Sylvia 70

Todd had it right and he knew it, so I just nodded.  I mostly wanted to get back in touch with the cops on the outside.  Just in case Todd and company killed me, I didn’t want them to get away with it.  Nobody really wants justice.  What we really want is both eyes for an eye.   Of course a whole mouth full of teeth for a single tooth.  So yeah, I wanted to start working in that direction.

Of course I had a Louisville Slugger planned for Barry.  The amount of damage grew with every insult.  At the moment he was working on getting me access to a computer.  I was pretty sure it was an easy thing.  They had my computer from the motel and they had a wireless network on the vineyard, so there wasn’t any problem.

Of course they had their expert hacking into my computer files.  They weren’t going to find anything.  I transmitted everything to a file drop, and I never used Windows for doing anything but playing games and chatting.  All my files were sent through an operating system on a flash drive.  It packed and unpacked itself with every use.

That was also gone.  Even though the system scrubbed itself with every use, I had it in my pocket when the shit went foul.  I just dropped it in the trash in the roadside park.  I felt like they wanted to keep the basic computer long enough to send it to a pro for analysis.

“I had to get you a new computer,” Barry said.  “That’s why it took so long.”

“Oh why do I need a new computer?” I asked.

“Ask Ms Green, not me,” he said.

“I’m sure they are looking for clues to see if they can figure how to deactivate my ‘You kill me, I kill you’ system. I said with a smile.  I would be,” I said.  The whole lie thing was complicated, far too complicated to maintain in perfect shape.  Most total fabrications were.

There was no team of elite killers out there.  There had been no air force striker teams.  Those teams were special ops people  However, if it kept me alive, I’m sure they would understand.  If the bad guys Googled Air Commandos, they would find entries.  Add to that everyone’s belief that the Government lied about the real reason those people existed and you had a viable cover story.  Also I was pretty tough for a white girl so it seemed possible.

Anyway I had to deal with a new computer which probably had been cloned.  So my options were to not contact the controller at all, or do the drop things just like I told Todd I would.  If Todd were more an operative and less a thug, he would know letting me leave a message was dangerous.  Way more dangerous than any possible benefit it would bring.  But I had downplayed the thing to the point that my attitude seemed to be, ‘It don’t make a fuck to me.  It’s your ass.  I’m only tell you to save my friend some trouble and To have a job when they leave.’

“So send your message,” Barry said.  He obviously planned to take the computer when I finished,  I went all around hell to get into my email which would have been simple if I had signed directly into  I wanted to give there ‘expert’ something to find.  I had no emails in my personal account.  I moved to a bulletin board where I could post a message.  The thread on the open forum was titled, ‘Messages left in the sand box,’  There were about a hundred messages left there.

We, the cops, didn’t create the thread.  We just co-opted it.  Most of the messages meant nothing to us.  The one that had been added since I had gone on that trip was.  ET Call Home.  Which was a very simple code for they were looking for me.

Before Barry could stop me I added.  ‘The zoo is nice this time of year, ET’  I don’t expect that it got send.  I expect that it got blocked somewhere till they read it.  I based that only on what I would do in their place.  If it did get to the BB, it would tell the contract that I was alive.  It would also tell them I was being watched and a captive.  Probably not something the Green family would want a bunch of Mercenaries to know.  There were no mercenaries, but they had to wonder, if there were.  They also had to wonder what my relationship to them was.

I still spent a lot of time in bed.  I was healing and able to move around with the help of the drugs.  I didn’t like them, but I had to have them or I couldn’t move at all.  I felt like I was in better shape than I had been after the shooting.  It seemed I was able to move around faster.  I was pretty sure the contact with the state police had just settled in to wait for me to get back in touch.  That was what the message meant, on one level at least.

The Green family gave me a week to heal before the came to collect on all that big talk.  The stuff I had come up with to try to save my life.  Did I want to have sex with the Greens, yes but only as a means of putting them in jail.  I still remembered how Molly had looked when Barry was beating me and Bruce.

“You and Molly are close enough to the same size so that you can wear this.  Take a long shower and wash and dry your hair.  I will send Barry for you in a couple of hours.  And you better be as grateful as you promised.” Todd said.  He also smiled a smile that was somehow similar to the one Molly wore while Barry was tap dancing on Bruce’s head.

I did the shower thing and I actually felt much better afterward.  I was clean and smelling good for a change.  After the shower all I had to do to my hair was towel it dry and bush it.  The slightly long crew cut was no problem to get fixed.  I might not have looked like a beauty contest winner, but I was no pig either.

When Barry arrived to get me, he was nodded his head and smiled.  “So you are very attractive for a woman they found fishing on the side of the road.”

“I had no idea who the Greens were,” I said. “I was just killing time.”

“You are right there is no way you could have known he would go by that location at that time.  So we figure that it wasn’t a set up.  Looks like all the rest just happened,” he said.

“Well I don’t normally believe in coincidences, but there it is,” I agreed.

“True, you got to know Mrs. Green isn’t really bisexual.  She just goes along with it for him.” Barry said.

“I’m not either, so if she doesn’t want to do it, I’m fine with it,” I said.

“You would still make love to her without her doing anything in return?” he asked.

“Well if I have sex with someone strictly to save my life, or even to keep my job, then what is the difference whether I give him or her head?” I said.

“Well don’t tell her that.  He is still hoping she will enjoy doing it one day.  Who knows you might be the one.” Barry commented.

“Well my guess is we are going to find out tonight,” I said.

“Yes we are,” Barry said. His look told me there was more to it than a simple threesome.   “As a matter of fact lets go on over to the main house and we can get the evening started.”

I had eaten in the kitchen with the staff for the last couple of days, but it sounded like I was having dinner that night with the lord and lady of the house.  I was also wearing the slightly sexy dress his wife had sent over.  I would ordinarily have been in jeans or something similar.  The dress was very short and had a very low neckline.  Since Todd had made it clear that I was going to have to pay off on my offer to screw the both of them, I didn’t bother to wear anything under the short dress.,  I walked over to the house with Barry.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked when we arrived.

“Frankly, I am taking so much junk for pain, I’m afraid to, but thanks anyway,” I said.

“Well then you won’t need the alcohol to lower your inhibitions,” he said.

“Not this time,” I said.

“That’s good.  Boss likes for Mrs Green to be the aggressor.  It works better for them both if you can just go along,” Barry said.

“Barry I can go along with anything but pain.  Real pain and I react instinctively,” I admitted.  “Somebody might get hurt.”

“I think Molly knows that.  Besides she might be wanting to protect you.   She also gets this motherly thing now and then.  You are the kitty with the thorn in her paw.” he said.

“Well hon it’s more than a thorn.  If I have sex with anyone. I’m going to have to be on top or on my knees.  No one can not be on top,” I said.

“Karen  you have a pretty good black eye still.  I think if it comes down to sex, it is going to be what is most convenient not a lifetime of love.” Barry said.

“Well damn, aren’t you the realist,” I said with a laugh.

“Yeah it happens like that in this business,” he said.

“Do me a favor and don’t tell me about your business.  I will do anything you want and fill any position you guys have open in the organization, but I really don’t want to know about how it works.” I said.

“Now that is a very unusual attitude,” he said.

“I don’t want you to ever worry that I am trying to take over.  I just want to work.  The less I know the better if they ever pick me up,” I said.

“Again a strange but good attitude,” Barry said.  “I like you better all the time.”

“Good, don’t get to liking me too much.  I don’t think there is a career move here for me,” I said with a smile.

“Play your cards right and who knows.  Maybe Molly will work out a sister wife deal with you.” Barry said with a laugh.

“You are assuming I would be receptive, but I doubt that I would.  I like my freedom too much.  I just want to drive a truck and get that rush now and then,” I said.

“Well I certainly hope you get that rush tonight,” he said.

“Well if don’t then it is my own fault.  I have more than one person to entertain.  Surely one of them will entertain me back.” I said.

“There maybe more than you expect,” Todd said as he walked up.  Barry walked away leaving us alone.

“That’s always a good thing.  I like more than I plan for of a good thing.  I don’t care much for it though, when it is more of a not so good thing.” I said.

“Well lets have dinner first.  Then we can talk about all the other things,” he said as he led me into the large dinning room.  The room had more than just Molly waiting for us.  There four additional couples.

“Karen, I would like for you to meet …”  Todd went from couple to couple sitting around the table.  He introduced me to each of them as he went.”

“Am I going to have to screw them all?” I whispered in Todd’s ear after the introductions.

“Only those who want to, remember what you promised,” he said with a wicked smile.

“I might want to renegotiate my contract,” I said with a calm smile to show it was no big deal.

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6 Responses to Sylvia70

  1. jack says:

    Damn 10 on one thats a big order.

  2. cindypress says:

    everybody who comes to the picnic doesnt like strawberry ice cream lol

  3. Walt says:

    You don’t suppose Todd has planned a gangbang for the evening entertainment? Hmmmm.

    Hooray the glitch is fixed and the site is back online. Caught up through Ch 70. No new cast members since Bruce on the 19th.

  4. cindypress says:

    why thank you youngman,

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