sylvia 62

Sylvia 62

Learner and I staked out a construction site the first night back.  Sure as hell a couple of idiots tried to steal pipe from the site.  I let the truck get inside the site where it was nice and bottled up, before I slipped the grandmother car into the neck of the bottle.  If they planned to bring their truck out of the site they had to drive up and surrender.  Just to be safe Learner walked in and confronted them.  They jumped in the truck and tried to make a run for it.  I stopped them at the entrance to the site.  So much for all my intuitive skills.  It was a slam dunk.  The tip had come from someone’s girlfriend or someone like that.

After that bust we really didn’t have to do anything at all the rest of the night.  We rode around the county roads but we could have just hidden out somewhere.  The tiny little Special Operations Unit was proving itself to be very successful.  It was a good feeling to be part of something so positive.

We went for a couple of weeks just doing routine patrol.  We really were adequate at it, but we were best at special missions.  Nothing happened at all during those two weeks.  It became pretty boring even the weekends were a drag.  Mary Ellen was up to something which did not include me.  I expected it had less to do with video than it did with her personal life.  She might actually be getting serious about Angel.  They could be going to take advantage of the domestic partnership bit of contract law.

Either way it didn’t include me.  I was spending some time with the Learners, though I didn’t really feal as though I belonged on those church type picnics.  I sensed Jake was suffering some as well.  I gave in most of the time for his sake.  Well that and the food was excellent.

Between routine police work and my stagnant personal life I was ready for more intrigue in my life.  So I didn’t shy away when the call came for an undercover operation.  I was all excited about it actually.

The chief deputy called me in to put it to me.  “Porter, I have an offer for you.  The Sheriff went to a regional conference kind of thing.  They talk about all their problem and work on solutions.  This time we decided on a short undercover operation against Dragon’s brew.  Do you know what that is?” he asked.

Actually I did but I decided to pretend that I didn’t.  “Never heard of it,” I lied with a straight face.

“It’s a liquor laced with pot,” he explained.  The Boyle Brothers explained it better.

“I’m going to have to take your word for it chief deputy,” I said to Simpson.

“It sounds pretty unlikely I know, but they lace the mash with pot stalks before it ferments.  Then they just make white liquor like any other only they say it is a different kind of high.” he explained.

“Like I said, I’ll take your word for it,” I said.  I thought I did a pretty good job convincing him.

“Anyway they have an informant in the distribution network.  He can get one of our people in the inside.  We figure they won’t make a home girl.” Simpson said.  “You have the right accent for down east.”

“I don’t know so much about that but I’m willing to give it a try.  So what”s my cover and what do I do to get in?” I asked.

“We want to stay as close to the truth as possible.  You just got mustard out of the Air Force.  You did two tours in the sandbox and now you are coming home.  You did a lot of driving under stress so now you would like to make it pay off,  You want to drive for the distribution outfit,” Simpson said.

“Okay that sounds easy to explain, but how to I get the introduction?” I asked.

“Always the hardest part to bring the new member into the organization.  I think you will love it though,  You are going to be looking for a job in one of the drink houses, but not as a hooker.  You will take a job as a hostess but you really want to drive a delivery truck or car.

“What about my place here?” I asked.

“Well the assignment, if it works, will only be about three months.  If it were me I would just pay the rent on it before I left and leave it empty.” Simpson said.

“You know cops live month to month,” I said.  “I don’t have three months rent to spare.”

“Tell me how much you need and I’ll get them to advance it to you.  I really do want you going in pretty near broke.  It always plays better that way.”

That’s how I happened to disappear from the Warren Country Sheriff’s department and wind up in Stoneville.  Stoneville was a average sized town, but it was much larger then county seat and even larger than Dobson.  It had a lot more poor working class concentrated in one place than either of those.

When I hit town, I checked into a welfare type motel.  I had the address of the drink house but I pretty much needed an introduction.  That’s where the informant came in.

It was a Sunday night when I met him.  The informant was approximately 28 or so and a fairly good looking black man.  So I expected the customers of the drink house to be predominantly black.  I wasn’t at all disappointed when they turned out to be an even mix racially.

The drink house served both store bought and bootleg liquor.  They didn’t advertise the Dragon’s brew.  It was however for sale to anyone there.  That made it easy for me to order it.  “I have heard of this stuff and I aways wanted to try it.” I said to the waitress.

“Well you certainly can,” she said to me.

“Good,” I said as I sipped the potent mixture.  The owner was black so he came to flirt with me.  Even with my hair only slightly longer than a crew cut.

“I like your haircut,” he said.

“Makes controlling the sand fleas easier,” I said.

“Where were you controlling sand fleas,” he asked.

“Iraq once and rural Afghanistan once,” I said.

“Oh what did you do there?” he asked.

“I was a truck driver for the Air Force.  Driving gasoline tankers through the mountains from Pakistan,” I said.

“Shit,” he said admiringly.

“Well it was a nasty job but somebody had to do it.  I’m trying to find a job now with that kind of rush.”  I said it and looked away.  I wasn’t going to press it.  “But I will do almost anything right now.” I added.

“Are you telling me you would like to work here,” he asked.

“I’m telling you I need a job bad and I don’t want to work at McDonald’s.” I said.

“How bad do you want that job?” he asked looking at the informant, who was supposed to be dating me.

“I need the job really badly,” I said.

“Show me how bad,” he said.

I knew what he wanted of course, but I had convinced myself that it wouldn’t come to that.  “I’ll do this for you, but I not turning tricks,” I said.

“Fair enough, so let’s see your style,” he said turning away from the dance floor.

I moved around the table without a second thought.  I pushed his legs apart, then moved between them.  I unzipped his pants and freed his penis.  It was big and black of course.  It wasn’t the monster every black man I ever met thought he had, but it was larger than most of the men I had known.

I held it in my hand and felt the blood course through it.  It was a very smooth piece of meat.  I looked at it and then at him.  “Very nice,” I said.

“I’m glad you like it, so let’s see how you show black cock your respect,” he said.

I bent at the waist and lowered my head until I was low enough to kiss the head of the black cock.  When my lips touched it, it jerked to full erection.  “Nice,” I said to the reaction.

“I like having a white girl showing her devotion to my cock,” he said.

“Yes I could see that.” I said as I continued to lick and kiss it without ever taking it inside my mouth. When I finally slipped his cock inside my mouth, he responded to it with a jerk.  I could tell there was a shock of strong sensations running through him.  I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of smooth skin inside my mouth.  The stroking of my mouth by his cock was beginning to have a erotic effect on me.

It took a few more minutes but I could feel myself wanting to get higher than his cock in my mouth would take me alone.  Since I didn’t want to push it in anyway whatsoever I slipped my hand inside my panties and rubbed.  The feeling of my finger on my clit carried me to the top of my orgasm without any problem at all.  I came and within seconds I felt him spurt his seed inside my mouth.  I swallowed several time and hard but it was a wonderful feeling to know I had succeeded in getting everything accomplished and still having time for an orgasm myself.

“Hey Burton, I got somebody here I want you to meet,’ the owner of the club said.  “She give great head, don’t you babe?”

“I’m alright.  There are better,” I said.

“Oh come on show him what you got,” the owner of the club said.

Instead of showing Burton what I had, I showed the club owner what I had for him.  It was the plastic box opener with the razor blade up against his cock.  “How would you like to go to the emergency room to see if they can sew your dick back on.  I told you I wasn’t turning tricks.  I need a job bad enough to suck yoiur cock for it, but not the cocks of your friends.  If you try to make me, you are going to find out why the men I worked with over there thought of me as one of the guys.” I said.

“You would really cut it off?” he asked not at all worried.

“It would be a shame to do it, but yeah I would,” I said.  I didn’t really want to but it might be necessary, if I was to ever be more than serving drinks to guys too poor for a night club.

“Well, well we got ourselves a serious player here,” he said aloud.

“I didn’t know there any other kind.  Look I enjoyed the work over there.  I enjoyed the feeling I got from it, so yeah I want to play again.  I know that I have to do my time and prove myself, but I’m willing.”

“Well what’s your name?” he asked.

“My name is Karen Smith, and that’s a fact it really is Smith,” I said.

“Okay Karen if you want to be a player go over and throw that guy in the pink shirt out.” The boss said.

“Not a problem,: I said as I stood and walked over to the table where the big man in the pink shirt sat.

When I got there I said, “I got a message for you from the boss,” I pointed to the man who sent me.  “He said you got to leave.  If you go now you can come back again, but if I have to throw your ass out, you ain’t never coming back.”

“You too light in the ass white bitch, I ain’t going nowhere,” he said.

I shrugged and walked behind him.  I put my arm around his neck and the box opener against his juggler vein.  “Your choice friend walk or be carried but you are going.”  I can honestly say he hadn’t expected it from me, since I looked like a prim little thing.  Still he got the message real quick.  So did the owner of the club.

“Come back tomorrow at 2PM,” he said as he stood to leave.

“Would you have killed that guy?” my informant asked.

“I got no earthly idea,” I said.

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11 Responses to sylvia 62

  1. demitheus says:

    Dang Sylvia is really hitting her stride!

    I like it!!!!

  2. jack says:

    Nic!e! Sylvia strong , powerful and to the point. My kind of woman. Thanks

  3. Allan says:

    It is great to see you well enough to write again. I really love your work. Continue to take care of yourself and keep the great stories coming if you you feel well enough.

  4. KO says:

    Yup, great stuff as always!! I greatly enjoy your writing and look forward to every chapter! Thanks for sharing your writing with us, it is VERY MUCH appreciated!!

  5. cindypress says:

    I’ll accept that as a compliment and thank you for it.

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