sylvia 71

Sylvia 71

It was probably the best food I ever ate, and I had no idea what it was.  Some kind of a meat and sauce was the star, then of course there were vegetable that were delicious.  Then for desert there was a humble sweet potato pie elevated to a masterpiece of flavor.  There were also several types of wine, which I did not recognize.

Of course there was a fancy set up of silver and china.  Fancy enough that I had no idea what fork was meant for what bit of food.  To make matters worse for me, they placed silver on the table that were not meant to be used.  So I was really lost.  Yes it was obvious that I watched Molly to avoid obvious missteps.

I made it through dinner and enjoyed the food.  I didn’t care much for the food rules, but they were negotiable. I finished desert and waited to see what the plan for me during the rest of that evening might be.

Molly took me by the hand and led me Into the adjoining meeting room.  Then she led me around to the various smaller groups that had formed.  For some reason she wanted them each to at least meet me.  I had no real idea what was going on.  We spent probably a half hour socializing.  Then Todd called for everyone’s attention.

“Good evening friends, I would like to welcome you to the Vineyard.  I do hope you enjoyed your dinner.” Todd said as a formal greetings.

There were plenty of mumbles meant as to impart the guest’s gratitude of the wonderful dinner and a thank you for the invitation, I was sure.  “Tomorrow we will have a business meeting, but tonight let us enjoy ourselves.  There is plenty of wine and our own brandy available as well.  We also have a guest here tonight.  Karen come up here please.”

I was embarrassed, but I had known all along something was coming at some time.  That being the case, I went to the front of the large room all smiles. I was expecting to get laid not what I heard.

“Karen here is a war hero from the middle east.  She was a member of the US Air Forces Advanced Deployment Unit.  That’s something like the Green Berets, isn’t it?”

I never told anyone that and it wasn’t part of the cover story.  It was for real.  I was blown and I knew it.  “Now really, but I was in that great sandbox called the middle east.”

I was thinking hard trying to figure out how I was going to get out of the mess I was in.  In evaluating why I wasn’t dead already, I had to ask myself why they had nursed me back to health just to kill me.  So maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought, or maybe they just found out who I was.

“We found her working as a waitress in one the drink house where we sell product.  Barry likes to hire women as drivers for us.  Karen here had driver, and combat experience so she seemed ideal.  She proved her worth when someone tried to hijack a load, which is not unheard of in these day and age.

Karen managed to figure it out and saved the product for us.  I’m afraid that we questioned her loyalty.  Consequently she was injured during the interrogation.  But we did find the right party.  We also found out some rather interesting things about Karen Smith while she lived here healing from the interrogation.

According to her finger prints Karen is really Silvia Porter.  Silvia spent less time in the military than she said.  She has been out three and a half years.  She went to college at a community college and worked as a cocktail waitress during that time.”

Now that was a surprise and a total lie.  Someone either had got it wrong, or doctored my file.  It would not have been hard to manage.  The main thing would be to change my major and add the waitress information.  The school wouldn’t necessarily know where, or even if I worked.  They had dug that up somewhere else.  Where I had no idea.

“Our little Silvia, also did a year in the county jail in Martin County for possession with intent.  Obviously not something of which one would be proud.  It is why she changed her name I presume.  So those of us who know her need to retrain ourselves to think of her as Silvia Porter.”

He was trying to make it appear he didn’t know it all, but I expected a simple google search to have turned up Silvia Porter and her background.  So one way or the other the undercover operation was over.  I had a pretty good idea where at least some of the bodies were buried by that time.  There was a good case of assault on me and possibly murder of Bruce.  That and what I knew about the operation should be enough to get a search warrant.   I knew where to look, so odds were good that Todd planned for me to die.  Odds were even better, he meant for me to die right the fuck away.

I had wanted to stay long enough to gain more information but you took what you could get while you could get it.  I would bet my ass the state cops were monitoring everything about this vineyard, so if I could create any incident they might rush in and search for their missing operative.

“Now I know you all have been fucked by the cops at one time or another, now I believe this is your chance to fuck them back.  You see I am almost certain that Sylvia is a cop.  I can’t prove it, but my computer man thinks the people monitoring her have lost her.   So if you ever wanted to fuck over a cop, here is your chance.”

I tried to think of something to say.  But nothing I said would be believed, so there it was.  I was just wondering how painful my death would be.  There was only one thing left to do.  Try to figure a way to take a few of the dope selling cock suckers with me.

“So who is going to be first,” Todd asked.

“Todd honey, I want to go first,” Molly said.  I saw that cold look in her eye and I expected I could arrange for it to be over real quick.  She had the killer look in here eyes.  No long drawn out painful shit, Molly was my ticket out of it all.

“Only if you promise to save some for the rest of us,” Todd said.  “And Molly you will have to do it hare, so we can all watch.  We don’t want her trying anything funny.”

Whatever I did try, I promise myself Todd wouldn’t laugh.  The only slim advantage I had was that they had tipped their hand.  I was in for a long slow painful death, so I had nothing to lose.  It wasn’t really an advantage as much as a state of mind.  I was never the type to lay down and die.  It was my plan to take as many of the cock suckers as I could, even if it were only one.

I turned to Molly and said all soft and loving, “I promise I will make you feel real good, if you will just be nice to me.  You know I don’t deserve to die, I saved your drug shipment for you.”  It was just a means of getting close to her.  If they were going to play hard ball with me, they should have searched me first.  In one of the tiny pockets, of the tiny dress, I had hidden a broken steak knife.  It had taken me all day to get the wooden handle of the steak knife removed, but the serrated blade wasn’t effected by it at all.  I had always carried a backup blade so it wasn’t a surprise that I had one at that moment.  I turned Nolly and pulled her so that she was in front of me and my back was to the wall.

I also had my arm around her neck and the steak knife blade against the main artery to the brain.  In other words I was taking Molly with me if I went at that moment.  “Well now aren’t we in a predicament.  You want me dead, and I want to live.  I also assume Molly wants to live.  Since you have already told me you want me dead, I have no reason not to kill Molly before I go.  Why don’t you put down your weapons and lets negotiate.  If not this might make my death faster and less painful.  So Molly, if they don’t put down their guns, it looks like you are expendable.”

“Let her go.  You can’t get out of here alive,” Todd said.

“You know for a kingpin you aren’t too smart Todd.  First of all you didn’t have me searched, then you as much as tell me this is my last night on earth, now you tell me to let Molly go, because I can’t get out of here alive.  So yeah I got that, but it is a damn poor argument to release her.  Now if you would like to negotiate a better deal we can do that.”

“What do you mean?”  he asked.

Well I had walking away from here and letting you have Molly back.  You can probably get one of you fancy lawyer to get you out of what little shit I know about you with a fine.  The alternative is to find a way to explain Molly’s cut throat.

“You are a cop you won’t just murder her,” he said.

“I’m a human being and self preservation is first of the human impulses.” I said.  The one thing I knew was that the vineyard was crawling with people, but not too many of them were thugs.  Most would be maids, waiters, and casual laborers.

“So what do you want?” Todd asked.

“Why a cell phone of course, oh yes and a M16 would also be nice.” I said.

“You know I can’t do that,” he said.

“Yeah I know you won’t but I am willing to give you something.  I’ll give you an ear for the cell phone.” I said smiling at him.  “Don’t bother saying a cop would do that.”  I knew that he wasn’t going to do it.  It was just a distraction.  On the sideboard there were candles.  I knew what I was going to do do all along and had been inching my way to one of them.

I made the move as quickly as possible.  I turned over the candle then returned to holding Molly.  There was a urgency now there hadn’t been before.  The rustic old place was about to catch fire in a big way.  No one was quite sure what would happen next.

“Silvia you really fucked up,” Todd said.  “When you come out we will be waiting.”  Then he and the rest of the guest went out the patio doors.  I really planned for me and Molly to get out of the fire.  I just had no idea how.

“So Molly, you got anything ideas,” I asked.

“No are you really going to keep me here to die,” she had a much less in charge attitude at that moment.

“Well that is pretty much the only option left to me,” I said.  “I never cared to travel anywhere alone.”

That’s when I heard the sirens.  The high pitched ones were very close and the deeper ones much farther away.  The close ones were outside, when I decided to take a chance.  I pushed Molly through the flames and out into the parking lot.  There were unmarked cop cars in the yard and fire trucks rolling into the parking lot beside the meeting rooms.

I went up to what looked like a cop in charge.  “I’m Silvia Porter.  I’m an undercover cop and I’m really glad to see you,” I said.

“We were hoping that was a signal from you.  Either way we are glad you are still alive we had our doubts.” he informed me.

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14 Responses to sylvia 71

  1. KO says:

    HOLY SHIT! What a great bunch of chapters leading up to this one and Sylvia’s great escape!! I had no idea it was going to play out like this but I”m VERY glad that it did! Now we’ll hopefully have Sylvia around for a while longer . . . WHEW! 🙂

    Thanks for the great stories and putting yourself out there every day for us. I for one appreciate it immensely!! THANK YOU!!

  2. jack says:

    Wow Fast events happening there. To bad she didn’t get to use the base ball bat on old Barry

  3. garydan says:

    Really Nice !!!
    And two stories back to back to boot. (That’s the way it came up in my browser anyway 70 & 71 came up at the same time.)

  4. Shooter says:

    Great job as usual. I feel like ole Barry may just have a “trip and fall” in the parking lot just before he is placed in the back of the police car. Perhaps he tries to run and just happens to run into Sylvia’s foot in a rather painful manner.
    Hang in there Cindy, I knew you had it in you.

  5. jack says:

    If Todd found out her idenity by her finger prints that means they also had a cop on their payroll.

  6. Charliee says:

    Great story. Hope it continues. Thank you for writing it

  7. Bob Ross says:

    Excellent tale and what an escape. I knew Sylvia would never go into that house unarmed and as tough a broad as she is something had to give. AS soon as she knew her goose was cooked, she knew she had to act. Great story telling Cindy.

    • cindypress says:

      well i toyed with where to get the steak knife at the dinner or at a mean in her room. It seemed more likely the waitstaff would be less vigilant without the high profile guest in the house

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