sylvia 56

Sylvia 56

I woke up Sunday morning with running on my mind.  I didn’t want to do it. I knew that one skipped day led to the next ect, so out the door I went at 10AM.  I ran the full route,  I noted a lot of stores along the way were closed.  It was kind of nice to see that on a Sunday morning,  it made for a kind of sleepy little hometown feeling,

Half way through the run I got to thinking about towels.  I had enough to make the curtain, but nothing to dry my body with if I did.  So I decided to ask for two more when I got back to the motel.  Back at the motel I found there was a cute little smart car sitting in front of my room.  Inside the car was Rachel all dressed up.  On her way to church no doubt, I thought,

“Hello Rachel, what bring you here so early,” I asked.

“I went by your apartment but I didn’t see your car, so I took a chance and came here,” she said.

“Well you found me, good detective work,” I said.

“I came to see if you would like to go to church with Jake and me?” she asked.

“To be honest I’m not much of a fan of the whole religion thing.  I do appreciate the thought though.”  She looked really disappointed so I added.  “I do hope we can all be friends.”

“Of course, and the invitation is always good,” she said,  She smiled and started her car.  “I still want to see that apartment, when you get it finished.”

“Probably be the end of summer,” I said with a laugh.

After Rachel left I went in see the weekend manager’s office.  “Hi there, Jennifer said I could have some of the old towels she had replaced,” I said.

“Sure she told several people that.  How many do you need,”  the manager asked.

“Four towels would be great, if you can spare them,” I said.

“Oh we have more than enough to give you four.  I hear you are leaving us?” she asked.

“Yes today is my last day.   I am headed back to pack up the car now. I should be clear by noon,” I replied.

“I hate to see you go,” she said.  She got me the towels, then watched me walk away.

When I got to the apartment, I was still working out the details.  I needed one of those little step stools for inside the tub.  Plastic would be my preference.  I needed some clothes line to hang the towels on and some clothes pens to keep them up.  That should easily do the shower curtain.  I really didn’t need all that till the hose came, and that wouldn’t be for several days.

I supposed that until it came, I would be using one of the plastic throw away cups.  Those came from the motel room, along with a package of throw away plates.  By the time everything opened, I had a list which included dish washing detergent, sponges and toilet paper among other things.

I kept adding thing until it because obvious that another trip to Walmart was in order.  I also added some food items as I need peanut butter and coffee for sure,

I left Walmart with several bags and a smaller bank balance.  It had to be done, but I was about finished, I hoped.  I still needed one more piece of furniture, so the common room didn’t look so empty.  Screw it, I thought, and went back inside.  I bought a fifty dollar steel and pressed work desk and a Lamp for the desk.  It came in a box that was almost too heavy for me, but I managed.

I spent the afternoon putting the desk together.  After dinner I begin getting ready for work.  I planned an hour to soak in the tub.  When the first forty-five minutes were up, the soak felt so good I didn’t want to sit up.  I forced myself up to sit up and wash my hair, such as it was.  I soaped my hair and bent over to pour water through it in order to rinse the soap out.  I didn’t get water everywhere as I had feared that I might.

I found that the system worked just fine.  Also that I really didn’t need the complicated system I had planned.  Since the hose had only been eight bucks, I decided to store it for a while.  I just wouldn’t bother with all that shower curtain nonsense.  I could control the water coming out of the plastic cup just fine.

I was ready for work well before 8PM, but I had a problem.  Someone had blocked my car in.  I went to the neighbor and told him I had to work to please move his car.  He started to make a protest, then I think he realized the uniform wasn’t a security guard.  A light seemed to go on behind his eyes.

“Sure no problem officer.  We probably need to work out a parking strategy,” He said.

“Tell me what is convenient for you, just so that in the end I can get my car out to go to work,” I said.

“Tell you what, I’ll go back to parking on the street.  I can tell my wife and she will do the same.,” he said.

“Yes it would be great, if I could get somewhere near the rear of the building at 5AM, since that is when I finish my shift,” I said.

I had always driven into work in my uniform, but I was beginning to consider leaving the uniform at the station.  This new job required me to be in plain clothes now and then,  Well I wouldn’t be changing how I dressed for work that night for sure.  I was already cutting it to close.  The drive to the station was a real pain in the ass.  At eight the downtown was pretty empty but the few people on the road were idiots.  I parked in the parking lot near the courthouse.  Then went into the basement entrance, which was also the Sheriff’s department entrance.

“Well Sergeant Michaels, we meet again,” I said.

“Porter, I expect you to make me proud.  I signed off on this, even though there are people with more time on the job who wanted it,”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” I said.  If Michaels cut me a break, someone leaned on him, but I didn’t care.  I had the assignment and I wasn’t planning on leaving it.

“So how’s the new place?” Jake asked as he entered the  Duty Sergeant’s Office.

“I haven’t slept in it yet, but I think it is going to be fine.  When I go back at five in the morning, it will be my first night there.” I said

“Cool,” Jake said.  “Rachel wants a tour, when you feel it is complete.  I’m glad she likes you.  She usually doesn’t like cops.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said with a smile.  “Tell her, neither do I, like cops that is.”

“If you two are finished with your conversation, you need to get to work.  Find your drug dealer and follow him till your shift is over,” Michaels demanded.

“Right you are sergeant.  I’ll need to swing by and get some plain clothes,” I said.

“You need to keep something here for a while,” the sergeant said.

“I was thinking that too,” I said.  I stopped by the house and put on jean and a redneck vest under my parka.  I figured if I needed to I could go several ways with that outfit,  I carried the uniform I took off back to the station with me.  It hadn’t had time to develop a stink yet, I thought.

I went by the Internet cafe and the beeping started long before I pulled into the parking lot across the street.  I chose an auto repair shop which was closed for the night.  A car that didn’t move wouldn’t be all that suspicious parked there.

I ran every scenario possible for the stakeout.  Most ended with me losing him, or him going straight home again.  Stakeouts were dull and unproductive usually, I remembered that from the Air Force.  Once I had staked out a warehouse, where parts had been going missing.  It took three weeks and in the end the guy got caught taking the parts out in his lunch box, or something equally simple.

I was bored sitting in the car looking at his car sitting in the parking lot across the street.  I suddenly remembered my last adventure with Mary Ellen.  Unbelievable as it seemed, I got turned on.  In spite of knowing better I unzipped my jeans and quickly masturbated.  I had only one orgasm and it had been very quick.  I wasn’t out of touch more than a second for sure.  When I came back to the real world the cafe owner was closing for the night.  I saw him get in his car and then pull away.  I let him get a block ahead of me, then pulled out of the lot.  I followed along behind him for a mile, then he made a turn away from  his home.  It was 10PM and he was not going home.  I decided that it could be woman, but it just as likely be the drug lab which was the destination.

I stayed a block or more behind him as he swung deeper into the country.  “501 this is 502 tac 2,” I said.

“501 on tac 2 go ahead,” Jake said,

“Party is on the move out in the country,” I said.  “Is your’s moving?”

“Negative he has gone home for the evening and is still inside,” Jake said.

“10-4,” I said as I continued to watch the blip move down county roads.  I watched him as he doubled back on himself. It was just luck that far enough behind so that I had time to pull into a citizen’s driveway, as he passed.  What he had done was drive past his destination, then double back so that he would have passed anyone following him.  I just got lucky to find a drive at the right time.

The man pulled his car into the drive of a house hidden behind overgrown shrubs.  I parked my car down the road a ways and walked back.  I walked down the drive and found a house hidden behind  the over grown bushes.  The house didn’t seem to be occupied, but obviously it was.  I noted the address and walked back out to the road.  I made it to my car without anyone noticing me.

“501 this is 502, I’m going to the station for coffee.” I said.  I hoped that Jake knew that I wanted him to meet me.

“10-4 502 I’ll meet you there,” Jake said.

I waited for him in the parking lot of the station.  “What’s up?” he asked me.

“I followed him to what looks like an abandoned house.  I didn’t want to risk a close examination of it.  I think it’s our lab.  So what do you want to do.”

“It’s your find, why are you asking me,” he said almost resentfully.

“No, it is a SOU operation.  So who do we tell Michaels, or Detective Flatiron, or maybe the vice sergeant?” I asked.

“Let’s follow it up the chain.  The midnight sergeant is coming on now.  He will be the one who has to make the decisions,” Jake said.

“Okay let’s go get it done then,” I said.  We went in and Jake held back and let me fill the sergeant in on my find.

“So you think the house is abandoned, let me check something.”  The sergeant had the address run though the computer system.  “Well it’s an empty foreclosure, so odds are you have it just right.  I’ll get in touch with the Chief Deputy to see what he wants to do.  Most likely he will want to hold off until he can set up a raid with the SBI.”

“Okay, they aren’t going anywhere tonight,” I said.

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4 Responses to sylvia 56

  1. jack says:

    Well at least Jake was man enough to let her give the report of her find and take credit for it. Will the bust be successful?

  2. cindypress says:

    you are trying to get a day ahead of the rest of the readers lol

  3. jack says:

    Not really I figure it wil take several days to set up a bust that catches him there. If he is not there they will just scare him and it will be for nothing . So that leaves time for plenty of things to take place.

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