’t you come by and we will have a nice talk about it.” she suggested.

“Would it be alright if I came by right now.  I am on a rather odd shift right now, but I definitely want to see the apartment.” I said.  I really did want to see it.  I liked the motel and all, but I really needed more space.  I was accumulating stuff and I needed a place for all the new stuff,

“Yes dear, you just come right over.  You do know where it is located?’ she asked.

“Yes Ma’am I have passed it often.  It is a gorgeous old house,” I said.

“I won’t rent the apartment till you see it, if you come tonight,” she promised. “I live in the downstairs, just knock on the front door.  I did just that, I drove right over.

The blue haired old lady was a sweetheart.  She explained that she livid in the down stairs and a very nice young couple lived in the upstairs apartment.  There had been a very nice young lady who lived in the carriage house apartment until last month.

“My son wouldn’t let me rent it until he had a chance to clean and make some small repairs,” she said to me.  “I called him right after you called me.  He said to do whatever it took to get you to move in.  He feels I would be safer, if you lived here.  In spite of the fact I have never had a problem of any kind.” she said.

“Well I’m happy you have never had a problem.  Could I see the apartment?” I asked.

“Of course here are the keys.  The carriage house is at the end of the drive,” she said.

She allowed me to look alone.  It was above a garage though she called it a carriage house.  There was a full balcony over the two car garage.  I unlocked what had to be the front door.  It entered into not the space.  It was over half the size of the of the garage below.  It had been built as an after thought, so it was two thirds the size of a two car garage.  The room was longer than it was wide, but all told it was about the size of my motel.  Then there was a bathroom off the small hallway.  Behind the bath was a walk in closet that opened into the front room.  A very small galley kitchen took up what was left of the space.  The kitchen was so small that a bar on the hall side of the kitchen was for dining.  I didn’t care it was still twice the size of my motel room.  And I love the carriage house idea.

“So how much,” I asked when I got back inside.

“I told you my son said do what it takes, so let me till you I last rented it for $350 a month.  If you would pay that I would be fine with not raising the rent.”

How would you like to be paid?” I asked.


“Well Sergeant how is it going,” I asked.

“Before you blame Learner for the little lecture you got from the Chief Deputy this afternoon, I went to him with the problem.  I want this to work, but I don’t have time to settle disputes.  Neither does either of the other duty sergeants.  Learner is going to get the same briefing, when he comes in.”

“I got it,” I said.

When Learner arrived I sat through the second version of the ‘get along or get out’ speech,  Then he told us what our assignment for the night was.  It was a basketball game at the Northern High School.  We were to monitor the end of the game to make sure tempers didn’t flare and people got out of the parking lot okay.

Learner and I went to the parking lot  “So did you tell him you wanted a change,” he asked.

“You should know better.  I figured you did.  After all you are the one with the problem,”  He started to object then said, “Yes, I guess I am, but I didn’t complain.”

“Yep, but if we don’t want to end up back on patrol, we have to find a way to get along.  I want you to know there is never a question in my mind that you would come if I called for help.  I hope you don’t have any concerns that way.” I said.

“No that never was a question.  As for the other, you had every right to question me and not go along blindly.” he said.

“I’ll try being more compassionate, but I don’t think that helps,” I said with a smile.

“I know you don’t have the same values as me, and maybe we can work on that,” he said.

“Let’s not go to fast with that” I suggested.

There was some pushing and shoving at the door but I let Learner set the tone.  I just went along with whatever he decided.  It turned out fine, everything got diffused and we didn’t come out looking like chumps.  I considered it a success.

“So what are we going to do now?” I asked.

“That was the only scheduled thing, so lets just go on patrol.” he said.

“Suits me I didn’t plan on dogging it anyway.  But I do plan to eat tonight,” I said.

When the call came in that a silent alarm had been tripped at the county office building, I was the closest to the downtown.  So I had the front covered when Learner drove up.  “I’m going around to the rear.  Wait till the patrol officer gets here and we will go in,” he said.

“Sounds like a plan,” I agreed.  The regular patrol office arrived about five minutes later.  “Me and Learner had it sealed off before anyone had time to do anything.” I  told him.

“Well let’s go in then,” He said.

I followed him in and it turn out to be a nothing call.  The alarm had tripped for no reason.  It was old and very seldom was it serviced, so failures were likely at any time.

The patrol officer for that area was a kid two years younger than me but with a completely different experience set.  He was clerk in a grocery store, then community college student and finally he became a deputy.  He was wet behind the ears, but he had a nice tight butt.

Learner and I were having coffee instead of breakfast when I said, “Damn that patrol deputy had a nice tight butt.” I said.

“I can’t believe you said that and didn’t mention my butt,” Learner said.

“Learner your butt is married,” I said.

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8 Responses to Sylvia 53

  1. jack says:

    LOl! Learner likes the gals to chat about his butt, maybe he is not as pure as implied after all everyone has a weakness

  2. garydan says:

    In my somewhat long lifetime, and from painful personal childhood experience, some of the Bible Thumpers are the ones you don’t want your children left alone with, if you get my drift. Just ask Jimmy Swaggart even though he liked prostitues, but don’t know about the children. And now we got a bunch of Christian Taliban out there running around. Scares the hell out of me.

    • cindypress says:

      I ran into a black man today who said he followed the book of Egypt.. He proclaimed it was some weird religion from Africa. Then he asked what I believed in. I told him I believed that men were frightened little children who needed something to comfort them when thing went bump in the night. It made no difference to me what got him through the night. I might work that in one day to my stories

  3. demitheus says:

    The largest group of pedophiles and sexual deviants are mostly “Church Orented People, Laymen, priests, clergymen, pastors, etc”

    Sad but true, the very people we depend on for spiritual guidance often take advantage of the trust to commit the most horrific crimes against the young and innocent

    • garydan says:

      I believe the opportunity to “abuse” comes from a position of power or influence, like the pastor or priest, etc. It amazes me that the power of “The Word” be it islam, christian, etc. has people turning off their brain and accepting what is told to them or “written” without question instead of applying the common sense they use in the rest of their lives. It puts people in a very dangerous situation.

    • cindypress says:

      Sad but I think the evil drift to the position of Judas goat;

    • cindypress says:

      always look a gift horse in the mouth,, Ie Mr Sandusky

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