Sylvia 57

Sylvia 57

The next day I tried to find a place to run that I felt had some interesting things along the way.  On the downtown run, not only did I look for stray animals, I looked at the back doors of business as I ran by.  The Victorian house was three blocks from the edge of downtown and ten blocks from the center of town where I had run the day before.  So I would be adding twenty blocks to my run if I went there.

Not something I wanted to do.  So I ran the three blocks of full blown residential area, and then the mixed ten block to the downtown area.  I found my fifteen minute for the run outward was up.  I had to turn around to keep my run down to roughly thirty minutes.

I had gotten a late start on my run because I overslept.   It was 2PM when I ran that Monday afternoon.  I got back home about 2:45 since I stopped to talk to my landlady.  She wanted to apologize for the other tenant.  “They know better than to park in the drive,” she said.

“I’m glad we got it settled, since I have to leave for work at 8PM and return at 5AM.  I”m not really in any mood to argue at that time of the morning,” I said.

“I can imagine,” she agreed.

Once I got inside the apartment I folded the blanket and top sheet, then put them in one of the storage boxes.  I straightened out the sheet with which Rachel had managed to cover my raw foam.  Then I tossed the pillows against the wall and it looked almost like a living room.

I went into the kitchen to fix a bowl of cereal.  It was a new day, in my new apartment, so I celebrated with cereal for breakfast.  I had no room to store milk in my motel refrigerator.  I had bran flakes with raisins and honey.  It was delicious with my day old coffee.  So much so that I had another bowl.

It was time for my computer and some stupid TV shows.  Ones I would have never taken the time to watch ordinarily.  Lots of reality nonsense and a little drama, mostly mystery and some period pieces.  I really didn’t mind because it occupied my mind.

I ate dinner about six and then got ready for work,  I had left my uniform in the rescued lockers from the old high school.  It was actually two lockers, with two different combination locks.  I stored my AR15 and my riot shotgun in one and my uniform in the other,

The accident that put me in the hospital taught me to wear my vest home.  One just never knew.  It came off, when I came in, and went on over my tee when I next left for work.  One Just never knew when she might need it. I had learned that on a Sunday morning not long before..

So after my bath, I put on jeans, a gray tee shirt, my vest, and  one of the new camouflage shirts over them all.  When I walked out of the front door and down the stairs I wore the parka over the outfit, not that I needed it at that time, but it would be a bit colder at 5AM.  It also covered my .38 which I now considered my off duty piece.

I arranged to arrive at least fifteen minutes early, so that I could go into the large ladies room to dress.  When I came out, I had ten minutes to wait before Jake Learner came into the station.

“So let’s go see what is happening,” I asked.

“Sergeant Michaels, and Agent Mission of the SBI, how nice to see you both,” I said.

“Why thank you.  I should have known you would be involved.  Seems every time I come up here, it is to work with you Porter,” she said.

“She can’t help being a super cop,” Leaner said with only a slight edge in his voice.

“I’m sure she can tell you that sometimes there is a price to pay,” Mission said.

“So what’s tonight’s assignment,” I said.

“Tonight it’s a walk through the woods first, then after you do a good recon of that house, we set up our raid,”  Michaels said.

“Works for me,” I agreed.

Michaels threw a pair of one piece black fatigues at me, and another at Learner.  “Leave these here after the recon,” he said.  I nodded my agreement.  I drove them in the four door Ford of mine, out into the country.  When I got close I explained that I could drop the two of them off, then leave the car somewhere and walk back.

That’s what we decided.  I took the Ford on down the road till I came to an old closed store.  I left the Ford and began hiking back to the spot where I left the two of them.

We need to circle around and come up on it from the rear.  My target will be closing his Internet cafe soon so we need to be in place.  The residences sat on deep lots and they all had dogs.  So of course we set them off.  I felt that I could find he house, if was went deeper into the woods.  I was risking getting lost, but we had to do something.

We walked parallel to the road for about two hundred yards then, went toward the road to check our location.  We needed to travel on about another twenty yards I figured.  Sure as hell, when I went to check, I was looking into the back door about thirty yards away.

The night vision scope gave a very detailed view of the house.  The only thing is that it was a green image.  I couldn’t tell whether there was anyone inside or not.  I let Agent Mission look through the night vision scope to get a feel for the place.  She brought out her own night vision device.  Her’s was thermal images.  The building was occupied.  One man and a heat source that was probably used for the cooking.

We walked back to the road.  I have Jake the keys and let him go retrieve the car.  Mission and I sat down against a tree and waited.  “How do you like the Sheriff’s Department?” she asked.

“Why?  you gonna offer me a job,” I asked.

“Maybe,” she said.  “If I were, would you be interested in listening?”

“I don’t think so, I kind of got settled in here.”  I wondered if they weren’t trying to move me out of Warren Country.  I still had memories of subtle hints that I might want to consider somewhere else to police.  It had been a nice quiet little place, where everyone could get along, before I came along.  Now Warren County was becoming a hostile environment for the bad guys.

She didn’t try to convince me to go along with the SBI invitation, which told me it wasn’t a real offer.  I expected that it would be apply and I’ll put in a word for you, kind of thing.  I couldn’t quite figure it all out and that bothered me some.  I could usually scheme with the best of them.

We rode back to the station without too much more discussion.  I really wanted some coffee after that walk through the woods.  The station coffee pot was empty, so I settled for a Coke.  I was in the break room with three hours of our tour to go, when the sergeant came to get me.

“Time to go to work Porter,” he said.

I finished my Coke quickly and headed into his office.  The Duty Sargent at the time had changed, since the shift had changed.

“I was told by the Chief Deputy to give you anything you wanted.  So what do you need?” He asked Mission.

“I think if we have Porter, Learner and your two other deputies, who are on patrol, and you, it will be enough.” She said.

“That’s pretty much the whole department,”  the Duty Sergeant said.

“I can have the calls covered by the state highway patrol,” Mission volunteered.

“If you will release the two back to patrol quickly, we can go with that,” he said.

“Sure, we can keep you SOU guys around,” she said.

Learner and I waited around till they brought in the patrol guys and briefed them.  So by the time we were ready to go out, we were within ten minutes of ending out shift.  So much for ending on time,” I thought.

“Learner, Mission and me rode in the Ford.  The two Patrol Deputies and the Duty Sergeant rode out in tow patrol cars.  When we got close, agent Mission took my radio and asked if everyone was ready.  The word came that they were.

Learner and my assignment was the rear of the house.  The others were going to hit the front and secure the inside.  I went down the drive wide open and then broad slid The Ford up next to the house.  Learner and I jumped out and went to the rear.  I was behind a well pump house.  Learner was covering far side and the rear of the house.

The lab man came out a window when he heard our people break the door.  By the time I got to him, he was on his feet and running.  I had to run him down first and then tackled him.  That all went as planned, but instead of becoming submissive he wanted to continue to struggle.  We were rolling around on the ground, when Learner came up and grabbed him, we seemed to be pretty much evenly matched. Leaner’s two hundred pounds swung the fight over to my direction.

I was badly out of breath and I had a rock burn on my arm from rolling around in the gravel play area.  Worst of all my ribs hurt like hell, once I tried to stand.

I was bent over trying to get my breath, when Learner asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah I think, the little shit kicked me in the ribs somehow,” I said gasping for air.

“You little shit, you better be glad all these cops are around, or I would beat you bloody,” he said.

We all pitched in to secure the scene quickly.  The Duty Sergeant and the patrol deputies headed back to the station with the prisoner.  Detective Flatiron would be called in to interrogating him there.

Meanwhile Mission called in her lab people to secure and clean up the lab.  All there was for me and Learner to do was wait until they arrived.  We stayed just in case there was some problem.  Nothing happened and we were ready to clear of the scene by shortly after 7AM.

Chief Deputy Simpson came out to look around,  After his tour and briefing he said, “One of you come in an three hours later tomorrow and one of you leave three hours early.”

I looked at learner who said, “If it’s all the same to you, I would like to start later.”

“Suits me,” I said.  That set the pattern for how we made up for working late from then on.  We just swapped hours around, so there was never had any overtime.  I loved it.

On the way home at 8:15AM, I saw a bike on the curb of a downtown consignment store which usually had nothing but clothing.  I was too exhausted to look at the moment.

I decided, if I were still there when I ran, I would come a little farther into town and take a look.

I climbed the stairs to my apartment and knew I was all in for the the day.  I had expending way too much energy in the fight with the bad guy.  I still had to get out the blanket and sheet for my bed.  Which I did first, then took off my jeans and top shirt.  I fell on top of the bed and struggled to get under the covers.  I was asleep before I could decide what to scheme about.

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2 Responses to Sylvia 57

  1. jack says:

    Nice raid, went smooth. . Ribs still must need a lot of healing yet. Thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    you just never know what will happen next with sylvia

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