sylvie 72

Sylvia 72

“I wasn’t making any Christmas Plans myself,” I said with a smile.  “You need to detain Todd, his wife, a clown named Barry, and all the guest.  This is like that tourist lake up in New York from the fifties.  They were here to discuss business.  My guess is they are all connected to a drug based criminal enterprise.  

I can connect Barry to an assault that hospitalized me and at the same time probably killed a kid named Bruce something or other.  If you let me talk to Barry before you Marandize him, he just might flip.

“I assume you would like to do this in the parking lot here before we get him to a place with audio video equipment,” the state cop supervisor suggested.

“Exactly,” I said.

“If he put you in the hospital, I know you want to return the favor. but if you do that his testimony will be worthless,” he continued.

“Yeah I know, don’t worry I won’t put a finger on him.” I said.

“All right we have them all corralled in the main house.  Would you like a chance to put some clothes on first.  The cops are having a great time looking you over, but it might be more believable that you are a cop, if your boobs and other lady parts were better hidden.” he said.

“Gee what a sexist thing to say,” I replied with a laugh.

I went back to the room I had occupied last.  I found my clothes and put on a pair of soiled jeans and a clean thick tee shirt.  The reason I chose the thick tee was that I was cold.  The mountains got cold at night even in the summer I was told, and full summer wasn’t even there yet.  It had an effect on my breasts I thought better minimized.

When I got back to the house there was a man walking around with a folder filled with photographs.  He was identifying the guests.  “How is it going,” I asked the supervisor.

“Not to bad I’m afraid the building where the meeting was to held is going to be a total loss.  Otherwise they were lucky.  No one was hurt,” he said.

“Good, could I speak with Barry now,” I said.

“Is that him?”  He asked pointing to the slightly heavy man, who had beat hell out of Bruce.

“Yeah that is him,” I replied to the supervisor.

“So you want our interrogator to go along with you?” he asked.

“Probably won’t be a good idea.  Even though I’m going to be Line of sight the whole time, I might say something to accidentally violate his rights.”

“Well then go for it, but don’t ask him any questions,” the supervisor said.

“When your man starts he should make a big deal of getting Barry to say he told me nothing.  That won’t be hard because he is going to tell me nothing, I don’t already know.  The rest your man should be able to get him to come up with.” I turned and walked to Barry.

“Well Barry, I need to explain your situation to you.  Don’t say a word just listen then an interrogator will come over.  First of all, I want to kill you myself, but I waited too long.  That steak knife was meant for you, I could just never get close enough.  So now I’m going to just have to be satisfied with putting your ass in a state prison.

You see Barry, you assaulted me.  I even have the hospital admission to back up my claim.  Also I am a cop and you are a thug.  The jury is going to believe me.  Then there is Bruce, I think you murdered him,  I saw you beat him relentlessly.  You have never seen me testify.  I am going to get on the stand and tell the Jury how you beat him until he stoppled responding and how you and Todd personally carried him away.  I never saw him again, even though you said you got help for him.  Unless you can produce a living breathing Bruce, you are going to go away for life.  Plus all the other stuff they can hang on you,  That time is in a state pen.  Now you probably wonder why I keep saying a state pen, Well I put a few other guys in the pen.  They tell me you can get quite a beat down for a carton of cigarettes.  Tell me Barry how man cartons of cigarettes do you think a broken rib is worth to a woman on the outside?  Now don’t say a word you son of a bitch, and let me put your ass inside, if I can’t get to you before hand, that is.”  I smiled at him and I walked away.

“You gonna be here much longer,” I asked the cop in charge.

“Yeah, but we don’t need you,” he said.

“I got nowhere else to go.” I said and almost cried when I realized that it was true.  An empty little apartment over a carriage house in a mountain town was home.  That was a sad, though considering I was banged up again and just wanted to withdraw from the world period it seemed pretty good to me.

I knew I would be giving statements and probably confronting the criminal enterprise people I knew for a couple of more weeks.  With a little luck they would send an investigator to County Seat and let me do it there.

“How about I round up the kitchen staff and get some coffee going or would that jeopardize the investigation?”

“It won’t help it any for sure, why don’t we send out for it.” he said.

“You need to get to our bus over there,” he added pointing to a trailways looking thing.  We are using it for a temporary interview location.  Give your statement then you can go back home.  You can’t be involved in the wrap up investigation the defense will claim it tainted your testimony.” he said.

“Fair enough,” I said.

I went into the bus and was joined a moment later by a young woman about my age.  Yes I still considered myself a young woman.

“So Deputy Porter, let’s begin,” she said.  

“Sure what do you want to know?” I asked.  

“Everything, no matter how small,” she said.

So I gave it to her right up to the point where I turned the candle over and heard the sirens.  “My God you are lucky to be alive,” she said.

“Are you new to this?” I asked.

“It shows doesn’t it?” she asked. 

“A little, a real pro would nod her head and agree, but never show any emotion.” I admitted.

It was two hours later that they said I could go.  They even assigned me a driver to get me back to County Seat.  Packing had been a bitch since I had stopped taking the Vicodin and was on OTC pain meds.  I did get it done and the cop drove me the two hours back to County Seat.  He even carried my bag up the stairs to my apartment for me.

I found the place warm and cozy when I opened the door.  The floor furnace in the place had evidently run at least at night.  The very first thing I did was to put a large pot of coffee on the stove.  I might not be able to do much, but I could make coffee in the tiny place.

I really hadn’t realized how much I missed the place till I sat on the bed with a cup of coffee and caught up on the world news on my old computer.  Hell my old cell phone was even where I left it.  I still had pains in the places I had it from the shooting, so it was just like I never left… almost.

I was still assigned to the state police for two more weeks  for sure.  Then how I would get back to the Warren County Sheriff’s office was anybody’s guess.  I was sure it would work out without a doubt.  It might not have had it not been that the state needed to keep me happy, till I testified for sure.  

At that moment keeping me happy meant breakfast at the Cafe On The Square.  So I put on a heavy sweatshirt over the thin tee shirt and off I went.  Getting the bike down the steps was a bit of a painful struggle, but not as much as carrying it up would be, I thought.

I rode off into the early morning air.  The town seemed to be smaller than I remember, because I was at the cafe in about five minutes.  When I went in, I greeted the people there with, “Hello everybody.”

“Well hello there Sylvia, where you been?” the waitress who reported the stray dogs and cars for me asked.

“I been down east a bit visiting,” I said.

“Well we are glad to have you back.  We need all the business we can get.” she said.

“Well you know I do cook a little,” I said with a smile.

“Well when you get tired of toast, come on down and get some real food,“ she said with a smile.

After breakfast I rode the bike the long block north and across the street to the courthouse and it’s basement Sheriff’s office.  “Hello,” I said to the receptionist who worked for the chief deputy.

“Well hello Sylvia, how long you been back,” she said.

“Just a couple of hours, long enough to make a pot of coffee and visit the Cafe on The Square,” I said.

“Well it’s a little early for the chief deputy,” she said.

“That’s okay just tell him I came by,” I said.  I had been too happy to be home to sleep, but by that time I was ready for bed.  I was wearing down fast.  That being the case, I headed the bike back to the carriage house apartment.  

I decided to leave the bike under the small over hang created by the balcony walkway of my apartment.  Once I got to the apartment I had one more cup of coffee while I converted the slightly uncomfortable sofa, to a little less uncomfortable bed.

I lay out on the bed with the cell phone on the table beside me.  I lay there for several minutes hoping that Barry flipped.  I sure hoped I hadn’t wasted the opportunity to kick his ass.  I had passed it up for the greater good.  I wanted Molly, on whom I personally had very little evidence.  She had enjoyed the beating of Bruce, and even me, far too much.  She was one sick bitch.

I drifted off to sleep imagining her in prison.  She should be able to find out how the business end of a broom handle feels.  Well with a little luck anyway.  It was a nice train of thought.

The cell woke me up after noon, when Simpson found time to call.  “Did I wake you Sylvia?” he asked.

There was no need denying it.  I sounded like a total idiot for a minute or two.  “Yeah give me a second and I’ll clear my head.  Can I call you back?”

“Sure make it about five minutes,  Will that be enough time?” he asked.

“Yeah, the microwave will do coffee that fast,” I said.  “No, make it ten.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for the call.  Oh you made the state news network again.” He hung up before I could ask, if they at least used a picture in which I was wearing clothes.

I heated the coffee I had made earlier and pulled a bagel from the freezer.  There was nothing to put on the bagel but peanut butter and jelly.  It wasn’t too awful, so I managed it pretty well.  I turned on the closest T.V. station.  They had soap operas running.  I turned in the statewide cable news channel but there were talking about the weather, which was warming up nicely during the day by that time.

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13 Responses to sylvie 72

  1. KO says:

    Nice to see Sylvia put the fear of GOD into Barry before walking away from everything there. I’m guessing that he will certainly get a substantial payback for his treatment of Sylvia, and hopefully 10 fold!! Also good that she’s back to where she is safer and can develop a routine and maybe even a few boring days in a row. 🙂
    Great writing and a great story!! Always an easy, entertaining and enjoyable read!!

  2. demitheus says:

    Glad to see that Sylvia made it out without any more damage……………………….

  3. jack says:

    Nice Very nice. Glad to see that she came out on top this time. Thanks

  4. Nudust says:

    Great story, a few twists and turns with suspense built in. I love guessing ahead as to different scenario’s, great job with the suspense atmosphere.
    Happy Sylvia is alive, OK, and recovering, again. I hope Barry has his internment at the same prison as your father.
    I appreciate a strong woman (emotionally, mental fortitude, strong convictions, not going to take crap from anyone, BUT willing to listen to other opinions) in real life and in stories. Lucy in your last story and now Sylvia, were great.
    Continue on.

    • cindypress says:

      Thanks for the comment and your time reading I’m glad it isn’t too boring/

      • Nudust says:

        Not boring at ALL ! !
        Can’t wait to find out what happens next.
        I have even imagined where Sylvia lives. My sister and her husband did own a house with a carriage house (3 car garage with an attic) out back and to the side of the main house. The attic is where the driver for the original owners lived, a nice 2 bedroom apartment that they rented out, funny thing is no shower, just a tub.

      • cindypress says:

        Going to force me to give up my secrets. I once lived in the downtown carriage house of an old southern manner house in a beach town. I was doing some work there for a summer. The house looked just as It is described here.. I”m not smart enough to make all this shit up.

      • Nudust says:

        I knew I could bet dollars to donuts you are smart enough to draw from where you have been and bring it into your stories. I would even bet you had a trike, a p/u truck that you drove like a mad mad women doing donuts. You have known about some “moonshiners” in the middle of town, or dream’t about how it could be done. And you also know how some of the local LEO’s (law enforcement ociffcers 🙂 could have done it better.
        And you like the out of doors being alone, by your self , reflecting on life and all the good it should bring to you ,,, While knowing what is now, and hoping for better. It is great to be an optimist 🙂
        What happened last yr. was a growing experience, GROW ,, enjoy your gift of writing.
        BTW from my nome yes, I am a nudist because I enjoy it, I feel free.

    • cindypress says:

      Well lets save the real story for another day but yes to most of it.

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